Keywords: Adult, Hypnosis, Latex, Transformation
Species: Dragon, Panther, Human
In Training

	I'm thinking of trying to extend this into a series,
I know that idea will at least keep someone happy...

In Training
By Wolphin

The human walked into her house and shut the door, dumping her 
handbag on the table.  

"It pays the bills," she murmured to herself as she moved around the 
small flat, discarding pieces of her work clothes before slipping 
into the shower.

The water felt good against her skin, washing away the effects of the 
day as she began her ritual.  Stepping from the shower, she patiently 
dried her skin, then moved up to her hair, finishing it off with her 
hair drier which she also cast over her skin.  Several minutes later 
she was dry and she pulled out a large flask of talc, dusting herself 
down liberally, feeling the light power brush over her naked body.  
Finally, she moved from the bathroom, walking naked down the hall and 
slipping into her bedroom.

The glossy black suit was where she left it, draped over a chair.  
She carefully slipped a foot down the inside of leg, smoothing out 
the rubbery wrinkles as her foot moulded itself to the shape of a 
paw.  Balancing on the one covered foot, she repeated the exercise 
with her other leg, her stance changing as her legs were covered.  
She could not help but give a soft gasp as the suit pulled higher, 
pressing itself against her sex as it covered her torso.  She 
stretched the suit over her shoulders, feeling her wings fix 
themselves to her shoulder blades, her hands slipping down the arms 
and melding with the feline paws.  Finally she pulled the hooded mask 
over her head, her vision changing as it pressed against her face, 
her feline eyes capturing the room differently as the seams faded 
into the rubber.

The black pantheress looked around the room, stretching slightly.  It 
felt so good to be back in her natural form, the soft press of the 
rubbery latex against her fur heightening her senses, even as her 
mind began to dull from the trance she was beginning to enter.

Without noticing, she reached out for her collar, picking up the 
diamond encrusted strap and snapping it into place.  It felt tight 
against her skin, but in a familiar reassuring way.  She purred 
softly to herself, her tail twitching as she moved to her computer, 
opening a familiar chat programming, her paws managing to type with 
surprising ease on the keyboard.

Her Mistress was already waiting as she logged on, the rest of the 
world beginning to fade away as her mind started to rebuild her 
universe.  She felt herself slipping deeper into the developing 
trance and she embraced the feeling, the words on the screen taking 
on deeper meaning as her Mistress triggered her.  As her actions 
slowed she felt herself sinking into the words, not seated behind the 
screen, but instead totally absorbed by her Mistress's universe.

She opened her eyes and looked around, her eyes not seeing what was 
there, but instead what she was suppose to see.

"Hello Kitty," she crooned soothingly to the feline.

"Good evening Mistress," responded the pantheress, bowing her head 
slightly and taking a seat at the foot of the dragon's chair.

The dragoness absently patted the head of her kitty, her polished 
scales warm against the feline's latex clad body.  The pantheress 
purred and rested her head on her Mistress's knee.

"How are you feeling?" asked the dragoness, moving her paw in soft 
soothing strokes.

"Wonderful Mistress," purred the pantheress.

"And whom do you serve?" was the next question.

"You Mistress," responded the pantheress.  "I am your slave kitty, 
eager and willing to do your bidding."

A look of rapture passed over the feline's face as she recited her 
mantra.  The dragoness knew the words gave her kitty a pleasurable 
thrill, it was something she encouraged and the kitty was more than 
happy to oblige.

"I wear your collar with pride," continued the pantheress.  "Marking 
me as your slave kitty, eager and willing to do your bidding.  I wear 
your collar..."

The dragoness looked down, watching the pantheress's eyes begin to 
glaze over, her rubber paws stroking slowly down her sides, slowly 
gravitating in towards the V-shape between her legs.  She moaned and 
flexed her hips, her chant faltering as the blunt rubber claws 
caressed the slight dimple in the stretched latex.

"Its time," murmured the dragoness, reaching out with both paws, 
placing the warm paw pads either side of the pantheress's head, 
pulling her eyes up to match her own.

The pantheress purred, feeling the dragoness's paws begin to warm as 
they started to glow, magic beginning to flow through her body.  With 
the magic came knowledge of her place in the world, beside her 
Mistress; how to act; how to serve and how to obey.  As the 
enchantment spread, everything began to fade, slipping away until 
there was just Mistress and her kitty and then they too began to 

Rayne woke and looked around.  She was lying in a huge bed that 
folded up around her.  Almost reluctantly she wiggled to the side of 
it and pulled herself to her feet.  She stretched her wings and 
admired them for a moment, their large span spreading out behind her 
before she folded them, the brilliant white feathers contrasting 
against her glistening pelt of ebony fur.  Moving to in front of the 
mirror she admired her naked form, reaching up to trace around her 
collar, closing her eyes at the tingle of pleasure it gave her.

She opened the cupboard and looked over its contents, deciding on a 
rich sapphire blue leotard.  A word of magic making it leave the 
hanger and flow into place over her body, tailoring itself as no 
conventional garment could.  The high-cut leg line, complimented the 
almost non-existent low-cut neckline, while the back straps specially 
crafted themselves around the bases of her wings.  She smiled, the 
polished rubber matching her eyes and feeling rather enjoyable 
against her fur.

She left her room and padded silently through the opulent corridors 
of the palace.  It felt like a dream, paths she had never trod 
before, but feeling intimately familiar.  She reached the door of 
Mistress's study and gave a polite knock even though the door was 

"Come," ordered the dragoness, turning herself from the strange 
machine to look at the door.

Rayne gasped at the order, her body shuddering as an orgasm ripped 
through her, one hand clutching a breast, the other slipping between 
her legs as she sagged against the door frame.  The dragoness raises 
an eye ridge questioningly, then a nod of understanding.

"I will have to choose my words more carefully," she mused softly.  
"I am sorry my pet.  Enter."

Rayne recovered herself and entered slowly, still catching her 
breath.  She knew this was Mistress's room, but there was something 
else in place of the wall.  Her mind struggled to find the right 

A portal.

A doorway to another realm.  In this case the other realm appeared to 
be a simple room.  There was a bed and it looked as if the portal 
existed on some sort of table.  The room looked familiar, like trying 
to catch the memory of a dream.  She felt as if she should know, she 
was so close...

The dragoness noticed the look of puzzlement on her kitten's face.

"Questions?" she asked softly, soothingly stroking the side of 
Rayne's leg as she moved close enough.

The touch caused Rayne to purr and arch into the petting, the 
thoughts of the room fading as the portal closed, the wall 
solidifying.  The dragoness rumbled softly as Rayne pressed in 
against her.  She stood, curling her tail around her pantheress.

"I don't think you've seen my private chambers..." murmured the 

"No Mistress," replied Rayne.

"Let me show them too you..." responded the dragoness in a sultry 
tone.  "I'm sure you'll find them... enjoyable...  A good place to 
start your training..."

"Yes Mistress..." purred Rayne happily as she was lead away.  She was 
a good kitty... she obeyed her Mistress...

Back in a forgotten world, a computer shut itself down, the hum 
fading in the empty apartment...

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