Keywords: Adult, Magic, Transformation
Species: Lupine, Kitsune
Ebb and Flow.

	This was requested by a friend of mine, who seems quite happy with it, so here it is
for everyone else to read and hopefully enjoy as well :)  Be warned, it features bondage... a new
experience for me. 

Ebb and Flow.
By Wolphin.

The wolf woke slowly, shaking his head.  There was a dull throbbing against 
the back of his skull as he tried to order his last thoughts; the new town; 
the bar; the vixen.  There was drinking, perhaps even dancing, but after 
that it was all a blur.

He opened his eyes and tried to move, giving first a grunt, then a growl as 
his ankles and wrists chained either side of him.  The moment of panic did 
wonders to flush the sleep from his brain.  He looked around the room, then 
at himself.

The room itself looked like it was a blend gothic horror and Arabian 
romance.  Swaths of fabric hung from the ceiling, in places tied back 
exposing the grey stone walls.  The similarly coloured stone floor was 
spread with an assortment of cushions, a thick rug and an inviting looking 
bed.  The room was lit by candle light which served to enhance the romantic 
feet, but also provide a sinister aspect to the disturbingly large array of 
bondage gear and sex toys that seemed to be scattered around.

He could make out shackles, rings and other tie down points within easy 
reach of anywhere in the room.  Leather straps and chains snaked under 
cushions which were scattered with collars, cuffs, dildos and some things he 
was not sure he wanted to know about.  Behind the billowing curtains he 
could make out outlines of various chairs and tables.  That gave him a 
chance to look at what he was tied to.

It was an X frame made form two solid oak beams.  Steal rivets were driven 
into the stone wall behind him and his arms and legs were stretched almost 
to the point of pain.  His clothing has been removed and replaced with a 
series of leather straps which pressed into his silvery fur.  The makeshift 
harness ran between his legs, framing his sheath and sac before joining a 
central ring at his chest, similar loops running over his shoulders  and 
down his back.  He tried pulling, but the cuffs and chains they were bound 
to held tight.  He snarled, rocking himself on the frame.  It did not budge.

There was a creak of a door opening and he head snapped up.

"Mmm... the beast awakes..." purred the vixen stepping from the shadows.

It was the vixen from the night before, but she had changed her clothing 
from what he remembered.  Her legs were dressed in full legs boots made from 
black leather with laces that ran from the side of her ankles to her hip.  
Her arms were housed in matched gloves that reached her shoulders, laces 
running from her middle digit all the way up.  The only other clothing she 
was wearing was a black leather harness, straps appeared over her shoulders, 
joining two others that ran under her breasts.  An additional strap ran down 
her centre, splitting just above her sex and disappearing between her legs.  
In one hand she held a riding crop that she tapped against her other paw.

The wolf blinked.

"What... what am I doing here?" he demanded.

"Hanging around," she giggled, stepping closer.  

He growled.

"I'll make you pay for this," he threatened, straining at the bonds, but 
barely able to move.

"Oh I hope so," she replied, reaching out with the crop to trace along one 
of the straps.

She stepped back, running the blunt end of the crop through the fur of her 
thigh, then teasing it over the lips of her sex.  He could already see they 
were pink, his sensitive nose detecting her scent in the air and he felt his 
sheath beginning to swell.

"Mmm... very good..." she murmured, watching the pink tip begin to slip 

She raised the crop to her lips and traced her tongue around the laced 
leather grip, licking it clean, before reversing it and running the flap up 
his inner thigh.

"You are probably wondering why you are here?" she purred, looking up at him 
with her piercing blue eyes.

"I had wondered," he replied, unable to stop his shaft from slipping free of 
his sheath.

She paused, leaning forward to tickle under his sack with a gloved paw, then 
lick provocatively along the underside of his shaft.  He gave a moan and she 

"You seemed to have stamina," she smiled, lifting her head.  "And I like my 
males with stamina... it seems the only way they can... sate my needs."

She licked her lips, choosing her words carefully before blowing over his 
shaft.  Clear pre began to dribble down its underside, mingling with his 
fur.  Her tongue reached out again to lick it clean before she straightened 
for a second time.  She reached up, gently squeezing her voluptuous breasts 
upwards as if offering them, then leant in, sandwiching his rod between 
them.  His body elevated to the perfect height.

As she flexed, his shaft slid through her soft fur, its underside brushing 
against the smooth leather as his pre dampened and lubricated the way.

"I'll make you a deal," she whispered huskily, pausing to lick his opening.  
"I'll count to ten, if you can hold back, I'll let you free."

"What?" he started to say before giving a groan as she pressed her breasts 

"One," she purred, opening her mouth to lick his shaft before sliding 
herself back up.

The twin globes sandwiched his shaft, embracing it in her warm fur.

"Two," she progressed, repeating the process, progressing along in agonising 
slowness.  "Three... four..."

At five he could feel his knot beginning to swell and at six it popped free 
of his sheath, the extra expanse of sensitive flesh causing him to moan and 
attempt to thrust up as the breasts pushed down again.

"Eight," she purred, giving another lick and pausing, holding herself 
against him.  Her fingers roamed south, tickling his testicles and fingering 
under his tail.

"Nine," she whispered, letting her tongue curl around his tip.

He could not stand it any longer, his body surrendered as his shaft bucked, 
thick wolf seed spurting from between her breasts and splattering down over 
her muzzle.  For a moment she did not move, but then she leant forward, 
mouth opening and engulfing his shaft, eagerly suckling and teasing.  Her 
tongue was amazing, he could virtually feel himself being turned inside out.  
He groaned again, slumping forward in the shackles.

She pulled back and made a show of wiping his seed from her fur.  She 
stepped forward and presented a paw, globules of his seed running over the 

"Clean," she ordered.

He growled and tried to snap at her paw.

In an instant he felt the slap of the crop across his thigh.

"Bad pup," she snapped, taking a step back and licking her glove clean 

She looked around and found a muzzled gag.  He snarled when he saw her pick 
it up, shaking his head.

"You only made it to nine," she said in a stern tone.  "Now you are mine 
until dawn."

He did not get a chance to say anything else, she moved with incredible 
speed, one hand grasping his lower jaw, fingers pressing in against the 
pressure points.  He felt it drop, the muzzle shoved into place as the 
straps were tightened.  He bit down on the thick rubber.  It was a ring gag, 
his tongue slobbering as he tried to fight it.

She stood back and surveyed her handy work.

"There," she said.  "That's better.  Much safer without your sharp bits.  
You're probably wondering what is going on?"

She went back to stroking her own thigh with the crop.  He was acutely aware 
her juices were already soaking into her fur.  

"I assume you know that we kitsune have a rather... advanced sexual 
appetite..." she said, pacing before him.  "Oh yes, don't let the single 
tail fool you..."

She wiggled her rear and her tail seemed to separate into three, each a 
thickening to a voluptuous vixen tail.

"Kitsune are often more than they appear," she grinned as the tails merged 
back into one.  "But where was I... yes, sexual appetite.  Its seasonal, it 
waxes and wanes, but when it coincides with the full moon... well, lets just 
say its larger than normal."

She paused for dramatic effect.  

"Tonight is a full moon..."

She gave a soft sigh, stroking her paws down her belly and then over her 
sex, pressing against the leather straps, she spread her labia before slowly 
inserting the handle of the crop.  The wolf could not help but stare as she 
let go, her inner muscles pulling the crop in deeper, rhythmically clenching 
causing the length to twitch before sucking it in deeper.  She ran her paws 
back up her body, squeezing at her breasts.

"Oh yes... much better..." she murmured huskily, undulating her hips before 
looking around.

She seemed to spy what she was looking and made a show of bending over to 
pick it up, arching away from the wolf and raising her tail.  When she stood 
she was holding what appeared to be a thin leash in one hand and a large 
silver dildo in the other.  She walked back to the frame and clipped the 
leash to the back of the wolf's muzzle.  He tried to pull away, but his head 
hit the wall, as the leash hung from the leather muzzle he felt a strange 
tingling beginning to pass through his mind.

"There," she said.  "Now that will make you a little more controllable.  
Nothing too serious, just your basic obedience spells."

She presented the dildo.

"Lick!" she ordered.

He tried to resist, but his head lowered, his tongue sliding through the 
ring gag and over the chromed surface.  She let him lap over the blunt tip, 
then slid it through the centre of the gag, the smooth metal pushing against 
the back of his throat.  She pulled it back and forth a few times as he 
gagged around it.

"Very good puppy," she smiled, pulling it back, her free hand travelling 
down between her legs.

There was a slurp as she pulled the crop from her sex, moaning before 
positioning the silver cylinder against her labia and pushing it in.  That 
caused her to gasp and shudder, the wolf watching as the full eight inches 
disappeared between her folds.  It took her a few moments to recover, her 
body straightening once again and she reached up with the end of her crop.

"Clean!" she ordered this time.

Again the wolf tried to resist, but his head was already leaning forward, 
his tongue reaching through the gag to lap at the laced leather.  Her juices 
were soaked into the brading and he eagerly sucked them from the strapping, 
her rich spicy taste dribbling down his throat and warming his belly, her 
scent wafting over his nose, adding to his clouded mind.

"Good puppy," she purred, snapping her fingers.

The wolf barely noticed as his wrists and ankles were freed, the vixen 
stepping backwards, enticing the lupine from his stand.  He came forward 
automatically, mouth still wrapped around her crop which she slowly pulled 

"Sit," she instructed, watching as he dropped to all fours.

She approached again, running a glove over the top of his head and over an 
ear, spreading her legs slightly.

"Now lick," she rumbled.

The wolf was already staring at her sex and his tongue lapped out 
immediately, stroking over the glistening puffy lips before beginning to 
probe in deeper, the smooth metal of the dildo contrasting with her flesh.  
The vulpine gave a gasp as the warm tongue began to probe her sopping sex, 
both her paws gripping his head, pressing it deeper against her crotch.  He 
did not seem to mind, a paw coming up to tease under her tail, a thumb 
rubbing the base of her sex as he lapped over her clitoris, two fingers 
reaching in to pull out the dildo with a twist.

She moaned, feeling empty for a moment before his tongue pressed in deeper, 
teasing her sex in ways the inanimate object never could.  She felt the 
slick cylinder pressing under her tail and she flexed backwards, squeezing 
his ears as he slipped it deep inside, her body not resisting the intruder.  
The sensations too much for her as she peaked, her sex spasmed, rewarding 
the wolf with her thick gooey fluids.

The vixen gave a long low groan, shuddering and gripping the wolf head as 
her orgasm rolled over her.

"Good pup," she managed to murmur, forcing herself to straighten and step 

There was a growl and she looked down, the wolf remained on all fours, but 
he was changing, his muzzle covered with her juices, his muscles were 
beginning to bulge, his fur becoming more shaggy.  He looked up, his eyes 
glowing and without warning he pounced.

The vixen was caught off guard, falling backwards onto the cushions.  The 
wolf straddled her and she could feel his shaft pressing against her sex.  
She resisted for a moment, clenching against him, but he forced his way 
forward, his hot shaft spearing deep into her, her slick folds eagerly 
embracing it before her mind had a chance to comprehend what was happening.  
The wolf growled again, hunching his hips and beginning to thrust.  

His movements were savage, claws ripped through her fur.  She looked up at 
the wild look in his eyes, no hint of sentience as he ground himself in and 
out of her folds.  She arched, feeling the hot breath on her chest, his 
tongue lapping and teasing at a nipple.  His knot was already swelling, 
forcing its way insider her.  She could feel her sex being stretched, the 
knot pressing in against her clitoris as his shaft powered against her g-
spot, triggering another orgasm.

The vixen arched upwards, her lips clenching around the wolf's rod as he 
forced his knot inside, a second later thick globules of wolf seed exploded 
into her body.  She gasped, shuddering as a second orgasm ripped through her 
body, the wolf's shaft pulsing as it continued to pump his boiling seed into 
her folds.  He gave a growl and flopped on top of her, the vixen smothered 
by the larger and more powerful wolf.

Together they panted, recovering slowly as her mind tried to figure out what 
had happened.  She had heard stories about kitsunes at their sexual peak 
affecting others, but not like this, although she was not one to complain.  

The wolf squirmed and she groaned, her body shuddering as she felt his large 
shaft twitch inside her.  He pulled back sharply and there was an audible 
pop as his knot slipped free, she felt her sex draining of fluids as the 
wolf stretched, lifting himself off her, then nuzzling at her chest.  A few 
moments later he began to lick down her underside and she gave a squeal of 
delight as his large tongue began to lap her oozing sex, cleaning it and 
probing into her still tender folds.  It did not take much lapping until she 
was forced to cum again, resulting in a second round of lapping and 

She moaned, pushing the wolf away and tried to squirm towards the bed, her 
anal muscles clenching on the dildo and she pulled it out dropping it to the 
floor.  She only realised what a mistake that had been when she tried to 
roll onto the bed.  With her front on the mattress, her tail was naturally 
raised in the air.

The wolf was on her in an instant.

She never had a chance to even yelp before his throbbing shaft sank in under 
her tail.  Her body betrayed her, eagerly accepting the intruder and she 
moaned, rolling her hips back against him.  He began to thrust once again, 
his shaft still slick from his previous encounter, her body quickly warming 
and beginning to roll with his movements.  A few moments later, her 
objections were forgotten as he rocked his hips above her, claws gripping at 
his shoulders, his teeth biting down on the soft fur on her neck.  Her own 
paws disappearing between her legs, teasing her sex as fluids began to flow 
once again.

Soon she was growling along with him, trying to press herself against his 
larger frame as she felt his shaft swelling, once again that huge knot 
forcing its way inside her.  She felt herself beginning to tremble as he 
pushed her over the edge, her mind spiralling away into orgasmic bliss as 
his shaft delivered yet another load of his hot seed under her tail.

His actions slowed and he began to lick tenderly at her, allowing her to 
slip from his shaft after no longer than ten minutes.  Exhausted she pulled 
herself up onto the covers of the bed, moaning as she felt his tongue once 
again begin to lap at her sex.  She tried to push his large head away with a 
gloved paw only to hear another growl.  She opened her eyes and looked up 
only to see him beginning to straddle her once again.  She moaned in 
pleasure as her legs spread open on their own...

By the time the sun began to probe at the curtains the vixen was truly 
spent.  Her body entwined with the wolf's whose fur and muscles slowly 
retreated to normal as the night faded.

The vixen was first to stir.  Every muscle in her body ached, her fur was 
matted and stuck together and she could smell the thick scent of bestial 
passion in the air.  She reached down and unhooked the leash from the wolf's 
muzzle.  She had made a deal after all.  She slipped herself out from under 
the wolf's body.  He would be aching for the next few days, she knew that.  
Giving a wince as she stood and feeling the fluids dribble from her openings 
she made her way to the bathroom.  The wolf could let himself out, but she 
would remember him... perhaps their paths would meet in another month...

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