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The Pleasure Plant

The Pleasure Plant
By Wolphin

"Why do they called this the pleasure plant?" asked Erwin curiously looking at 
the photo on the page.

"You don't know?" responded Kilsen, looking quite astonished.

"Never heard of it," admitted Erwin.  "Logically it must have a pretty flower 
or perhaps a nice scent."

"That's not the half of it," murmured Kilsen.  "I would show you, but we've 
only got a single specimen here and it here probably is not the right place.  
There is a reason its kept in strict isolation.  However, we need a new sample.  
It's only found on one planet.  P-46C.  You can go and pick it one up for us if 
you like.  Make it a holiday, take two weeks."

Erwin nodded.

"Errr, ok," he said.

It was most unlike his boss to say that.  The equine was usually pretty strict, 
but he had a strange sense of humour, but Erwin was not going to give up the 
chance of some time off.

It was not until he was almost in orbit around the planet that he discovered 
that his boss's sense of humour was still evident.  A scan of the surface 
showed no technology anywhere.  A single organism identified only by the 
computer as the desired sample covered half the planet, the remainder of the 
surface seemed to be smaller islands and ocean 

He was about to go back and yell at Kilsen when the computer beeped at him.  
His ship had been detected and there was a standard computer response asked 
about his biological make up.

This was standard interplanetary protocol.  He pushed the button which sent 
back details, specifying the disembarking passengers were carbon based, his 
life support requirements and as a curtesy his species and personal statistics.  
A moment or two later the computer chimed, informing him landing rights had 
been granted.

Erwin brought up an image of the location on the screen.  It definitely did not 
look like anything special.  He had been expecting a docking station of some 
sort, but this looked like a grassy clearing.  The scanners showed nothing as 
they approached and he blinked in surprise as the landing gear descended 
automatically, the ship touching down on the surface instead of being cradled 
in an anti-grav bay.

Green lights blinked on the console and he stood up, moving cautiously to the 
door and look outside.  

There was no welcoming committee.  No signs of maintenance people, only the 
green foliage what appeared to be jungle.  

The door opened and he stepped outside slowly.  The first thing that hit him 
was the scent of the air.  It was fresh and pure, not recycled, scrubbed and 
repurified.  He took a big breath of it and moved down the gangway, stepping 
onto the grassy ground.  It felt surreal to be stepping off a spaceship into 
the jungle, but it was the only thing to do.

The air was still and hot.  It was very humid and he could feel the sweat 
beginning to form at the back of his neck.  He looked around for what way to 
go.  Trees blocked every direction except for one where a small path seemed to 
disappear into the darkness.  Giving a shrug, he stepped into the dimness.

It was slightly cooler here, but just as humid.  He winced as he felt the first 
bead of sweat run down his back and thoughts of returning to the ship and 
dumping himself in the bath started to fill his mind.  There were still no 
signs of anyone or even anything.  The path twisting through large green stems 
of trees and abruptly ending at a small creek, there was water tinkling 
upstream and he pushed his way through the undergrowth.

A large pool unfolded before him, water tumbling over rocks before swirling 
around a nice size lagoon.  He looked around nervously.  There was still no one 
in sight and the water looked so inviting.  He hesitated, unsure, but a second 
trickle of sweat convinced him.

A few moments later Erwin stepped free of his clothes and stepped into the 
water, giving a soothing sigh as the cool liquid soaked into his blue fur.  He 
ducked beneath the surface for a moment, soaking in the water before surfacing 
again, half closing his eyes and leaning back, staring up at the sky.  The sun 
shone down through a gap in the clouds and he relaxed, feeling his fur slowly 

It was some time later before he stirred, standing slowly and stretching.  He 
was not sure how long he had been on the surface, perhaps an hour, and he still 
had not seen a hint of any technology or even another sentient being.  He let 
his hands meander through his fur and looked over his back at his large blue 
and silver striped tail.  He had been told he looked something like a cross 
between a skunk and a wolf.  He had seem them in pictures, maybe his colouring 
patterns were similar to the skunk and his build shared a few common traits 
with the wolf, but other than that he was completely different.

He worked out a small knot that had made its way into his fur and decided to 
head back to the ship and go in search of the fabled plant.  There did not seem 
to be anything else to do on this planet.  He started walking down the path 
when his sensitive nose caught a faint hint of something.  A strange scent, 
vaguely familiar, but elusive wafted towards him on the almost still air.

Perhaps this was the mysterious pleasure plant he had heard so much about.

He turned into the wind, carefully picking his way through the greenery in the 
direction his nose dictated.  The scent was growing stronger.  He knew he 
should know what it was, but he could just not place it.  He stumbled out into 
a clearing, a rounded bush on the other side with large cream coloured flowers 
seemed to be the source of the scent.

He approached it slowly.  It did not look like much.  The flowers hanging down 
towards the ground looked like they were almost wilting.  He picked one up by 
the stem and examined the outside of it with a professional eye.  It was almost 
a foot long with a diameter of several inches, connected to a rather thick 

Turning it towards him he looked inside, blinking in surprise.  The inner 
colouring was a deep red colour, the stamens visible a long way down towards 
the base.  It appeared to be glistening, the fluid the providing the strange 
scent.  Curious, he brought his nose to it, slipping his muzzle a little into 
the petals.  He felt his nostrils brush over the stamens and the flower 
suddenly contracted around his muzzle, a second or two later something thick 
and gooey spurting against his nose.

He jerked in surprise, the flower quite well attached, but then the scent hit 
him.  It was the smell of a female in heat.  Not just any female, his brain was 
telling him the plant was the Alpha female, the most desirable, and she was not 
just in heat, she was desperate.  His entire body was programmed instinctively 
to respond.  Erwin felt his shaft surge from his sheath and he thrust forward 
even as part of his brain was trying to convince him it was an illusion.

Somehow his shaft brushed up against another flower that seemed close around it 
and he groan.  Closing his eyes he could feel the sex of the female clench 
about him, his body leaning in, the body of the unseen female somehow hiding in 
the bushes.  His balls churned and he groaned, pushing forward as they lifted, 
his knot slipping deeper into the strange sex as he climaxed, thick seed 
spurting deep into the female as he groaned.

His mind cleared for a moment, taking in his situation.  Somehow his body had 
worked its way deeper into the bush, his legs and arms splayed out to the 
sides, another flower fixed to his shaft.  He squirmed, trying to free himself 
before making the mistake of breathing through his nose.  The scent of the 
female once more rushing through his blood even though he could clearly see the 
inner tendrils of the plant that were starting to wind towards him.

He wanted to pull away, to run back to the ship, but he could not.  Instead he 
watched helplessly as the thick green vines seemed to pull him in deeper, 
trapping him and holding him still.  He felt one slip into his muzzle, a 
strange slick fluid oozing from it, seeming to paralyse his mouth, it pressed 
down his throat.  A similar tendril started to push up under his tail.  He 
fought it for a moment and then shivered as his body gave in, another spurt of 
some slightly different smelling liquid hitting his nose, the world seemed to 
fade away.

The sensations were strange, his body was filled with lust as the larger flower 
on its tendril approached.  He never even flinched as it suckered onto the back 
of his neck, microscopic tentacles slipping from it and burrowing into his 
spinal column and up towards his brain.

Wordlessly the plant bonded with his brain, communicating in a way he had never 
experienced he discovered the plant was the sentient life on the planet, its 
cells a virtual chemical factory able to produce almost anything, from 
biological computers to synthasing hormones.  Its only shortfall was its 
grounding to the planet.  It meant no harm, but bonded with others to learn 
their experiences, if Edwin wished to remain it would look after him, but if he 
wished to go, he would be returned to his ship.

Edwin's mind accepted its offer.  He was, after all, a biologist and this was a 
unique opportunity to study a subject that he was able to interact with on a 
more physical level than he had before.

The plant returned Edwin's consciousness to himself, his eyes opening as he 
looked around.  He was being held, spread-eagled by numerous vines that had 
wrapped around each wrist and ankle.  Thicker tendrils circled his waist, 
holding him up.  His muzzle was still covered as was his shaft with a smaller 
stumpy flower pressed in over his testicles.

His mind registered surprise and was informed by the plant one of the few 
substances it desired were animal fluids.  It did enjoy sinking its roots into 
a decaying carcass, however it also extracted a large amount of nutriments from 
the various waste produces, in addition, it had discovered reproductive juices 
were the equilivent of candy and usually eagerly provided.  To facilitate the 
maximum amount his body was being tricked into a larger than normal production 
via the use of synthetic hormones.

Again, he was given the option of withdrawing, but he shook his head.  The 
memory of the fake female still fresh in his mind, the plant acknowledged by 
rewarding him with a small squirt of liquid onto his nose and he groaned, 
pushing forward, an orgasm instantly washing over him.

He bit down and noticed for the first time, the tendril that was still in his 
mouth.  He was informed it was providing him with the nutriments his body was 
requiring.  A similar tendril was still in place under his tail, removing the 
waste from his system.  The plant carefully lowered him to the ground, his 
arms, legs and waist freed and he stood for the first time. 

He reached up, tracing over the flower that covered his muzzle, then down to 
the two on his groin, both of which undulated a little and causing him to 
groan.  Next he moved his attention to the one under his tail and then to his 
mouth.  Finally he reached around and felt the one buried in the back of his 
neck, shuddering a little at the thought of it.

He took a few steps, the vines trailing behind him, but not hindering his 
movement.  It seemed he was free to roam on his leash, his mind was beginning 
to wander and he felt the flower around his muzzle twitch, signalling what he 
now knew to be feeding time.  A second later, his body trembled as it reacted 
instinctively to the chemicals being pumped into it, his hips thrusting forward 
and he literally fell into the bush, the vines curling around him, holding him 

Somewhere, on some level he was aware of days passing, the plant communicating 
details and answers to unspoken questions in a relationship he could barely 
begin to understand.  It was with some reluctance he found himself standing on 
the edge of the clearing looking over his ship.

He cast his mind back, the past days and nights nothing but a sex filled blur.  
He looked down at himself, his fur shone and was neatly groomed, and he felt 
amazing.  He took a step and could feel his balls.  He knew they were swollen 
and begging for release, but for the first time in recent memory, it could 
wait... for now.

He turned and looked back at the deep expanse of trees, giving a little bow.

"Thank you," he called to the forest.

There was no reply except for the leaves rustling in a wind that was not there.

He walked up the gangplank and looked into the small cargo hold.  There, as 
promised where two packages.  There was one small seedling for the herbarium, 
the other a small seedling for his personal collection.  There were small, but 
would grow quickly given the right nutriment...

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