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Lov'n Lizard

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Lov'n Lizard
By Wolphin.

I suppose you could call it my first erotic purchase.  I am not 
sure if it was classified as that or not, but for me it was.  A 
large tub of what most people would describe as gunk.  I read the 
label, "Lov'n Lizard".  At least it had the name of an erotic 

I had not gone out to buy it, but I had been dragged along to the 
Sexpo by some of my friends.  They all giggled and disappeared 
into the various booths, leaving me to poke around on my own.  
Frankly, some of it scared me.  Loads of leather, straps, belts, 
collars and chains.  Mountains of clothes and outfits.  Then there 
were the toys.  Blow up things, pump up things, things I would not 
know what to do with and other things that I was sure it was 
physically impossible to use.

I was passing the time, nodding politely to stall owners, 
declining the free samples, when I stumbled across a small booth 
tucked away in the corner.  What caught my eye at first was the 
lack of customers.  I decided it must be some safe sex thing, but 
getting nearer I discovered it was nothing of the kind.

The poster read "Sexual Spoo, guaranteed to spice up any sex 
life."  Not the catchiest of names.

"Ahhh, come in, come in," gestured the old man inside.

I stepped off the circuit and into the carpeted cubicle.  At least 
this one did not have the obligatory bound and gagged sex doll 
hanging from the roof.  I nodded politely to the man, feigning at 
least an interest in his wares.

On the counter were several bowls of goo.  

"What is this stuff?" I asked, debating if it was safe to touch or 

"This, my friend," began then man, in a well rehearsed spiel.  "Is 
the latest invention to assist in your search for the ultimate 

I gestured for him to ease up.

"It's a form of body paint," he sighed, obviously disheartened.

"Like that latex stuff some of the other people are selling?" I 

"In looks only," he said defensively.  "The original formula has 
been in my family for generations.  We were gipsies and sometimes 
the only way to pass the cold nights away was for something to 
warm us up."

He gave the nod-nod, wink-wink routine from Monty Python.

I poked experimentally at one of the bowls.  The stuff clung to my 
finger.  There was a gentle tingling, a slight warming.  It seemed 
pleasant enough.  I inspected my covered fingertip.  The stuff had 
already dried and had set to a rough finish, sort of blue grey in 
colour.  I ran my finger along it, if felt like rubber.

The man looked at my choice.

"That one is Dolphin Delight," he said.

"It doesn't feel like latex," I announced.

"Exactly," he exclaimed happily.  "Because we use our secret 
recipe, we have managed to change the textures."

I nodded.

"To heighten the sensations," he added with another knowing wink.

I blushed a little.  The thought of a latex outfit had always been 
a bit of a turn on for me.  I had been keeping my eye out, but the 
ones on sale were prohibitively expensive.

"How much?" I asked.

"For a small jar, twelve dollars," he replied.  "A large jar is 
twenty and a bucket is sixty."

I looked at the small jars.  The price was reasonable, a lot 
cheaper than the other stalls.

"These are the small jars?" I questioned, pointing.

He nodded.

"How big is a large jar and the bucket?"

He reached under the counter, producing a fairly good size jar, 
then rummaged in a box, pulling out something that looked like a 
paint can.  I blinked, that was a lot bigger than I had expected.

"And how long will it last?"

"The small jar is enough to cover an arm," began the answer.  "A 
large jar will cover about half a body and the bucket, probably 
enough for two people with a bit left over."

I nodded, contemplating.

"Once the mixture has dried, if it is taken care of correctly, it 
can be reused and of course, it will fit like a glove."

They were the right words for me.

"I'll take a bucket," I announced, reaching for my wallet.

"Certainly sir," he said, pulling out a bag.  "What sort would you 

"What sorts do you have?"

"Well, we have 'Dolphin's Delight' - that's the one you put on 
your finger.  There is 'Lov'n Lizard', 'Luscious Leather', 'Sexy 

I held up my hand.  

"I think the lizard thing should be ok."  I had always had a soft 
spot for scales.

He nodded, dropping a container into the bag, along with a 

"We do most of our ordering through mail order," he whispered as 
if it was some big conspiracy.  I think ninety percent of the 
places there were mail order only.

I handed over the cash and took charge of the bag, leaving the 
sanctity of the booth to find my friends.

As I guessed, they gave me a fair bit of hassle about the name.  
Walking around with a bag with "Sexual Spoo" on it, is not the 
highlight of my life, but since one of them had bought a two foot 
vibrator, the hassling was spread around.

That night I read the instructions on the outside of the bucket.  
I was going to have waited for an intimate moment with someone 
special, but she was currently jetting around another country 
curtesy of her work and I could not contain myself for much 

The instructions were fairly clear.  Ensure the body is clean 
beforehand, wet the surface and apply evenly with the brush 
provided.  At first I was concerned with my body hair, but a 
little trial and error and a few bald patches found me discovering 
if the hair was wet, the goo would not stick to it.  

The natural place to do this was the bathroom. Carefully I set 
myself up.   First I showered, then, using a small hand shower to 
keep my moist, I began to cover my left arm.  

The stuff was weird to say the least.  It brushed on very easily, 
then spread out to form a fairly thin layer.  It dried in moments, 
a criss-cross of dips forming across it.  As I watched, these grew 
deeper, then seemed to split, forming definite scales.  It was 
almost like magic.  I covered my hand, being careful not to stick 
my fingers together.  It seemed to contract slightly as it tried, 
pressing against me in a strangely erotic way.

I continued to paint up my arm and over my shoulder.  I did not 
notice swapping hands to paint my other arm and was only vaguely 
aware of covering my legs.  Watching the stuff encroach on my 
groin was very pleasurable and in a short time my length was 
covered.  I stepped out of the bath, marvelling at how none had 
been waisted on the ground.  Turning around I could see my pink 
back standing out in marked contrast to the surrounding green of 
my sides.  I found myself to be surprisingly flexible and dribbled 
more of the liquid down my back, covering the expanse relatively 

That just left my head.  My hair was wet, so I covered that 
without thinking about it, then the brush worked up my neck, in a 
reverse shaving action.  Then it was over my ears and nose until 
just my eyes and mouth remained.  I looked at my reflection.  I 
looked like some mutant from the Black and White Minstrel Show.  
Experimentally I ran the brush across my lips, then opened my 

The stuff clung to both lips, while my mouth opened, with barely a 
trace of pink.  Without hesitation, I applied the same trick to 
each eye.  For a moment one stuck, but a heartbeat later it opened 
and I looked at my reflection.

I was perfect.  

I ran my fingertips over the textured surface, smiling inanely.  
The stuff continued to tighten as it dried, the scales becoming 
more pronounced and somehow enhancing my figure.  I found the 
entire thing very arousing.  Deciding to make the most of it, I 
headed for the bedroom.

Moving had seemed to taken on a different feel.  The sensations of 
scales against scales and the tightening skin had caused me to 
walk differently, a strange leaning forward gait which only added 
to the ambience.

I lay on my back in the bed, about to offer some relief to my 
throbbing length, but instead I remained still, enjoying the alien 
sensations.  After an unknown length of time I must have fallen 

In the morning, I shook my head, groggily shaking the sleep from 
my brain.  I slid off the bed and sauntered towards the kitchen.  
I was about halfway there when I caught sight of a green paw in 
one eye.  I froze.  Then some of last night drifted back and I 
realised it was my arm.  I relaxed a little and it was not until 
another few steps that I realised I was on all fours.

I stopped.  My brain processed for a few moments, then I slowly 
pulled myself upright.  It felt a little strange, my tail was a 
little sluggish in compensating for the change in balance.  There 
was another mental pause.  My tail???

Just then my stomach rumbled.  I was torn between a choice of food 
or a mirror.  Food, mirror... food... mirror...  Food won out and 
I entered the kitchen, grabbed the first thing I saw and moved 
back towards the bedroom.  I am not sure how large the watermelon 
was, but by the time I reached the bedroom, I was licking at a 
very sorry looking piece of rind.

Not thinking, I stuck it in my mouth, small conical teeth grinding 
it away effortlessly and I looked at the mirror.  Strangely, I was 
not shocked my what I saw.  The best words were probably two 
legged lizard.  I was covered in glossy brown scales.  My 
underside faded towards a burnt orange, while my back was a darker 
brown.  There were faint bars curling around my sides, a little 
reminiscent of a tiger.  My hands could only be described as 
claws.  Still functional as hands, but each tipped with a small 
black talon.  I looked at my feet and saw that they were much the 
same as my hands, more splayed than a human's.

My torso was still humanoid.  Muscular, but not overly.  When I 
moved, the scales rippled, glistening slightly in the light.  I 
reached up to touch them.  They were warm, firm, but not hard.  I 
could feel my fingertips upon them, the clawtips, making a soft 
clicking noise as they made contact.  I slid my hands upwards, 
towards my face.  My head had been drawn outwards, my mouth now 
much wider than before.  The effect was my nostrils now stood at 
the end of a rounded muzzle, my eyes a few inches further back.  
As I looked, my long tongue flicked out of my mouth and slid 
across one eyeball.  A small part of me freaked, while the 
majority of me was relieved at the moisture.

I could not see any ears as such, the sides of my head were 
smooth.  Looking at my reflection I could see some small horns 
protruding from behind my head, these grew smaller as they 
travelled down my neck.  I craned my head around and looked at my 
tail.  It was at least as long as I was and moved around in a very 
reptilian but assuring fashion.  On the top side, near the base a 
twin row of ridges emerged, similar to a crocodiles back before 
they faded away towards the tip.

My head slipped back to my reflection and my hands continued their 
caress.  They moved downwards, I was a little shocked to discover 
my groin was now smooth with no distinct line between my navel and 
my tail.  The scales there were quite warm and very supple and I 
was aware my touch felt more than pleasant.  I noticed a small 
crack in the seamless scales and played with it.  A few moments 
later my member slid out.  Deep purple, it was obvious what it 
was.  It looked strangely alien to my eyes, but my body had no 
problems accepting it as I stroked along it slowly.  From my lips 
a soft chuur escaped and my eyes dimmed.

Unfortunately, somewhere deep in the back of my mind, alarm bells 
were ringing and my hands were reluctantly pulled away, searching 
for other things.  Around my neck was a small ruffle, similar to a 
frilled neck lizard.  For some reason my hands gravitated there.  
I lifted the frill and explored carefully.

Around the back of my neck, I felt something give and pushed in 
firmly with a talon.  Gradually I eased open a small hole.  It 
hurt, not agony, but enough to be aware of it.  From time to time 
I inspected my fingertips for blood.  There was not any, but they 
did seem to be covered with some kind of clear sticky stuff.  

The hole increased and I finally had enough exposed to get a grip 
on it.  Reaching over my head I took a firm grasp and pulled.  
What happened next was one of the strangest feelings I have ever 

I literally pulled my head off.

The scales at the back of my head, complete with horns, lifted 
away from my skull.  Once the flesh was over the top of my head, 
my face started to come away.  I could feel bones shifting under 
the skin, eyes sliding back and teeth receding.  My tongue was 
sucked out of my mouth before snapping back into place and the 
head dropped down to my chest and I gasped for air, looking up at 
the mirror.

It was my head.  My human head.  Covered in some gunk, but human 
none the less.  It was if the magic was broken and a slit appeared 
down my back.  Squirming a lot, I managed to pull the scales off 
me.  As they slipped away from my skin, my body reshaped itself.  
Finally, I was standing naked and a small pile of green scales was 
heaped on the floor before me.  

I ran a finger along an arm, collecting a small deposit of clear 
gunk.  It looked like something you would find in a science 
fiction movie dripping from an alien's mouth.  Maybe it was.

I reached down and picked up the pile.  I shook it, letting it 
sort itself out.  I was holding a perfectly formed lizard's skin.  
There was a "T" shaped slit running across the back of the neck 
and down the spine.  Experimentally I slid a hand in, wriggling it 
through the folds and into the arm.  The rubbery scales began to 
mould to my arm and I felt my wrist beginning to reshape, small 
talons sprouting from each fingertip.  Quickly I pulled my hand 
out and inspected it.  It was still human.

I spread the outfit out on the bed, being very careful with it 
before heading back out to the lounge room.

On the tabled was the pamphlet from "Sexual Spoo"  I opened it and 
began looking over the names, contemplating which next to buy...

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