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Species: Demon, Human
Mark Exorcises His Demons

(Based on an image by Ian Williams)
--------------------------------------------- Mark Exorcises His Demons by Wolphin Mark looked down at the ancient book in his hands, then up at William. "Thanks man," said Mark. "You think it will work?" asked William. "Of course it will," boasted Mark. "What do you expect. And I mean, if it doesn't I get to feel like fool, but only you and I will know." William smirked. "True," he replied. "Well, if it works, don't forget you owe me big. I expect you to replay me with those wishes." Mark bowed. "You wish is my command," he replied with a grin. The two youths reached the fork in the road, waved to each other and headed their separate ways. For William it was back to the studio to finish off a commission. For Mark it was back to his place to try and summon a demon. Mark laughed to himself as he thought it over. He certainly had a strange hobby. Other people his age were into cars, computers, sports. He was into the occult. He had never been a big fan of ritual sacrifices and all that, but he found it interesting all the same. When he discovered that William's Uncle had a copy of an ancient text he had done his best have a look at it. Eventually William had succumbed and taken Mark over to the house just to get Mark to stop bothering him. Mark had loved the book and seemed fascinated by a spell which was suppose to summon demons. This was something he had to try. It took a lot more begging and grovelling, but eventually William had agreed to borrow the book from his Uncle on Mark's behalf. William had just handed the book over and Mark was going to try it out tonight. There was one minor catch. When Mark had read the spell it had said that the giver of the spell must be granted three wishes in thanks. It had something to do with "the Rules." Mark was unsure what exactly this meant, but he was not going to stuff it up because of something so trivial. So he had also persuaded William to write down his three wishes which were now safely tucked away in an envelope inside the front cover. Reaching his house he checked to make sure no-one else was home. The other two guys he shared with had said they were going camping for the weekend, so they would not be back for a while. Dropping his bags on the floor, he removed the book and made his way to his room. Standing at his work bench he opened the book and quickly found the spell. It was written in Latin, but he could read it, albeit slowly. For the umpteenth time he wondered why he was doing this. After all, they was only words. What could words possibly do? Feeling like a bit of a fool he carefully read the instructions and mentally translated them into English. "Formation of a Demon into a mortal body" was the best translation of the title he could come up with. Basically the instructions were pretty simple. Read the spell. Once, from top to bottom then wait and the demon will appear. Being such an expert on the occult Mark knew that since he summoned the demon he would have complete control over it. It was quite simple really. Moving down the page he murmured the words, his lips practising the unfamiliar sounds. Once he had thought he had got all the kinks out he took a deep breath and began. Concentrating on the page, his lips made their over the words, careful not to mispronounce or stumble on the strange syllables. He was so focused he was not even aware of reaching the end of the page until he noticed his lips were not moving. Hardly daring to look up, he slowly turned around. What he saw gave him the shock of his life. Hovering in the middle of the room was a strange glowing orb. Misty white tendrils seemed to float off the sides to dissolve into nothing. Now he was in uncertain territory, nothing had told him about what to do once you actually summoned a demon. Gathering his courage, his lips moved but nothing came out. "G.. Grr... Greetings," he finally managed to stammer after a few attempts. The orb continued to hover impassionately before him. "I... I have sss.. summoned you?" he tried again with a noticeable quaver in his voice. **That you have** boomed a voice suddenly inside his head. The globe pulsing brightly as his skull almost rattled from the sudden sound. He jumped and let out a yelp of surprise. **You have summoned me to grant your desires** said the voice again. Mark nodded quickly. The orb slowly moved closer. **And you have used a mortal spell of summoning too** said the voice with a hint of mirth to it. **An interesting choice, but I will abide by it.** The words of the orb sunk in and Mark suddenly found himself smiling. It worked, he was going to get a demon of his very own. That was when he noticed the orb moving closer. Instinctively taking a step back, Mark found himself pushed against his bench as the orb moved in. Its tendrils lightly caressing his exposed skin, tingling as they did so. Suddenly, with no warning, the glowing globe came at him. He held up his hand in defence, but it passed straight through it and buried itself in his chest. He could feel it inside him. Cold, making his body numb. A tingling feeling began to spread over his skin and he looked down. There was not a mark on his shirt, but he suddenly became aware of his chest growing. Expanding to press against his shirt. Turning in panic, he felt the chilling numbness spread down his body. He tried to take a step for the door, but stumbled and almost tripped on something. Looking down, he watched his left shoe stretch, then rip as his foot changed inside it. The leather disintegrated and he let out a scream as he toes formed into a cloven hoof. His foot continued to change, lengthening as his calf shrunk, ripping his trousers. The tendons within it writhing under rapidly hardening skin. There was a tearing down behind him and he looked over his shoulder in time to see a diamond tipped tail snake into view behind him. As scales formed along its length, his other leg buckled. Skittering around to keep his balance, Mark flicked out of his useless shoe onto two new hooves. His body unsteady on his new legs. His attention was returned to his chest by the sounds of buttons popping. What remained of his shirt was quickly shredded by his reshaped torso and deep red scales which rushed over it. Reaching towards the book with a hand he let out another scream as his fingers began to lengthen, extending into talons. Then webbing began to appear along the underside of each arm. A thin leathery membrane spreading from finger to finger, then back to his arm and finally across to his back. Mark realised they looked very similar to a pair of bats wings and let out a moan. The change continued up his heck, stretching his mouth and nose into a muzzle which filled with sharpened fangs. His hair thickened, fading to a vibrant red before spreading down his back in a mane. As white spiral horns corkscrewed from his head. Finally his eyes closed, his iris's changed to a uniform glowing yellow before they opened again. Mark spread his wings and looked in the mirror as his body twitched under him. It was then he noticed the reason for the swelling in his chest. Standing proudly before him were what could only be described as breasts. In panic his eyes travelled down further and he let out a mental groan at what he saw. The red scales of his belly simply smoothly continued between his legs. No sign of a sheath or anything. Hissing in anger he glared at the mirror, then jumped back as it suddenly shattered. "Ok," he though. "I'm a demon... a flaming female demon..." He paused. "But at least I should be able to have some fun," he added to himself. There was a giggle seemingly inside his mind. **You had no idea, did you,** said a familiar, but now recognisably female voice. "Whasss?" Mark tried to say with his forked tongue. **You thought you could stay in this world?** said the voice again. **You really were dreaming, oh well, lets get it over with.** The envelope with William's wishes in it slid out from under the cover of the book. The paper on the outside charring away leaving the single piece of writing paper suspended in mid air. Mark wrapped her wings around herself as the demoness he had joined with granted each one, laughing a little at the final wish. That completed, Mark turned towards the centre of the room. There was a pin prick of light which expanded to a swirling hole, into which the creature headed. Mark let out a howl of fury as the demoness guided him in and the hole slowly closed on itself. Leaving only a few shredded pieces of clothing and some scorched hoof prints in the floor. -- Back at his studio William was working hard when there was a knock on the door. Idly wondering who it could be he put down his tools and opened it. On the other side there was a man dressed in a blue suit. "Mr William?" said the man. "Just William," he replied. "That's me." The man nodded and handed over an envelope. "Congratulations Sir," he said politely. "You were the only winner in last week's lottery. This is your cheque for three hundred million dollars." William took the envelope a little stunned and without another word the man turned and left. Fingering the letter, William went to close the door when it was suddenly pushed open. On the other side stood three of the most beautiful girls William had ever seen. The smiled at him and waved from their bikinis. William's jaw almost hitting the floor. "What is happening?" he thought. Then he remembered Mark, the book and the wishes. Money... Women... And oh no... William had almost made it to the door of the studio. The place where his lifelong fascination with eagles became his profession. Reaching out for the door he let out a high pitched scream as his fingers began to lengthen into feathers...

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