Keywords: latex, transformation, toys
Species: Human, Inflatable

By Wolphin

Pantomime season was upon us once more, definitely not my most favourite time 
of the year.  I always seemed to be the wicked stepsister or the evil witch.  
Whoever ended up dressed in drag with bad makeup on, that was I.

My copy of the script arrived in the mail.  

"The Toy Box" was this years offering.  I flipped through it.  At least it did 
not appear I was going to be in drag for a change.  My part was highlighted.  

I was to be a toy.

That was all the information the script provided.  "Toy 1:" was all it said.  I 
shook my head and gave the script a read through.  Actually it was not all that 
bad.  It would probably go down quite well.  The premise was simple enough for 
the children to understand.

A child gets magically drawn into their toy box and goes on adventures with 
their toys.  Predictably finding an evil villain, defeating them (with the help 
of the audience) before returning home to their bedroom.  At least I had a 
supporting roll so to speak, as did "Toy 2" and "The Dog".  

I shook my head again.  All pantomimes had to have a dog.

I was still wondering what sort of toy I was suppose to be when I turned up to 
the first group reading.  I nodded to the familiar faces and exchanged friendly 
ribbings when our parts were revealed.  Toy 2 turned out to be Chris, a 
likeable guy who had previously been a wicked stepsister in the last season's 
production of Cinderella.  I think we were destined to play the same parts.

Finally in walked Max the directory, late as usual.

"Good evening everyone," he announced in an overly regal tone.  "Welcome to the 
first familiarisation session.  I hope by now you have an idea who you're 
playing.  Any questions?"

Chris and I stepped forward.

"G'day Max," I said.  "Ummm, Chris and I were wondering what we were going to 

"And you are?" he shot back, looking disdainfully over the top of his glasses 
as us.

The first time he had done it to me I was mortified, the second time I realised 
he just did it for affect.

"Ahhh, Brian and Chris," he continued after a brief baiting pause.  "You are 
the toys.  The travelling companions to the dear Emily."

He gave a theatrical wave to Melissa who was playing the part of Emily, the 
child, even though she was my age.  

"We sort of gathered that Max," I replied.  "But we were wondering what we 
actually are?  The script just says toy.  I hope you're not going to whack me 
in another bear suit.  I can't do two hours under the lights in one of them.  
Not again at least."

"No," he waved his hand dismissively.  "I'm having Charles make you up 
something as we speak.  He'll drop it off to you later.  A surprise if you 

I groaned.  Max loved surprises.  The rest of us were not so keen.  And Charlie 
of all people, he owned a fetish shop.  He provided the bridle for Prince 
Charming's horse and we were almost raided by the vice squad.  Not to mention 
no one wanted to admit they did not know how to put it on.

The rest of the reading went more or less as normal.  We stumbled our way 
through the script.  Chris and myself had a ball trying to come up with a 
character that matched a description of Toy 1 and 2.  I was sticking with my 
idea of a teddy bear.  Chris had sworn he would kill Max if he ended up a 
cabbage patch kid or a Barbie Doll.  As we were leaving, Max reminded us that 
Charlie would drop off our costumes, as for everyone else, they could use the 
company's usual resources.

True to his word as I returned home about three weeks later I found a small box 
leaning against the front door.  All it said on the outside was "Toy 1". 

I closed my eyes, bracing myself.  There was no way I was going to be a bear.  
This box was no larger than a ream of paper.  I wondered what could be so 

I walked inside and pulled the box apart.  A crumpled mess of silver and grey 
fell onto the floor and I picked it up, shaking it out a little.  It took a few 
moments for my mind to figure out exactly what I was looking for.

I groaned.

I was a pool toy.  A dolphin.  It was quite easy to see once it was all laid 
out.  A dark back; silvery underside; large tail and webbed fingers, all made 
out of smooth shiny latex.  Two handles extended from the back and a somewhat 
flattened face looked back at me.

Just then the phone rang.  

"I'm a balloon," moaned Chris.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm a bloody balloon," groaned Chris.  "All rubber, it yellow with spots.  
What's that?  A tiger."

"Leopard," I suggested helpfully.

"You?" he asked.

"A dolphin," I said.

"I'm coming over," said Chris.

"Bring beer," I told him before hanging up.

About fifteen minutes later Chris arrived.  I had not done anything with my own 
outfit aside from drape it over a chair while I unwound from work.  Chris saw 
it immediately and burst out giggling.

"Flipper!" he chuckled.

"Shut up," I told him.  "Come on then, lets see it."

Almost reluctantly he pulled it out of the bag he was carrying.  Like my suit 
it was made from glossy latex, but yellow and white with dark blotches over its 
back.  Telltale tear marks under each eye defined the suit.

"Kitty!" I grinned.  Now it was my turn to tease.

"Have you tried it on?" I asked.

"No," responded Chris.  "Have you?"

"No," I said picking up the suit and looking at it.  "I'm not sure I know how 

"Me neither," he admitted and we stared at them thoughtfully.

I checked the box, hoping for instructions and found a large tube of KY Jelly 
instead.  I was so going to get Max for this.

"Did anyone tell Charlie they were for a play?" I asked, studying the suit.  "I 
have a nasty feeling he assumed it was for something kinky Max had in mind."

"That is Max's mind," muttered Chris, discovering a zip and undoing it.  

I did the same on my outfit.  Actually, they looked quite similar to get into, 
a zip from neck to naval with a hood that completely covered the head and 
tucked into the neckline.  I looked at the tube of KY, then back at the suit.  
It was clear there was no way I was going to fit into it in my clothes.

"Do we get into them?" I asked Chris, I could see his mind was at about the 
same stage as mine was.

"I guess we give it a try," he said with a sigh.

"Well, I'm starting with a shower," I said, heading for the bathroom, already 
undoing my shirt.

I half expected Chris to try and join me, but instead he yelled back, "I'll use 
the other bathroom."

Chris and myself were use to seeing each other naked.  We had shared a dressing 
room on numerous occasions before and had helped each other come to terms with 
the finer points of drag.  I would not say I was attracted to him, I did not 
consider myself gay as such, but neither did I rule out the possibility.  The 
situation had never arisen, so it had never been addressed.

The shower was quick, probably because the water pressure was not up to its 
usual standard.  I felt when Chris finished and hopped out as well.  Drying 
myself thoroughly before returning to the lounge with a towel around my waist.  
Chris was already there, pondering the suits thoughtfully, his own tube of KY 
in his hand.

"I suppose we just put the legs in first," he suggested.  "Then pull it up over 
the rest of us."

"I guess so," I agreed.  "And since he provided it, I assume the KY will be 

Chris picked up his suit and tried to slide his foot down one leg, wincing a 

"I think it's the KY or shave," he said withdrawing his foot.  "And I'm not too 
keen on the shaving option just yet."

"Ok then" I said, opening my tube.  "You first."

Chris grinned for a moment, then started to coat his foot, returning it to the 
folded yellow latex.  This time it slid in smoothly, the rubber stretching 
around his ankle and down to his calf.

"Definitely the way to go," he said with a relieved look on his face and he 
started to cover the rest of his legs with the clear goo.

I followed his lead, starting with one foot, I smothered it in KY then tried 
pushing it into the latex.  It slipped in surprisingly easily, the latex 
spreading and seeming to swallow up my leg.  I worked my leg down to the knee 
then started to cover the other foot, slipping that in as well before looking 
across at Chris.

He was a little ahead of me, pulling the suit up over his waist.  He had 
abandoned the towel and it was quite obvious there was a degree of arousal 
associated with it.  I smirked and removed my own towel, blushing as I realised 
I was in a similar state.

"Looks like you're enjoying it so far," he grinned cheekily at me.

"You can't talk," I shot back, a touch embarrassed, but it was true.  The touch 
of the smooth rubber did feel very good and coupled with the slickness of the 
jelly, it seemed more like a cocoon than a suit.

I spread the jelly over the remainder of my legs and pulled the suit up to my 
hips, smoothing out the wrinkles.  Next I lathered up my arms and following 
Chris's lead, spread a liberal amount of jelly around the inside of the suit.  
In a single quick movement he slid in his arms and pulled the suit up to his 
shoulders, the front flaps naturally coming around to cover his chest and 
suddenly he took on a very cat-like appearance.

I slipped my own arms into the grey sleaves, wriggling my fingers into the 
three digit gloves and I pulled the suit up behind me, adjusting the shoulders 
and squirming as I felt the pressure increase around my groin.  I carefully 
spread jelly over one mitten before it disappeared down the front of my outfit, 
rearranging things until it was all comfortable.

There appeared to be a folded slit in the seam and my penis filled out behind 
it quite nicely, providing a bulge, but not slipping free.  I shuddered to 
think what Charlie thought of me for wearing such a thing.

Chris had pulled his hood down over his head and suddenly a cheetah looked back 
at me.  The hood was amazingly well done, clearly fake, but detailed and 
expressional, it seemed to hug his face.  I helped him do up the zipper which 
seemed to disappear back into a hidden seam and he took a few steps.

"How does it feel?" I asked, watching the rubbery tail sway behind him.

"Pretty bloody good I have to say," admitted Chris, sounding both surprised and 
impressed at the result.

My eyes travelled down, the feline was equipped with a sheath, but a length of 
pink poked from it.

"It fits well," I grinned at him.

He gave a little purr.

"Oh hush you," he said.  "You need to get done and we'll see what you think."

I wiggled a little, I could feel the dorsal fin on my back, the tail hanging 
down crumpled between my legs.  Was about to pull the hood over my head when I 
gave another look at Chris, blinking a little.

"What's that?" I asked, stepping closer.

Below the base of the zip and the semi extended sheath was a small circle.

"What's what?" asked Chris, obviously having difficulty looking.

"This," I said, poking at it.

A small translucent cone of plastic popped free.

"It's a nozzle," I chuckled as realisation dawned.  "Well, you are supposed to 
be a balloon."

It took a little bit of fumbling, but I managed to pull the stopper out and 
leant down to blow into it before I allowed myself a chance to think.  Chris 
seemed to hesitate for a moment, then give a strange groan as I blew in.  The 
suit crinkled slightly and I blew in again.

There was a shudder as Chris gave another strange sound.

"I hate to say it," he almost groaned.  "But that feels really good."

I grinned, mouth around the nozzle, not saying anything and continuing to puff 
air in.  It did not take long until the resistance had built up and I stopped, 
fumbling once more with the stopper and looking over him again. The effect was 
quite incredible.

The hard edges of the suit had all been softened, giving him an almost cartoon 
like look.  His tail, which had hung limp, was now filled and swayed behind 
him, most noticeable was the pink length which had slipped further from his 
sheath, now looking smooth and almost inviting.

Chris giggled as he ran his rubbery paws over his smooth chest.

"This was in the bag as well," he said holding up a studded leather collar and 
a silvery piece of string.

"Ahhh, so you don't fly away I assume," I said, taking the collar from him and 
fastening it around his neck before adding the length of string.

"Quite the balloon you are," I chuckled and gave his chest a gentle pat.

It did feel quite nice to touch, smooth, soft and with a certain amount of give 
in it, but also solid underneath.  He purred as I did so, then gave me a wink.

"Well, come on Mr Pooltoy," he grinned and reached for my head.

I did not protest as he grasped the floppy dolphin head, dribbling more KY over 
my face before slipping it over.  There was a strange feeling of panic, which 
passed the moment the mask snapped into position.

I opened my eyes and looked about, the grey curve of my beak taking up a 
reasonable amount of the view.  Chris fumbled at the zip and I had to help him, 
his slightly rounded paws having a hard time finding the slider.  I tucked the 
base of my base into the opening and gasped as the zip was closed.

I knew what Chris meant now.  The touch of the tight rubber was quite enticing 
and my hands slid over my chest curiously.  Chris gave me a thoughtful look and 
stepped out of view.  I could feel his paws against my back, gripping at the 
two hard plastic handles that were fixed to my shoulder blades and I heard a 
soft "ah-ha" and felt something off to the side on my lower back.

I was about to ask what when I felt the first puff of air and my eyes widened 
in surprise.  The feeling was so bizarre, but so arousing at the same time.  
Clearly the suit was constructed of two thin sheets, sealed at the edges, Chris 
was filling the chamber between them causing one piece of latex to press 
tighter to my body and the other was filling out providing a more dolphin like 

I could feel my tail filling out behind me, my back rounding as my forehead 
took on a more melon like appearance.  All over a thin cushion of air was 
rounding the outer layer giving me a smooth sleek appearance.  I felt Chris 
push the plug back in and turned to face him.

"Mmm, glad to know I'm not the only one," he chuckled quietly, looking down.

My gaze followed and I blushed.  What had been a slit in the rubber had 
expanded, a curved tapered piece of latex had slipped out standing proudly from 
my groin.  Chris reached down, the cheetah paw tracing gently down the smooth 
length and I groaned.

Somehow it was like touching me.  I could feel the soft slick touch and flexed 
into it automatically.  We both stepped together, not saying a word as we 
embraced, smooth latex squeaking occasionally as it was pressed together, my 
beak pressed against his muzzle, his paw caressing up my back.

We somehow staggered our way from the lounge to the bedroom, our actions 
growing increasingly desperate as we teased and rewarded each other.  He had 
discovered a slit lower down on my tail that made me trill softly in pleasure.  
My rounded paws had explored under his tail, causing him to arch and purr at me 

We fell to the bed entwined, rolling, bouncing slightly in our inflated bodies, 
unable to stop the inevitable conclusion.  I thrust up against him, feeling my 
orgasm wash over me, a strange dolphin like squeal escaping my lips as my 
hidden balls emptied their load.  I panted, eyes closed, feeling him fall 
slowly onto my chest.  There was a brief pause before my modified fin traced 
over his smooth shaft and the positions were reversed.  This time it was him 
who gave an equally strange feline growl and I felt an extraordinary tingling 
sensation seem to wash over me.

Again there was a pause as we embraced once more, snuggling close, our 
movements slowing as muscles seemed to fade, the sensations lasting longer this 
time before beginning again.  My mouth opened in a silent trill of delight, we 
each teased and explored each other, our rubber bodies never seeming to tire 
although our movements grew less.  Thoughts of our lives growing dim as the toy 
characters took over gradually.

By morning we were barely capable of moving, locked in a tight embrace, all 
other thoughts extinguished.

They were never able to determine what happened to Brian and Chris.  Friends 
stumbled upon the empty house a few days later, the young men's clothes 
littered the floor, the bed unmade and two custom sex toys on the sheets.  The 
neighbours talked of course and everyone seemed to have their theories, but 
there was no hard evidence as to what happened.

Charles eventually managed to get his two custom toys back from the police.  He 
smiled as he picked up each one, tracing down the sealed underside of each of 
them and ensuing the stoppers were still quite firm.

"Just let me know when you two are done," he said as he positioned them 
discretely at the back of the store.

That was several years ago.  Folks still come to see them and marvel at the 
craftsmanship and if they arrive early in the morning, before Charlie has had 
time to check them, they may even find them in a strange compromised position 
or some of the store merchandise being modelled by them.  Charlie never seems 
to mind though... 

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