Keywords: Adult, Transformation
Species: Equine, Lupine

Just a quickie for a friend of mine, hope you like it sexy ;)

By Wolphin

"I think," announced Bob as he passed.  "I'm going to take you up on 
your offer today."

Dave smirked.

"Don't tell me you're going to come in for a drink?" the stallion 
said.  "I thought you could stop the round?"

"Just got to finish this block, then I'm done for the day," replied 
Bob, patting the mailbag that was slung over his shoulder.

"Well, I have some cold ones in the fridge, drop by when you're 
done," smiled Dave.

"See you in a few then," grinned the wolf and gave a wave as he 
trudged down the path.

If the truth be known, Dave never expected Bob to drop in, he made 
the offer one day as he delivered the mail.  The wolf politely 
declined saying he had to finish the round and that was the start of 
it.  The good natured equine began to tease the wolf each day with 
the lure of cold drinks, something the wolf looked more and more as 
if he needed in the growing heat of summer.  The short teasing 
extended into exchanges and an  informal friendship grew up between 
the two of them.

Unknown to Dave, Bob had begun to think how good a drink with the 
stallion would be.  There would be drinks, some light banter, the 
stallion seemed to very nice, who knows what would happen and so he 
changed to route to accommodate the offer.

It was not long before there was a knock at the door and the large 
wolf filled the doorway.

"Come on in," offered Dave.  "Sit down, make yourself comfortable."

"Thanks," replied Bob, slipping inside, dropping the empty bag to the 

Like most furs, Dave had abandoned the trappings he wore around 
outside.  Clothing provided modesty for those who wanted it, but it 
did not go too well with fur.  Bob was still dressed in his uniform, 
grey shorts with a blue shirt.  The wolf could not help but to admire 
the stallion, adjusting his shorts a little as he sat down.

"Have a brew," said Dave, handing the wolf a frosted glass.  "I'm 
afraid I'm a little light on in the nibbly department."

"What are they then?" asked Bob, pointing to the two bowls on the 

"Equine nibblies," explained Dave.  "Horse nuts and donkey nuts.  
Good for building strong healthy stallions."

He grinned and posed.

"Excellent in producing a shiny coat and promoting good hooves," 
continued Dave.  "I don't think they're suitable for wolves."

"Why not?" asked Bob, leaning forward to pick up one of the larger 
horse ones.

He looked at it for a moment, then popped it into his mouth before 
Dave could say anything, chewing on it.  He made a face as he 
swallowed it down.

"You guys eat those?" he said, taking a swig of the amber fluid to 
clear his mouth.

"Yes," chuckled the stallion, picking up a handful and popping them 
in his mouth.  "But I know they're not made for carnivores."

"Tell me about it," replied the wolf before taking a matching handful 
of the donkey ones and slipping them into his mouth, copying the 

He made a face as he chewed, and then forced it down his throat.

"They were slightly better," he admitted.

"I'm not sure you should be eating them," said Bob slowly.

"Why not?" asked the wolf.  "They're just what?  Bran, molasses, 
stuff like that."

"I'm not too sure," said Dave.  "As I said, they're designed for 
donkeys and horses.  I know they have an effect on me, just not sure 
what sort of effect they'll have on you."

"So I'll have a shiny coat," shrugged Bob.  "I can live with that."

The wolf squirmed a little in his chair.  Actually, he was feeling a 
little strange now that it was mentioned.

"I'm fine," he said, although his toes were feeling as if they were 
beginning to stiffen and he could feel his shirt starting to tighten 
around his arms.

"Are you ok?" asked Dave, leaning forward in his chair, the wolf had 
taken on a rather strange look.

"I'm fine," he repeated, he nodded, feeling something tickling the 
back of his throat and suddenly he let out an uncontrollable 
"HEeeeeeeeeeHAAAAAAAaaaaawwww" making both of them blink in surprise.

"You don't sound fine," replied the stallion.  "I was a little afraid 
something like this might happen.  I did try to warn you."

There was a rip of clothing and Bob felt his growing thigh muscles 
push through the flimsy cotton.  His chest started to expand and he 
felt the buttons of his shirt pop off one my one.

"Interesting," murmured Dave thoughtfully.

The wolf's ears had begun to lengthen and his muzzle had started to 
push out, specks of grey appearing on its tip.  Bob slipped from the 
chair, his stiffening toes fusing together, his sharp claws spreading 
out to cover each fingertip, his middle fingers beginning to fuse 

"Whaaawt?" breyed the changing wolf, unsure what was happening to 
him, but feeling his muscles ripple and stretching, hearing the 
strange poppings and grindings as he shifted.

"Well, as I said," continued the stallion, seemingly unmoved.  "The 
nuts are good at producing healthy horses and donkeys, looks like you 
had too many of the donkey nuts."

The thick lupine tail seemed to melt, dissolving into a thin ropey 
length with a tuft of fur at the end and Bob thrust forward with his 

"Oooooh..." he moaned and the stallion looked at his underside 
curiously, blinking in surprise.

"Well, maybe one was too much of a horse nut for you too," he said, 
hearing the soft thump of a growing shaft on the carpet.

The wolf's head continued to shift, flattening as the nose elongated, 
pulling out his muzzle.

"Heeeeehawww..." breyed Bob in astonishment as the changes seemed to 
still, his body felt different, wildly different, but good... so very 

The former wolf pulled himself up onto all fours and Dave gave an 
approving whinny as he heard a slap.

"Fheeel haaawwwnnny," pleaded Bob, his lips and thicker tongue not 
working in the unfamiliar mouth.

"That's understandable," nodded Dave, bobbing his head towards the 
donkey's groin.

Through the remains of the clothing a huge equine shaft towered, 
beneath that, a massive pair of testicles that would not look out of 
place on a stallion.

"You've probably got more hormones running through you now than 
you've had before," explained Dave.  "Now you know what us stallions 
put up with all the time."

If Bob heard him, he did not respond.  Instead he sat back on his 
haunches and ran a thickly furred paw up his shaft, closing his eyes 
and breying softly at the sensation.  Dave was impressed with the 
size, he was not quite sure what had happened although he always had 
a feeling the nuts were slightly magical, but he had never thought 
they could come together like this.  The wolf still looked vaguely 
wolf-like, although clearly a donkey, but the shaft.  It was an 
elegant mixture of equine and lupine.

It was massive, it towered up from a huge sheath easily over two foot 
long.  At the base it would have to be six inches across, tapering to 
a little under three at the tip.  The tip itself was fully equine 
with flared glands which were already covered in a liberal layer of 
glistening precum.  However down at the base, its sheath bulged.  The 
wolf's hands ran down its length and the sheath stretched, popping 
over a huge lupine knot, causing another brey from the donkey muzzle.  
Further down still the lightly furred lupine bag had evolved into a 
massive sac, stretched to the limit and oozing potency.

Bob seemed indifferent of the changed, his hands wrapped around the 
shaft and he began to stroke, soft velvet lips nuzzling the stretched 
glands as he grunted occasionally, mumbling to himself.

"So hawwwny," he murmured, his eyes glazed over as he massaged the 
massive length.  "Chaawm... donkheee chuuumm... Oh... 

He suddenly started to brey, thrusting himself up as the gigantic 
shaft pulsed, thick rivers of milky hot seed exploding from its tip, 
arching into the air before splattering down over him.  

The donkey groaned softly, basking in the after glow.  He could feel 
his poor tortured balls desperately tryingto empty themselves, his 
shaft still flexing as he panted, the flood of seed gradually 
declining as his breathing slowed, his body recovering as his mind 
became aware of the situation.  He opened his eyes slowly.

"Whaat now?" he asked slowly, not breying anywhere near as much.

"I'm guessing it will wear off in a while," replied Dave.  "But 
remember, you're not the only one who was eating things."

Dave looked up, another brey escaping his lips as he looked over the 
stallion who was leaning back, one hand lazily rubbing a fully erect 
shaft, a hint of grey just beginning to form on the already equine 
muzzle, a pink tongue slipping out to pull away the last hint of the 
equine nuts...

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