This is the main part of my web page. My story pages. Here I have all of the stories I have written and deemed suitable for public scrutiny. If anyone wants to read those that are not suitable for public viewing, I would recommend looking at Divigon's pages instead.

My stories are divided into roughly to categories, furry and transformation. The furry stories deal with furry situations, read my furry pages for more information on that. While my transformation stories deal with, you guessed it, transformations. Its nice being predictable...

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Alas, I am a little short on pure furry writings. The majority of my works usually involve some form of transformation. Wow, three stories here now. Its going up slowly. One of these has adult overtones, but I'm assuming you can live with it.

Horrors of the Fur
Ok, so they're not furries, they're scales, but its just as good :)
Horrors of the Fur
Something which I have yet to see a furry with, but I know it must happen.
There are some things you shouldn't fool with (Not strictly furry - has transform stuff in it, but more furry overtones than transformation ones)
Two orcas get to know each other :) [Adult]
After Hours
Ever wondered what happens on the MUCKs when the players are pulled away to real life? (Adult themes!)


Why transformations? Well, I think it would be "cool" to be able to change yourself into something else. You know, turn yourself into an eagle, be that fly on the wall, that sort of stuff.

Isn't that a little strange? Ummm, yeah. Probably.

You're weird. Thanks. Although I personally consider myself an eccentric , but a little closer to normal than most. I even own some bow ties. Not only that, I wear them as well. In public too.

So, where are the stories. A few lines below - but first, a little more rambling

Below are some of my stories I have sent to the list (the TSA list {Transformation Story Archive}). One of them ( Lo Wang ) actually came second in a story contest, so I can't be all that bad. As always, I will accept any feedback, be it good, bad or indifferent. Feel free, to point out flaws in my stores and plot holes you couldn't fill with galaxies.

You might also notice some of the stories have links on the bottom leading to the next story on the list, I was doing this with all of them, but it got too complicated when I put a story in between two others, so I stopped. Therefore, if you navigate that way, you'll probably skip some of the stories.

Ever wondered if aliens are really bad? (Alien)
A young princess, evil kings and forest gods, what more could you want? (Deer)
A story about a man and the robotic dolphin he designed. (Dolphin)
Astakos - Stable of the Gods?
Don't go poking around where you don't belong (Equine)
Two young loves and an Avian god. (Birdies)
Away From it All
Those bioengineered viruii can change your outlook on life. (Weddle seal)
Do they live among us? (Equine) {Adult themes in places}
Bad Medicine
Working in those top secret research labs can be hazardous to your health (Avian)
Yes, you guessed it... a Demon.
Deer Me
A young man ends up with antlers, fur, hooves, that sort of stuff (deer)
Devil Suits
A trio try out some new costumes... (wolf, gazelle, equine)[Adult]
A Day in My New Life
What would you do if you woke up a dolphin one day? (Dolphin)
The Mark of the Divigon
A little Irish mythology for you (Ummm, err, hard to define really)
The Encierro
The guide books don't mention things like this (bulls)
Forest Fly
Ummm, errr, well. A fly. Yeah. In a forest as well (fly)
For the Grandkids
Its always nice to have something to tell the grandkids (birdy)
Don't Mess with the Genie
The IRC 'bots can be a little dangerous. (Ummm)
Good Again
Ever wished for the good old days? (various)
Hung Like A Horse
Need I say more? (horse)
Here be dragons, black dragons at that... (Dragon)
Birthday Wish
Be careful what you wish for (Lobster {Well, crayfish actually})
The Lost City
The jungle can house many strange things (Snake)
The Mysterous Lo Wang
Beware of strange people bearing gifts (Dolphin)
Maybe its the water
...and maybe its not... (Mermaid/man?)
A little bit of this... a little bit of that (Equine, lupine)[Adult]
Well, I can't say, its suppose to be a twist.
Ray of the Future
Deserted islands may be deserted for a reason... (Sting Ray)
Rubber Panther
Don't take things home from strange research facilities (Rubber/Panther)
Strange alien races leave strange things behind when they leave... (Mecha)[Adult]
I'll be Watching...
Radical Therapy, twisted doctors, evil scientists (shark)
The Shower
Just a quicky (Dragon)
A tiger and a stallion abord a distant space station... [Adult]
A Question of Survival
Crocodile!!! (Need I say more)
Phin Seduction
Its lonely in the oceans out there... (Dolphin)[Adult]
The Power of the Mind
Its amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.
The Princess and the Unicorn
The Princess always teams up with a unicorn. (Unicorn)
You would think people know that revenge doesn't work (Equine)[Adult]
Wedge'd She Come From?
Another of my birdy stories, almost a request... (Avian)
Lookout werewolves... its the attack of the super cute plushie (Plushie)[Adult]
Werewolves Within
Werewolves are all around us... (Werewolves)
The White Rabbit
My entry in a story exchange (Rabbit)
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Well, that is about it from me. If you have any questions, problems or solutions feel free to mail me. I've been told I'm pretty approachable, but a bad speller.

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