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Space Travel.

Space Travel
By Wolphin.

Akei stretched as he stepped off the ship.  He did not mind space travel, 
but three months was a long time to be cooped up, even on an interplanetary 
cargo ship.  He looked around as he waited in ling to clear immigration, 
followed by the usual delays at customs and quarantine.  Finally he got the 
green light and called for a taxi, heading immediately for his hotel.

As the cab pulled up to the door he was beginning to feel the effects of the 
drugs beginning to wear off.  

It had been discovered during early space runs that the body does not like 
being shut away for so long.  It expects certain things and in space, such 
things may be hard to provide.  The mind tends to be misdirected and 
undesirable results may occur.  However, space travel was a necessity and so 
the biochemists stepped in to fill the void.  There were two key areas they 
focused on.  Happiness and sex.

The orca had no problem with happiness.  He was a naturally happy person and 
he did not notice the affects of the drugs that much, although he did notice 
it on others.  Folks who would normally fly off the handle if looked at the 
long way would give an apologetic nods and a polite smile to what would 
normally be a huge infraction.

However, he did notice the sex.  A large bull orca, like all of his species, 
he was naturally very sexually active.  The drugs pumped through the ship 
killed that instinct totally.  He still found it strange to be staring at 
something that would normally make him drool and not only not feel the 
slightest twinge, but not be concerned about it either.  After all, it was 
only sex wasn't it?

Of course, there was a down side and he was beginning to feel it.  The drugs 
did not kill the production, only the desire and right now the drugs were 
beginning to metabolise into his system.  Twelve weeks of pent up sexual 
frustration was beginning to play at the back of his mind and he knew it was 
going to burst free soon.

He was already squirming as he checked into the hotel.  He checked with the 
clerk, there was a hotel on the roof, but it was closed between 6pm and 8am.  
It was currently 3am and he needed a swim.

He dumped his bags on the floor of his room and headed for the nearest 
stairwell.  Opening the door to the roof, he looked around.

As he had hoped, there was a small chain across an opening in the fence 
saying "pool closed".  It was a piece of cake to step over it and wander 
into the pool enclosure.

The pool was very nicely done, much more elaborate than he had expected, a 
strange shape with little bays and fingers, a mixture of palms and exotic 
trees providing the illusion of seclusion.  He snuck around the edge of the 
pool, locating the place furthest from the door and stripped out of his 

It felt good to be naked.  He ran his rounded fingers over his smooth skin, 
churring softly to himself.  His eyes travelled down his underside, smiling 
as he noticed what had been brilliant white for the past three months had 
faded to a rather deep shade of pink.  Below that, his foreslit was a deeper 
colour again and his fingers traced over it slowly, causing him to gasp 
softly at the pleasurable sensation.

He could feel the last of the drugs leaving his system and he did not want 
to rush anything.  So groaning inwardly he forced himself towards the water, 
allowing a sigh as his large body fell into the welcoming wetness.

Slowly he cut through the water, rolling and basking in the sensations.  He 
had almost forgotten how good it felt.  He rolled over onto his back, laying 
his tail along the surface and allowing his swollen slit just to break 
against the cool night air.  He closed his eyes, his tail moving slowly, 
propelling him in circles through the pool, his curved shaft slowly slipping 
free of its own accord, his fingers itching to touch it.  To grasp and 
stroke the throbbing length, but his mind still resisting, eager to see how 
much longer he could last now that the chemical bonds had been broken.

He was startled from his pleasurable day dreams by the sound of footsteps 
approaching, the vibrations carrying easily in the still night.  Silently he 
backed himself into a corner, only his head above the surface, watching to 
see if his illegal moonlight swim was about to come to an abrupt end.

There was some rustling from the other side of the pool, followed by a soft 
splash.  A moment or two later, Akei felt the unmistakable sensation of 
dolphin sonar pulse through his body.  He knew he had been sprung.  He also 
knew that the dolphin would know it was another cetacean in the water.

He edged forward, deciding to meet his fate head on.  Rounding a curve in 
the pool he came across another phin.  He was slightly smaller than Akei, 
his beak more pronounced and sleek grey in colour.  Without any doubt, a 
bottlenose dolphin.

Akei could tell by the guilty look in the dolphin's eye, he was not supposed 
to be here either.

"I thought the pool was closed," stammered the dolphin nervously.

"It is," grinned back Akei.  "And what are you doing here?"

"Taking a swim?" ventured the phin.

"But the pool is closed."

Akei smirked to himself.  Obviously the dolphin had been looking forward to 
the privacy of a midnight dip as well only to find an orca with the same 

"I didn't think anyone would mind," answered the dolphin, his voice gaining 
a little more confidence as the idea began to form that the orca was not a 
member of staff.

"Well, I don't," chuckled Akei before extending a hand.  "The name's Akei."

"Phollo," responded the dolphin automatically, shaking the larger hand.

"Nice to meet you Phollo," smiled Akei pleasantly.  "But I think I'll leave 
you here... I have some business to attend to."

Akei turned to a nearby ladder and began hauling himself out.

"Business?" questioned Phollo.

Akei nodded, shaking himself a little, his back still to the water before he 
turned.  He heard the dolphin take a sharp breath as he caught the profile 
of the orca whose need had not diminished during the brief interlude.

"W...Wh... What sort of business," stammered Phollo, swimming over to the 
edge of the pool.  "If I may ask?"

"Urgent business," smirked the orca, allowing one hand to trace slowly over 
the edge of his swollen slit, carefully avoiding the throbbing length.

"It would not need the... ummm... assistance of another...?" ventured the 
dolphin, staring at the orca's groin.

"It may..." offered Akei, cocking his head curiously.  "If the other party 
was willing to assist in the right way."

Phollo began to haul himself up the ladder and Akei noticed the dolphin's 
pink underside and slightly swollen slit.

"I'm sure you would find the interested party willing to learn and adapted," 
churred the dolphin, giving himself a little shake and standing in front of 
the orca.

"That is good to know..." rumbled Akei, feeling his copious pre running down 
his shaft, pooling at the underside of it before filling the slight groove 
and running down his tail.  "Shall we begin negotiations then...?"

As he spoke he moved slowly along the edge of the pool, settling himself 
down on a large recliner.  Phollo moved to his side, reaching out with a 
smooth grey hand, stroking gently up one thigh, his fingers slowly brushing 
over the orca's swollen slit before curling around his length.

Akei gave a deep trill of pleasure, his mind was beginning to shut off as 
the last of the drug cleared his system and three months worth of pent up 
sexual energy replaced it.  The dolphin squeezed gently and the orca could 
not help himself, he gave a squeal, arching his body upwards as his shaft 
pulsed, a flood of seed released, spraying over his belly and dribbling down 
his sides.

Phollo's eyes opened in surprised at the sensitivity of the orca, then 
opened them wider as Akei's loins continued to spurt a huge quantity of 
thick milky liquid over the orca's pink underside.  Eventually the massive 
orca penis stopped pulsing, the flood slowing to a dribble before ending up 
a slow drip.  Akei gave a soft groan of blissful pleasure.

"I just arrived a few hours ago," he explained to the still stunned looking 

"Ahhhh," nodded Phollo, straddling the orca's waist.  "So there is more 
where that came from?"

"Oh most definitely," rumbled Akei, smiling up at the dolphin.

The bottlenose grinned back and lowered his head slowly, lapping with his 
broad tongue under Akei's chin, then slowly starting to work his way down.  
The large pink organ caressing the smooth skin, lapping the warm seed from 
his chest, the dolphin moved his head southwards at a snail's pace.

Akei writhed on the cushions of the lounge, his large dorsal slipping 
through a convenient slit, brushing at the ground but also holding him in 
place.  The dolphin had just finished cleaning his chest and already he 
could feel his loins beginning to stir again.  He reached out, rubbing 
gently at Phollo's smooth beak and melon, a soft rumble of pleasure escaping 
his lips.  He arched upwards as the dolphin tongue lapped at his navel, 
squealing as the large tongue probed around the edges of his foreslit, 
avoiding the pulsing shaft for now.

Phollo took his time, enjoying seeing the larger cetacean squirm beneath him 
and enjoying the distinctive taste.  Once he had cleaned all the crevasses 
of the orca's slit he began to lavish attention on the curved shaft itself.  
Below him Akei gave a trill of pleasure, pre already starting to flow once 
more.  Phollo shifted himself into a better position, his tail laying down 
the orca's, his head curled around, inching the large shaft slowly into his 
maw.  His blowhole hissing as the massive length slipped down his throat, 
his tongue wrapping around the curved shaft, teasing the groove on its 

Akei squeaked loudly, arching himself up again, he could feel stirring 
within his body as the dolphin teased him, pleasuring the spots that only a 
cetacean knows about in the perfect way.  His eyes opening wide as he 
surrendered once more, thick wads of his seed spurting directly down the 
dolphin's throat.  Above him, Phollo rumbled, feeling the copious load of 
the orca flood into his belly, warming him from the inside as his tongue 
cradled and massaged the throbbing length.  The dolphin milked the orca 
tenderly, swallowing every drop of seed, not letting any escape, his tongue 
rubbing the throbbing length, eliciting bursts of pleasurable sonar from the 
creature beneath him.

After what seemed like an eternity, Akei's shaft slowed in its pulsing, the 
flood easing and the dolphin reluctantly pulled his lips from the large 
length and smiled down at the sprawled out orca.

"Hmmm..." pondered Phollo aloud.  "I think this business partnership could 
do with a merger..."

Akei cocked his head curiously then groaned softly as he felt the dolphin 
move, something warm and slick beginning to tease at his aft slit.  He fell 
back against the cushions as the dolphin began to move himself forward.  For 
a moment the orca resisted, but the dolphin's tip wormed its way inside, 
rubbing softly, pre oozing and lubricating the way.  Akei nodded up to the 
smiling dolphin who churred and began to push forward slowly.

The pair of them both gave loud squeals as the dolphin sank his length into 
the welcoming folds of the orca, their tails pressing together, slowly 
beginning to undulate, building a rhythm that only they could hear.

Akei's aftslit gripped and clenched at Phollo's curved length, relaxing as 
the dolphin pushed in, then tightening and gripping as the dolphin's flukes 
pulled back, milking the free flowing pre, listening to the soft squelching 
sounds.  Above him, the dolphin groaned, closing his eyes and gripping at 
the orca's large shoulders, feeling his shaft massaged and squeezed.  
Blissfully he sighed, rolling his hips, causing his navel to rub over the 
orca's distended shaft, the large organ beginning to fill again, brushing 
over the dolphin's sensitised underside.

The orca lay back, grunting a little as he tried to swallow the dolphin's 
shaft, the curved tip brushing over and teasing his prostate causing his own 
length to buck and tingle.  He felt the increasing flow of pre as his hands 
moved around to grip Phollo's behind, pulling the dolphin deeper into him 
and watching the dolphin writhe in delight.

Phollo gave a squeal as his felt his shaft hardening, the blood rushing to 
it as Akei's body seemed to engulf his very being.  With a trill of pleasure 
the dolphin peaked, his thick wads of seed spurting deep into the waiting 
and eager orca.  Akei accepted Phollo's gift willingly, his muscles rippling 
around the dolphin's shaft, squeezing every drop from it he could.

Exhausted, Phollo dropped his body heavily against the orca, vaguely aware 
of the orca's large length squashed between them.  Akei churred softly, 
letting his body adjust to the intrusions, holding the dolphin gently and 
stroke softly over the sleek grey back.

After a while, Phollo began to recover, squirming as he slowly pulled his 
length free, chirping softly in the process.  For a few minutes they lay 
together before Akei began to move.  Carefully he shifted to the side, then 
gently rolled the dolphin off his chest before snuggling up against him.

"My turn..." he rumbled softly and Phollo opened an eye curiously. 

An instant later both eyes shot open wide as he began to feel something 
rubbing at his own aft slit, the orca's tapered tip beginning to spread his 
lips, warm pre oozing and spreading over the slick grey skin.

He began to shake his head, he had seen the orca who was huge, but then Akei 
flexed his tail.  The orca's large muscles driving himself forward and 
Phollo groaned, feeling the massive length force itself into the tight 
opening, spreading his slit wide.

He felt as if he was going to be split in two.

Akei held himself still, lying on his side and snuggling up to the dolphin, 
gently stroking the grey head against his chest, cradling the smaller 
cetacean, patiently waiting as Phollo's groans slowly faded, replaced by 
little moans and chuurs, the dolphin's body beginning to react on its own.  

Gently the orca flexed again, his shaft slipping in deeper still.  This time 
Phollo arched in response, the muscles tightening around his shaft and Akei 
gave his own chuur of approval, grinding his hips slowly, much to his 
surprise finding the dolphin taking his full length.  Gradually the two 
began to move, their actions slower, less urgent than before.

Akei chuured softly, his eyes closing as he felt his body responding, the 
pleasure building slowly, Phollo snuggling in, his body barely moving as he 
felt the orca's massive length cradled within him, fluids oozing and warming 
him in strange new ways.  The orca groaned softly, barely moving as he felt 
his climax approach, his shaft hardening, unfurling before his climax washed 
over him, thick globules of seed spurting into the dolphin's relaxed form.

Phollo gave a deep soothing rumble, feeling the warmth spread, his tired 
body just snuggling up against the orca who cradled him protectively.

"Mmmm..." purred Akei softly as his rolling climax began to subside.  "I 
think I'm done now..."

"Awww," teased the dolphin.  "Already?"

Akei grinned and licked softly at the dolphin's melon.

"Oh, don't worry," he said.  "I've been told the effects of space travel 
take at least a week to clear the system..."

"Mmmm..." grinned Phollo.  "I don't think I have any plans for tomorrow..."

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