Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis, Latex
Species: Dragon, Panther
Uninvited Guests

Uninvited Guests
By Wolphin.

The dragoness looked into her lair before entering, the intruder frozen 
in place, her hand still reaching towards the jewellery on the table.

"Well, well, well," rumbled the dragoness quietly.  "What do we have 

A black pantheress, her fur a deep glistening black that seemed to 
almost shimmer in the candle light.  She had wings, contrasting white 
feathered wings, neatly folded behind her.  They explained how she was 
able to make it to the tower room so easily.  She had a full head of 
white hair, the long length twisted into a braid behind her back and it 
disappeared under the tunic she was wearing.

Amurth, walked slowly in front of her, noticing the deep sapphire blue 
eyes that were looking around in panic.  The fur around her left eye, 
dyed sapphire as well before merging into an orange flame that stroked 
and faded around the side of her head.  The dragoness admired the 
excellently tailored and slightly stretched top with an appreciative 
purr, before turning her attention back to the rest of her uninvited 

"It is not every day I get visitors in the middle of the night," 
rumbled Amurth, reaching out with a taloned paw to pet over the 
pantheress's nose.

Her fur was warm and soft and quite pleasing to the soft paw pads of 
the dragon.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" she asked, giving a subtle flick of 
her wrist.

The pantheress gasped, breathing in deeply, her head snapping back, 
before she snarled.

"What did you do to me?" the feline demanded.

"Me?" the dragoness asked innocently.  "I did nothing.  You however, 
appear to be in my tower without permission.  That brings, unexpected 
things against you."

"Why can't I move?" snarled the pantheress.

"Its one of the unexpected things," smiled the dragoness.  "A simple 
spell, holding you immobile until I can introduce myself."

The dragoness gave a bow.

"I am called Amurth," she said in her deep rumbling voice.  "And you 

The pantheress growled, straining to try and move her body that seemed 
to be made of stone.  The dragoness reached out, grabbing the feline's 
head and twisting it to stare into the sapphire eyes.

"It would polite to answer," Amurth hissed.

The pantheress found herself staring back into the dragonesses eyes.  
The unblinking pupils staring deep into the feline's eyes, she could 
feel the words forming in the back of her throat, fighting to be let 

"Rayne," moaned the pantheress, suddenly relieved that her name was 
out.  "Rayne Kethera."

"How delightful to meet you," nodded back Amurth.  "And what were you 
doing in my home at this time of night?"

The eyes continued to stare into the feline's eyes.

"I was going to rob you," admitted Rayne.

"Where you after anything particularly?" asked Amurth, stroking gently 
under Rayne's chin.

"I... I don't know..." admitted Rayne.  "I was told you had valuable 

"Valuable stuff?" Amurth looked around, breaking her eye contact.  "I 
suppose there are some items some would consider valuable."

Rayne blinked, shaking her head.

"What are you doing to me?" she demanded, snarling again.

Amurth turned her attention back to the pantheress, the unblinking eyes 
drawing the pantheress in.

"I like my guests to be honest," she replied.  "And this way is so much 
faster than dragging you down to the dungeon, tying you up and 
extracting the information from you in slow and drawn out procedures."

Rayne did not respond, at least not in a verbal way, but Amurth raised 
an eye ridge.

"You like that idea?" questioned Amurth.  "Hmmm, what part?"

The dragon looked deeply into Rayne's eyes.

"Dungeons?" she asked slowly.  "Tying you up?  Bondage? ... Extraction?  

Rayne wanted to say something, but found herself unable to speak, the 
large eyes captivating her, drawing her in deeper.

"Everything?" mused Amurth.  "Mmm... you are quite the kinky one aren't 

"Yes," Rayne heard herself admitting.  "I like many things."

"Such as?" asked the dragoness, stroking at the feline's fur, her deep 
dark eyes encouraging her to speak.

"I like being dominated," Rayne said, trying to stop herself from 
speaking, but her fantasies continuing to slip from her lips.  "Being 
restrained and made to serve, being obedient.  I am kinky."

"Interesting," murmured Amurth, stroking between Rayne's ears.  "I may 
have an offer for you.  You have admitted trying to steal from me and 
that requires punishment.  I give you a choice.  You can choose to have 
the authorities deal with you in their own predictable way, or you can 
choose to work off your debt to me, entering into my service for a 
period of time before I grant you your freedom.  Which do you desire?"

Rayne tried to collect her wits to think over the dragonesses offer.  
The authorities would throw her into jail for a period of time, 
something she was not keen on.  If she remained with Amurth, the 
chances of escape with high, but there was something else the dragoness 
was hiding, something that the pantheress could sense deep down within 
her.  She did not know what it was, but knew it was associated with 
those deep unblinking eyes and how they made her feel.

"I will enter into your service," Rayne heard herself saying.

"Very good," rumbled Amurth, stroking gently between Rayne's ears.  
"Some ground rules.  Your prior life no longer exists until you are 
instructed to remember it, you are now mine, in body and soul."

As she spoke, her voice became stronger, warmth flowing from her paw, 
tingling over Rayne's fur and seeming to soak into her skin, her 
thoughts turning fuzzy... slowing and changing... being moulded by the 

"You serve me and only me, loyal and obedient," continued Amurth.

Blackness seemed to ooze from the dragonesses paw, an inky shadow 
starting to descend over the pantheress, flowing over her fur, the 
indistinct coating solidifying, clothes melting away under it, leaving 
the feline coated head to toe in a seamless layer of uniform latex.  
Her white feathered wings emerging from her back, the only part of her 
untouched.  A stylised dragon pushed into the surface, embossing onto 
the otherwise sleek coating, winding over her thighs, across her torso, 
its head visible against the base of her cheek.

Amurth ran a paw gently over the smooth rubbery coating.

"How do you feel?" she asked.

"Good Mistress," Rayne responded, her voice a little distant, her eyes 
slightly unfocused.

"Your servitude begins now..." rumbled Amurth, licking her lips in 

Several moons later, Rayne blinked.  She was standing back before the 
dragoness, feeling strangely naked.  Her fur tingled, caressed by the 
slight breeze from the open window, her nipples poking through her fur 
from the cold.

"And now you freedom is returned," murmured Amurth, bowing her head.

"It is?" stammered Rayne in surprise, but she knew it was true.  She 
was not sure how long she had been here, but she knew time had passed.  
She was not sure what had happened, but she felt a curious tingling in 
her loins as she tried to remember.

"It is," nodded Amurth.  "And in recognition, you may help yourself to 
any of the stuff, as you put it, in this room."

The dragoness gave a wave with her wing and Rayne became aware of the 
substantial amount of jewellery that littered the tables.  Her 
attention though was drawn to a small table in the corner.  She knew 
that had been her space.  

She made her way over to it, blushing as she noticed the numerous 
devices that were neatly positioned over its surface, some of which she 
was not even sure of their function.  Neatly placed over the back of 
the chair was a shiny rubbery suit.  

"This," she said, her paws closing around it.  "I want this."

"Anything else?" murmured the dragoness, a hint of a smile on her lips.

Rayne looked over the table again, her attention drawn to two golden 
balls.  She picked them off the table, rolling them around in her palm, 
the weightings of them causing them to roll in strange unpredictable 

"And these," she announced.

"Very good," nodded Amurth.  "Is there anything else?"

"May I stay?" blurted Rayne suddenly.  "I mean Ma'am... ummm... 

The dragoness tried to give a surprised look even though she smiled 

"I am sure it can be arranged... if you so desire..." she responded.

"I do Mistress," murmured Rayne, the glazed look starting to slip over 
her eyes again as she slipped the balls into position with a gasp, the 
suit already beginning to ooze and envelope her.

"Very well my Pet," rumbled Amurth, reaching out to pat the feline.  
"Welcome home..."

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