Keywords: Transformation, Magic, Hypnosis
Species: Dragon, Panthress, Equine
Devil Inside

	No sex in this one, sort of continuing a mental story arc I've 
been musing over. But it is a non-consenstual story, so consider 
yourself warned, it is marked as mature.

Devil Inside
By Wolphin

Rayne did not like visiting the town, it took her away from Mistress, but 
she did realise it was a necessary evil.  The town was not far, nestled down 
in the valley, besides, it gave her a chance to stretch her wings.

She landed gracefully like all felines, her wings folding up behind her, a 
few hundred metres from the outskirts of the village.  Her Mistress had told 
her not to glide straight into the village square, the locals may not take 
kindly to that.  She had also been told her living black suit would frighten 
them so it was with considerable reluctance she mentally commanded it to 

Her bond with her suit had been growing, its symbiotic magical nature 
soaking into her pores, enhancing her own magical ability, she felt it 
retreat back, revealing her silky black fur as it drew back into a more 
compact form.  Rayne reached for the bag she had slung over her shoulder and 
pulled out the dress she had brought with her, carefully buttoning it up 
over her shoulders, ensuring her wings could fit through the slits.  She 
paused to check herself, feeling almost naked without the full covering of 
her suit, but she could feel it squeeze softly against her more intimate 
areas and she purred, heading towards the cluster of buildings in the 

Unlike her previous life, she did not take much enjoyment from shopping.  
She did take enjoyment though from knowing she was carrying out her 
Mistress's work.  She made her way from shop to show, gathering the items on 
the list, most of them small things used in her Mistress's magic, but also a 
few trinkets and food items.  All in all it took her almost three hours and 
she was quite looking forward to her return trip.

Rayne knew it was going to be a long walk; her wings were good for gliding, 
not powered flight.  She was walking past the tavern on the edge of town 
when it happened.

Three strapping farmhands giving wolf whistles as she passed before shouting 
out lewd suggestions.

"There's a pussy I'd like to take home," called one.

"She can walk my lap anytime," shouted another.

Rayne ignored them which just seemed to get the riled up further.

"What's the matter," yelled out another.  "No need to run away, I've got 
just what you need right here..."

Rayne stopped and turned around, watching as the speaker, a young stallion 
grabbed at his crotch.  She looked him up and down, as if measuring him up, 
then shook her head.

"You're not equipped to fore fill me needs," she stated, then turned and 
continued walking.

There were guffaws of laughter behind her and she gave a smug smile of 
amusement and entered the forest.  She had been walking for about ten 
minutes when she heard her follower.  There was the distinct sound of a twig 
being snapped on and she spun around, almost bumping into the chest of the 
stallion from the tavern.

"I'll show you I'm equipped," he growled at her, the alcohol evident on his 

She gave a scream and turned to run.  He lunged after her, catching her 
dress and ripping from her body. She managed to get another two steps before 
he had thrown the dress from her and lunged again, this time catching her by 
her arm.  She swiped at him with her claws outstretched, shredding his shirt 
and drawing blood from his chest.

"Oh look," he laughed, fumbling with his belt.  "Kitty has claws."

His pants dropped to the ground and Rayne gasped.  His huge equine length 
sprung forward from his sheath.  The sight of it had a strange effect on 
her.  Time seemed to slow.  

She could feel her heart beating at a slow steady beat, her suit twitching 
about her torso.  She could feel something in the back of her mind, it felt 
like a caged tiger, growling at the bars of its prison.  In her mind she 
could see it, willing her to open the door that held it.

"And shrink wrapping," slurred the stallion, tracing a hand clumsily over 
her suit.

Rayne flinched.

"Let go of me," she said quietly, feeling herself becoming strangely calm.

"Oh no," announced the stallion shaking his head.  "You need to be taut a 
lesson, I'm not going to let you go."

"I'm not asking twice," she purred, lifting her head and staring at the 
stallion, fixing him with her ice blue eyes.

For the first time the stallion paused, somewhere in the back of his beer 
fuelled mind he could tell something was wrong, but he had started this 
course and was going to finish it.  He lashed out with his free hand, 
planning on slapping her to teach her a lesson.  He never saw her hand move, 
catching his and squeezing with the unmistakable sound of crunching bone.

"No," she growled and in her mind's eye she opened the door.

The beast within the cage leapt free.  Rayne felt it and embraced it.  Her 
eyes fading from ice blue to a deep malevolent red.  She felt her suit 
develop a life of its own, spreading out to encase her body, her wings 
stretching up behind her as the suit seemed to absorb them, changing the 
pristine white feathers to smooth inky blackness.

The stallion realised his predicament too late, trying to let go of her paw 
and he stumbled backwards.  Rayne advanced.

"My turn..." she purred, fangs extending into her mouth as horns seemed to 
curve from the back of her head, the panthress becoming fused with the demon 

Her wings folded around, stretching impossibly large before collapsing over 
the stallion.  His cries for help gagged as black latex flowed over his 
head, invading his mouth, his nose and ears.  Tendrils of her consciousness 
weaving into his mind, the stallion could hear her words through out his 
very being.

"YOU WILL OBEY ME!" she ordered.  She did not speak it, her very presence 
commanded it.

The stallion, unequipped and unprepared resisted for a few moments before 
his free will was pounced into submission.  

Rayne was unaware of her actions.  She just wanted the stallion to stop.  
She could feel the beast acting on him, she knew the beast could stop him 
and it felt good to wield that power.

"You will obey me," she could hear herself murmuring.  She knew she was 
telling the stallion.

He was her stallion.  A tool.  A tool to be used.

"You will obey me."

The dragoness was standing by the door when Rayne came into view.  Her wings 
folded behind her, draconic tail twitching, but it was the sight of seeing 
her being carried by what appeared to be a rubber coated stallion that 
surprised the dragoness.

She stepped forward as Rayne slipped from the rather unique saddle.

"Good trip pet?" asked the dragoness.  She knew at once what had happened, 
the balance had been broken and the suit had defended its owner as it was 
suppose to.

Rayne walked forward, licking her lips with a forked tongue.

"Mmm... very good..." she purred as the suit slowly righted itself, the 
panthress being revealed as the suit folded back, demon features once again 
replaced by smooth rubber and white feathered wings arching behind her.

"Mm.. mistress?" blinked Rayne in surprise as she was revealed.

"Shhh," purred the dragoness, holding the panthress to her chest gently.  
"It's ok now."

There was a soft whicker and the two of them turned their attention to the 
stallion.  Rayne visibly jumped.

"Is that..?" she asked hesitantly.

"Yes," murmured the dragoness, reaching out with her mind to probe at the 
stallion's.  "But do not worry, he is not there."

In fact the stallion's mind was completely gone, replaced instead by a mind 
capable of only simple obedience.

"I suppose I do need someone to look after the stables..." rumbled the 

She looked over the stallion and he began to twist and reform, slowly 
pulling back from four hooves onto two, but all the time remaining the 
sculptured black rubber.  The dragoness pondered for a moment and a bridle 
and harness formed on the smooth rubber and she gave a nod.

"Much better," she murmured.  "Now, the stables are to the left.  Take care 
of my mares, but if you even think about mating with them, I'll make sure 
you become a gelding."

The pair watched the stallion as he turned and walked to the left.  The 
dragoness knew he was barely capably of free thought, but she did not want 
to tell her pet that.  She patted her kitty gently.

"Now," she purred softly.  "I think we need to talk.  You can tell me what 
happened and I think its time you got to know the other side of your 

Rayne nodded and snuggled up to her Mistress.

"Yes Mistress," she purred.

The dragoness smiled and stroked gently at her kitty's head.  She had been 
through a lot... but her demonic side did look strangely attractive...

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