Keywords: Transformation, Magic, Adult
Species: Crocodile
By Wolphin

It was an interesting summer job, assistant crocodile researcher.  In 
reality that meant I was abandoned for a week at a time in the middle 
of no-where.  I had to find somewhere up high, preferably in the 
shade and count crocs.

One thing I discovered early on was the conditions crocs like 
definitely do not fall within the same realm as those that humans 
like.  The locations where hot, humid, the ground was covered in 
abnormally large ants.  By day the air was full of flies, by night it 
was full of mosquitos.  

Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoyed the job, but it was not the 
cushy office job I had hoped for.  Probably the worst thing was hours 
on end staring at the enticing blue water as my body slowly stewed in 
its own juices.  What I wouldn't give to go for a quick dip, but I 
wasn't suicidal.  I was watching the crocs and I knew they were 
watching me as well.

My current location had the forgettable name of "CR47A."  Crocodile 
Research, Spot 47, the "A" showed it was the first spot on this 
tributary.  I had been dropped off by helicopter, base camp for me 
was in a nice spot, small fresh water lagoon nearby with a 
spectacular waterfall that plunged a good one hundred foot to the 
tidal pool.

It was nice to know that crocs could not climb.  It also meant that 
during my time off, I had somewhere nice to cool down.

I had been there a few days when I first noticed the croc.  It was 
not the first one I had seen in the pool, but he was huge.  Easily 
the biggest I had seen.  I had seen some monsters at previous 
locations, but this fellow was huge.  I was staring at him through 
binoculars, suddenly quite pleased there was a lot of distance 
between us.  As I was trying to gauge the length of his tail, he 
obligingly pulled himself out onto a sandbar.

He was truly massive.  I snapped some pictures and went back to 
looking through the binoculars.  I estimated at least seven and a 
half metres in length.  There had been stories about crocs that 
large, but no one had seen one for over fifty years.  He was in 
magnificent form as well; his body was scar free, muscular, a picture 
of reptilian health.  I was not sure about age, he must have been 
old, but he moved as if he was still in his prime of his life.

As I stared down at him, he turned his head.  I could clearly see the 
slitted pupil staring directly at me, the cold calculating gaze and I 
shivered slightly.  My attention remained fixed on the beast as the 
sun slowly sank below the horizon, darkness descending until the croc 
became an indistinct outline on the sandbar and I carefully made my 
way back to my tent.

I wrote up what I had seen in my log book, found myself some food and 
collapsed on my air mattress.  My dreams that night were strange, 
centred about a huge crocodile, I found them both disturbing, but yet 
arousing and unable to remember details when I awoke the following 

In the morning I crawled from my tent, stretched and wandered down to 
the small lagoon for a quick dip.  I waded in, slipping my head below 
the cold water, then stood up, shaking the droplets from my hair.  My 
eyes caught a glimpse of movement and I swung around to the spot.  It 
almost seemed like scales slipping beneath the surface, but when I 
looked closer, there was nothing there.

I did not like that idea and began backing out slowly.  There was 
quite a few things in the water that had scales, a snake, a stack of 
different fish, maybe even a small freshwater croc.  None of which 
were considered dangerous, but after spotting my new neighbour 
yesterday I was a little on edge.

Something brushed against my leg and I gave a yelp, virtually leaping 
from the water, running a few steps up the sandy beach.  I panted, 
turning to look behind me.  

There was nothing following.  No swirls on the water, no ripples 
hiding anything lurking in the shallows.

I gave a chuckle.  I was over reacting.  I turned towards the 
campsite and froze in terror.

The beast from the sandbank was stretched out on the sand before me.  
He could not have been there a second ago, but how did he get there?  
He was huge, but what a specimen of a croc.  

I froze.

I knew that crocodiles reacted instinctively to movement.  I also 
knew there was no way I could get out of his way.

The croc opened its mouth, almost in a smile, allowing me to see the 
vast array of ivory white teeth.  It closed its jaws with a menacing 
snap, taking a step closer.

It was strange.  I had never faced death before.  It was not what I 
expected.  My life did not rush before my eyes; I did not feel any 
regrets.  Instead it was strangely calming.  Somewhere in the back of 
my mind I heard myself say "bring it on."

I blinked in surprise.  It was my voice, defiant until I added "make 
it quick" and I dropped to me knees, bowing my head towards the 

Resigned to my fate, I waited for the crunch, hoping I would at least 
be unconscious before I was drowned and mutilated.  Instead there was 
a strange chuckle, a deep rumbling voice.  I lifted my head in 

The crocodile before me had vanished.  I'm not sure how to describe 
what had replaced it.  A cross between a crocodile and a man does not 
do the beast sufficient justice.

My gaze began at his feet.  Huge four clawed digigrade paws, with 
ebony black talons tipping each digit with finely scaled webbing 
between each toe.  Large scales ran up the muscular legs.  As my gaze 
moved up, I noticed the tail, a massive crocodilian tail complete 
with the twin rows of scutes which disappeared  out of sight.  He was 
naked and quite clearly male, a deep purple shaft hanging from a 
cream coloured slit.

His underside was covered in pale cream scales, which darkened as 
they travelled towards the edge of his chest, growing harder and I 
knew his back would be covered with a layer of armour plated scales.  
His head was almost pure crocodile, the eyes larger, but remaining 
slitted.  What had to be the beginning of his back scutes starting as 
ridges around his eyes.

"I've been watching you," he rumbled softly, his voice deep, almost 
soothing and full of power.

"You have?" I managed to stammer.

"Yes," he nodded, reaching out to stroke under my chin with one of 
his clawed paws.  "I have... needs."

"Needs?" I asked, not quite understanding. His claws were cool, but 
surprisingly gentle against my skin.

"Certain needs that can not be filled by myself alone..." he 
murmured, stepping closer.  "Consider it a choice... death or 
something else."

My mind began to formulate what that something else could be.  Hazy 
memories of last night's dream starting to stir unbidden in my mind.  
My eyes gravitating to his groin and I swallowed nervously.

"I do not think I would like death," I replied.  "I will accept your 

"A wise decision..." he said with a nod, swiftly stepping closer, 
turning me around, so his smooth underside pressed up against my 

I gave a gasp of surprise, feeling his shaft beginning to stir, the 
purple length beginning to push up between my legs.  This was not 
what I wanted, but it felt so good, so natural, I could feel the 
crocodile, pressing his shaft slowly against my anus.  For a moment I 
resisted, but my body accepted, relaxing and I felt my Master slip 
himself deep inside me.

The sensations were heavenly, my body squeezing and clenching against 
him, his cool scales circling my body as he began to thrust slowly, 
building a rhythm.  My own body responding as I felt myself 
surrender, the pleasure between us growing.  My shaft filling, 
drooling pre just as his was, the massive length stretching me in 
ways I never thought possible.

My master was mostly silent, his paws roaming over my pink flesh, but 
he began to grunt as I clenched my muscles against his length, 
pressing back against him as I felt his shaft beginning to harden.  
With a moan, he peaked, his regal seed spurting deep inside me, 
triggering my own orgasm as I surrendered to my Lord, sealing my 

After what may have been minutes, or maybe hours, I felt him pull 
out, gently laying me on the sand, my pink flesh slowly beginning to 
harden and turn green.  He watched me silently before fading away.

My changes continued in his absence.  Crocodilian features replacing 
my human ones, my previous life fading as I took up my new position.

I lay on my mud bank in my crocodile form.  I was watching the young 
researcher studying me through binoculars; the thought was eerily 
familiar although I could not remember why.  Something tingled at the 
back of my head.  My master called, I must go to him.  You can not 
keep your Gods waiting...

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