Keywords: Transformation, Scifi
Species: Human, Skunk, Otter
Otter Tails

	Lots of implied things here, but just a nice quickie I think.


Otter Tails
By Wolphin.

The human jerked back into consciousness.  He could remember taking a 
shortcut; there was a noise; a sharp pain in the back of his neck and 
everything faded away.  He blinked and looked around his 
surroundings.  The perspective was not right, everything was 
distorted somehow.  He shook his head, his brain stirring and 
suddenly it all popper into focus.

He was suspended from some sort of gantry, dangling over what 
appeared to be a kind of laboratory.  There were racks of test tubes, 
mountains of strange electronics and more than one thing he is sure 
he saw in a bad television show.  A door at one end of the room slid 
to the side with a satisfactory hiss and a figure strode in.  

It was clearly female; she had all the right curves in all the right 
places, almost too many curves in some places.  Something followed 
her in and it took him a few seconds to determine it was a tail, a 
very large tail indeed.  She stepped into the light and the 
distinctive black and white stripe was evident immediately.

She was a skunk.

"You!" he hissed.

"Me!" she replied, her eyes glimmering with mischievous energy.

"Get me down immediately," he snapped.

"Oh, all in good time," she grinned up at him, moving over to a 
console and pressing a few buttons.  

The gantry began to move towards a rather large and ominous cauldron 
at the end of the room.

"You're going to be my first test subject," she continued.  "Consider 
it payback for past deeds."

She gave a very good impression of maniacal laughter as she pushed 
another button.  The sound of thunder ran through the room, even 
though quite disappointingly the lights did not even flicker.

"I should have finished you when I had the chance," he spat, now 
being able to peer into the vat, a shimmering black oily surface 
moved as if it were alive.

"Yes," she said, picking up a portable control panel and following 
him.  "You probably should have.  You had your chance, and now I have 
mine.  In a few moments you'll be absorbed, my symbiotic latex 
turning you into the first of my army.  Today yourself and tomorrow 
the world!!!  Mawahahahaha"

"You're deranged," he shouted even as he was lowered into the ooze, 
the black substance reaching up to encircle a foot, the bindings 
giving way and dropping him into the vat, his muffled scream cutting 
off abruptly as he disappeared below the surface.

The skunk shook her head and checked her watch.

"Mad dear," she said, disappointed. "Not deranged.  Just mad..."

Time passed and a little ding sounded somewhere within the chaotic 
room.  The skunk jumped up and ran to the vat.

"Rise!" she commanded.  "Rise and serve your mistress."

Nothing happened.

She tapped her foot, checked her watch and walked up to the vat, 
giving it a solid kick.  

"Out now!" she yelled.

"Why?" rumbled a deep baritone voice.

"Because your Mistress commands it," she demanded with authority.

Slowly a black shiny head rose out of the cauldron, two glossy black 
eyes looking at her.  Thick whiskers bristled from a stumpy muzzle.  
The creature did not say another else, but it slid slowly from the 
vat, large webbed paws gripping the metal sides.  Two cute ears 
folded back against its head as it stood on the floor, pulling itself 
up onto its hind legs and looking around.  A thick muscular tail 
helped prop it up.

The skunk looked at it in surprise.

"You're an otter," she announced, the astonishment evident in her 

"Yes," rumbled the otter, preening its whiskers.

Its body moved like a liquid, flowing and rippling effortlessly.

"You're supposed to be a skunk," she stated before sounding a little 
annoyed.  "I'm going to have a skunkie empire."

"But I don't like skunks," protested the otter.

He hopped forward and nose bumped the skunk, almost knocking her off 
her feet.  It was clear he was solid muscle, or at least solid 

The skunk growled and pushed the large head away, moving over to a 
computer terminal.  The otter sat back on its haunches for a moment, 
then bounded after her, batting at her tail with a paw.

"Stop it!" snapped the skunk.  "I've got work to do.  You're supposed 
to be an obedient skunk.  Now I need to figure out what went wrong... 
something to do with the calibration matrix..."

The otter nodded, then chirped cheerfully and nosed at the back of 
her neck.

"I'm definitely not a skunk," he rumbled softly.  "I think I'm an 
otter... a rather horny otter too..."

His paws came up and wrapped around her shoulders, pulling her back 
into his underside as he sat on his haunches.  For the first time the 
skunk realised just how big the otter was, at least two foot taller 
than her.  She tried to wriggle out from his grasp, but he purred and 
held her tighter.  Her tail felt strange, her ancient instinct to 
spray at any sign of danger starting to kick in, but her tail was 
refusing to lift higher, it felt as if it was stuck.  She looked 
down, the otter's legs wrapped around hers.

She blinked, literally around hers.  Her legs disappeared into the 
rubbery textured skin.  She could feel herself being pulled back into 
his underside, her clothing being absorbed, something warm and oozing 
covering her body.

"What is happening?" she demanded, before groaning as a tendril of 
something slipped between her legs.  

She squirmed, fighting it as it thickened, quickly turning phallic 
and taking on a very definite purpose.  Her arms flailed for a 
moment, before being pulled in against the otter's underside, her 
movements effortlessly restricted.  She tried to cry out, but a 
glossy black strip extended out, sealing her mouth before expanding, 
slowly covering all of her face except for her eyes.

The otter gave a rumbling purr and scampered over to a mirror, the 
skunk giving little moans with each movement.  He could feel the 
shaft within her moving back and forth, pleasuring her as the goo 
slowly began to take her body and mind.  He sat up, allowing the 
skunk's uncovered eyes to look at her form, trapped against the 
underside of the otter the outline of the skunk was unmistakable, her 
body frozen in a pose of pleasure.

The otter grinned and rubbed over the skunk's covered breasts gently, 
converting a little more of her.

"Oh... you'll have your domination army..." he purred softly.  "It 
just won't be commanded by you..."

The skunk heard the words of her commander and could not help but to 
clench her sex down on the shaft.  It felt so good to serve the 
otter... to obey...

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