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The Question
By Wolphin 

	I suddenly realised it had been quite a while since I'd written a 
hypnostory and since I know certain folk out there like that, here one

The Question
By Wolphin

It was nice to meet him for the first time.  We had talked online 
before, fooling around somewhat and over time we had become good 
friends, when I found he would also be attending the con, I felt a 
little apprehension, a little excitement and a thrill of the 

Our online relationship had been interesting to say the least.  I was 
submissive, he was the dominant one, I knew in reality that was the 
same way he leant towards, but I was not sure about myself.  My 
previous relationships had all been on fairly equal footing.  Our 
roleplays had gone the same way, me being the meek and submissive, him 
taking a more dominant and controlling role, which suited me fine.

On the first day of the con I received an SMS which simply said "Room 
432, 2pm" and here I was, standing in front of a plain door at two on 
the dot.  I raised my hand and knocked.

"Enter," called a voice from inside.

I opened the door and walked in.

It was much like any other of the hotel rooms.  A short passage past 
the bathroom, two beds further on and two chairs beyond that.  James 
was sitting in one of the chairs.

"James?" I ventured hesistantly.

"Good to meet you at last Brian," he replied, standing and stepping up 
to me.

There was an awkward pause for a moment or two then we hugged each 
other, a typical tentative hug, as if it was some sort of formality.  
We separated and he nodded to one of the chairs.

"Please, take a seat."

I sat down and waited for him to join me in the other chair.

"So..." I started with a slightly nervous squeak to my voice.  "Its 
good to meet you at last."

"Likewise," he agreed.

There was another pause and we looked each other over.  He was not 
objectional in anyway, not my type, but nothing I could or would 
protest about.

"You seem nervious," he stated.  "Why don't you just relax...?"  

His voice had slipped slightly deeper and I could not help but giggle, 
probably not the effect he was after.

"I don't think I'm that easy," I grinned.

Hypnosis had been a constant reoccurring theme in our time together.  
More than once after a roleplay I had found myself wondering about the 
differences between my character and myself.  It was something that 
both frightened and excited me at the same time.

"Sorry," he appoligised.  "I was just curious what would happen."

"Oh don't be," I replied.  "I think I would be as well.  You know what 
I've said about hypnosis, just not sure if it would work or not."

"I'm sure it would work on you," he said.  "You seem so enthusiastic 

"True," I agreed.  "But that allows me some escapism, here, I don't 

He nodded and fished something from his pocket, placing it on the 
table.  It was a simple pendent, a single polished black stone hanging 
from a thin leather strap.

"Recognise this?" he asked with a slight grin.

"Is this the stone?" I asked.

During our roleplays he had often put me under by watching a pendant.  
A simple polished obsidien pendant.

"Yeap," James replied with a nod.  "I thought you might be curious, so 
thought you may want to see it."

He picked it up and swung it slowly between us.

"If you'd like, I could see if you're open to a trance?" he said with a 
hint of a smile on his lips.

I swallowed, feeling the sensation I had felt outside the door return, 
that delightful tingle of the unknown and an unmistakable swelling in 
my pants.

"Ummm, ok," I said. "If you think you can."

"Oh, I know I can," he responded, holding out the pendant.  "I know you 
want to go under for me.  You want to watch the pendent swing back and 
forth, just like it is now.  That's right, back and forth, your eyes 
following it, watching it carefully, the black stone absorbing 

His voice began to slow, growing deeper as I watched the stone move 
slowly from side to side.

"Yes," he continued.  "Moving slowly as the stone swings, you know the 
effect the stone has on you, everything else fading away... the stone 
absorbing your thoughts... sending you down deeper... and deeper... 
your eyes wanting to close... your mind getting slower... and deeper... 
and deep..."

His voice seemed to trail off as my eyes drifted shut, I could feel my 
body relaxing, sinking into the cushions as his voice continued 
somewhere above me, soft and soothing, guiding me down into that nice 
relaxing place...

"...and we're back..." James announced as I blinked, the room snapping 
into focus again.

I stretched and looked around.  He was smiling at me.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

"Excellent," I replied.  "Relaxed, refreshed."

"That's good," he beamed.  "Did you enjoy it?"

"It felt wonderful," I said, swallowing, wetting my mouth.  "But I 
could do with a drink."

"Thirsty?" he asked.

I nodded and stood, walking to the bar fridge I deliberately removed a 
can of cola and fetched a glass of water from the bathroom.  I 
returned, opening the cola and pouring it into a glass for James, then 
sitting and sipping at my water.  The entire time James never said a 
word, he just smiled a little knowing smile.  I cocked my head 
curiously then noticed the pendant laying on the table.

I found myself looking at it, my head leaning forward.  I felt James's 
hands rub slowly over the back of my neck, stroking my shoulders and my 
body began to go limp, my mind spiralling down as I stared at the black 
stone.  No words were said as the room once again faded away.

This time there was no voice, I could feel myself moving, something 
guiding me, removing thoughts, changing me, making me a better 
something and every time I thought I knew what was happening, there was 
another change and the process began again.  Always just on the edge of 
mind, twisting one way and then the other.

When I opened my eyes I was looking at the numbers "617."  That was my 
room number.  I fished a key from my pocket and moved inside.  It was 
dark outside, the exact time did not matter.  I did a few things, then 
wandered down to enjoy the activities of the convention until returning 
to my room, falling into a strange enjoyable by distant sleep.

After breakfast the following day I received another SMS, this one 
stating "10am"  I looked at it for a moment then nodded to myself.  
James wanted to see me at ten.  I know we had talked yesterday, but 
somehow that conversation was not enough, I wanted to see him as well.

An hour later I stood outside room 432 again.  I knocked and was 
instructed to enter.  Opening the door was a strange sensation.

I stepped inside, feeling something seem to wash over me.  I closed the 
door behind me and carefully removed my shoes.  Then my socks were also 
taken off.  I unbuttoned my shirt, placing it on the hanger in the 
little wardrobe, then removed my trousers, folding them over the rail 
of the hanger, I finally slipped out of my underware, plaing them on my 
shoes and slipping them into the bottom of the wardrobe.

I slid the door of the robe closed and took another step.  On top of 
the minibar was a thick rubber collar.  This I took and slipped around 
my neck, doing the buckle up before continuing inside.  

Master James was seated, watching me.  I bowed before continuing past 
the beds.  Instead of taking the free seat, I kneeled in front of him, 
lowering my head.

"You pet slave has returned Master," I stated.

He reached out and petted my head gently and I gave a soft purr of 
pleasure, closing my eyes and pushing gently into his hand.

"Very good," he responded.  "And what are you?"

"I am your obedient pet slave Sir," I stated.  "You have hypnotised me 
and I serve you.  It feels good to serve you Sir and to be your slave."

"Very good," he rumbled softly.  "Now, do you think you could answer my 

I blinked at his words, suddenly becoming aware of my situation.  My 
shaft suddenly surged as I remembered the training he had given me the 
previous afternoon, then how he had locked it away.  The behaviour I 
had just undertaken, me being naked and bowed before him, surrendering 
to him.  My mind played back over it all, rewinding slowly back to the 
beginning, the first question he asked me in the trance.

"So, do you think you are my control?"

My mind remembered my mumbled defiant answer, "No, its all just 

My brain began to play things forward, my gloating over the fa‡ade I 
presented, the chinks in my armour, all falling as James took them away 
one by one, stripping me naked and rebuilding me, making me his own.  I 
was his and I knew it and it felt good, so very good.  I had to obey, I 
was his slave and would do all he ordered of me.  I was a good pet.

"I am yours," I admitted.  "Your hypnopet plaything.  I was wrong to 
doubt you Sir."

"Its good you realise your place now pet," he replied.

"Yes sir," I responded.  "Thank you sir."

"But I think we shall continue your training..."

I was about to say something, to question him when the pendant came 
into view, its sleek dark sides capturing my mind and drawing it 
inside, slipping down... deep down... down... down... down...

The exact details of the rest of the convention do not seem to matter.  
I followed Master obediently.  I have vague recollections of meeting 
other Masters and Mistresses and their obedient slaves.  There was much 
bowing and other naked bodies, all with the save glass-eyed stare.  I 
know I served Master well and was rewarded, pulses of pleasure shooting 
through me for pleasing him.

My mind did not begin to clear until I arrived back at home, the event 
being a pleasurable haze.  My most vivid memory being when I opened my 
suitcase, finding my collar neatly coiled on the top.  It had a tag 
added, bearing my name and I wear it proudly, announcing my servitude.  
I'm wearing it now.  I'm a good pet slave.

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