Keywords: Transformation, Magic, Adult
Species: Vulpine, Demoness, Wolf, Hyena, Lemur
Ms Popular.

Ms Popular.
By Wolphin.

With some trepidation the fox finished scrawling the lines on the 
floor, then stood back to survey his handiwork.  The complicated 
pattern flowed around in a circle, inlaid with a star.  He double 
checked it with the book and began to chant.

The room seemed to darken; a ghostly outline began to take shape in the 
centre of the chalk.  His eyes widened in anticipation and surprise, 
his mouth stumbling over the elegant script as the chant built to a 
crescendo, the last syllable falling from his lips as the shape snapped 
into reality.

The book fell from Zek's hands and landed on the floor with a solid 
thump, rousting him from his staring.  The being in the circle turned 
to face him, arching an eyebrow and cocking its head.

"Why hello," she purred, her gender apparent from her curves, her voice 
dripping in female sensuality.

"I...I..errr..." stammered Zek.

She smiled, showing perfect teeth.

"Close your mouth," she said, the worlds seeming to slide from her lips 
laden with sexual promise.  "Clear your mind, think about what you are 
going to say, then open it.  Right.  Try again."

"I... holy cow!" blurted out Zek.

"No," murmured the creature.  "Not that I know of.  Demon.  Well, 
demoness.  Perhaps holy, but that depends on your religion.  It is 
traditional to begin with some form of a greeting followed by the 
exchange of names.  That is polite.  That is civil.  I have said hello, 
which I believe is still traditional.  At this point, you, being the 
male, at least I hope you're male, say hello back to me, tell me your 
name and we exchange pleasantries."

"Um... I...err... Zek... no wait," he debated for a moment.  "Its Bob, 
call me Bob."

"I don't think it is Bob, its Zek isn't it?" she chuckled.  "And you 
forgot the hello.  I'm guessing you're the virgin demon summoner.  
Always nice to take someone's cherry."

She smirked, cute fangs poking from her upper jaw, matched to a pair of 
two inch ivory horns that raised from her hair just near her ears.  She 
appeared to be vaguely feline in nature, she moved like a cat, with 
purpose and poise.  The large spread bat wings behind her though were 
not standard issue feline.  Neither were the exceptionally long claws 
that tipped both her toes and fingers.  Also, as Zek could plainly see, 
she was naked.  Very naked.  Dark, almost blood red fur ran down her 
underside, darkening to pure black on her back.  Her breasts were 
large, but perfectly proportioned for her body, naturally pulling the 
eye in, then directing it down to the almost hidden furred sex.  
Regions of interest were highlighted by piercings.  Silver hoops ran 
through each nipple and he could see the glint of metal from her lips, 
but could not quite make out the details.

"My clitoris and twin piercings on my labia," she purred, following her 
gaze and reaching down to pull the soft fur away.  "It allows me to put 
a ring across myself and close me off, or I can put bars down the side 
to heighten the pleasure."

She licked her lips as she said the word pleasure and a shiver ran down 
Zek's spine before he blinked, shaking his head and backing away from 

"No," he said.  "The book said you'd try to do this.  To trick me.  I 
have to be firm and in control and assertive."

"That's right Zek, its you that should be commanding me after all," she 
chuckled with a cute smile.  "But don't worry, I'm not going to hurt 
you.  I'm the wrong kind of demon for that."

"That's right," said Zek, closing his eyes and trying not to think of 
the stunning body before him.  "You're in the bonding circle, I am 
safe.  You have to obey me."

"Do I now?" she murmured, reaching out with a toe and drawing a line 
across the circle, then stepping out slowly.  "You do realise it is 
only chalk?"

He gave a little eep and took another step backwards, pressing up 
against table.

"Oh relax," she replied, turning from him to look around the room, 
moving over to his desk and fossicking around.  "If I wanted you dead, 
you'd be dead.  If I wanted your soul, well, you'd be dead.  If I 
didn't like you, you'd be dead.  If, well, you probably get the idea.  
So spit it out boy.  What do you want?"

Her long sinuous tail flicked behind her, the spade tip sliding through 
the air.

"I want revenge," he said defiantly.

She turned to face him, looking him over slowly with her glowing eyes.

"No you don't," she replied.

"Yes I do," he said.

"No you don't," she sighed.  "Let me guess, you've been wronged, 
something terrible happened.  Someone slept with your girl friend, 
murdered your family, killed your cat, threw rocks into the water while 
you were fishing.  It doesn't matter.  It's been done, its happened, 
its in the past.  Move on, its over.  Let it go."

"Just what kind of demon are you?" he blinked in surprise.

"A normal one," she answered.  "Not what you expected?"

"You're suppose to be all full of wrath and evilness, death and 
destruction," he told her.

"Why?" she replied.  "Sure we can do it, but the fun only lasts for a 
few thousand years.  One day you wake up and find yourself going, its 
boring.  People don't need us for their revenge.  Sure we get the blame 
for a lot of it, but most demons just can't be bothered any more.  
Besides, its more fun being subtle.  Want to get revenge on someone?  
Hide their car keys.  Change their password.  A lot more satisfying 
then killing them.  You can only kill someone once, but passwords you 
can change every day."

"Oh," he said looking dejected.

"You wanted a big thing against someone didn't you?" she said, sitting 
on the edge of the bed and pulling her feet up against her chest.  
"Come on then, what did they do to you?"

"Yes," he admitted before adding. "They stood me up."

"They stood you up?" she chuckled.  "Is that all?  Honey, you have got 
to let it slide."

"But no one likes me," he whined.  "I never get a date and this time I 
did and she cancelled."

"So?" she replied.  "Change your image."

She looked him over.

"You look like a nice enough fox, a little work out here and there, 
you'd be happy.  Right then.  That everything, I'll be going again."

She stood up.

"No," he protested.  "You can't go.  I summoned you.  You have to obey 

"Well, its more an obligation than obey, but sort of," she admitted, 
for the first time seeming a little uncomfortable.

"If you won't do revenge, make me popular," he demanded.

"Honey," she replied.  "Look you're a really sweet guy and all that, 
but in all honesty, you don't want me to help you with that.  I mean, I 
could, but you don't want me to do that."

"Yes I do," he snapped stubbornly.  "I know your kind.  You're just 
trying to trick me.  Do it, change things so I'll be popular.  Now.  I 
command you."

She shook her head and stood up.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," she replied, walking up to him, then 
stepping through him.

Zek shuddered, pulling his head back as she kept approaching.  His 
muzzle made contact with hers and she seemed to sink into his fur.  He 
could feel her wings reaching around, a strangely soothing tingle, his 
own body changing.  His knees buckling and he fell to the floor in an 
unconscious thump.

When he woke the room was dark.  He opened his eyes and looked about.  
She was back on the bed, studying him over her knees with a look of 
slight concern on her face.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

"I'm fine," he snapped back, blinking as he realised how dark the room 
was, his eyes able to pick out every detail though.

"Most don't take the change well," she said.  "You'll be hungry, you'll 
need to feed."

"I am not hun..." he started to say, but then he felt the hunger 
gnawing away inside him and he shut his mouth.

"I do know a little more about this than you do," she replied with a 
faint smile, standing and holding out a hand.

He took it warily and the room suddenly vanished, replaced instead by 
an almost identical room.  He was unsure which, but it had to be 
another of the dorm rooms.  There was a figure in the bed asleep.  She 
approached and stroked her paw over the head of the sleeping body which 
responded with a muffled moan and rolled onto its back.

For the first time Zek got a look at the sleeper's face.  It was a 
wolf, the face was vaguely familiar, but he could not place his name.

"What are we doing here?" he asked in a whisper, the growing sense of 
hunger beginning to throb in the back of his head.

"You need to feed," she murmured back to him, still stroking over the 
wolf's forehead softly.

"But I don't... food..." his attention was suddenly literally pulled to 
the wolf.

It was a feeling hard to explain, one of instinct and need.  He did not 
want to, but he found himself reaching out with a paw, stroking down 
the bed-sheets, before pressing his paw in against the wolf's groin.  
He felt his paw sink through the sheets, even entering the wolf's body.  
He closed his eyes and moaned, the wolf seemed alive with warmth and 
excitement.  His paw pushed down deeper, the wolf responded by arching 
himself up.  Zek could sense his arousal, he could feel it, coaxing it 
and exciting it further, beginning to pull it into himself.  The 
feeling continued to build, Zek and the wolf both moaning at the same 
instant, Zek, capturing the sensations and pulling it into himself.

He felt a paw on his shoulder.

"That's enough," said the demon again.  "You just need a feed, nothing 

He blinked and looked down, the wolf was continuing to writhe.  Somehow 
Zek had moved and had straddled him over the bedclothes, pressing 
himself against the wolf.  He gasped in surprise and leapt from the 
bed, the wolf falling back and giving a moan.

"Well, he'll have a mess to clean up in the morning," she chuckled, 
taking Zek's hand and the room faded from view once again.

"What have you done to me?" he demanded as his own room came into 

"What you asked for," she said.

"But that was a guy... you just had me humping some guy through his 
sheets!" he exclaimed.  "What the fuck was that?"

"I did try to warn you," she replied.

"I said popular," spluttered Zek.  "Not some freak."

"First," she began.  "You are popular.  Just look at what you did to 
that guy.  Believe me, you'll be able to have both anyone and anything 
once your strength builds up.  Secondly, you're not some freak, just 
part demon.  Well demoness."

"Demoness?" screeched Zek.  "I'm not a fucking demoness."

"Well, that's true," she replied, remaining completely calm.  "You're 
more a hybrid.  It was the only way I could do what you wanted.  You 
did demand it.  You ordered me.  I warning you, I told you, but you 
insisted.  I assumed you knew the risks."

Zek had stormed over to the mirror and was looking into it.  He did not 
like what he saw.  

He was not a he any longer.  A large pair of full, pert breasts graced 
his chest.  His waist sculpted in, then flared out again over his hips.  
He retained his sheath, but his testicles were no where to be found, a 
groping paw discovered only a single, rather pleasurable sex which he 
traced a paw over, rubbing at the sides as he purred, before rousting 
himself.  Behind him, a faint pair of batlike wings arched from his 
shoulders, not quite solid, a little like a pair of shadows.

"Undo it," he moaned.

"I can't," she replied.  "I can only do things on mortals, and well, 
you're now a lower demon of sorts."

"What am I?" he protested at his reflection.

"You are quite unique," she told him.  "A succubus.  You probably would 
have been more comfortable being an incubus, but I can only do things 
related to succubi, so I had to merge your soul into a succubi, which 
of course has reflected on your physical form.  It's a really neat 
piece of metaphysical manipulation.  I'm quite happy with how you 
turned out."

She sounded rather proud.

"But I've got both bits," he whined.

"Both?" she questioned.  "Ahhh, the sexes.  Yes, the male from your 
physical form, the female from your demonic form.  Well, I did try to 
warn you.  Don't worry, nothing wrong with hermaphrodites.  Always 
popular at parties and with your succubi nature, you'll be popular 
anyway.  You will be able to present as pretty much normal male or 
female if you need to, but this will be your true form."

Zek shook his head.

"This can't be happening," he moaned.  "I want to wake up."

"Oh grow up you big baby," she replied poking him.  "It's your own 
fault, now learn to live with it."

Zek sobbed to hirself and curled up on the bed.  The demoness watched 
from where she had perched on the table.  A few minutes later the 
sobbing stopped as Zek's paw began to trace over hir sex.  She smirked 
to hirself.

"You'll be fine," she said standing and moving over to hir, leaning 
over to place a deep and passionate kiss across hir lips. 

Sie responded in kind, kissing back hungrily.  She let hir linger for a 
while longer than necessary, then broke it off.

"I must be going," she murmured.  "But you enjoy yourself.  Call out 
for help if you need it, I'll be sticking around on this plane for a 

Zek went to say something, but moaned instead as hir fingers entered 
hir sexlips.  Sie managed to nod faintly and the demoness disappeared.  
Zek did not mind, hir roaming paws keeping hir more than happy before 
sleep took hir.

Zek woke as light was streaming in the window, hir body stretching 
slowly as hir mind recalled the previous night and a paw reached down 
between hir legs instinctively.  At first it met the erect shaft and 
sie gave a sigh of relief, the sigh turning to a moan of despair as hir 
fingers explored lower and traced over the inviting sexlips.  The moan 
changing again as sie felt the sensations.

Sie stood and inspected hirself in the mirror.  Sie had to admit, sie 
did look quite seductive.  Remembering what the demoness had told hir, 
sie closed hir eyes and concentrated, feeling hir body shifting.  Shi 
opened hir eyes and looked at hir reflection again. 

Now hir breasts had shrunk, flattening back with smaller nipples, hir 
shaft remained, but below it, hir sex had seemed to had filled out, 
producing a pseudo scrotum.  Unless you knew, you would assume sie was 

Curiosity tingled at the back of hir mind and sie began to think in the 
other direction.  This time watching as hir breasts began to swell, hir 
hips and waist changing as hir shaft shrunk, hir scrotum seeming to 
shrink as it folded back into a labia.  Sie purred as shi looked at the 
vixen in the mirror.  Zek had to admit, sie made a sexy vixen.

Zek was about to change back when sie became aware of a gnawing hunger.  
Closing hir eyes shi let hir mind wander, a paw rising to tease at 
nipple.  It seemed as if sie was floating, passing through walls 
effortlessly until sie came upon a hyena.  He was propped up in his 
bed, stroking his shaft, pornographic magazines dotted around his bed.

Sie reached out, tracing a paw over his head, then straddled his hips, 
as he pulled his hand back.  Shi allowed hirself to solidify just 
enough so hir sex began to ripple over his shaft, reaching down to pick 
up and guide his paws up to hir breasts.  Silently shi began to ride 
him, his eyes opening, glazed with lust and not comprehending what they 
were seeing.  As hir movements increase sie could feel his energy 
beginning to peak.  Sie gave a blissful sigh as he climaxed, closing 
hir eyes and arching back, the hyena moaning.  Sie continued to ride 
him while sie recovered, opening hir eyes to look down.

Sie could see through hir ghostlike body, watching as his shaft oozed 
its seed, most of his load apparently splattered over his underside.  
Sie purred and pulled hirself from him, causing him to groan again.  
Sie felt much better now.

This time instead floating back to hir room sie walked through the 
door.  Shi found it strangely liberating to walk naked through the 
hall.  Sie knew no one could see hir unless sie desired it, but sie 
also knew hir touch could be felt.  Extending a wing sie teased it over 
a cute lion standing reading the notice board, smiling as his trousers 
bulged a soft warming of sexual energy leaking from him.

Reaching hir room, Zek steadied hirself, hir form solidifying back into 
its natural state.  Sie began to pull on clothes, then paused and 
shifted back to being male so they would fit, this time leaving the 
dorms by a more conventional route.

Zek's first day on campus as a succubi was an interesting one.  Sie had 
been worried about hir secret being uncovered, but, although everyone 
seemed to notice a change, they all seemed to find it natural.  Hir 
wish of being popular was true.  All the girls giggled and waved cutely 
at him and sie caught more than one of the guys stealing looks at hir 
as well.  For the afternoon, sie decided to change, visiting the shops 
at lunchtime and returning with clothing more appealing to hir feminine 
look... and leaving behind a very satisfied shop assistant.  The effect 
in the afternoon was a reverse of the morning's experiments.  This time 
it was the guys who literally followed hir around while the girls stole 
glances.  Sie was beginning to think shi would enjoy this.

That evening sie began to feel the hunger beginning to build.  Sie 
looked around the library.  Shi had discovered if shi looked hard sie 
could sense what others were feeling;  a sexual aura so to speak.  
There was a lemur working in the corner whose aura drew Zek's attention 
to hir.

For the past hour or so, Zek had been stoking her aura by directing 
some of hir own sexual energy toward her.  Now her aura was a deep 
passionate red and Zek had noticed one paw occasionally stroke over her 
thigh.  Sie closed hir eyes and let hir mind wander towards the lemur, 
probing at the edges shi could sense the lemur's fantasies and began to 
taint them with hir own desires.

After seeding the lemur for a while, Zek chose hir moment, waiting for 
the lemur to disappear into the stacks.  Shi followed, making a few 
mental changes to hir appearance, hir chest swelling a little more as 
shi swayed hir hips seductively.  Acting completely accidentally, shi 
brushed hir tail against the lemur's, then apologised.

"I'm sorry," sie said.  "These gaps are never large enough."

"No, that's fine," began the lemur, before looking up and swallowing as 
she looked over the vixen.

There was a pause before the lemur pulled her tail in, letting it curl 
around her leg, the tip resting against Zek's paw.

"I usually just let my tail go," she admitted.  "You know its so long, 
I sort of loose track of it."

She gave a nervous chuckle.

"Its quite beautiful," replied Zek.  "May I?"

Shi did not wait for an answer, reaching out to stroke over the striped 
length.  She knew the lemur found the underside of her tail 
particularly sensitive and let hir paws tease over it in a seductive 
innocence.  The lemur blinked before giving a slight shudder.

"Oh that's..." she gasped.

Zek did not give her a chance to think, leaning forward and kissing her 
deeply.  For a moment the lemur froze, but then the wall of resistance 
melted and she kissed back.  Zek purred as shi felt the lemur's paws 
reach around her body, the arousal of the lemur that had been held 
back, crashing down on the female, making her react on instinct.

They fumbled their way backwards, deeper into the library, pulling a 
book cart out of the way and folding back into its niche.  Their lips 
still locked as Zek began to curl hir unseen wings around the lemur.  
This just excited the lemur further and she began to rub her crotch 
against hirs.  Sliding a paw down the front of the lemur's jeans, Zek 
traced hir fingers over her sex, the already damp lips eagerly 
accepting hir digits.  The lemur began to hump now, grinding herself 
against the succubus as Zek began to feed, drawing the sexual energy 
out of the lemur as hir thumb pressed against hir clitoris.  The lemur 
orgasmed, shuddering against the vixen with a moan, her eyes rolling 
back in her head as her body went limp.  

Zek cradled her for a few moments, then gently lowered her to the 
floor, reaching out to slide one of the lemur's own paws down the front 
of her jeans and stepping back, allowing hirself to fade from view.  
Shi did not abandon her though, watching few the next few minutes as 
the lemur woke and looked around.  The scent of arousal heavy in the 
air, a damp patch visible on her jeans.  Zek knew hir mind was 
confused, wondering if the vixen had all been some day dream, the 
lemur's ears blushing pink as she straightened out her clothes and 
returned to her desk.

Zek smiled to hirself as shi shifted back to hir normal form strolling 
unseen across the campus.  Well fed and in a good mood, shi teased some 
of the students going past, letting hir wings caress over them or 
mentally caressing their auras.  By the time shi reached hir dorm, shi 
could feel the distant effects of hir work beginning to take hold.

Shi looked out over the campus with a smile showing just a hint of 
fang.  Oh yes, shi was going to be the most popular succubus on campus, 
shi would make sure of that...

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