Keywords: Adult, chemical, transformation
Species: Dragon, Equine, human
	I'm not sure where this story came from - it features some things
I've never written about before and didn't think I would ever write about,
however they just sort of popped into the story and it seems to fit ok.

	Update - Emerald Cistern did an illustration for the story: 
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Thanks Emerald! :) --------------------------------- Silos By Divigon Like most of his kind, Silos's eyes snapped open and jerked himself to his feet. He eyes scoured the darkness for a moment before he relaxed his guard. Outside the mouth of his cave was a softened jingle of metal betraying a nervous horse. Silos spent a few more moments assessing the situation. He judged it to be almost dawn, not the usual time to be taking social calls. However there was only a single horse and presumably one rider, so it was unlikely to be a hostile force. This thought was enforced by the tentative, "Excuse me Sir?" that was half whispered into the opening of his lair. Deciding there was nothing to loose, Silos strode out into the cool night sky. His assumptions were correct, silhouetted against the light of the coming sun, was a single rider mounted on a stallion. The rider seemed a little startled with the sight of the dragon and Silos allowed himself an inner smirk of satisfaction. Silos tried then, to show no surprise as he realised his mistake. It was not a rider and his steed, but rather, just the steed. An equitaur knight in full battle dress. He would have towered over most creatures, but was a little smaller than the dragon. At ten foot in height with silver horns spiralling above his sapphire scales, Silos was a imposing sight to most beings. He somehow managed to fold his arms in a threatening way, his wings folding back neatly behind him as his tail half curled around a convenient rock. "Yes?" he asked in a deep rumbling voice. "Why do you disturb my slumber?" "I am sorry Sir," grovelled the knight. "I am Sir Gallire and come with a message from your King." Silos's tail flicked in agitation, an eye ridge rising questioningly. "My King?" he asked in a neutral by forced rumble. Gallire swallowed nervously. "Perhaps I phrased the statement badly," he said rapidly back-pedalling. "King Whillim, the ruler of many in these parts, requests an audience." Silos nodded, the Knight showed promise as a diplomat. "Did the King say why?" probed Silos. Sir Gallire shook his head, "I was instructed to only relay the message Sir and escort you to the castle if you chose to attend." Now it was Gallire's turn to sound vaguely threatening and Silos noticed the Knight tighten his grip on his sword. The dragon nodded once. "I will see you at the castle then I suppose," he said looking up as the first rays of the sun hit his hillside. "I was instructed to pass on the message, then serve you, is there something I may do for you before we leave?" queried Gallire. Silos smiled, showing perhaps a few more teeth than he needed to. "You are a fine beast," he said. "But foot is too slow. I shall make my own way. If you must stay, you can guard my cave. There are many folk around here who would like to get their paws on what lies within." That said, he turned and walked back into his cave. Rummaging in a darkened recess, he pulled out a few garments and threw them into a bag. Silos nodded and closed his eyes for a moment, murmuring quiet words under his breath. He felt the magic wash over him, bathing his body in the unseen currents. His feet were the first to change, lengthening talons digging into the dirt as he fell to all fours. There was a loud cracking as his spine lengthened and thickened, his wings extending as his shoulders popped. When he reopened his eyes a second later, the horse and rider seemed a lot further away, cowering silently in one corner of his ledge. His now massive bulk taking up most of the space. He sprung into the air with his powerful hind legs, wings beating the air as he climbed in height, looking over his shoulder as the equitaur started to patrol the cave mouth. Silos chuckled to himself and settled into a rhythm as he flapped towards the far distant castle. The castle came into view around noon. He knew from previous experience Humans did not take kindly to dragons dropping in unannounced and so he skimmed low over the trees until a few miles away and dropped silently into a clearing in the forest. His sixty foot long length was not designed for ground travel so he muttered more words to himself. Immediately he began to shrink, performing the reverse of his earlier transformation. Lifting himself onto two legs as his hips reshaped, he continued to reduce in size, his wings fading away into his back. He stood and flexed his fingers experimentally. He was now barely over six foot in height, a fraction on his former self, wingless, but still possessing his tail, horns and sapphire scales, his dragon linage was unmistakable. For the first time, he bent to rummage through the bag he brought with him. Pulling out a velvet vest he shrugged himself into it, following it up with an ornate leather kilt, strategically cut to allow his tail to emerge behind him, but still providing him with the degree of modesty that humans expected. Slinging the bag onto his shoulder, he set out towards the castle, guessing it would take him no more than an hour to reach it. Silos would never admit it to anyone, but he liked the stares of the towns folk as he passed through them on the way to the castle gates. One of the guards looked as if he was almost going to challenge the dragon, but seemed to think the better of it at the last moment and stood to attention instead. Silos strode through courtyard heading towards the central hall. He had been to the castle many time in the past, but to the humans, he was a vague memory. He had met Whillim a few times before, each time it was the King that came to him, not the other way around. However, Silos had a begrudging respect for the human ruler and through one of his forebears there was an informal agreement between the human and the dragon. He entered the large hall and stopped, looking around at the tapestries and emblems that blazoned the walls. Behind him, the crowd that had followed him crammed into the small antechamber, whispering between themselves. At the far end, on a slightly raised dais sat the King. He was older than the last time they had met, grey hair was showing through the King's formally raven black locks. "Sire" offered Silos, bowing his head ever so slightly. "Sir Dragon," reciprocated Whillim. "Silos. My apologies for asking you to travel here and my thanks to you for the same reason." Silos approached the dais, getting better look at the King who was starting to show his age. "And what, pray tell, have I been summoned for?" asked Silos. "I have a request," said Whillim. "Nah, a favour may be more suited, for I can not make you go, nor am I sure if I should ask." "They ask away," counted Silos. "And I should be a judge of that." Whillim nodded from his throne. "Have you heard of the one who goes by the name Slavnore?" he asked. The dragon paused a few moments. "Aye, that I have Sire," he said, nodding his head. "A wicked one who was banished from the Northern lands many years ago." Now Whillim nodded. "Well, she's back," he stated. "And her powers have grown. I use to have a garrison on the Northern border, but my scouts tell me she had taken it. Eighty men. Trained soldiers. Gone. I sent a second party of men there six weeks ago, their report is two weeks overdue and I have grave hopes for their safety." Silos nodded slowly, Slavnore was last seen at least fifty of the human years ago. Surely she would be an old woman now, if not dead. He was unsure what harm a woman that age could do. "My spies had reported a young woman named Slavnore making a name for herself in the Badlands," continued Whillim. "I dismissed it as a newcomer riding on her reputation, however now I wondering if it may be the same person with dark magic on her side." The dragon contemplated the possibility. Humans did not know much magic, but it was possible to learn, if you could find the tight tutor. He almost grinned at the Kings interpretation of dark magic, there was only one magic. The wielder decided if it was dark, light or grey. "It may be the case," voiced Silos, deliberately not offering any other scenarios. "We are a peaceful country, no one here knows any offensive magic catrip. I beg you, look into the situation and advise me so I can prepare my army," pleaded Whillim. Silos was privately impressed. It was a good argument from the King, not threatening or obligating, but he refused, he would be made to look as the bad guy. He knew Whillim knew this and he also knew the King knew he knew. The dragon contemplated for a minute or two. "I will go Sire," he offered. "But not to fight, as an observer only. I will not interfere in the ways of mortals." The King nodded, "I would not ask you to do more." "I do ask you brief me on the location and provide me with any other information you may have," said Silos. "And quickly, for I would like to arrive under the cover of darkness." "Of course," replied Whillim and called for his staff. Silos spent the next hour receiving a thorough briefing from the Kings advisers. One updated him with snippets and stories of Slavnore while other provided him with details about the garrison. Where it was located, any defences, men and supplies. All the information you would need to mount a successful siege. Finally, in the early afternoon he bid his farewell to the King, slipped back outside the castle where he shifted to his larger form and headed towards the Northern Lands. He already had a plan of attack. The garrison was a single tower and outbuildings located on a promontory, surrounded on three sides by cliffs, the only approachable way in was over the grassed slope which was covered with defensive weaponry. Almost the classic impenetrable fortress. Silos had debated dropping from the sky, but that was too much of a risk, if sentries were posted, they would be able to sound the alarm before he had a chance to silence them. However, one of the former guards had an interesting piece of information. While the guard was there, they had begun digging a well from the central square to the lake below. It was too large a job for the soldiers, so dwarfs were brought in to do the digging. Dwarfs, being dwarfs got a little carried away, and instead of a simple shaft, they created a simple, yet elaborate tunnel system, ending at a small underground lake. That lake was connected to the lake main lake outside, all Silos had to do was find the opening. As planned, night was well and truly upon him by the time the tower came into view. A single watch fire burned on the top most level and Silos quickly dropped out of sight, skimming along the lake surface before almost silently diving beneath it. He allowed his momentum to carry him down, then shifted to his smaller form. Swimming underwater towards the cliff face. Surfacing close enough to hug the slick granite he caught his breath before starting a methodical search. The water was inky black and freezing cold, but he dared not use magic in case it was detected by the garrison's defences. It was two hours of searching before he finally managed to find the right opening. It looked like a deep hole, but as he explored deeper, the telltale signs of mining became more evident and after a surprisingly short distance, his head popped above the surface. The room was dark, pitch black in fact, even his enhanced eyesight was unable to penetrate the gloom. He moved slowly, feeling his way, remaining silent as he could. As his information had told him, there were several steps out of the water, then a small passage. Even in his smallest form, the passages were a tight squeeze. He was shuffling along it when his ears caught a faint rustle in the darkness. He poised himself for attack, manoeuvring as best he could in the stone confines. He never picked up the slightest hint of the stroke that smashed down on the back of his skull. Just the bone jarring crunch, followed by a sense of calm as he passed into unconsciousness. This time when he woke, it was much slower than normal. There was a throbbing pain against the base of his skull and he guessed one of his horns was broken. He noticed he was upright, but it was not until he tried to take a step that he discovered he was shackled. He blinked a few times as the fog lifted from his mind. Shackled was not the right word for it, he was bound and spreadeagled in the centre of a small room. Even his tail was bound behind him. His bonds looked like ordinary iron and would hold no challenge for either of his larger forms, but he found himself unable to change to them. Even his magic had seemed to abandon him. The door before him opened and in sauntered a ghost from the past. Slavnore chuckled as his reaction. "Surprised to see me?" she laughed. "At least surprised to see me like this?" She did a little pirouette for emphasise. The look and the laugh were unmistakable. It was Slavnore, but how she looked at least sixty years before. This was a woman barely into her twenties with none of the battle scars she should have been wearing. "Now you're wondering if its really me aren't you," she said, reading his mind. "And if it is me, what happened to me." She stepped closer, smiling as he pulled at his bonds. "That's right my dear dragon, struggle at your shackles," she reached up to stroke a collar fitted around his neck that he had not noticed before. "Normally I wouldn't be this close to you, but this wonderful collar of mine prevents the wear performing any magic of any kind. That means, that you're as helpless as a lamb." She ran her hands over his blue scales, reaching his groin and giving his testicles a firm, almost painful squeeze. "Ooooh," she murmured with a smile. "Perhaps we should change that to a ram. But no difference, you will be mine in a short while." Silos cast her a questioning look which she caught and gave a knowing grin. "Let me fill you in on the past years of my life," she offered, settling on a chair which had obviously been brought in for that purpose. "After I was banished from these lands I wandered the world, never content to stay in one place, rumours of my past catching up with me and forcing me onwards, until about twenty years ago, I found myself at the gate of a long dead mage. His castle was in pristine condition and although he had gone, his magic lingered on." "From experience, I know mages abodes are not places to linger, but this one seemed to draw me in. I was weary and needed some where to rest for a while, but the days were lonely, so I turned to the mage's library for company. It was as I read his books, I learned the secrets of magic, the dark arts and of its amazing powers. I was past my prime, but I found a method of recapturing my youth which I put to test on the local villagers. It worked and I spent the next fifteen years in study." "When I knew I had the power that could not be bettered, I decided it was time to pay a visit to the lands of the King who had given me all those years of suffering. In this garrison I now wait, building my forces, but soon I will march on the castle and take these lands for myself." Silos tried to act indifferent as she explained herself, but Slavnore caught on. "I can see you are curious," she said seductively. "I will offer you a free demonstration." There was a pause as she looked towards the door. "Guards," snapped Slavnore. "Bring me a prisoner." There were scuffles behind the oak slabs, then two creatures entered, tugging a human between them. From his looks, Silos knew the human to be a soldier in Whillim's army. The other two creatures, the dragon had never seen the likes of them before. They looked like a strange combination of biped, wolf and reptilian. They were covered in tawny fur, but had a ridge of spines poking out along their backbone. Their feet were scaled, as were their hands, each finger tipped with a sharpened talon. Their faces were lupine in nature, but with slitted pupils in their eyes and longer fangs the dripped saliva from their jaws. The two creatures did not say anything, but dropped the grovelling human at Slavnore's feet. She gave a knowing smile to Silos, then looked back down at the man. For the first time, he looked up at her, the effect on his face amazing. It went from panicked terror, to relaxation, to joy in the space of about ten seconds. With no prompting from either anyone, the man shrugged off his tattered clothes and lay down before Slavnore. He was already fully erect and seemed to be begging from her. She smiled a victorious smile and lifted her skirts, sliding herself down along his length. Her face a picture of conquest, the man's a mask of pure lust as he started to thrust up towards her. His hips moved briskly and a few seconds later he gave a groan. Slavnore whispered something and touched his forehead. He moaned again and went limp, Silos's eyes catching a faint shimmer seeming to escape from the man's mouth. Slavnore stood up, stepping aside the man's body which had begun to twitch. Silos's mind was already a few steps ahead and so he was not surprised to see fur start to sprout from his naked skin, his mouth contorting into a muzzle as his fingers lengthened into talons. A few moments later, the newly formed third creature rose to its feet, then dropped again to one knee, bowing to Slavnore. "My lady," it said with almost reverence. "I am ready to serve." "Then go with the others and await your orders," responded Slavnore, dismissing the three of them from the room. The three reptilian wolves left the room, leaving Slavnore alone with Silos once more. "They're mindless brutes," explained Slavnore. "But frightening loyal and easy to control. Each one formed at the moment of climax when every male lets down its guard completely, allowing you to reach in and do with you what you would." "So you have fucked every one of your soldiers?" questioned Silos, deliberately trying to provoke a reaction. "I wouldn't have put it so crudely," admonished Slavnore. "I prefer to think of it as building an army. But don't worry, you're next on my list. My special project you could say." "You think I'm going to have sex with you?" scoffed Silos. "Don't flatter yourself." "I don't need flattery," she responded. "I have something else instead." She drew out a tiny phial of yellowish liquid. "You have probably this in this form before," she said with a grin. "But you'll know its effects." She stepped closer to Silos and unstoppered the top of the container, wafting the contents towards his nose. The effect was incredible. Although he tried to resist it, Silos felt the strange scent seeming to burn through his body. The fire sank down and concentrated in his groin and he knew his penis was slipping from his sheath. He tried to fight it, but that just seemed to make the feelings more pleasurable. Slavnore reached down and ran her fingered over his large purple length, making him groan and push his hips towards her. "See," she teased, stroking over the glands at his tip. "I told you you'd be begging me." She replaced the stopper and the sensations diminished somewhat, the red haze clearing from Silos's brain, but his erection remaining. Slavnore noticed this and smiled. "Well, we are eager aren't we..." she teased. "It's the distilled juices of a female dragon in heat. Not easy to get, but well worth the effort, no male dragon is unable to resist its charms as you will soon discover, but before I have you, you need to be prepared. I want you to be grovelling before me. It makes the process that more enjoyable to watch, but before I go, I'll give you something to remember me by..." She up-ended the tiny phial on the tip of her finger, then reached up and spread a thin film of the liquid above Silos's mouth, between his top lip and nostrils. Immediately the red haze of lust descended once again. With that, she stepped away, walked out the door. There was the sound of voices outside and two of the creatures entered the room. Slavnore had obviously worked her magic on them as well, as they were both sporting their very impressive erections, something Silos was paying particular attention to at this point in time. The two of them started on either side of him, lapping gently at his scales with their rough tongues. The dragon moaned in response and hated himself for it, he wanted to break both their necks, but the sensations were too much and he strained at his bonds in an attempt to get closer. They were diligent in their task, not missing so much as an inch of his body and eventually one ended before him and one behind. This was the moment Silos had been waiting for, his shaft throbbed, rock hard with his clear pre running down it in waves, however the creature before him ignored it and moved instead to his testicles, lapping at them until they were almost painfully swollen. Behind him, the creature had made its way along the top of his tail, then switched and was suckling back along its underside. When it reached his exposed tailhole, it stopped, concentrating on the tight muscles, its firm tongue working its way inside, eliciting louder moans and groans. When the dragon thought he would be unable to take the twin tortures for longer, they abruptly stopped. The rough tongue was removed from his super sensitive sac and resumed its more benign exploration of his thighs. Silos assumed the second creature would do the same, a thought shattered when he felt his rear opening almost savagely assaulted. His first reaction was to gasp in shock, then his body took over and he rolled against his chains, squeezing the large shaft as it pistoned into him, each stroke making his own shaft buck and give small burst of pre. Just as he thought he would get some relief the creature behind him gave a howl and his loins were filled with a liquid warmth. He gave his own howl, one of frustration as the two creatures swapped places, the one before him giving a tantalising wave of his rear as he dropped to lap at the dragon's scaled feet. As the second creature pushed into him, Silos lifted his head and roared, his forked tongue brushing over his nostrils, almost accidentally licking across the juice under his nostrils. The effect of the juice was incredible, his body flushed hot and trembled as the hormones passed directly into his blood supply and he hurriedly lapped up all he could while he squirmed against his two assailants. Silos's eager body quickly metabolised the hormones, giving him a pleasure filled rush that he thought would never end, however, his hazed covered mind did clear a little and he found himself more conscious of his surroundings. His body still yearned for released, but his mind could at least contemplate other things. As he rolled with the creature behind him, he started to concentrate on his shackles. Slavnore was right about his magic, but he knew a few tricks and was handy with his claws. His talon did not make the best lock pick, but it sufficed, the two sex crazed creatures too lost in their lust to notice the soft click as each lock opened. He squeezed his rear around the shaft within him just as the beast came. For the second time, he felt the hot spurts inside his body and gave a roar of pleasure. The creature at his feet looked up just in time to see two large blue paws smash down on either side of its head, the tremendous force killing it instantly. Next, Silos reached over his back, grabbing the furred head and snapping the beast's neck, feeling the still spasming body slip from within him. His hands grabbed the magical collar around his neck and ripped it easily. There was a tingle as the magic dissipated, the collar obviously designed to prevent magical attacks, not physical ones. With the magical restraint gone, Silos shifted to his normal form, the remaining iron bonds snapping with loud pings as his body expanded. However, his native body brought new sensations, the lingering scent causing him to falter for a moment as the pleasure washed over him. At precisely that moment the door swung open again. Silos was still on his back foot and took half a second too long to react. That was all the time Slavnore needed. In the microsecond it too for the dragon to commence his attack, Slavnore had found the tiny phial and flicked the top off it. The female hormones that had caressed Silos in his smaller form almost knocked him out in his true form. He gave a rumbling moan and fell to his knees before the sorcerer. For a moment her face looked panicked, then she laughed. A sound of pure evil came from her thin lips and she ran her fingers over the blue scales. "Well, almost escaped from my clutches, did we?" she chortled as Silos's large frame trembled at her touch. "It looks like I'll have to move my schedule forward a little, but I think I can work you in." She began removing her robe, allowing the dragon to admire her enticing form as she occasionally caressed his oozing tip. "Oh yes," she almost panted, her eyes fixated on his huge length. "I think I'll definitely be working you in, but I can manage it. My schedule is very flexible." With that she approached the dragon, making sure she drizzled tiny amounts of liquid from the phial as she got closer. Silos was past the stage of caring what species she was. It was female and that was all that mattered. Slavnore did not waste anytime, climbing up on Silos's hips she flexed her legs and started to lower herself slowly. If he had been more concious, the dragon would have been amazed at what he was seeing. Slavnore was barely half the size he was, but his massive draconic shaft was beginning to enter her. The dragon gave a roar and flexed his hips upwards as, for the first time, he felt pressure on his seemingly forgotten penis. Slavnore gave her own groan, feeling the dragon's huge length slip another few inches inside her. She was impressed at her beasts, they had done their job well, this dragon was ready to cum soon and once it did, he would be hers. With a dragon on her side, no-one would be able to stop her. It would almost be a pity really. Silos began to pant, the pleasure he had already received almost pushing him over the edge, Slavnore's body doing what the two beasts did not. As his shaft began to harden, indicating his coming relief, he heard Slavnore begin to chant. Somewhere, deep in the back of his mind, some mental process began turning cogs. A dim recollection about the dangers of orgasm, but the pleasure was too much. He bent his head down, lapping at the small human's face with his forked tongue, listening to the female gasp, stumbling over her words. His tongue continued lower, his mouth widening as he licked at her lips, chin and neck. Silos growled, feeling his swollen testicles begin to lift, spasming deep inside as he entered his first stages of relief. Slavnore moaned, the dragon seeming to envelop her as she braced herself for what was about to come. As the dragon's shaft bucked for the first time, Silos roared, his mighty sound stunning the panting Slavnore. The dragon's head dipped down and too late, the sorceress realised the trap she had fallen into, she tried to finish her spell, but the dragon's tongue pushed into her mouth, stopping her as his sharpened teeth closed around her body. As the floodgates opened on Silos's shaft, he hefted Slavnore above himself, holding his head back and making bestial gulping noises as he swallowed her down, his hot draconic seed that was to be his downfall raining about him. Slavnore felt herself beginning to slip down the dragon's gullet, her hands fumbling at his seemingly impossibly huge mouth. His forked tongue caressing over her body, lapping at her sopping sex before she disappeared down his throat. Silos suckled for a second at her disappearing legs, then gave a contented rumble as they too slipped inside him. She struggled for a short while, creating little kicks of pleasure as he lay spread-eagled across the room, his shaft still drooling onto his now grossly swollen belly. He had no interruptions as he digested his meal, snoozing for a few hours until his distended stomach was down to a more reasonable size. The scent of the female dragon lingered in the room, providing Silos with many coloured dreams. When he awoke, he pulled himself reluctantly to his two feet, almost stepping on the tiny bottle. For a moment he considered destroying it, but lust laden thoughts caused him to pick it up and add it to his possessions. Emerging from the room he found the building in something resembling a sense of order. Not all the men had been turned into the creatures. Obviously Slavnore was not quite the woman she thought she was and she still had at least half of the garrison to go. Those that had changed, had not changed back, but their minds and free will had returned, even if they had a sex drive much higher than the average mortal, as Silos discovered when one of them offered to assist in relieving some of his tension. The dragon did not find it embarrassing walking around with his huge erection, absently he occasionally stroked it, or held it to stop it swaying so much when he walked. The reptilian wolf creatures seemed captivated by it while the humans stared, then turned scarlet red when they noticed what they were doing. He was not sure how long it would remain, his blood was still boiling with the abnormal sex drive and his erotic thoughts showed no signs of abating. It was with some relief he found the Captain of the garrison who had already dispatched a rider to the King explaining what had happened. The Captain was pleased to see the dragon and thanked him profusely for their rescue, trying to entice him to stay and unwind. Silos thanked him for his offer, but had already decided to return to his lair, although he was tempted to return when the King discovered half his crack forces were now enchanted beasts. The flight back to his cave was a long one, taking all night and a heavy chunk of the morning as well. When he finally touched down, he was surprised to see a small fire burning to one side and immediately he was on guard. "Hail Sir," sounded a substantial voice from the woods and a few seconds later Gallire stepped from the trees carrying a pile of firewood. "You're still here?" asked Silos a little surprised. "I was told to offer my services," explained the equitaur. "You asked me to guard your lair, so that am what I am doing." Silos nodded, shifting down to his normal form. At this size he was only slightly taller than Gallire and he nodded to the equine, walking into his cave mouth. "Well, if you're here then," he said over his shoulder. "You may as well come in and get something to eat. I'm guessing you'll be more than happy to have something aside from rations." Gallire nodded. "Aye," he said with a grin. "They keep you alive, but I'm not sure I'd classify them as food." The dragon chuckled and motioned to one side of the large cave with a wing. "That cupboard is the larder, feel free to help yourself to anything you find," he said. "I'm going to soak for a while." The equitaur nodded and started poking around the large pantry while Silos sank into the heated pool that served as his bath. After a short while he wandered over, hooves making little noise on the sandy floor, but the crunching of carrots giving him away. Silos opened one eye and looked up at him. "Find something did you?" he asked. The equitaur nodded. "For a dragon, you have an impressive selection of vegetables," he said. "I wouldn't have expected to find the likes of them here." "Oh?" questioned Silos raising his eye ridge slightly. "And what would you have expected to find?" "Meat," admitted Gallire, stepping to the side of the pool. "I thought dragon's ate meat." "We do," explained Silos. "But meat on its own is rather bland. We need something to flavour it with." He watched the equine flinch once before he gave a wink. "So..." began Gallire expectantly. "How did the battle go. I take it we were victorious." "In a manner of speaking," said the dragon. Now Gallire raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Well," said Silos before pausing. "The King has his garrison back. Half of them are some sort of sex crazed mutant werewolf things, but the remainder of them are relatively normal. The battle itself was rather short. There was a sorcereress who almost seduced me, she did manage to turn me almost completely lust crazed, but then, as we having sex, I ate her." Gallire's eyes opened a little wider than normal. "That doesn't sound like a normal battle," he said after a moments reflection. Silos nodded, "I don't think I've been in one quite like it before." The equitaur looked thoughtful. "Lust crazed you said?" he verified. "Lust as in sex?" The dragon nodded instead. "You're a stallion," Silos said. "Have you ever been past a mare in heat?" Gallire looked a little surprised at the question, but nodded. From where he was lying in the pool, Silos could not help but notice the slight change in the stallion's stance. "You know how they are irresistible to you?" he continued. "How you can't think of anything else except serving them?" Gallire nodded again, this time Silos noticed the stallion's sheath dropping from between his legs. "Somehow Slavnore had managed to bottle that essence," said Silos, looking the stallion straight in the face. "Then, when I was least expecting it, she pulled it out. It was way more effective than any magic she could have thrown at me. Caught me completely off guard, but it was a trap I would have fallen into again and again had I been allowed to be." "But you managed to escape?" queried Gallire. "Before any harm came to you?" "As long as you don't count pride, yes, I managed to escape," said Silos, sinking a little deeper into the water before suddenly hefting himself upright and walking towards the edge. "That was the only magic she threw at you?" asked Gallire. "Oh yes," replied the dragon in a half whisper. "But it will stay with me for a while yet." Gallire cocked his head, trying to decipher the dragon's meaning when Silos turned around. He shaft, which had retreated during the cold night flight had slid out once more during the bath. Contrary to what he had expected, the stallion took a step closer, not back as the dragon had expected. "You do not seem afraid or embarrassed," stated Silos, cupping his paw half way down the massive length, stroking it gently. "Should I be?" responded Gallire, not taking his eyes off the dragon's shaft. "No," smiled Silos, stepping close enough so they almost touched. "Go ahead, touch it if you like." The equitaur reached out slowly, Silos releasing his grip, only to have it replaced by the stallion's warm and soft hands. Both gave a soft gasp, one in wonder, the other in pleasure. "I assume this is what you meant when you said it would stay with you?" asked Gallire, running his large hands gently over Silos's now throbbing length. "Yes," purred the dragon. "We tend to mate for weeks at a time... I expect it to last at least as long, if not longer." Gallire nodded, dipping his head to run his tongue over the blunt tip. "I was instructed to stay and serve for whatever you may need me for," he said between licks. Silos rumbled happily, stroking the equitaur's large head as he eyed the stallions own impressive erection. "I wouldn't hold you to anything if you wish to leave," whispered the dragon softly. "Oh, I couldn't leave without completing my duties... Sir," Gallire winked up at the dragon, then opened his mouth and slid it slowly over the dragon's shaft, taking it as deeply as he could. "I am so pleased to hear that," rumbled the dragon moving back slowly to a pile of cushions that served as his bed. "So very pleased indeed..."

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