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Species: Wolf, Mind Flayer
A Meeting of Minds

A Meeting of Minds
By Wolphin

The wolf snuck through the forest, his quarry sitting in a small 
clearing a few feet away.  He could make out the small tent and 
cheerful glow of the fire, the outline of the creature distinct against 
the flames.  The approach was from downwind, his footsteps silent in 
the grass, each carefully chosen as so not to produce a single sound.  
His sword already slipped from his scabbard, he drew his paw back and 
commenced the killing stroke on the unsuspecting figure.


It was not spoken.  It was a sudden abrupt command which invaded his 
body, sinking past his brain to every muscle, ordering his limbs to 
obey.  His body locked in place, unable to move an inch.

The creature stood and turned slowly, with the fire behind it, the wolf 
could not make out any features.  It stood about the same height as he, 
its body cloaked and a hood drawn over its head, leaving the face in 
ominous shadow.

"Company," said a voice, it was soft and mellow.  "How nice."  

A gloved hand reached out, easily prying the sword from the wolf's grip 
and tossing it into the darkness of the forest.  The wolf remained 
frozen like a statue, trying to move, but his body refused, not even 
his eyes moving.

"What brings you to my humble camp?" asked the creature from within the 
depths of the cloak.

"I come to kill you," replied the wolf, his mouth answering before his 
brain had even processed the question.  His body returning to its 
frozen state the instant the words had left his mouth.

"Well, that is a surprise," murmured the figure moving closer and 
letting a gloved hand rub over the wolf's fur.  It fumbled for a second 
with his belt before that too joined his sword in the darkness, leaving 
the wolf without the security of any of his tools.

"I suppose the villagers sent you?" was the next question.

"Yes," answered the wolf's mouth.


"You are murdering them each night," replied the wolf, trying to stop 

"How predictable," said the figure.  "They blame one of their own on 
the outsider."

The creature bought his gloved hand up over the wolf's fur.  The wolf 
could feel it, the hand warm.  He tried to flinch, to get away, but his 
body still refused to move.

"And where do you come into the equation?" asked the being.

"The villages hired me to kill you," replied the wolf.  "I am a 
mercenary.  I follow the money."

The creature nodded and then looked back at the fire.

"I grow cold.  *join me*."  It was another of the unspoken commands.

The wolf found himself following the creature back to the warmth of the 
fire.  His body moved on its own, he tried to alter it, but one foot 
automatically moved in front of the other.  A few steps later he could 
feel the fire warming his front and he stopped, freezing in place once 

"The villagers are in search of one of their own," stated the creature.  
"A monster, but one that hides among them, they prefer to accuse an 
outsider, someone they don't understand rather than examine their own 
failings too closely."

The being seemed to sigh before continuing.

"And so I am forced to defend myself against an unjustified penalty."

It looked back towards the wolf, its face still hidden within the 
shadows of its cloak.

"You do not even know who you were sent to kill," it stated.  "I should 
kill you now, protect myself.  Do you wish to die?"

"No," came the reply from the wolf.  It was not a plea, but a simple 

The creature stood and stepped closer.

"You have insulted me by threatening my life.  It is an insult that 
deserves compensation.  I will spare your life, but for that, you will 
be mine for the period of one year.  I believe this is fair, do you?" 
the creature paused as if waiting for a response.

"Yes," answered the wolf as his mind raced.  He knew his life was in 
danger, but what had he just agreed to?  He had more questions, he 
wanted to fight!

The creature reached out with a hand, but this time paused to remove 
its glove. The four fingered hand was cool as it made contact with his 
fur and a strange tingle seemed to emanate from the point of contact.  
The creature slipped behind him, strange sensations starting to flow 
through the wolf, feelings of submission, obedience tinged with 

He was still prevented from moving, but his body was beginning to stir.  
He felt the creature lean in, hands circling his waist, there was a 
strange warming sensation and an erotic image of two cuddling wolves 
flashed through his mind.

"Yessss..." the voice behind him was a soft hiss in his ear.

He could feel something curling around his head, rubbing at the base of 
his ears, then pressing forward, closing over his muzzle, the images in 
his mind changing, one wolf slowly morphing into something different, 
the other changing into himself.  He was arched, clearly aroused, the 
being behind him, snuggling up, strange things were wrapped around his 
head, he did not understand, but his mind was gently soothed.

He served; a humble pup before his master.  His master looked after him 
and he would protect and obey his master.  It felt good to obey his 
master.  His master made him feel so good.

He closed his eyes, arching himself back against Master, there was a 
brief sting as he felt Master's mouth slice into the back of his neck, 
the long tongue slipping up into the back of his skull and the 
delightful dazed feeling as Master began to feed.

The wolf was unaware of it, but the mind flayer was careful, just 
taking enough of the wolf's cerebral fluid for a nice meal, but his 
saliva mixed with the wolf's blood stream, increasing production.  Soon 
he would be able to feed on the wolf as often as he liked.  His soft 
tentacles curling around the wolf's head, holding him still as his mind 
reprogrammed the wolf's thought patterns.  He would keep his word, the 
wolf was his for a year, but then he would return the wolf's free will.  
If the wolf chose to go he was welcome to, but the mind flayer had 
never had a companion voluntarily leave, he suspected the wolf would 
not be the first.

The mind flayer's tongue teased directly over the wolf's brain and then 
slipped back into his mouth, the tiny puncture sealing over and 
disappearing into the wolf's fur.  His tentacles began to withdraw but 
his mental suggestions remained.  The wolf gave a soft cry and arched 
back, his shaft hardening and spurting his seed before him as the mind 
flayer rumbled, leaching off the sensations of the wolf's orgasm.  He 
could not experience the physical pleasures of the flesh directly, but 
he was more than accustomed to leaching off of others.

As the wolf fell to his knees to mind flayer returned to his seat by 
the fire.  The wolf panted, quietly recovered before curling over and 
licking himself clean.

"I shall prepare our bed sir," he announced when he was done, giving a 
slight bow to the creature and slipping off to the tent, his mind empty 
of anything except the thought of serving and protecting his master.

The mind flayer rumbled to himself.  It appeared his wolf would make an 
excellent companion.  Yes, he doubted he would leave... they never 
wanted to...

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