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Species: Lupine, Kitsune
Lunar Influences

	This is a followup to Ebb and Flow, since I thought it was only fair the
wolf get his revenge on the terrible things the vixen did to him...

Lunar Influences.
By Wolphin

The vixen stepped through the portal and into her room.  She liked travelling 
across the worlds, but it was good to be back.  Especially at this time of the 
month, the full moon would be rising soon and already she could feel the need 
beginning to grow within her.  She began unlacing her armour, stripping back to 
the simple leathers underneath, her paws able to run through her softer fur.  
She could feel the roughness to her fur and willingly headed for the bathroom.

The tub took just moments to fill and she sank herself into it with a rumble of 
delight, feeling the warm water beginning to wash away the miles of travel.  
She knew she could have teleported herself instantly back and forth, but there 
was a certain satisfaction achieved by making the trip on horseback.  Besides, 
with her redesigned saddle, any speed faster than a walk was a delight.

She methodically worked the soap through her fur, letting her fingers roam over 
her more sensitive areas, leaning back in the tub as she remembered speeding 
her mount into a canter... the modified saddle, bouncing against her...  She 
slid her fingers into her sex, only rousting herself from her memory as she 
heard herself moan.

She looked around the room, blushing to herself and finished lathering her 
legs.  She looked at the water, it was already stained brown with dust, so she 
pulled the plug, sitting up and letting it drain away before reaching for the 
shower hose.  She adjusted the water into massaging jets and began working the 
warm fluid through her fur, rinsing the soap and last of the dirt away.  The 
powerful jets felt wonderful against her aching muscles.
She knew she was doing it, but that did not stop her, moving the stream around 
her chest until it was throbbing down against the bare nipple.  She repeated it 
on the other side, then closed her eyes, directing the pulsing water jet 
between her legs.

She loved that sensation, feeling her sex being invaded, gentle but yet 
insistent thrusts that softened, the water causing her inner walls to clench 
before it ran out, dribbling down her legs.  She directed the stream towards 
her clitoris, gasping and gripping the edge of the rub as she lent forward, 
pressing the shower head against her sex, she felt the thick jets start to wash 
over her g-spot.  Her hips bucked and she cried out, letting her orgasm wash 
over her as the shower hose fell from her hand.  Her legs spread as she sank 
down against the warm porcelain panting and trying to recover her breath.

"Well, well, well," came a voice by the door.  "This is something I did not 
expect to see."

Her head snapped up and she growled.  A familiar wolf was leaning against the 
door frame.  He held a pipe to his lips.  She was about to say something when 
the dart flew out and hit her neck with a soft thump.  She brought her paw up 
to pull it from her fur with another growl, but already the room was beginning 
to swim.

"You!" she managed to gasp as her joints seemed to give way and she faded into 
a pile in the bath, darkness descending over her.

The vixen blinked and moved her head, her brain was fuzzy, the image of the 
wolf flashed before her eyes and she tried to sit up with a jerk, but found she 
could not move.  She turned her head and looked.  She was tied to a cross, 
spread eagled.  Her eyes looked around, she knew this room... it was the same 
room, although this time the curtains were drawn from the window, bathing her 
body in the silvery light of the full moon.

She moaned when she noticed this, being acutely aware of the growing desires 
within her, trying to flex her hips and clenching her sex as her nipples stood 
proudly from her fur.

"Good evening M'lady," murmured a soft voice and out of the shadows stepped the 

She looked at him, it was the same wolf from before, their positions now 
reversed.  He was still wearing the leather harness, his shaft fully erect from 
his sheath and one paw stroked over it lazily.

"You are not an easy vixen to track down," he said, moving closer.

In one hand he held the same riding crop she had used on him before only this 
time it was him who trailed the end through her fur, causing her to arch and 

"Imagine my surprise when my mind cleared..." he began, lightly flicking her 
nipples with the crop, each small sting making her shiver and squirm.  "I had 
been having a drink alone, then I wake up the morning after in a room... this 
room, littered with sexual objects, my scent mingling with yours and my balls 
aching so much it was two days before I could walk normally."

He snarled a little and flicked the crop across her sex eliciting a moan from 
her lips.

"My captor vanished," he continued.  "Of course, I could not leave it at that, 
so I began to hunt.  You are illusive, I will give you that, but I was 
persistent.  I tracked and followed and bribed and managed to find your lair.  
Of course, had I know magic it would have been so much simpler.  But I distrust 
most magic, but I do make a few exceptions."

He stroked the blunt end of the crop up her belly and hooked it under the 
collar that circled her neck.

"This collar for example," he murmured.  "Prevents the user from working magic.  
Very handy that... don't want you disappearing on me."

He lightly tapped her nose and took a few steps back, pulling up a stool and 
sitting before her.

"Of course I did conduct quite a bit of research into my prey as I was 
hunting," he said with a smile.  "Know thy enemy and all that.  You were 
telling the truth about your cycles being linked to the moon.  Not all kitsune 
mind you, but you are one."

He paused and looked out the window.

"And by now, I am guessing you're almost ready to scream for an orgasm," he 
smiled, using the crop to spread her labia causing a little stream of fluid to 
drip onto the floor.  "Would I be right?  Want to feel something hot and solid 
pumping deep inside you?"

As he said the words he flexed his own hips, drawing her attention down towards 
his shaft, the thick glistening wolf phallus almost calling out to her.

She moaned, feeling her body throbbing with need.  She tried to thrust her hips 
forward as best she could.

"Please..." she whimpered, clenching her sex, squeezing more of her fluids from 

He moved closer and reached out with his tongue lapping from her base to her 
tip in a single smooth stroke.  She cried out in pleasure and tried to thrust 
herself on his muzzle.  He just chuckled and pulled back.

"Now, now," he tutted, reaching up towards one of her arms.  "You need to stop 
thinking about yourself all the time."

He pulled on her arm and the entire X brace swung down, levelling out in a 
horizontal position, suddenly her body was being pulled down by gravity, but 
the bonds held tight, the weight not difficult to bare.  He pulled the stool up 
and sat on it again, roughly pulling the hair on the back of her head to direct 
his gaze.

"Feed," he said in a threatening voice, pointing her head towards his groin.  
"Be gentle and you will be rewarded."

Her eyes locked onto his thick rod and her jaws closed hungrily around it, 
curling her tongue around his length she began to suckle.  Her mouth made all 
sorts of obscene sounds and he moaned, stroking over the back of her head.  She 
was good... very good...  He thrust himself forwards as his length spasmed... 
too good it seemed.

He thrust his hips back and forth, listening to her feed as his shaft continued 
to empty itself into her maw.  Her tongue squeezing around his length and he 
could feel himself beginning to give in to her charms.  Not wanting a repeat of 
before, he pulled back and flicked the brace back into a vertical position.

"Thank you," he said giving her a bow.  "I needed that."

"What about me?" she asked, licking her lips to get all of his taste he could 
from her fur.  "You said you'd make me cum."

He looked up.

"No," he stated.  "I said you'd be rewarded... there is a difference..."

He reached out and tapped her sex with the crop.  She snarled and then moaned 
at him.

"Please..." she whimpered, her demeanour changing in an instant.  "I need..."

"I know what you need," he cut her off, opening up a trunk and rummaging inside 

He pulled out a sting a bit over a foot long, various sized beads were spaced 
along it ranging in size from a pea up to almost a golf ball.

"I hope you're relaxed..." he said, stepping up and running the smooth beads 
over her sexlips to coat them in her juices.

He slipped his fingers in past the soft folds of her labia and she moaned, 
thrusting against him.  He gave a tut and flicked a finger against her clit and 
pulled out, rubbing the slick digits up under her tail.  This caused her to 
groan, her tail arching back as he replaced the digits with the string of 
pearls, gently pushing the first small one inside, then beginning to 
methodically work the others in after it.  She moaned each time she felt her 
anus being spread, her body relaxing before accepting each bead in turn, the 
larger ones making her roll her hips.

"There," he said, leaving the end of the string hanging free.  "I bet that 
feels nice."

He grinned and attached a dildo as a weight to the end of the string, leaving 
it to hang, not enough to pull it out, but enough to make the lower pearl roll 
around inside her as she flexed.  He started the dildo swinging and stepped 

"Hmm..." he mused to himself, watching as she tried to roll her hips in time 
with the swinging.  "That looks good on you, perhaps something else..."

He returned his attention to the trunk, pulling out three silver clips and a 
length of chain.  He quickly attached a clip to each of her nipples, then drew 
back her folds and slipped the last around her clitoris.  They were smooth with 
curved jaws, but she still gasped as they dug into her sensitive flesh.  He 
grinned at her reaction and ran the fine silver chain through the loops on the 
end of them, beginning at her groin, then up to her left breast, across to her 
right and back down, trailing the end of the chain between her legs to join it 
to the string that emerged from under her tail.

He gave the hanging dildo a swing, now as it swung back it caused all three 
clamps to pull tight, the chain pressing against her labia before it swung 
back, freeing itself.  She groaned, panting and continued to try to roll her 
hips with the motion.

"Very nice," he announced.  "But I think I will leave you for a bit..."

She whimpered and shook her head.

"No..." she moaned.  "Don't leave me... I need... need to cum..."

The wolf looked out at the moon, then back at her.

"I know," he grinned, stepping up and sliding a gag into her mouth.

The gag was in the shape of a wolf shaft, she could feel the knot spreading her 
teeth as the shaft pressed against the back of her neck.  She suckled 
instinctively on it as he fastened it around her muzzle.

"There, that should keep you quiet," he told her.  "Back in a few hours, don't 
go anywhere."

He chuckled and disappeared through one of the doors.  She whined and looked 
around, there was nothing to help her, each movement started the chains 
pressing in against her causing her to moan again, her sex clenching against 
nothing at all, desperate to feel something... anything deep inside her.

Time ticked on slowly, the moon inching its way higher as it moved through the 
dark sky.  She moaned against the gag, her desires begging to be sated, but 
each passing second just drove her pleasure to a higher plateau, pushing all 
other thoughts from her mind.

The wolf returned many hours later.

"I'm back," he said cheerfully, walking in and looking at the bound vixen.

She was quite a sight.  Her juices were now freely dribbling down her legs to 
the point of pooling under her.  Both nipples and her clitoris were swollen, 
with little trickles of milk disappearing into her damp fur.  The remainder of 
her body soaked with sweat and a distant lusty look in her eyes.

The wolf looked out the far window, watching the moon beginning slide past the 
horizon as the orange glow of the dawn approached from the other side.

He sat himself down on the stool, feeling the effect of her scent beginning to 
take effect on him as his shaft slipped free, drawing her gaze hypnotically 
towards it.

"You may be wondering why I left you," he said conversationally, stroking a paw 
over his shaft.  "Although, if my research is correct, by now you're probably 
thinking next to nothing at all."

He looked up at her, she seemed to gurgle on the gag, flexing herself towards 
him and moaning as the chain flexed.

"According to lore," he continued.  "Some Kitsune as effected by lunar cycles, 
increasing their sex drive.  You would be one of those... but according to 
legend, if a Kitsune's sex drive is not sated, then it remains until the next 

He smiled up at her.

"Of course, this is something I had to try," he murmured, looking out the 
window as the mood disappeared, the vixen's fur being warmed by the first rays 
of the sun.

"I mean, what sort of revenge would it be for my own kidnapping to just tie you 
up and pleasure you for an evening, when I could have you for a whole month, 
imprinted on me and serving my every need."

He smiled, standing and undoing the cuffs from the frame.

She sprang at him, shoving him back against the bed and sinking her hips fully 
over his shaft in a single action.  Almost immediately her body shuddered and 
he felt her gasp, arching up as her sex devoured what it had so desperately 
been seeking.  He reached around, pulling the string slowly from under her 
tail, each bead causing another orgasm to rock over her body.

The sensation of her clenching walls was too much and as the string finally 
left her, his shaft surrendered.  He pushed himself up, impaling the vixen on 
his knot as he came, thick wolf seed spurting into her folds making her gasp 
and orgasm again.

He held himself there, letting her squirm and ride him as she wanted, 
eventually her actions slowed, his own shaft remaining rock hard within her, 
the scent of her juices and need too thick in the room for even him to ignore.

She looked at him with soft eyes and he reached up to undo the gag from her 
muzzle.  She licked her lips, stretching her jaw and then kissed him deeply.  
He blinked in surprise.

"How do you feel?" he asked.

"Wonderful," she purred, before pulling back, stretching her belly.

He reached up and unthreaded the chain, leaving the clamps in place.

"Thank you," she purred, nuzzling at his cheek affectionately.

She pulled herself from his shaft with a pop, then knelt between his legs and 
let her tongue slowly lick him clean, curling the warm length around his tip as 
she suckled right down to his knot, her sparkling eyes never leaving his as she 
lapped at his length.  She waited until he was clean then pulled herself back, 
reaching under a cushion to produce a dildo which she first slipped into her 
sex, purring softly before pulling it out and sliding the ribbed length up 
under her tail.

She stood slowly.

"I am going to take a shower and get cleaned up," she murmured, offering a paw.  
"Care to join me?"

He blinked in surprise, accepting the hand and pulling himself upright.  She 
cupped his sac with her paw and used it to steer him towards the bathroom, her 
tail teasing between his thighs.

"I don't think you know what you've bitten off," she teased, giving a squeeze.  
"But I hope you've cleared your schedule because I'm not letting you out of my 
sight for a month."

She pulled him into the shower, wrapping her legs around his hips and squeezing 
him tight as she kissed him hungrily, beginning to move her hips against his 
shaft once again...

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