I have been known to make commissions from time to time. These aren't pics of "me" so to speak, but are more pictures of something I want visualised or, more often they're done for someone as a gift and often they're explicit, so consider yourself warned.

Divigon has been having a nasty habit lately of getting his mind wiped, however, luckily it seems to be a very enjoyable process. Art by Syrios<>
Julia did this one of Snow coming out of the shower in the morning. No staring please.
Croft's annual Halloween pic of Snow and Rayne for 2019. I'm not sure Snow expected that kind of costume for the haunted house visits
Cadmium Tea did this rare one of Snow in work mode. She does have a job and is very good at it too.
An excellent redidtion of Snow byPirate Fox Box
When Snow misbehaves, she tends to end up like this. She's usually let out, eventually. Art by Croft
Deus Ex Moose did this one of Divigon undergoing some sort of conversion and rubber coating. You know, as seems to happen to him
This is Snow feeling more than a little frisky, by Dolphpup
Another of Ebony, byNelruin. This is what happen when the artist gives you multiple poses and says choose one. You choose two.
Nelruin did this one of Ebony, attempting to look meek and innocent and not danger at all
One of the first pics of Ebony, displacer, but with some dragon, skunk, panther and who knows what else added. Drawn by Pirate Fox Box
This is Ebony, aka Snow's darker side, draw by the amazing Pirate Fox Box
Samagram 93did this one of Snow. I suspect she's bracing herself for a Monday morning
I got one of Sophie's sticker packs for Snow!
Turbine Divinity did this pic of Snow, discovering some problems with tack gear.
I love this pic by Lacona
. It's an early Snow, just being carefree and having a good time
Bagworm drew Snow getting ready to hit the town. Clubs and dance floors, look out.
This is Snow having some fun with another displacer, designed by Lacona who also did the artwork
I can't remember exactly how it happened, but somehow Snow and Rayne got roped into helping at a show. I know Snow didn't expect to end up like that. Another of Croft's excellent pieces of work
A YCH pic collaberation between Lacona and Darkomi that I won.
Sometimes Snow misbehaves, hard to believe I know, but there are ways of dealing with her. Another by the fabulous The Tied Tigress
The Tied Tigress was offering sketch pages. I got a lot. I like sketch pages. This is one of Rayne
Salem's sketch page, by The Tied Tigress
Snow discovering her pony side, sketches by The Tied Tigress
This seems to be Snow's default position lately as drawn byThe Tied Tigress. Tending to Rayne's feet.
Snow trying on some new clothing, by The Tied Tigress
Snow exploring her pony side a bit more, byThe Tied Tigress
drew this pic of Divi almost at the end of one of his drone converstions, just about set to accept his commands.
Divigon likes to sit back and enjoy a good book every now and again. This one byAvilon.
Battlehog did this nice sketch of Snow
Snow loves headpats. She gets them for being good. She doesn't get a lot. Cadmium Tea drew this
Audio Video Meow drew this one of Snow being, umm, a little needy
This is Divi being infected by... something. He does get a cool suit out of it though, not sure how much of him is left though. By Croft.
Croft's annual 2018 Halloween pic. Ladybug and Cat Noir to rescue the candy!
Snow isn't sure where she's going, but she's going there in style. Another of Croft's
Snow is synthetic so Salem thought he'd have a poke around inside. Hopefully he doesn't break anything. Also by Croft.
Croft's annual Christmas pic of Snow, wrapped and ready for festive fun.
Cedar Wolf (Formally Dark Icewolf) drew this one of Snow. Displacers have lots of limbs
Darkomi wanted some shading practice, so Snow modelled for her.
Dolph Pup drew this one of Divi, discovering the problems of goo.
Fallimar wanted to practice making a head, I had an urge to get a head, two heads are better than one after all, so meet Snow. I need to get more of her now.
Hacony does awesome drones, so I asked them to draw Divi, since he doesn't have many with his helm in place.
Heartbeats did this awesome pic of Divi being converted into a drone.
Lacona drew this pic of Snow being sophisticated and having a late night drink, but with who?
Mavie did this one of Snow giving into some of her urges. She's not always like this. Honest.
Another by Mavie. Snow's tentacles finding suitable thing for her to wear again.
This is Snow being cute and innocent. Like she always is. By Nduli.
Darkomi drew this one of Snow getting into the festive spirit, like everyone should.
Do not watch scary movies with Rayne. Protocol did this just before the popcorn explosion
Ravensflock drew Snow showing off some of her outfits.
Ew the Ewe did this one of Snow in some of her pony gear
When Snow's been very bad, things happen. This is one of them. By Silence Artwork.
SpacePup Silver did this of Divi in his drone pod.
I love this one. Jasmae did it, simple and eligant.
Strype did this one of Snow heading out for an evening of sophisticated fun.
Divigon has subservient tendencies, hence makes an excellent butler, as illustrated by Syrios.
Another of Tanraak's, this time Snow just relaxing and taking it easy.
This isn't actually Snow. Meet Ebony, related to Snow, but darker and with some panther DNA. Probably other things too. Drawn by Tanraak.
Trunchbull did this one of Snow in her maid attire. She can clear the table in a single pass.
I love this one. A Halloween Trick-or-treat pic by Trunchbull. Features Snow, Sakura, S'risr and Rayne.
Turbine Divinity did this one of Snow getting use to some of her new gear.
Vera did this wonderful sketch of Snow, simply dozing in bed. She doesn't do it as often as she should.
Eloquent Censored did this as a free bonus for the other pic of Rayne and S'risr. I don't know, I just love pencil sketches for some reason.
This is Rayne and S'risr spending some snuggle time together. Drawn by Eloquent Censored I love Rayne's wings.
Snow likes her footpaws, here she is tending to a certain pantheress's and kitsune's toes. Luckily, she has lots of hands to go around. Done by the extremely talented Croft
The last of The Tied Tigress's pics for a while. This was a Blind Character Design (BCD). Essentially you provide 3T with a character and they make some modifications to see what happens. I think Snow misses her spots though.
Malakhael did this one of Snow. I'm sure if I knew my anime I could probably provide more information, but I'll just say Snow is wearing something that looks cool :)
This is Croft's 2016 Christmas pic of Snow. She obviously needs some lessons still in how to wrap things.
Darkomi did this one of Snow as shading practice. Awesome colours.
Rem- was offering wing-it commissions, so I nominated Divi for the gloopy inflatable sort of treatment.
This was by Rakete and is just you know, the usual obedient orca drone in the making
Iko did this of another hypnotised Divi. Who knew he was such a botanist?
Raak did this rather awesome one of Divi's stallion form being corrupted and made into a more pliable stallion.
Snow got a little carried away with the whole Pokemon trend as shown here by Croft. It's a little known fact that playing pokemon may result in rubber pokemon changes, luckily there is a suitable trainer nearby.
Ironmane did this of a rather kinky Divigon. There are some variations on their page, but strange things happen to stallions if they get too pent up.
Trunchbull was experimenting with different techniques, so I put my hand up to get a Divi lazing under a tree.
Another of Trunchbull's, this one of Divi's orca form in his suit, you know, because every orca needs one.
Croft drew this of Snow who has been sucked into a Sailor Moon cosplay. These sorts of things happen to displacers when you least expect it.
Another of Ekbellatrix, this one a rare one of Snow lazing on Rayne's lap. I know, but catch a pantheress in a good mood and you can get pets. I'll never get any more after admitting this.
I think you could call this a tasteful nude. By Ekbellatrix, just Snow posing and showing off her fur.
Deezmo was doing head shots and Divi has been wanting to get some attention, so here he is.
Rae did this rather delightful pic of Snow kicking back, dancing like no one was watching.
I play Exalted (not particularly well). Meet Athena, my Lunar character as drawn by Borsmenta. She spends a lot of time curled up in front of fires making smart remarks to anger our GM, which might be why she seems to be doing long solo hikes lately.
Snow has a rather soft spot for having her ears petted, assuming by the right individual. Another Iron Artist, by The Tied Tigress.
When at home, Snow attends to her duties in a very professional manner as can be seen here. An Iron Artist by The Tied Tigress.
Another of The Tied Tigress's, this one is Snow in some of her gear getting ready to kick butt.
This was an Iron Artist, done by The Tied Tigress, but actually commissioned by Lionel. It is nice to be able to dress up and escape for an evening.
As this sketch of The Tied Tigress's shows. Snow doesn't always dress meekly, although this is certainly after dinner wear.
I love this one from The Tied Tigress. While Snow is focusing on the game, Rayne and S'risr are getting distracted. Guys, I'm ready to go in... guys?
This pic was a simple gift pic to Rayne and S'risr with no story or anything like that behind it and Croft hit it out of the park. Two MiB agents on guard duty for a visiting alien, or perhaps taking her into custody. Who knows?
This is by Ruaidri and it is an amazing pic. I'm still not sure how Snow feels about being shown off like that, but she hasn't complained yet.
This is what happens to Divi when he wanders into the wrong places. Coated in rubber and subject to shocking and mind altering things. Croft nailed it again :)
In this one from Croft, we see what happens when Snow pushes her luck just that little bit too far with Rayne's Domina Knight. Some beings just can't take a joke.
Ubquitous Toxicity did this one of Snow looking coy as she gets dressed at the beach. I'm sure that's what she's doing.
I asked Mavie if she could draw Snow in her pony gear. She could. Snow seems to be rather enjoying it too apparently.
Unfortunately, Snow discovered she has a soft spot for 'cubi such as Demara. Luckily GardeaAlgedo was on had to detail the moment. You know. For science.
This was Croft's side project in early 2016. Snow as a Rubbermancer. Ready (and willing) to use a mixutre of latex and lust to achieve victory over evil... or something like that. For more information about Rubbermancers have a look at their items of lore
Tanks was offering sketches, so I had to get some. This one is Snow in her Christmas spirit.
Another by Tanks, this time it is Snow in her RPG armour. You can tell it has to be amazing armour because it is so skimpy, a sign of quality and power.
Another by Tanks and this is more of Snow after the Christmas spirit has left her on the morning after Christmas. Probably around lunchtime actually.
This was a quick sketch by Liquid36 showing just what Divi goes through, knowing him, probably on a daily basis.
This was Snow's 2016 Valentine's from Croft. You know, four arms does make things way more complicated, but a lot cuter too.
In the continuing wardrobe series of The Tied Tigress... this is Snow attending a gala function. A displacer has to look her best you know.
Snow met a succubus named Demara. They get along well, as shown by this pic by Ekbellatrix. Is there more going on here? Probably, but I'm not saying.
This was Darkomi's take on Snow in her pony gear with her tentacles as bondage. A slight hazard for a displacer.
Another by Latex, this one is Divi after he's been encased by latex. He seems rather happy about it.
This is by Latex and has snow slowly being coated by your dress. An occupational hazard for her it seems.
I love Psychoseby's drew Snow being happy and relaxed this as an Iron Artist sketch. I really love what she's wearing.
I love Erin Kitty's sketches. This one is Snow looking all submissive and innocent. (It may be a trap...)
Ages ago, I got a sketchbook off of Mavie. It's been converted from a sketchbook to digital now and is slowly being filled, but here are the first pics. (Snow)
Mavie's sketchbook, page 2 (Snow teasing herself and being encoruaged by Rayne)
Mavie's sketchbook, page 3 (Divigon in his stallion form)
Mavie's sketchbook, page 4 (Snow)
Mavie's sketchbook, page 5 (Snow in some pony gear... you know, it happens)
Mavie's sketchbook, page 6 (Feral Snow)
Mei Love were offering sketches, so I had to get one done of Rayne.
Mei Love were offering sketches, so I had to get one done of S'risr too.
And lastly, one of Snow, done by Mei Love.
Snow occasionally does have some urges, luckily now she has someone who can help satisfy them. Of course, there may be a question over how willing the other was to satisfy them, at least until Snow was involved, but never argue with an eager displacer. Drawn by Rae and it looks cool.
Fowlgon said they had an idea for a unique Halloween piece, so I had to volunteer Snow for it. And it does look rather cool, albeit terrifying as well. Candy-cane body right down to the bone.
Mike the AFK was offering commissions via Twitter, so I asked for one of Rayne, S'risr her girlfriend and of Snow. It looks cool.
I'm sure Snow won't go into details, but if you ever want to know what she looks like in the typical Japanese schoolgirl outfit, The Tied Tigress has that covered now.
Croft was offering themed Halloween pics for 2015. This is Snow, caught in the Night of the Living Latex. On no, woe is her...
My orca Divigon, has this nasty habit of ending up coated in latex and rather mindless, as shown here by Tanraak. It's a tough life, but someone has to be the drone.
Hardscrabble aka Trunchbull did this of Snow. Just your average displacer, trying on her purple latex.
Blacklight Club drew this one of Snow, having some quite time with herself. nice, but didn't quite get the head right.
Mondeis does these amazingly detail pictures. This is Snow with her tentacles resting on her head (in case you wonder what those things are)
This is what Mondeis does to relax, ever wondered what Snow's eye looks like?
Another of Mondeis's, this time of Rayne's eye.
A little known fact, but having tentacles is wonderful in the kitchen, as captured by Treats. Just don't ask for certain types of shellfish, she has a liking to some of them.
The Tied Tigress was offering things called BCDs - Blind Character Descriptions. You give vague details and she figures out the rest. I'm not sure what this guy's name is yet, but I'm sure Snow will have him suitably under the pump soon enough.
Turbine Divinity did this quick sketch of Divigon in his orca drone get up.
I got another quick sketch from Erin Kitty. Snow it seems, is not a morning displacer.
Darkomi, aka Death Jingle did this pic of Snow discovering she is developing a foot fetish about Rayne's footpaws.
Darkomi, aka Vernon Cross was offering busts, so this is Rayne.
Darkomi, aka Vernon Cross bust of Salem, Rayne's brother.
Darkomi, aka Vernon Cross did Snow as well, this is her with her gooey tentacle head thing going on.
Croft did this one of cyber version of Rayne. Blue and silver suits her if I do say so myself
Erin Kitty is another person who does great pencil work, so she did a take on Snow as well. Again, amazing detail, love how it turned out.
Have some NSFW pics. Wind Dragon wanted to do some detail pics, so I got Divigon's more intimate areas done, since most folks don't seem to know what an orca should look like down there.
Of course, I had to get Croft to level up Snow as well. I love her armour. I'm so easy to please sometimes.
Diodki666 had a FNAL (Five nights at Latex corp) contest. I had to see what would happen to Divigon, apparently this is what happens. Another from the Divigon orca bender earlier in the year.
Croft started doing a level up process, where they'd take your character and push them to the next level. I found that Rayne has a twin brother Salem, so I had to get them drawn. Came out amazing I think.
The Tied Tigress did another great pencil sketch, this time of Snow and Rayne. I love Rayne's expression on this as well as the detail.
Ravensflock did this pic of Snow and Rayne and it somehow missed the mark. I like the idea, but it just missed on the execution somehow.
Antar Dragon drew Divigon being enveloped by goo. I have no idea why it is always such a pleasurable experience, but it is.
Protocol did this one of Divigon in the process of being enveloped. I think he enjoys such a thing.
Another from Croft this one is Snow and Rayne in their sexy battle armour. Snow has a flower to show she's a sensative fighter.
Tanraak did this picture of Snow, showing off her sleek, synthetic lines as well as all of her tentacles.
The Tied Tigress does amazing pencil work which I just love, so when I had the opportunity to get Snow done, I leapt at it.
Croft did an origin sketch of where Snow came from, or more accurately, how Snow became a displacer. I wrote a story too somewhere, should be on my page.
Cadmium Tea did this lovely, eligant sketch of Snow stretching. I love the angle, makes her look like she's practicing the the ballet.
Aggro Badger did this one of Divigon slowly being enveloped in the process of becoming a drone. I was on a bit of a drone bender.
Hardscrabble aka Trunchbull drew this one of Divi in his drone outfit. Love the colour combination.
Immelmann drew this one of Divigon in his drone suit. Lots of skin tight rubber.
Borsmenta did one of their model sheets of Divigon in his orca form. I do love his latex suit.
Sakitastar drew this of Divigon's dragon form whispering soft soothing murmurings into a currently nameless fox's ear. See, no reason to be frightened of dragons.
This one was by Brushfire and it is Divigon in his equine form just makign sure his tack gear is suitably cleaned and polished. A very important ritual for a draft horse.
Croft had a spare Valentine's day slot, so I grabbed it (I hate to see a good artist go to waste). This is Snow looking nausiatingly cute and I think her hair is channeling Elvis.
The Cherret Awaits did this great pic of Divigon swimming. He likes to swim, it excites him apparently..
I have a growing tradition of getting a Valentine's Day pic from Croft each year. I'm not sure if Rayne is wrapping or unwrapping Snow, but in either case, she looks happy enough. something
This is Snow, doing her best to look meek and harmless, she woulnt't hurt a fly. By Croft.
Croft drew this bust of Rayne getting ready to let folks she means business.
I may have heard a tale where Rayne was lost in the song on her headphones and didn't notice the lift doors opening. The Tied Tigress immortalised the moment and I promptly hid for a long time.
Carousel Cat did this great pic of Snow and Rayne just standing around in their sexy outfits. You know, as sexy felines want to do.
Snow's 2014 Christmas Card, thanks to Croft
Dark Ice Wolf was wanting to do some feral pics, it not often you see Snow in her feral form, but she does have one. You probably don't want to mess with her when she's in it though. Very awesome.
Libra 11 did this one of a cyber Snow, it is cool, although turned out a little more like an android Snow as opposed to a cyber one.
Trunchbull was offering a two for one deal, so I had to get one of Snow exploring her displacer form.
Second of the two for one by Trunchbull this is Rayne putting her collar on Snow in her normal snow leopard form.
Borsmenta was offering commissions, so I asked her to do some more sketches of Snow in her various variations. I do like her outfit.
Farore Nightclaw was doing some Black Friday sketches, so I grabbed three, because I'm greedy. This one is of Snow being controlled by her glove.
Next one from Farore Nightclaw, this is Snow slowly converting Wolphin's Rena form into a displacer, since that's what displacers do.
Last one from Farore Nightclaw, this is Snow, suddenly discovering that Inaki is actually a glow mew kitty bot.
Snow sometimes get these strange urges, such as what would she looked like in pony gear? Now, thanks to Turbine Divinity we all know.
Croft Halloween pic for 2014. I think it looks great, not so great if you don't like spiders... even though spiders are our friends.
Vallhund's Halloween pic for 2014. This is Snow and Rayne cosplaying Ada and Alice from Resident Evil... armed with good bags, all chocolate must be found and destroyed...
Croft also did this great pic of Snow under Rayne's control. Rayne has a puppet style glove that can control Snow. Well, just one of the ways Rayne can control her.
Hardscrabble aka Trunchbull did this quick sketch of Snow in her full latex outfit. She looks good in purple I think.
Krinkels drew thic pic of Snow, out for a walk, lots of limbs to keep track of there.
Laphund was offering mystery commissions where you payed money and presented a character and then would get a picture in return. Luckily, Snow likes a good party.
The Tied Tigress drew this one of Snow and Rayne. Originally I had asked for a pencil sketch, but she wasn't happy with it and asked if she could go down this route, which I think turned out lovely.
Croft did the awesome pic of Snow being teased/punished by Snow. I'm not sure what she did, but chances are, she deserved it. Awesome wings in this.
Syrios did this one of Divi in his orca form, looking rather excited about something
Last one from Rwolf, a lot going on in this, but this is Snow in her hermaphroditic form and looking rather confused about it. (You would to if all that was happening to you)
Rwolf again, this is Snow and Rayne. I don't think he did a good job of capturing Rayne in this one, but Snow doesn't seem to mind.
Next batch from Rwolf, this is Divi getting coated in latex goo.
Snow's tentacles getting a little carried away and coating her with a latex goo, also byRwolf.
Rwolf again, this time Divi's stallion form getting suitable attired.
Slight variation on the previous one, with Divi as a herm orca, also by Rwolf
Rwolf did an Iron Artist and I got a little carried away. This is Divi in his tranced, obedient orca mode
Croft was offering summer themed latex pictures and I've always wanted to see Snow and Rayne in latex bathers. I think they both have the figures for it.
After the last pic, Cadmium Tea was asking for picture of period armour to draw, so I got one of Rayne wearing her low-tech, but still rather effective armour.
Cadmium Tea did this pic of Snow, just sort of minding her own business. I love Cadmium's pencil work.
Sabretooth Ermine did this great pic of Snow suddenly finding herself on all fours. She's so fluffy!
Winddragon was offering to draw, how shall we say this, anatomically correct genitalia, so Wolphin needed to get some details of his crotch area on his phin done, since most have no idea what he looks like down there. (Rather NSFW)
Borsmenta does these very cool, not quite model pages, but study pages I suppose you could call them, so I got one of Snow. She's very colourful.
This is the second from Farore Nightclaw did this of Divi in his orca form in a goo bed. It might be a prequal to his other dazed orca pic or maybe a sequal. It can be hard to tell.
Draw With Laura then did this one of Snow, which is a really cool pose. You don't often see a scared Snow.
Draw With Laura did this speed paint of Snow, which is pretty cool
Trunchbull did this one of Snow, putting on her armour, or maybe it is her armour putting her in. It can be so hard to tell with liquid sentience.
This one of Snow looking very pissed off is by Ravensflock. I keep telling people, don't get on Snow's bad side, but they never believe me.
Syrios did this one of Divigon, just using his laptop, nope, nothing to see here. No need for you to look at the screen, nope, none at all...
Jagal was doing some cheap pencil sketches, so I took a bundle. This is Wolph's Renamon form.
Jagal - Divi's stallion form
Jagal - Another of Divigon in his stallion form
Jagal 0 Snow getting ready for some prowling
Jagal - Divigon's orca form. He might need to loose some weight here.
Jagal - Rayne and Snow without her spots, doing her best to look cute
Xeshaire did this of Divi looking rather annoyed. I think someone had kept him waiting for a while. Orcas don't like to wait apparently.
PCZ did not only this one, but about seven other variations of Divi in his demonic draft form. I think I like him being a bit demony.
Croft this this pic of Snow getting frisky with another displacer. It's not her fault, it's genetics and biology. With all those tentacles, the results can be confusing.
Mondeis did this amazingly detailed portrait shot of Snow which I think is great.
Another of Silence Artwork drawing a pic of Divi in his stallion form and some fairly serious tack gear as well.
Kotetsu showing us what happens when you step in suspicious puddles. Got to watch them.
Dr Pickelle did this pic for me of Rayne and Snow heading out to do battle.
Another of Silence Artwork did a quick pick of Snow too, just relaxing back and chilling out.
This was done by Latex, showing Snow off in her rubbery form.
Not quite a commission, but out of the blue Foxy Dragon gave me a quick warm-up sketch of Snow stretching in the morning.
Silence gave me a follow up for Snow, this one showing her getting ready for some action.
Croft did another Valentine's Day special. This is what happens to Snow. I think she looks good in pink, but I'm not sure if she'd agree.
This was the other of Tanks iron artist. The theme was gender bending, so draw a character in a different gender and I chose Rayne. She hasn't spoken much to me since.
Tanks did another iron artist and I grabbed three slots. This is two of them (one slot per character) with a theme of armour and weapons. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you do not want to cross Rayne and Snow.
This is the second from Farore Nightclaw and is Divi in his equine form begin all nice and obedient.
Farore Nightclaw must get some strange requests. This is Divi in his orca form. It looks like someone has been whispering nice things in his ear... it is so nice to obey...
I asked Twisted Teeth to do a pic of Divigon in his taur form, pointing out he has some demon in him. I got back this damn impressive piece.
Aaros did this great pic of Snow. I love the detail on her armour.
Autumn Sunrise said they wanted to do some ferals, so this is my renamon in their feral form. They're friendly, but can be a little snarly at times.
Turbine Divinity asked for some kinky ideas, so I wanted Divigon in his orca form getting reprogrammed. Unfortuantely I used the term "feral" to describe some of his anatomy and they took it to mean a feral (aka, normal) orca, so this is an unusual one.
Nexsix was doing an iron artist, which I'm a sucker for, so here is another pic of Snow.
This is by Tanks and is Snow all wrapped up and ready for Christmas.
Silence wanted to do some portrait shots, so this is Snow wearing her helmet made out of her two main tentacles. I love the colours and style in this one.
Farore Nightclaw wanted to draw some hyper stuff and since Divi has a draft form, he is excellent hyper material...
Laphund did this one of Snow looking sultry and for some reason she reminds me of Cruelle de Ville. I have no idea why.
Farore Nightclaw was doing some streaming quick sketches and Ikani grabbed three of them. This is Snow being snuggle pounced by Inaki, then exchanging DNA. Snow gets glowspots and Inaki gets displaced. :)
Farore Nightclaw was doing some streaming quick sketches and I grabbed one of Snow being teased by her own tentacles. Damn betraying things.
Another Christmas special, this time Jonas was doing festive themed icons, so I got one of snow.
Treats did some pictures of Anthioc, my Night Elf druid in World of Warcraft. This is her in her moonkin and also bear forms.
Treats was doing an iron artist and I got greedy and got four slots - Divigon in his orca and equine form, Snow and also Rayne. I love the dynamic style these are in.
Syrios did a pic of Divigon showing off in his orca form.
Evil Labrat did this pic of Snow. All dressed up in her armour, maybe that is her lab in the background or maybe it's somewhere she's breaking into. Technology and synthetic displacer beasts. No contest really.
Croft did thic pic of Divi, slowly finding himself being enveloped by black latex. Oh no, woe is he!
Pantherwhales did this one of Snow. She looks happy.
Wanderlust Dragon did this. I'm torn my it, I like the quality of the pic, but the subject matter isn't right. It was suppose to be Snow looking aluring before Christmas, but she looks too slutty and explicit for my liking.
Another of Croft's. This time it's Divi in his stallion form, just surveying the world.
Another by Tanks. After they had drawn a gender-bendered Divi, I thought a non-bent Divi would be nice, so this is his normal draft form, about to head off to work in the fields, which is what I'm sure he does.
I got this one done, not sure if the person wants to be publically named, so I'll just put it up here and check, hopefully I'll have a name and URL up soon. In the mean time, this is Divi in his anthro noodle dragon form. He gets around a lot.
Turbine Divinity wanted to do some commissions with folks turning into rubber equines. Divi was already at the equine bit, but he seems to enjoy the rest of the process.
Tanks has been doing some some Iron artists, with a slight twist - they're themed. One of the themes was swimsuit, so it sort of makes sense to have Divi in his orca form drawn like that. He wouldn't quite fill out Speedos like that, but he's still cute.
This was the second of Tank's Iron artists. This theme was genderbending. Divi does make a cute mare, maybe he should begin to get worried...
Trenchbull was doing some commissions and they draw gloopy stuff so well, so Divi had to get a picture of himself being enveloped.
Heather Bruton does amazing pencil work. This is Divi in his harness. As you can see, he likes his harness a lot. There are only two things wrong with this pic, his shaft is a little too humanoid for my liking and because if the subject matter, not really something I can put on the lounge room wall.
This one admittedly, took ages. It was a colab between Undying Song and Senay Dragon. A lot of folks seem to be confused by it. It's Rayne and Snow in their "normal" forms, looking into a mirrow which is hinting at what may be, a demonic Rayne and a displacered Snow. Maybe Snow is slowly being corrupted. Who knows?
Ruaidri was offering one word commissions. You provide a word and they draw a character in pose found searching for the word. It took some false starts, but this is Divigon's equine form and the word was massage. I think he's enjoying it.
Viral Divinity did this great pic of Snow reading. See, she is mild mannered and innocent after all.
Sabre Toothed Ermine (What a name!) has fantastic pencil work. I got a sketch of Divigon's equine form. It is adult, so don't be shocked, but amazing detail... and what a harness.
Viral Divinity's first pic. This one is of Wolphin's renamon form. Is is semi-sentient gooey armour, the best kind... and it is in the process of bonding with the rena. I'm sure it is harmless... maybe...
Dark Silver opened for commissions, so I had to grab one. I love this pic, the colours are brilliant, the sexy glowing suit, her weapons. Just nailed it.
Dr Pickelle (Are they a real doctor?) was offering head shots, so here are some pics of my slick renamon form, Snow and another chap, somewhere between human and reptilian. I'm guessing a dragon cobra sort of thing.
Jonas did another round of iron artist sketches and I got greedy. This is Rayne, Snow and Darkend trading stories around the campfire. And no, we're not sure what Darkend is wearing either. Some sort of barbarian style weapon harness I'm sure.
I bought some time off of Treats for a commission and they did Snow and Rayne getting ready to unleash havoc upon the world :)
DMA wanted to work on a new colouring technique and I just happen to have a gooey renamon who looks better in colour. It's an obvious match :)
I had been hanging out for a while to get a pic from Raven. I do like their style and while I don't have any complaints about the pic, it doesn't pop the way I hoped. Snow is looking a little too helpless, Rayne is missing her wings, but on the plus side, Rayne does have some super sexy armour on.
Skull Dog was offering transformation set sketches and since I'm a sucker for a good transformation, I got one. This is Snow transforming from her elven form into her displacer form. Mind the claws.
This was Undying Song offering a your character here auction. I never expected to win it, but since I did, I ended up going for my renamon corrupting/transforming my rarely seen equine. It's different... and adult too.
The second of Undying Song's. This is Rayne showing off more of her demon side.
Undying Song had a bit of a run on offers. I bought five slots, gave three away and asked them to pick two characters at random and draw them. This is one of Divigon in his orca form.
This is the second of Rick Griffin's Iron Artists. This is Snow getting out of bed on most mornings. She is not a morning feline.
Rick Griffin regularly does Iron Artists, so I asked him to draw a couple of pics. This is Snow looking very confused at a harness. Just how does it go on again?
On a whim, I asked Mavie to draw Snow and Rayne, this time with Snow being "punished" by Rayne. Yes, her tentacles can be used as her own restraints.
Vallhund offered some sketch commissions and I had to get some of Rayne. This is going to sort of be her model sheet I think.
Vallhund was also offering to draw achivement images. Your character getting some video game achievement. I happen to have a boomkin who likes cookies, so this was a natural thing. I can't help it. Cookies are nice.
Croft was offering offered some Valentine's Day commissions and who is Snow to refuse the opportunity to look all cute in pink?
Jonas was doing an Iron Artist, so I got a pic of Snow, because you can never have enough arms or tentacles.
Another of Albino Doe's daily warmup sketches. This is Snow rather reluctant to get out of bed. I think her and myself share this common trait.
DMA opened themselves up for commissions, so I grabbed three. This was Snow in her rubber fetish outfit, because every snow leopard displacer hybrid should have a rubber fetish outfit.
The second of DMA's was Snow in a bio-xeno form, she came out rather sexy I think
The last of DMA's pics was Rayne encased in suitable xeno/bio armour. Everyone needs a good coating of this.
Darkness Flame was doing a themed Iron Artist, you could pick the theme. This theme was "teamwork". I do like how Snow looks seriously pissed off. Probably not Rayne's choice of weapons, but you grab what comes to hand.
Another of Darkness Flame's Iron Artist slots. This one was "multitaking" I think Snow is build for that.
Trunchbull did a pic a while back of Snow being assimilated/transformed into her new form. This is what she looks like all complete and glossy.
Croft was offering Christmas themed pics and Snow tends to get rather well into the festive spirit...
Oops, I forgot to put this one up. This is by Cloudy Kitty and unsurprisingly is another of Snow curling her tentacles over Rayne, something she likes to do. :)
Croft was offering Halloween related commissions, so this is Snow dressed up as Frankenstein's Monster looking cute and innocent as she asks for more chocolate. You can't really see it, but her extra arms and tentacles are hidden in that buldge in the coat. I do love how cute and innocent she looks.
Croft did another for me, this time of Rayne and Snow standing, but showing off their outfits. You'll probably notice that Snow is in her snow-mew form here, she's still a displacer, but she can shapeshift, which does make fittings easier.
Albino Doe aka Decolor Domina does daily warmup sketches which you can buy. This is Snow which I really like for its simplicity. I do like fine pencil work.
Mavie was offering what she calls a characo; a collection of poses and details of your character. Since I loved the way she drew Snow before, I just had to get one. I do love Snow poking out her tongue, plus she manages to give Snow's tentacles a lovely sense of life and movement, rather than just static things.
Just to be different, I got a pic of Divigon in his orca form done. This is by Dr Pickelle and I really love the way they captured Divi's flukes. Orcas and cetaceans in general should have really impressive tailflukes, not these little whimpy things you often see.
A little while later I asked Croft to draw what happens to those snow-cat who use their powers for the wrong reason. Snow does not look like she's quite learnt her lesson though.
This was the first commission I had from Croft. The design brief was to show Snow using her displacer-beast powers for evil good as she slowly encased Rayne in latex. I love the way Snow's preditory side was captured.
Evenfall was offering to do your character as a dinosaur and I just had to take them up on the offer. This is Divigon, Snow and Rayne as a Tylosaurus proriger, Cryolophosaurus ellioti and Deinonychus antirrhopus respectively. I think its pretty awesome.
Snow in her displacer form, being all sweet and innocent, done by Mavie, and I love it. The colours are right, just the way she's sitting there being cute is right too. A great pic.
This is another pic of Snow, done by Trunchbull, you may be confused what is going on, but she's being assimilated/changed into her displacer form, which involves a nice covering of latex, because everything is better with latex. One day I might get a pic of her shiny side done.
This was done by Razor, Snow in her proper displacer form, complete with multiple arms and tentacles. You can always have more tentacles. I just noticed this is suppose to be inked apparently, so it may get an upgrade.
Catwolf did an Iron Artist contest, take one hundred commissions and draw them as quickly as possible. In an attempt to drive them insane, I took out three slots. This first one is just one of Snow sitting back, showing herself off.
The second of Catwolf's Iron Artist run. This one is Snow in her displacer beast form just reading a book, as you do.
The last of Catwolf's Iron Artist run. One of Rayne cleaning her kitana.
Ruaidri drew a pic of Rayne and Snow, umm, well, lets say furthering Snow's training. This one is certainly not worksafe. There, you've all clicked on it now haven't you?
Skull Dog did me another pic of Snow and Rayne joining forces to vanquish some evil force. Or maybe just show off their moves
Snow got transformed into a 'taur. One of the nice things about being a feline taur is the extra bulk is so much better for snuggling and the extra weight means you can pin others down with your forepaws which leaves your hands free for tickling.
This was done by Tsareia
This is a commission from Heather Bruton. I have the original hanging on my wall and I love it. It was actually one of the first commissions I did, but I've never got around to uploading it.
Mitsu was holding an Iron Artist evening, that's when they try to draw an obescene number of pictures as fast as possible, usually 100 or so, in the shortest time possible. I got them to draw three of Rayne. This is her demon form.
And this is her warrior angel form
And the mixture of the two of them. This is the best form, safest too.
This is a commission from Venigsun which was never finished, but now, after over a year. I don't think its going to be. It was suppose to be Rayne, so the brief had it with a tribal mark on her left cheek and probably more anthro. I mentioned this and was told, "that's right, I'll fix it" but I never heard back. That doesn't stop it from being a stunning pic though.
This is one of Moody Ferret's pieces of work. It was commissioned during my renamon phase to see what subservient renamons would look like.
Another of Moody Ferret's. This one contrasts the pervious one where you can see what a dominant renamon looks like. This one was more a surprise for someone I know who likes their bondage.
Yet another of Moody Ferret's (Can you see a trend here?) She does to, umm, unusual pics very nicely and I really like her line art. This was another gift for someone I know.
Another bondage pic. This one is by MikeWulf. Its a nice pic, but not really to my tastes. It was another gift pic for someone.
This is an illustration Emerald Cistern did for the story Silos. A very nice pic with yummy reptilian wolfies in it and a very adult theme too. Thanks Emerald! :)
This was a pic by MikeWulf that was never quite finished and after a year, I'm putting it up as in. Its Rayne. I think there is a matching story somewhere.
Another one by MikeWulf. This at the time was suppose to go with one of my stories while I was in my renamon phase. I think it sums it up when the artist calls the image no idea. It was going to be in the Job story line, but like Mike, I think I just lost enthusiasm.
Ironically this is probably my favourite pic that MikeWulf did and it was not a commission, just a character sheet to ensure the character was right. I love the staring kid. I'm sure I'd stare too.
This commission was done by Undying Song and is based on where I want to get a story universe to. The first story is Noodles and I haven't actually got to the part where this image would be, but its coming. I really like the snow meow in this pic. I should write more of it.
Dark Silver's first ever commission. Another commission loosely based in the Noodles universe. I really like how this one turned out, I think it captures the moment perfectly.
Holydust did this rather awesome commission for me. It's two of the felines who crop up in my stories. Rayne (With the wings) is on her thrown with her rather nervous pet at her feet. I love this one. Original
Netherwulf did this pic of Rayne. I do like the look on her face. Technically its not Rayne, but her pseudo twin. Its a long story. Use some imagination. :)
Six Shades did this pic, also of the twin with their character Eso. I actually like the pose, but the scan is terrible. They were offering pics of your char with theirs, so that's what they came up with. Original
I asked RyukyuR to do a pic of Rayne on a DDR machine, they came up with this one. I like it, its cute :)
After the first pic, I liked it so much I asked RyukyuR for a follow up. Rayne and her pet and sometimes twin. (Rayne will always have wings if you're curious) This was the result. Mmm... dancing felines :)
This was a present for Rayne. Djinni periodically draws icons, so I got her one - I start to twitch when I see the generic icons on something.
Undying Song was testing out some new pencils and offered cheap headshots. Of course, I just had to get two. The two felines are mine. Both based on Rayne. The red head is Rayne's demon aspect. The blue haired is her "normal" self, although the more I look at it, the more I suspect its her twin. She has a playful kitten look to her I think. The dragon belongs to Kilroy and is nothing to do with me, but I didn't want to carve up the original.
A second from Netherwulf. This is of Rayne's demon aspect, since I think form is a little bit too strong a term. I do like what she's wearing and the look on her face.

Note: A lot of these pics are of other people's characters. In no way do I take, or try to take credit for them. And don't try to steal them.
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