Keywords: Transformation, Magic, Merging, Latex, Scifi
Species: Renamon, human
Training the Trainer

I've had a thing about Renamon's going around in my head for a while 
now.  This one sort of has been clawing at me to get out while I should
have been doing other things.  It has taken a few days, which loosely
explains the ordering of the story.  Anyway, hopefully some will like.
If not, well, don't read it then.  :}


Training the Trainer
By Wolphin

Like all things, it was easy to see the mistake in hindsight.  What is 
one of the first things they teach you?  When working with machines, 
make sure they are turned off.  I probably should have done that.

I work, or make that worked, at a certain government installation.  I'm 
not supposed to say what went on there, although just about everyone 
knows.  We had the largest and fasted computer system in the world.  At 
least we liked to think we did.  It was definitely larger than any of 
the civilian systems; there may have been a few other governments who 
could rival us, but not a lot.

We used all that computing power for modelling systems, massive amounts 
of number crunching.  We did it all.  We modelled nuclear explosions, 
weather patterns, climate change, and artificial life, anything that 
people with the right clearance wanted.

I was one of the technicians.  Most of the time I did not do too much.  
If the system was up, it was good.  If the system was down, then I was 
the one trying to explain to the boss what happened.  That's where I 
was when the incident occurred.

I was in one of our main machine rooms, I had the back off one of the 
cabinets and was poking around, trying to isolate a fault.  It should 
not have been a problem, except someone decided to power up the 

Suddenly a large amount of voltage was running through me.

Even now, I don't know what happened.  Strange electrical impulses, 
maybe some of the other classified research projects were running at 
the same time.  All I know is there was a sharp pain and my body went 
numb.  I could not move, I was frozen to the spot.

Then, it seemed to happen in slow motion, there was a blue flash over 
my fingers and they started to melt away, the pain increasing, beyond 
the point of agony.  My legs were doing the same, a strange electrical 
blue travelling up them, hitting my torso, vaporising it before 
snapping over my head.

It was slow motion to me, but to those watching, in an instant I was 

I never really woke, it was more a growing awareness.  A strange sense 
of being and suddenly I was.  I was not sure, what I was, but I was 
something.  I was not sure where I was either, but I was definitely 

It was dark, but with strange shimmering, I began to concentrate on the 
shimmering and they grew into patterns.  Eerily familiar, but yet 
strange patterns.  Some were very regular, rigid and rectangular.  
Others were more random, flowing lines.  Clusters of lines moved, 
shimmering.  If I stared, I began to become aware of outlines.

The clusters solidified into ghostly humanoid shadows, the lines faded 
into walls.  Something clicked within my mind and I realised I must be 
seeing the electrical fields of things.  That would explain the 
differing intensities and colours of the lines.

My brain found it quite easy to accept, staring at the world in the new 
perspective.  I could tell I was still in the main computer room, a 
cluster of people gathered around a darker spot.  I realised the darker 
spot was me.  The former me.

I had always wondered what it would be like to die.

This was not what I expected.

I had been hoping for angels blowing trumpets.  I looked down at 
myself, I could not really say I was human, vaguely humanoid perhaps, 
but not human.  I ran my hand against the nearest computer cabinet, my 
fingers passed straight through the metal, connecting with the bright 
lines that must represent the main power bus.  There was a delicious 
tingle, I breathed in, feeling my body sucking the power from the line.  
I felt a bang and the entire cabinet went dead.

The people crowded around my body jumped.  One of them moved over to 
the now dead cabinet, peering at it.  I could hear them speak.

"Breaker tripped," one was saying.

"That's just wrong dude," said another.

"That's it," said someone with authority.  "This place goes down until 
it gets fully checked out."

The group shuffled towards the exit, I followed, occasionally reaching 
into cabinets, feeling that intoxicating tingle, but pulling back 
before any damage was done.  I was quite disappointed a few minutes 
later when the entire room suddenly went dark.

They had killed the main feed, isolating the room and leaving me 
inside.  That was not a problem though, I just glided through the door.

Being a ghost was interesting.  I could float around; it was not really 
stimulating though.  There was not much I could do.  I did not have a 
physical presence so to speak.  I could not open a door, but I could 
pass through it.  I could not open a book, but I had learnt to focus my 
attention to be able to read one that was already open.

One of the bizarre things that happened was I lost all sense of time.  
I stepped into one of the transformer substations and was warming 
myself up on one of the main feed lines.  I had got some practise now 
and was quite good and leeching power, but not leeching too much, when 
I stepped out again, the world was covered in snow.  It had not been 
winter when I died.

I drifted over towards down and found myself being drawn towards a 
little café.  They had a few Internet terminals on the side and I 
positioned myself in front of it.  Feeling foolish, I let my fingers 
sink into the keyboard.  


I thought tapping power was a rush.  It was nothing compared to 
connecting to the Internet.  Suddenly I was everywhere, I could contact 
anywhere and I could do anything.  Knowledge was mine and with 
knowledge came understanding.  I was not a ghost.

I was digital.

My fingers drew back into my hands and I was standing in front of the 
terminal again.  It suddenly made a great deal of sense.  I was a 
digital being.

I wanted to shout, but I had no mouth. 

I glanced around at the occupants of the café.  They were oblivious to 
me.  All except one; the girl in the corner, she seemed to be staring 
right at me.  Her ghostly features projected over the electrical 
impulses of her nervous system.

I glided through the crowd towards her.  She blinked as I moved, then 
shook her head, as if dismissing a thought.  I looked at her screen; 
she was looking at a Digimon fan page.

I shook my head, that could not be a coincidence.  Her avatar was of a 
Renamon, but she logged off before I had a chance to look further.  She 
stood up and I realised my estimation of her age was a few years off.  
I would have guessed she was in her early twenties.  A little mousy, 
she reminded me somehow of a geek.

She stepped forward suddenly, passing right thought me.  I felt a 
tingle and she gave a gasp, paused for a moment, then continued towards 
the door.

I followed, drifting behind her.

She left the café and lead me down the street, then onto the subway.  I 
had never visited the subway in this form before.  I sat on the rails, 
watching her and sucking on the power until the train ran over me.  As 
the train pulled out of the station, I shifted with it, binding myself 
to a transformer and looking through the floor at the girl.

It was with some reluctance I let go and followed her as she got off.  
She entered an apartment block and I stood next to her in the lift, 
drifting through her door as she dumped her bag and disappeared into 
the bathroom.

She clearly was a little obsessed with Digimon.  Her room was a virtual 
shrine.  I was not that familiar with them myself, I had been vaguely 
aware of them in my physical form, but she seemed to have hundreds of 
them.  There were pictures on the walls, plush toys, figurines not to 
mention the cards and games.

I was still poking about when she returned from the bathroom wearing a 
loose fitting pair of pyjamas.  She sat on her bed and began to thumb 
through a magazine.

I approached slowly, I was not sure what I was going to do exactly, but 
tentatively I reached out and ran a finger down her spine.  

I could see the glowing tip of my finger mixing with her primary 
nervous system and she flinched.  I pulled back slightly and traced my 
other hand over her shoulder.  To that she gave a slight moan and 
reached one hand up, passing through my own to stroke down her skin.  
Encouraged, I slipped behind her and pressed gently at her back, as if 
I was giving a massage.  She gave another moan and rolled her 

She began to lean back, her hands rubbing over the front of her pyjama 
top and I carefully shifted to her side, tracing a fingertip from under 
her chin, down her front and in a small circle around her naval.  She 
responded by bringing her hands up and squeezing gently at her breasts, 
arching herself up in a very catlike manner.

I smiled and stroked down slowly, tracing down first her outer thigh, 
then slipping my paw in and teasing at her inner thigh.  Again she gave 
a lusty groan, one hand slipping inside her top, the fingers teasing 
and tweaking at her stiff nipple, her second hand delving down deeper, 
slipping down the inside of her pyjama pants and rubbing over her 

I could see her nervous system beginning to increase its activity, the 
erogenous zones on her body beginning to almost glow.  I began to pay 
them attention, my fingers tickling gently at her earlobes, then moving 
to the opposite end of her body and tracing lazy figure eights across 
the soles of her feet.  Next I caressed over her collar bone before 
mirroring her own teasing over her nipples and breasts.

By this stage she was moaning loudly, her fingers delving deep into her 
sex, the heel of her palm pressing up against her clitoris, her legs 
spread wide, exposing her to my own ghostly body.  I pressed my hand 
over hers, feeling it sink into hers, my fingers spreading out, joining 
with her nerves, stimulating them directly in a way she would never be 
able to.

She tensed, the spasmed, giving a bestial groan as her orgasm claimed 
her.  I could feel it, the blissful shock travelling up by fingers, 
joining me to her mind, increasing my stimulation and her pleasure, her 
desires willing me to push deeper and harder until it all went black.

There was a groan, one of deep exertion and another of pure 
satisfaction, followed by sudden silence.  The groans came from two 

The world was still dark.  I opened an eye, finding it natural even 
after a period of not having them.  

I was lying on a bed.  Beside me was the girl.  She was the one with 
the satisfied groan, but now it became a gasp of surprise and she sat 
bolt upright in bed, then gave another gasp.

"It's you!" she cried.

"Umm, yes?" I responded, my voice strange, not how it had been, somehow 
softer, sultry somehow, but even those hesitant words hinted of great 

I lifted my head, then looked down at myself.  I was covered in a thick 
coat of yellow and white fur.  That was enough for me, I knew what I 
had become.  

A Renamon.

I blinked and looked in the mirror, piercing blue eyes looked back at 
me, long white tipped ears arched from the back of my head.  A thick 
white furry mane circled my neck, diminishing down my chest in a large 
ruff.  The furry spines that emerged from my shoulder blades were just 
visible when I turned.  A thick golden tail twitched behind me, its tip 
tipped white like my ears.  My feet had lengthened along with my legs, 
thick muscular thighs and a narrow tapered waist.  My fingers had 
merged into three digits with an additional thumb, and along with my 
toes, were tipped with a large black claw.  My face was vaguely fox 
like, but my muzzle was almost reminiscent of a mouse.

I stretched, my body moving fluidly, muscles moving beneath my pelt.  I 
splayed out my fingers, wiggling them before pulling myself into an 
upright position.

I was defiant.

"I'm outta here," I announced, my paws meeting the carpet as I stood.

"No," she replied.

It was not a request, it was an order.

"And how do you expect to keep me here?" I asked, with a slight leer.

She pointed at me.  I could see something beginning to form around her 
wrist.  That strange electric sparkle before something solid began to 
form.  A sort of bracelet, it wove itself into existence, deep purple 
in colour with a flat spot on the upper side.  

I began to get a bad feeling about this.

She pressed the spot on top of the device, a beam shooting out and 
hitting me.  It did not hurt per say, but I could feel it, doing 
something, changing me.

Gauntlets began to form around my wrists.  Large purple ones that wound 
up towards my elbows.  Matching leggings appears against my legs, 
winding up from my ankles to over my knees, but I could feel something 
else, something delving deeper into my mind.  My thoughts changing, I 
was becoming something.  A protector.  I would follow and serve my 
charge, I was a Renamon, it was what I did.

The beam stopped and I bowed my head.

"Mistress," I acknowledged with a polite bow.

I knew she had changed me, but I was not sure quite how that made me 

"Good Renamon," she said, giving a nod in response to my bow.  "I 
always knew you were real."

"Of course," I agreed, she must be right, for here I was.

For a few moments there was silence, my head was beginning to absorb 
what had happened, I was going to start asking questions when there was 
a knock at the door.  My trainer looked at me.

"Hide," she ordered.

I do not know how I did it, but I did what seemed to be natural to me 
and faded out of reality.  The world became a swimming world of 
electrons and I know I had disappeared from my trainer's view, although 
I suspected she could still sense me.

Now I could see the outline of another human through the door, the 
nervous system indicated it was female.  My trainer stood and moved 
towards the other shape, the door opened and they spoke.

Much to my surprise, my trainer moved forward and kissed the second 
shape.  Neurons flared in both their bodies and I peered forward 
curiously.  The sex life of humans seemed strangely distant to me, but 
I was sure this was not a union required for procreation.

They kissed again, then my trainer pulled the other towards the bed and 
I noticed clothes being discarded.  My trainer pushed the other woman 
onto the bed, then stood up slowly.

"I have something to show you," I heard her say in a sultry teasing 
voice, before slipping towards the bathroom.

I felt myself compelled to follow and drifted through the door.

"Are you here?" asked my trainer to the empty room.

"Yes," I replied, allowing my body to reform out of thin air.

"Good," nodded my trainer.  "We are going to try a power-up."

I raised an eyebrow.  I had no clue what a power-up was, but it was 
already too late.  My trainer had brought up her glove and pressed the 
disk on the back of it.  She began to glow and levitated from the 
floor, hovering a few inches above it and drifting towards me.  I found 
myself frozen to the spot, my arms and legs splaying out as my trainer 
began to push into my chest.

Merging with my trainer was a sensation completely alien to me, but yet 
so natural, it was pure instinct.  I felt myself loosing my physical 
form, shifting to my digital self, but then beginning to coalesce 
around my trainer, bonding with her, my programming tying with her DNA, 
producing something new.

Her fragile human self cocooned in a web of thickening shell of organic 
digital information.  I felt myself beginning to take control, our form 
solidifying into a more familiar Renamon, but with some unexpected 

By myself, I had some feminine traits, but was androgynous.  Merged 
with my trainer, we were female, our chest now had nipples hidden 
beneath the fur and we could feel a sex almost tingling between our 

It was a strange feeling, my thoughts mixing with those of my trainer, 
swirling around into a strange cohesive whole.  I lifted my head, 
looking into the mirror, all signs of my trainer had vanished, leaving 
me furred as before, but I knew the change was not yet over.

Familiar gauntlets appeared over our wrists, the rubbery material 
oozing up higher than before, almost reaching our shoulders.  The leg 
guards also appeared, but these lengthened into long boots, the outer 
sides literally reaching our hips, while the insides brushed over our 
inner thigh.  To my surprise another item of clothing began to form, 
growing over our underside, a single one-piece outfit grew.  The 
substance thickening to an almost rubbery texture, pulling tight around 
our waist almost like a corset, forcing our breasts to push against it 
while at the same time contracting against our sex.  Spots formed in 
it, melting holes, so our fur could poke through on the sides, a 
matching hole over our belly, while the material descended low down 
over our spine.

I watched the change in the mirror, a sleek and powerful Renamon looked 
back at us, but this one was decidedly sexual as well.  This was a 
Renamon who would be called Mistress...

I stretched slowly, revelling in the sensations.  I could feel my 
trainer, but she was distant, a mere observer, feeding me desires, but 
definitely not in control.

I stepped from the bathroom and looked over the girl on the bed.  The 
name Beth slipped from my trainer's mind as well as some rather 
explicit memories of previous encounters.

"Hello Beth," I purred, catching her in surprise from where she was day 
dreaming on the bed.

"Holy crap," snapped Beth as she caught sight of me.

"Something wrong?" I asked, posing slightly so the light glinted off my 
boots.  I knew Beth had a thing for latex and boots.

"Are you a Renamon?" asked Beth, pulling the sheets up around her naked 

"Yes," I replied, sitting myself down on the edge of the bed and 
running a gloved paw over the sheet that covered Beth's leg.

I could tell she liked it, I could see the electrical stimulation of 
her nerves increasing and spreading out across her body.  Somewhere, 
hidden inside me, my trainer smiled.

"Where is Tracy?" asked Beth, shivering from my touch.

"My trainer is... indisposed," I answered, choosing my words carefully, 
reading her mind for the best response.  "She asked me to... entertain 
you while she was gone..."

"Entertain huh?" replied Beth.  "What do you do?"

"I've been told I give excellent massages," I responded.  That line had 
been straight from my trainer.

"How good?" asked Beth warily.

"Orgasmic," I replied in all seriousness.

"You think you could give me an orgasm from a massage?" scoffed Beth.

"Yes," I answered in my sultry voice.  "I could do things to you, 
you've never had done before...  I could provide pleasure in ways that 
would blow your mind and leave you grovelling to feel the sensations 

I allowed myself a smirk as I noticed Beth's nervous system pulse 
again, this time her erogenous zones flaring brighter.

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" I purred, leaning in closer, feeding 
off my trainer's knowledge of the woman before me.  "To feel yourself 
be taken so completely... so deeply..."

"Yes..." replied Beth before blinking and shaking her head.  "I mean 
no...  I mean..."

I chuckled before pushing Beth down on her back.

"Just relax then," I grinned, allowing my paws to stroke over her 
shoulders.  "We'll find out what you like..."

Beth started to say something, then shivered as I stroked, becoming 
silent.  My paws moved gently over her skin, tracing out random 
patterns as I carefully slipped myself into position.  I eased the 
sheet out of the way, then straddled her hips, allowing myself a purr 
as I felt my covered sex press against her mound.

I gripped her hips gently, curling my legs around hers before moving my 
paws down, gently massaging her breasts, working my claws over her 
nipples until they each stood proudly from her chest.  My trainer was 
feeding me information about Beth's likes and in return I was feeding 
my trainer the sensations I was feeling.  My own nipples stiffening and 
I could feel my sex start to moisten.

Gradually I allowed my fur to slip into the digital realm, sinking into 
Beth's body I began to stimulate her nerves.

"That it," I murmured.  "Just relax and enjoy the sensations..."

I smiled to myself; somewhere deep inside my consciousness I could feel 
my trainer beginning to moan, the sensations she was receiving a 
mixture of mine and those I were picking up from Beth.  I began to 
concentrate my attention on Beth's outer lips, pressing the latex that 
covered my sex against them, feeling them spread as the invisible 
tendrils of fur stimulated her nerves.

Both Beth and my trainer began to loose their conscious thoughts, 
something I encouraged with soft words, lustful images and even more 
stimulation.  Sensing their vulnerability, I pressed down hard, 
slipping into my digital form, encasing both women who found themselves 
pressed against each other.

They both arched and gasped in unison, their bodies spasming as they 
came, their defences down and fully open to a skilled programmer...

It was interesting seeing them wake, each dressed in a suit of digital 
latex that matched my own.  A rich purple colour, but where mine was 
open to allow my fur out, theirs were enclosed with golden yellow 
latex, the faux Renamon head over their own somehow adding to their 

"Hello ladies," I purred softly, reaching out an invisible tendril of 
digital information to caress their bodied.

"Hello Mistress," they chimed back before both gasping.

I smiled to myself.  A trainer becomes a disciple.  Of course, I had 
seen this desired in her mind when she joined with me.  It was not what 
she intended, but she was very glad it had happened.  I looked over her 
blank face, oh yes, so very glad indeed.

I left my two playthings in each other's company and drifted through 
the floor and back to the street.  I was not sure if I would return, 
the world of human's was a complicated one, but it did have its 
rewards... so many rewards...

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