Keywords: Latex, Hypnosis, Adult
Species: Skunks, Panthress
Precious Stones

Precious Stones
By Wolphin.

It was early in the evening, the majority of the patrons had not yet arrived.  
The panthress slipping onto her regular stool and nodded to the bartender for 
her usual.  Her margarita arrived just as two skunks slipped onto the stools on 
either side of her.  She paused and looked them over.

They were dressed in typical attire for the club, long latex boots, some sort 
of plastic corset that glowed under the lights and just enough clothing to keep 
them both decent.  Their immaculately groomed tails curled up behind them and 
in unison they lent forward and ordered the same drink.  They contrasted quite 
strongly with the panthress who sat on her stool in a pair of jeans and a white 
t-shirt, but being the owned meant you did not need to make the dress code.

"Hi," announced one cheerfully as she waited for her drink to arrive.  "My 
name's Emerald and this is my sister Sapphire."

"Rayne," replied the panthress, giving them both nods of acknowledgement.

The music was playing, but with the small number of people in the club, it had 
not been turned up too loud yet and conversation was not too difficult.

"Sisters?" checked Rayne.  "Identical twins?" she added, taking a moment longer 
to look them both over.

They certainly appeared to be.  Their clothing was identical, right down to the 
glowing patterns that adorned their bellies.

"Yeap," smiled Emerald.  "Well, except for our eyes."

She leant forward, opened her eyes for effect and Rayne could see they were a 
most enchanting green colour, a deep dark emerald tint that seemed to fade 
darker into the pupils.

"You should see my sisters," smiled Emerald, pulling back as Rayne blinked a 
few times unexpectedly.

Rayne turned and looked at Sapphire who still had not said a word, but she had 
leant forward.  Her eyes were the deepest blue, like Emeralds, they seemed 
lighter on the edges, than faded deeper and darker towards the centre.

"Quite amazing aren't they," murmured Emerald from behind her.  "Its strange 
we're both gifted with such unusual assets, some people seem to want to just 
stare into our eyes for hours.  Are you one of those people Miss Rayne?  Do you 
want to stare into our eyes for hours?  I think you do, would you agree?"

Rayne heard herself give a soft yes as the music began to grow louder, 
swallowing up the skunk's words, but it did not seem to matter, she could 
continue to stare into those eyes for hours.

She blinked suddenly and looked around, the skunks were gone, their empty 
glasses still sitting on the bar.  The club was crowded, the music pumping and 
she gave a start of surprise as she found her paw rubbing at the crotch of her 
jeans absently.  Closing her eyes, all she could see were the twin orbs of the 
skunks growing larger in her mind.  She opened her eyes and shook her head as 
if to clear it, not quite sure of what just happened or where her new friends 
had gone.

The following evening, Rayne made her usual appearance in the club just after 
opening time, but to everyone's surprise, for the first time in living memory, 
she was not wearing her trademark jeans and t-shirt.  Tonight she was in a 
shimmering blue velvet dress that clung to her form, a long slit up the side 
revealed her shapely legs.

"Can't I enjoy a change?" she said, smiling to the bouncer whose eyes followed 
her as she slipped into the club.

To further change her routine, tonight instead of her stool, she slipped into a 
corner booth.  She was about to order a drink when the two skunks arrived.  
They both smiled.

"Greetings once again Miss Rayne," said Emerald politely with Sapphire nodding 
behind her shoulder.

Like last night, they were dressed as twins again, different boots and no 
corsets, instead both were in highly shined latex catsuits with only their 
tails free.  The polished black material did not leave anything to the 
imagination, although Rayne found herself quite happy with the idea.

"I feel like a drink," announced Emerald as she slid into the booth.

"Allow me," replied Rayne, slipping out and pulling herself to her feet.

It almost sounded as if Emerald had said "Good girl" as she walked from the 
booth to the bar, but over the music, it was hard to tell, although for some 
reason Rayne found the thought reassuring.

She returned carrying three drinks.  Sapphire was still standing and Rayne slid 
into the booth and worked herself around to slide up to Emerald, Sapphire 
slipping in behind her.

"You look stunning," smiled Emerald.  "Blue suits you."

"Thank you," purred Rayne, her ears blushing a little at the praise.  "I find 
it goes well with my fur."

"Indeed," agreed Emerald.  "I find blue somehow soothing and relaxing, don't 
you agree Sapphire?"

Like the night before, Sapphire remained silent, but Rayne could not help but 
turn her head to acknowledge the skunk.  That was enough, her eyes almost 
willingly locked onto the skunks and she heard herself purr.

"That's it," murmured Emerald softly.  "You remember those nice soothing and 
relaxing eyes don't you.  Just staring at them, feeling yourself slip down 
deeper and deeper... and deeper... and deeper..."

Her words became softer as Rayne's head began to sink, her eyelids starting to 

"And what do those nice eyes do to you?" she asked softly, reaching out a latex 
covered paw to stroke softly over the section of exposed thigh.

"Relax... sleep... hypno..tise..." slurred Rayne.

"Good girl," continued Emerald.  "Just relax, sink and sleep."

At the word sleep, Rayne's eyes snapped shut and she gave a soft, lustful purr, 
a moment later Sapphire's eyes closed as well, the skunk's shoulders relaxing 
as her head began to loll off to the side.

"Good girls," repeated Emerald, slipping her paw up under the edge of Rayne's 
dress and sliding up towards her groin.

"Sister, why don't you should Miss Rayne here what it feels like to be a good 
girl?" she suggested.

Sapphire's eyes opened slowly, the deep blue orbs unfocused and she gave a nod 
and her body slipped below the table.  The booth was perfectly positioned, the 
low table and dark lighting hiding the skunk below the surface.  Emerald's paw 
stroked softly over Rayne's dress as her sister's head pressed up under it.  
Rayne gave a soft moan as she felt the muzzle of the skunk caress her inner 
thigh, then another moan as the cute tongue began to lick.  There were no 
panties to contend with, Rayne had not thought them necessary, leaving 
Sapphire's tongue free to explore.

"Look at me," commanded Emerald in a slightly louder tone and Rayne opened her 
eyes, finding herself staring directly into the pools of liquid green that were 
Emerald's eyes.

"It feels good doesn't it," murmured Emerald softly as Rayne nodded and purred.  
"It feels good just to let go, relaxed and obey.  This is what you want to 
do... to obey... to be commanded...  it gives you pleasure... you need to 
obey... to submit... for the pleasure it brings..."

She continued to talk to Rayne, her voice a soft but insistent drone.  One hand 
gently caressing the panthress's ears, the other patting the dress where it 
covered Sapphire's head.  Rayne's body had long since collapsed back on the 
couch, apparently unable to move, her eyes still locked with the skunk's, her 
mind open, unaware of what it was being told, but knowing it was important and 
must be obeyed. 

Rayne heard the word "cum" and she groaned, her body barely moving although her 
hips managed to move upwards slightly.  She purred, feeling the tingling 
pleasure wash over her as her eyes opened.  

Emerald was sitting beside her with a smile and suddenly Sapphire popped into 
existence beside her.  She looked over at the skunk, then forced herself to sit 
up, passionately kissing the skunk deeply on the mouth.  Strangely her muzzle 
was damp, but the taste and scent were both quite alluring and intoxicating.  
She sat back and purred happily, a paw reaching down to rub the dress over her 
sex which tingled pleasantly.

"Tomorrow about three then?" asked Emerald as she slipped from the booth, one 
eyebrow still raised from the kiss.

"Of course Mistress," replied Rayne without being aware of it or even what she 
was talking about.

Sapphire slipped out as well and Rayne felt a pinch of envy as Emerald's tail 
wrapped around her sister's while she gave a playful swat of her backside 
before the two of them slipped through the suddenly very crowded club.

The following day Rayne did not know why, but mid afternoon she found herself 
wandering down the fashion street and she turned into her favourite clubbing 
store.  It did not seem odd to her she had a favourite store, but had never 
been there before, it just sort of fit.  The twin skunks tail's waved from 
above the merchandise even before they had seen her, she slipped up behind 
Sapphire and for some unknown reason gave the sexy butt a rather long grope.

Sapphire meeped and pulled herself upright, a few moments later Emerald 

"Ready to do some shopping?" asked Emerald, her green eyes sparkling and Rayne 
knew she could only answer yes.

The shop was incredible, it did have everything and in all sizes.  Rayne had 
decided she wanted to go for a futuristic style.  She began with a full body 
catsuit, made from silver latex, it only left her head and paws free.  Next 
they found thigh length boots, they could not make up their mind if they wanted 
matching or not, so they bought two pairs, one red and one silver.  Similarly, 
when it came to gloves, clearly elbow length would be the way to go, but red or 
silver was too hard, so they bought both.

Then they moved onto accessories.  Rayne insisted on a corset to match the 
sister's.  They settled on one made from translucent plastic that fluoresced 
under UV lights.  They followed it up with a thick matching collar and cuffs.  
On a whim, Rayne found herself buying a matching silver cat mask.  Everything 
got bundled up, by now it was after six and Rayne announced she was going to go 
straight to the club.

The three of them made their way over to the club and Rayne lead the way 
inside.  Things were still being set up for the evening session.  Rayne nodded 
to the staff and around the back to her office that over-looked the floor.

Emerald took a seat on the couch and smiled.

"Well then," she purred.  "Lets see what you look like in them."

Rayne blushed a little and nodded.

"Yes Mistress," she said again without being aware of it and she seemed to 
shiver as the words escaped her lips.

She undid her jeans, letting them fall to the floor, then pulled off her t-
shirt as her panties were also discarded.  Emerald looked over at Sapphire who 
was staring at the naked panthress with a vague look of hunger.

"Why don't you go help her sister?" Emerald suggested and Rayne gave an 
encouraging nod.

"I'm not quite sure how to put all this stuff on," the panthress admitted, 
giving Sapphire a kiss of thanks as she moved in close.

Emerald sat back, not interfering as the two of them deepened the kiss, 
Sapphire's own clothing already discarded.

For the first time Sapphire spoke.

"We'll start with this," she said, her voice soft and somehow submissive, in 
contrast to her sister's.

She reached into one of the bags and pulled out the silver cat suit, unzipping 
it she began to help Rayne into it.  First one foot paw, then the other.  
Gently pulling it up her legs and over her thighs.  They threaded her tail 
through the hole in the back and Sapphire seemed to take a long time ensuring 
the fit around Rayne's groin was just right, although the panthress did not 
mind.  Then the suit was pulled up slowly, arms were worked in, then the zip 
was done up the back.

Sapphire stood back and inspected, then carefully tweaked the suit a little, 
easing out various wrinkles before rummaging through the bags.  The silver 
gloves were found and slipped into position, then the silver boots.  Rayne 
seemed to take a few moments to get use to them, but she adapted quickly.  Next 
the corset was added, framing the panthress's body and pressing her chest up.  
The skunk found the silver cat mast and slipped it over Rayne's head, doing the 
zip up the back before covering it with the thick collar, preventing its 

Emerald watched as Rayne was transformed.

"Good girls," she repeated, catching their attention and stopping Emerald from 
running her paws over the slick latex.

"How do you both feel?" she asked.

"Good Mistress," they chimed together, bowing their heads.

"Rayne pet," she said.  "Sit here and watch as sister shows you how to dance."

Emerald waited for Rayne to approach.  She did not sit, but instead turned 
herself around and knelt, facing Emerald and placed her hands on her knees.  
Emerald smiled and stroked a paw over the top of Rayne's covered head.

"Good pet," she murmured to her softly, listening to Rayne purr as she nodded 
to Emerald.

Sapphire began to dance, closing her eyes as she listened to the music in her 
head, her body began to sway slowly.  Her paws ran over her fur, lifting her 
breasts before she arched, her movements becoming more seductive.  She bent 
backwards over a chair, then turned, rubbing her sex against the armrest of it, 
even from here they could both see it glistening in the light.  She continued, 
movements growing more suggestive and erotic.  Emerald smiled as she heard 
Rayne begin to purr, the panthress's head swaying as she followed the movements 
of the skunk.

"Join her," instructed Emerald and she sat back, watching the two begin to move 
in unison. Sapphire, pressing herself against Rayne's body, the latex clad 
feline, twisting and combing her paws through the skunk's fur.  

Emerald smiled, allowing herself to be drawn into the dance, but not too deep, 
there was still things to plan, although the panthress was now hers, along with 
her sister.  Two obedient slaves at her beck and call...

A week later, Rayne sold the club.  The sale price was undisclosed, but it was 
known the new owned was a skunk.  It was renamed "Gems" and shifted direction 
into a more sophisticated entertainment club.  Its new headline act was a 
feline dancer known only as "Diamond" who would grace the stage twice and night 
and enthral the room with her enchanting moves...

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