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Richert Test

A prequel if you like to Precious Stones, detailing how Emerald and Sapphire 
actually found each other so to speak. 

The Richert Test
By Wolphin

Emerald looked up from her desk.

"Sis, can I borrow you for a few moments?" she asked, looking over at her twin.

"Sure," replied Sapphire, putting down her pen and turning to face her sister.

The two skunks were both studying at college and they shared a room.  It was 
not the biggest of rooms, but the pair of them fitted in quite comfortably.  
They had both completed their undergraduate years and had moved into 
postgraduate studies.  Sapphire was working on molecular biochemistry while 
Emerald was conducting research into psychology.

With the exception of their eyes, that were their namesakes, they were 
identical.  Sapphire with her piercing blue eyes and Emerald with her pools of 
liquid green, the pair were well known across campus.  Their glowing black and 
white fur and long luscious tails had caught they eyes of more than one person 
on campus and both had had their share of flings, but neither had settled down.

"It's a Richert Test," explained Emerald.  "A kind of free floating association 
test.  I'll say words and you tell me the first thing that comes into your 
mind.  There is no right or wrong answer, the key to it is you not thinking, 
just saying the first thing that pops into your mind, regardless of what it is.  

"Ok," said Sapphire.

"Right," began Emerald.  "Now sit back, close your eyes.  Relax, let yourself 
calm.  That's good.  Now, banana, orange, apple."

"Ummm, fruits," replied Sapphire.

"Good," said Emerald.  "But that 'umm', tells me you're thinking too much.  You 
need to relax more, open your mind."

She reached out and stroked over her sister's stripe gently.

"Like I said, there is no right or wrong answer," she continued.  "Just 
whatever comes into your head.  But you need to clear your mind, relax and 
clear your mind."

Sapphire gave a slight nod, leaning back against her sister's bed.  She 
breathed in and out a few more times, each time she breathed out her shoulders 

"Good girl," murmured Emerald.  "Broccoli, carrots, peas."

"Dinner," replied Sapphire after a few moments.

"Good girl," repeated Emerald, continuing her stroking and looking down at her 

"Books, paper, computer?"


"Balloon, party, guys?"


"Sisters, words, relaxed?"


Emerald raised an eyebrow curiously at that response and looked critically at 
her sister.  Her breathing was slow, her head slumped forward and her tail 
drooped.  A devious thought forming in the back of her mind which she decided 
to explore further.

"Sleeping, hypnosis, deep."


"Sleep.  Relaxed.  Deeper."

"Me," repeated Sapphire, her body slumping further at the words.

"How do you feel sister?" asked Emerald curiously.

"Good," came the muted reply, Sapphire's voice soft and slightly slurred, but 
monotonic.  "Relaxed, sleeping."

"Good girl," purred Emerald, finding herself squirming a little in both 
nerviousness and anticipation.  "You are hypnotised, you like being hypnotised, 
you will stay hypnotised until you are told to waken.  Do you understand?"

"Yes," murmured Sapphire.

"Good girl," repeated Emerald, causing Sapphire's mouth to twist into a loose 
smile.  "You will tell me what is going through your mind, it will just be a 
stream of words, no need to process them, just let your mind control your mouth 
and tell me what you are thinking.  As you tell me, you will listen to 
yourself, allowing your words to sink into your own mind and let it know what 
to do."

"Ok," sighed Sapphire blissfully before beginning.  "Relaxed; sinking; obeying; 
good obedient girl; feeling good; aroused; obedient; listening obeying; 
hypnotised; I am hypnotised; obey; obedient; good girl; must obey because 
hypnotised; listen; obey sister; feel good; aroused; sleeping..."

Her voice continued in the soft drone while Emerald listened, letting her 
sister's words pull herself down deeper.

After what had to be at least half an hour, Emerald stopped her sister.

"Good girl," she murmured, reaching out to gently close Sapphire's droning 
mouth.  Her words had shifted until they were a barely discernable stream, 
repeating over and over "slave, obey" with the occasional "aroused" or "feeling 
good" thrown in randomly.  

"You are my slave sister," she stated.  "You will obey me whenever I tell you 
it is time for a Richert test because you are my slave sister.  You must obey.  
Obeying makes you feel good.  Makes you feel aroused."

"Yessss" slurred Sapphire with a slight nod.  "Obey sister." 

"You will always be open with me, there is no need to hide anything from me," 
continued Emerald.  "Around me you can relax and enjoy."

"Relax and enjoy," repeated Sapphire.

"Good girl," purred Emerald.  "Now, count to five, each number causing you to 
wake up, the memories of the test fading from your conscious mind, but your 
subconscious will remember and will obey."

"Yes," murmured Sapphire softly.  "One... two..."

Emerald sat back in her chair, picking up her notepad and looked as if she was 
still making notes.

"Three... four... five..." Sapphire blinked and stretched.  "Ummm...?"

"Well, that's all the data I need," burst in Emerald, putting a tick across the 
page.  "Sorry if it gets a little repetitive, but that is part of the Richert 

Sapphire blinked again, giving a strange look to her sister for a second before 
slumping down again.

"Good girl," smiled Emerald.  "How do you feel?"

"Good," replied Sapphire.  "Obedient, aroused, horny."

Emerald twitched on her chair.

"You will wake," she told her sister.  "And find yourself growing increasingly 
aroused.  You will begin to masturbate; it's perfectly acceptable to do it here 
in front of me.  But you will not be able to cum on your own. You will need me 
to touch you if you want to orgasm.  Obey.  Begin."

Her voice took on a more commanding tone towards the end and she sat back in 
her chair.  Sapphire's eyes opened and she stretched.

"Are you done?" she asked.

"Yeap," nodded Emerald.  "Thanks for your time.  I may have more in a bit, but 
for now I think that's it."

"No problems sister," replied Sapphire, pulling herself from the bed and moving 
to her own chair.

Sapphire sat down and began to read again, not really aware of the paw that 
began to stroke up the fur of her inner thigh.  Teasing through her fur back 
and forth while she studied, her second hand began to undo the buttons on her 
blouse, as it fell open, it revealed her large breasts, cupped in their silken 
bra.  It took her a few moments to undo the clips and unthread her arms and 
soon the bra joined the blouse on the ground.  A paw began to play with a 
nipple as she turned the page, squirming as she pulled down her skirt.  Her 
panties were already damp, but she did not seem to notice as they joined the 

Emerald watched her sister slowly loose her clothing until she was sitting 
naked in the chair.  She had seen her sister naked before, but this was the 
first time she had watched her tease herself.  Emerald's own paw teased her 
breast through her t-shirt absently.

Sapphire purred softly, a finger-pad tracing up her labia, smoothing over the 
fur while she began to tweak her nipples in earnest.  There was a groan as she 
slid a finger into her damp sex, feeling her muscles clamp down on it.  The 
heel of her palm pressed in against her clitoris, cupping it while her finger 
began to press around her g-spot.  She moaned, pushing herself back from the 
table, bringing her legs up and arching her hips in the chair, her paw 
beginning to move faster.  She could feel herself building, her clitoris 
swelling as her inner walls massaged her the second finger she pushed inside.  
Her free hand clenching at a nipple.

"Oh gods..." she managed to pant, her hips thrusting against her paw.  Her body 
felt as if it was going to explode, but yet it wanted more.  She added a third 
finger, shifting her thumb to grind against her clitoris.

"More..." she moaned.  "Need more..."

Emerald stood, slipping from her jogging pants and pulling off her t-shirt.  
She moved over and watched her sister.  Sapphire blinked, then blushed as her 
brain realised what her sister was witnessing.  Emerald did not seem to mind, 
her own fingers were tracing over her own sex which was dribbling clear fluids 
down her inner thigh.

"I can't cum," protested Sapphire, paws thrusting and grinding against herself.

"Hmm, I've seen this before," announced Emerald in her clinical voice.

She sat herself on her sister's bed, leaning back with her legs spread.  

"If you help me, I can help you...?" she teased.

Emerald gasped in surprise as Sapphire literally leapt upon her; her sister's 
head disappearing between her thighs.  Almost immediately she felt Sapphire's 
pink tongue begin to lap over her sexlips.  She groaned, arching herself up, 
causing Sapphire's tongue to delve past her labia while she felt her small 
muzzle begin to stretch her wider.  Her arousal was already so hi she could not 
help herself.  As her sister's nose pressed against her clitoris she came, 
crying out in pleasure as her walls spasmed.  Sapphire continued to lick, 
lapping at the juices that gushed forth, the two of them panting in exertion.

Sapphire remained in that position for a full minute before she groaned into 
her sister's sex and pulled her head back.

"Me... cum..." she panted, still with almost her whole paw deep inside her.

"Turn around," murmured Emerald, forcing herself to sit up.

Her sister blinked in surprise, but turned herself around, arching her tail 
high behind her.  Emerald, carefully stroked her own sex with a finger, 
catching her own juices until her digit glistened.  With no warning she plunged 
it under her sister's tail, rubbing both her scent glands.

"Cum!" she instructed with an almost bestial growl.

The effect on Sapphire was amazing.  The skunk froze, then her knees folded and 
she dropped to the floor, her body quivering as she begin to pant.  

"Oh gods, oh gods, oh gods" she moaned over and over.

Emerald could not see her sex, but she could feel the contractions and the room 
was thick with the scent of their combined juices.

"Good girl," purred Emerald softly, reaching out with her free hand to stroke 
down her sister's stripe.  "Tomorrow you can help me with another test..."

"Oh yes... yes..." groaned Sapphire as Emerald pulled her unresisting body into 
the bed...

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