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The Party

	This is something someone has been asking (teasing) me for, 
so here it is. They may recognise someone in it... It is adult, but 
relatively tame. Just your usual latex/transformation/yiffy story.

The Party
By Wolphin

The party was nothing liked she hoped for, but exactly what she
expected.  A fancy meet and greet organised by some of the local people
in an attempt to bolster their own importance.  She was seriously
considering an early departure when the stallion appeared.

The stallion had been standing quietly in the corner downing whatever
the waiter was offering as they past.  The room was filled with a huge
number of ladies all covered in expensive dresses that did not fit and
several layers of makeup.  Not what he was hoping for at all.

That is when he saw her.  The dragoness stood out from the crowd like a
beacon; a soft light green colour all over, a rather grand figure and a
cocktail dress that looked as if it had been painted on.  He had never
seen anyone or anything like her before.  He snagged two glasses from a
passing waiter and slipped through the crowd.

"Good evening M'lady," he announced with a polite bow offering the
glass of bubbly.  "And how are you this wonderful eve?"

The dragoness looked up at the stallion who materialised before her.  
Like all the males, he was dressed in a tuxedo which gave him a sense
of artificial suaveness, but unlike most of them, he seemed able to
pull it off.

"Bored," she announced, much like a queen addressing her advisors.

The stallion chucked.  "Its like that isn't it," he replied taking up a
position beside her and surveying the crowd, plus stealing closer
glances at the her.

She did not mind, she was use to it.  Instead she gave a nod and
finished her drink, the liquid disappearing past her lips and she put
the empty glass down on the table beside her.

"So, what brings you here fine sir?" she asked with a slight smirk, as
if playing along.

"I received an invitation," chuckled the stallion.  "Apparently someone
thought I was worthy of an invite, but to be honest I think I would
have preferred to stay home."

"I know the feeling," agreed the dragoness.  "Perhaps a walk through
the gardens?"

She turned expectantly to the French doors behind her and took a few
steps, not even waiting for a response.  As she expected, a few seconds
later he joined her, offering an elbow like a sophisticated gentleman

The night air was cool, but not cold, a welcome change from the
stuffiness of the reception hall.  It did not take long for them to
make a few turns and the lights of the building disappeared, the noise
fading and soon they were in a quiet and secluded part of the garden.

"That's better," she announced.  "I thought I was going to go insane in

"Me too," he agreed, relaxing and loosing some of the nervousness he
had displayed inside.

There was another pause in the conversation.

"I don't wish to be rude," started the stallion.  "But what are you?"

She laughed.

"You would be amazed how often I get that," she said after her chuckle.  
"I am a symbiotic entity of sentient chameleon polymer chains bound
together in a hive mind.  Or at least, that's how science defines me."

He blinked.

"Most call me living latex," she smiled.

"You mean like rubber?" he asked incredulously.

"Pretty much," she nodded.  "Ok, there are some major differences, but
to the layperson, that covers it."

"Woah," he said and his fingers twitched a little.

"You can touch," she said with a smile, noticing the movement.  "I
won't break."

He reached out with and ran a hand over the back of hers.  She felt
warm and soft, his fingers sticking a little, just like a they would on
a glove.  He peered a little closer.

"And you are wearing a latex evening gown?" he asked.

"No," she chuckled.  "This is just how I formed my body for the night.  
Most would probably be uncomfortable if they saw how I normally

He cocked his head, "Why is that?" he asked curiously.

She smiled and the dress seemed to fade back into her body, the rich
midnight blue lightening until it matched the green of her face.  What
had been covered breasts swelled even further, nipples appearing before
a slightly smaller second pair appeared lower, then a tertiary pair
below that.  Nodules appeared on her left ear-fin, growing until three
green rings were punched through its edge.  Matching rings appearing on
each of her nipples.

"This is how I prefer to look," she said with a smile, taking a step
back and watching his reaction.

At first he did not know where to look, his eyes skimming over her,
looking down towards her feet before realising she was naked and moving
back up over her voluptuous chest, making eye contact for a brief
moment before settling on her ear-fin which seemed like a safe place to

She chuckled at his reaction, noticing the bulge in his trousers.

"As you can probably guess," she said.  "Most folks don't know what to
do when they see me like this."

He nodded slowly and swallowed.

"How should they react?" he asked nervously.

"Like normal," she chuckled, reaching up to lazily stroke her ear-fin,
letting him watch as she twisted the rings, her eyes studying his face.  
"They should relax and just let whatever happens happen."

He gave a nod, as she had hoped, his eyes were watching her hand now
and she slowly stroked it down her cheek.  Lazily moving it across her
chest, she began to twirl a claw around her large fat teat, giving a
soft purr as the nipple expanded, then lightly tugging on the ring
which now hung freely.

"I'm obviously comfortable with how I look," she purred in a husky
voice, watching as his eyes remained transfixed on her chest.  "Others
should be too.  It's all perfectly natural just to watch... focusing...
relaxing... all natural..."

Her other hand came up, slowly teasing that nipple as well, before
descending down to the next pair of breasts.  As her nipples stiffened,
she slowly sank back into the chair behind her, leaving the stallion
standing, his head sinking as she moved down.

"Everyone likes to watch..." she continued softly.  "Its all natural...
normal to relax... making yourself comfortable...  Some folks kneel to
get a better view... unable to look away they focus... relax... deeply

As she hoped, he gave a soft sigh and sunk to his knees before her.  
She moved her hands down slowly in time with his movements, so she was
now stroking her lower breasts, massaging them in time with her words
and giving a soft sensual purr as the nipples erected.

"By now they're hopelessly trapped," she continued.  "Unable to look
away... kneeling... relaxed... obedient..."

One hand descended further, his eyes naturally following it even as his
eyelids began to close.  Her sex was pierced as well, three rings in
each side of her labia and another through the hood of her clit.  As
the stallion watched, her sex seemed to relax, swelling as the outer
lips grew transparent, her usually hidden walls becoming apparent.  She
gave another purr as his head began to tilt forward.

"Yes, that's it..." she coaxed.  "Unable to resist... you know you want
to be closer... deeper... submit... obey... sleep... deep sleep..."

She continued to tease herself, softly encouraging the stallion to
continue along his mental path.  His eyes drooping and his head slumped
against his chest.  His kneeling body beginning to waver and she
reached out, gently guiding his lips to her sex.  Her folds slipped
back, embracing him, her sweet rich scent oozing directly into his
nostrils, clouding his already befuddled brain.  He felt himself
surrendering, unable to resist her, not wanting to resist her.

The dragoness smiled to herself, looking down to watch as her sex lips
began to ripple, her latex flowing over them then beginning to pool up
over the unresisting stallion's head.  It engulfed him slowly.  Its
warm smooth embrace oozing over his fur, taking his head as tiny
tendrils wormed into his ears and nose, the filaments spreading out
over his brain, ensuring his complete submission and devotion.

She began to move her hips slowly, not speaking now, there was no need.  
His mouth opening slightly, large tongue lapping at her inner folds,
his nose pressed up against the base of her clit.  She gave a soft moan
as her latex began to travel down his back, oozing under his tuxedo, it
began to dissolve the material.  His body adjusted slowly, relaxing in
against her as he was slowly coated, the latex moving over every inch
of him.  When it reached his groin it encircled his already erect
shaft, squeezing it in reward and making him moan in against her.

"That's it," she purred softly.  "Feel your Mistress controlling and
guiding you.  You are helpless to resist.  You want to give in and
surrender to her.  It would feel so good to surrender, you have no

The stallion felt his body continually enveloped, the latex massaging
and caressing him in ways he had never felt before.  He knew he could
not resist... he wanted to surrender...  His muzzle moving against the
dragoness's sex as her latex folds began to reform, separating from the
coating of the stallion, her own pleasure building as she felt his mind
caving in as she knew it would.

"Good slave... surrender..." she instructed as she felt her own
pleasure wash over her.  Her labia spasmed as she felt her orgasm crash
down over her, she gasped, gripping at his head as rich thick mind
altering substances gushed into the equines helpless muzzle.  Some
absorbed by the suit, others sinking deep into his mind.

Her orgasm washed down over her, the last vestigial connections to her
former body triggering the stallion's own orgasm.  His mind
surrendering as his body shuddered, thick seed shooting up his shaft
only to be caught by the latex that covered his tip.  It bulged like a
balloon, then began to smooth out as the suit absorbed his seed, the
tendrils over his brain sparking tiny electrical discharges as a

The dragoness pulled herself back slowly, watching as the stallions now
rubber clad body faded from the same light green as herself to a deeper
dark sapphire colour, covering the stallion completely.  The moonlight
glistened off the latex, making him appear as some erotic sculpture.  
She shook her head and watched as a harness formed around the stallion,
reins dangling from a bridle and a very full codpiece appeared to give
him a degree of modesty.

She smiled and took the reins, giving him a pat on his cheek that
squeaked softly.  

"Good pony," she murmured to him softly, the blank look in his eyes
flickering as his brain accepted her words.

She pulled on the reins and began to lead him back to the party, her
own naked body shifting until she was back in her cocktail dress.  She
wondered about letting him revert back to a rubbery tuxedo, then
shrugged and decided the party could do with some livening up anyway...

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