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The Suits

The Suits
By Wolphin

Brian looked at the slick mass of silver and grey he held in his arms.

"So what is it?" he asked, looking over at Adam.

Adam looked up from where he was concentrating on his own jumbled mass of 
yellow and black.

"That?"  he said, sort of sounding surprised.  "Open it up and have a look."

Brian sighed, he wasn't really in the mood for games, but he was curious 
now.  He held the mass in one hand and let the rest fall to the ground.  A 
pair of legs was recognisable, along with something flopping out the back.  
He shook it out and held it up, twisting his head this way and that.

"A dolphin?" he asked, looking up at Adam.  "But why the legs."

"Have a close look," chuckled Adam, he had straightened his own package out 
and it was beginning to look kind of familiar.

Brian peered at his collection some more.  It looked like it was a vinyl of 
some sort, legs and arms seemed to poke out in all directions.  His eyes 

"A suit!" he exclaimed, everything suddenly coming into perspective.  "A 
bloody dolphin suit!"

"Yeap," grinned Adam.

Brian looked over, Adam was holding what had to be a large cheetah costume 
in his hand.  Brian liked dolphins and he knew Adam had a thing for 
cheetahs.  They had talked before about their mutual enjoyment of rubber 
products, but he would have never expected this.

"Where are they from?" he asked.

"Oh, a friend of mine works for a production company," Adam said.  "They 
were doing a video clip with various costumes in it and needed to make a few 
prototypes before whipping out the costumes for the dancers.  My friend knew 
I had this thing for cheetahs, so this cheetah costume was a little to stiff 
for the dancers and I had mentioned dolphins to him before as well and do 
you know dolphins can't dance because of their tail?  So, these were surplus 
to requirements and mysteriously disappeared from the wardrobe 

"Oh" said Brian.

"Well, you going to try it on?" asked Adam excitedly, he had already begun 
to flick his shoes off.

"Ummm, sure," murmured Brian, his mind lost in thought for a few moments 
before he too began to loose his shoes.

Soon Adam stood in his underwear, his clothes all tossed into a pile on the 
flood.  Brian caught up to the same point a minute or so later.

"Ummm, underpants?" he asked, pausing to look into the suit.

"Probably," shrugged Adam.  "Never worn a full body suit before."

"I've never worn any latex before," grinned Brian as his underpants joined 
the pile.

The two men paused again, trying not to look at each other, but stealing 
glances just the same.  Brian was relieved to see he was not the only one 
not perfectly relaxed any more.

"One leg first I assume?" said Adam, slowly beginning to ease a foot down 
the inside of one leg.

Brian nodded and followed suit, both men giving a strange little sigh as 
they felt the latex stretch and envelop their feet.  Brian wriggled his 
toes, feeling the ankle slip over his, his hands coming down to smooth out 
the wrinkles and ease the suit up to his knee.  He looked up to see Adam 
already slipping his second foot in and he quickly started to ease his 
second foot in.  

The feeling was just as good at before.  He half expected his skin to grip, 
but the inside seemed smooth, almost lubricated although when he looked at 
it closely it seemed to be just bare rubber.

Now that he was in up to his knees, he started to pull the silvery grey 
synthetic up over his thighs, wriggling as he felt it slip over his behind.  
He tugged at the hips, reaching down to rearrange himself and pulled the 
suit up so it hung from just above his waist.

He looked over at Adam who had got his suit up to more or less the same 
point as him.  The effect of the suit was incredible, Adam's legs appeared 
to be a rich yellowy gold with small black dots that wrapped around behind 
him.  Even his toes were defined, each one tipped with a small harmless 
black rubber claw that was pressing into the carpet.

"I think I'll need a hand," he said, grinning as Brian stared at him.

"Hmm?" asked Brian, blinking out of his admiring pose.

"Not sure how to put the top half on," said Adam, tugging at the mass that 
hung down behind him.

He had tried working it up to his shoulders, but it was all twisted and 
curled in on itself.

"Stay still," smirked Brian, coming over and starting to untangle it.

A few seconds later and Brian had it sorted out.  There was a zipper up the 
front and arms fastened at the shoulders.  He carefully helped Adam feed 
each arm into the suit, smoothing out any wrinkles along the arms.  The 
hands were quite clever, designed to look like paws, but the fingers 
dexterous enough to be fully functional.  The palm covered with a paw pad of 
soft synthetic as well as each fingertip tipped with a similar piece of 
black rubber.

Brian grinned and played with the fake claws, causing Adam to wriggle.

"Oi," he protested.  "How does the head go?"

Brian surrendered the paws and walked around to inspect.  The head looked 
straight forward enough, it pulled straight up from the shoulders, stretched 
obscenely and snapped down over Adam's face.  The effect was quite 
startling.  Adam slowly did up the zip along his chest as Brian admired.

Adam now looked all the world like a rubber cheetah.  Not someone in a 
costume, although he quite clearly was, but an actual cheetah.  The face was 
full of intricate detail, the cheetah's black tear stripes and there were 
even whiskers poking along the sides of the muzzle.

Brian gave a slow nod of approval and watched as Adam turned around, 
stretching and getting use to the material.  The latex stretched with him, 
moving silently, his body looking sleek and somehow filled with a hidden 

"Mine now!" clambered Brian, feeling like an impatient kid.

Adam giggled and reached out to grab the edge of the dolphin costume, 
holding open one arm and letting Brian move his hand down into it.  Unlike 
the cheetah, his paws were more like mittens, webbed and not as dexterous.  
He could not help but give a soft moan as he felt the suit curl around his 

He was expecting the head next, but there was a pause.

"Hang on," said Adam from behind him and heard a strange puffing.

Brian looked around in surprise trying to figure it out.  He looked down 
between his legs and watched as the flat bladed tail began to inflate.

"You're flat," chuckled Adam between breaths, slowly inflating the tail.

Brian grinned, feeling the back of the suit fill out slowly.  It had been 
designed remarkably well.  The tail seemed to descend straight from the 
back, giving the illusion of flukes, similarly the underside of it began at 
his groin to it joined seamlessly to his belly.

"There, all done" said Adam and Brian could feel something being pushed down 
near his neck.  

Two cheetah paws began to work over the side of his head and Brian grinned 
as the flick grey material was pulled down.  He brought his own sealed hands 
to try and guide it better into place, not being very successful, but at 
least he could feel the beak and the large smooth melon above his eyes.

Adam tucked the loose flap below Brian's chin into the top of the two halves 
that covered his chest, carefully pulling the zip up.  Brian breathed in, 
feeling the latex stretch and close around his flesh.  He wriggled and ran 
his paws down his smooth underside.

It felt so good.  All slinky smooth, he could not wait to see what he looked 

He giggled and made disappeared into Adam's bedroom, the cheetah following a 
few moments later.  They both stopped and stared at the mirror.

Two creatures stared back at them.  Humanoid, but not human.  Glossy golden 
yellow and slick silvery grey, the pair stood transfixed by their 
reflections.  Brian could have sworn he saw Adam's tail tip flick on its 
own, but it must have been the light.  He watched as his own paws roamed 
over his own body, then somehow they migrated to the cheetah's slick hide, 
rubbing gently at the black dots as the cheetah's own ineffective claws 
roamed over the dolphin's chest.

Adam gave a curious sounding chirp as his hands roamed over Brian's 
shoulders and Brian cocked his head in surprise.

"What?" he asked, his voice sounding somehow squeaky to his muffled ears.

"You've got handles," giggled Adam.

"What?" repeated Brian, trying to look over his shoulder.

"Handles," chuckled Adam and Brian felt the smooth cheetah paws curl around, 
tugging at them.

It was strange, he could feel himself being pulled back, his body almost 
rigid before the cheetah let go and began to rub around his sides.  The 
dolphin churred, the suits were strange to say the least, but it felt 
incredibly good.  His free hands rubbed over the roaming paws, then down his 
underside, they paused at his navel, feeling something strange and he looked 
down to see a nozzle and something clicked.

"I'm a pool toy," he said in a mixture of amused astonishment.

"Really," purred the feline behind him in a voice which told him that he had 
figured that out a while back.  "I wonder..."

Brian was going to ask what, but the cheetah answered by letting his claws 
roam lower, they slipped curiously over his groin and the dolphin gave a 
chuur, arching into their touch, but the did not contact anything.  Brian 
could feel his shaft sandwiched along the inside of the suit, but on the 
outside it was completely seamless, but the cheetah's paw seemed to excite 
feelings deep down within him.

He rumbled, turning around slowly to look over the feline.  To his surprise, 
Adam's suit was anatomically correct and he found his hand reaching out to 
cup the rubber sac that hung below the latex sheath, as he did a sliver of 
pink started to emerge from the tip, growing as he moved his hand up to rub 
at it.  It was all the suit, but Brian knew from Adam's reaction what was 

The cheetah gave a meow of pleasure, the rubber paws sliding harmlessly down 
the dolphin's back, causing him to arch into it.  Their groins touched and 
the cetacean's hands slid free, the two rubber creatures embracing each 
other, their bodies beginning to entwine.

Brian was not sure how long they were together, the seconds melded into 
minutes which drew out into possibly hours.  He knew he had orgasmed at 
least twice, possibly more, the cheetah appeared to be the same.  They would 
snuggle together, their suits starting to squeak as their actions slowly 
intensified, the occasional whimper as they passed over the edge and 
collapsed against each other, snuggling in as the cycle began again.

It was daylight when Brian opened his eyes.  He groaned and sat up slowly.  

The room was a mess.

Sheets tossed to one side, bedclothes curled into tight knots.

He looked down at himself, the suit was no where to be seen.

"That's strange," he thought.  "I can't remember taking it off."

He turned to look at Adam who was lying naked on the other side of the bed, 
the only thing he was wearing was a spotted collar around his neck.

"Strange," repeated Brian to himself.  "I can't remember that either."

He stretched, hands running over his stomach, pausing as they found 
something unfamiliar.  He hummed to himself and looked down, then give an 
eek! Waking Adam in the process.

"What?" demanded Adam, blinking the sleep from his eyes.

"What the hell is this?" demanded Brian, pointing to his navel.

Adam blinked a few times, focussing on it.  Brian's belly button was gone, 
in its place was a neatly half hidden plastic nozzle, just like you'd find 
on an inflatable toy.  He raised an eyebrow questioningly and reached over 
to poke at it.  It popped out from Brian's belly as the skin around it was 
pressed in and Brian jumped.

"What's it feel like?" asked Adam.

"Bloody weird," responded Brian.  "Like its part of me, but its not, you 

Adam nodded and sat up on the bed, leaning forward for a better look, 
tugging at it.  It definitely seemed well bonded to Brian's skin.  It was 
capped and Adam slipped the top free before Brian could protest.  It did not 
seem to go anywhere, it was just there.  Fascinated by it, Adam put his lips 
around it and began to blow.

Brian gave a gasp.

"What's happening?" he asked, sounding worried.

"I'm blowing you up," explained Adam.  "Why?"

"It feels strange," rumbled Brian, before adding.  "But don't stop."

Adam continued then, watching Brian's chest, slowly, as he blew the pink 
human flesh began to change, fading deeper, growing shinny.  He wanted to 
stop, but found he could not, he had to see what would happen.  He continued 
to blow until the resistance was too much.  He stopped and stoppered the 
cap, slipping it back into the now plastic belly and looked.

Brian had changed, the human was gone, instead an inflatable dolphin pool 
toy sat on the bed.  Not really a toy, it had arms and legs, but it was 
quite clearly vinyl, although the face contained an amazing degree of 
expression.  Adam ran his hands over the smooth surface and felt an 
explosion of pleasure in his mind, somehow he knew the toy was enjoying it.

He wanted to scoop the toy up in his arms and cuddle it, but he knew that 
could wait.  He pressed at the smooth belly again, the nozzle popping up and 
he pulled the stopper out again, a hiss of air escaping.

The dolphin did not seem to deflate, it was more a retreat.  The silvery 
plastic seeming to slip away somewhere, changing in colour, growing pale, 
then pink, the glossy shine retreating as the texture changed.  The immobile 
hands split into fingers, the tail somehow retreating until Brian sat on the 
bed again.

"Wow," he said shaking his head.  "That was... well... wow."

"What?" asked Adam, feeling kind of left out.

"I'm a weretoy," grinned Brian.  "Wow."

He seemed a little over awed by it all.  He chuckled to himself, then looked 
at Adam.

"Hmmm," he grinned with a knowing look in his eye.  "I wonder how your 
collar works..."

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