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Species: Panthress, Dragoness, Mouse
Toy Ship

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Toy Ship
By Wolphin

No one knew who built the ship.  For many it was just a rumour, 
something heard of in legends or stories of half crazed deep spacers, 
but for a lucky few they were visited.  Few would speak of their 
gift, fewer still would show theirs.  Toys they were called, although 
for those who had seen them said they were wonders that defied 
explanation.  Each one individually crafted to promote a feeling of 
happiness and peace to the being that received it, no two were alike.

And then, just as mysteriously as it arrived, it was gone, meandering 
randomly around the galaxy, looking for other unsuspecting life forms 
to bestow its gift upon.

For untold millennia the Toy Ship roamed from planet to planet, solar 
system to solar system.  Time and distance were no obstacle, it 
sailed between worlds in the time it took for civilisations to be 
born, flourish and die again.

Drya could not believe the scanners when they flashed at her.  

A ship?  

Out here?

She was light-years from anywhere.  The only reason she was here was 
because she had dropped out of hyperspace to make some repairs.  She 
tapped some buttons.

The ship appeared to be fine.  It was moving.  Its hull appeared 
intact, but it had no standard markings on it and her computer could 
not identify it.  The ship was huge, easily several standard units 
long and about half one in width.  She tapped a few keys, initiating 
a scan and giving a standard Galactic hail broadcast.

No response.

Her scan completed and the computer began to display the results.  No 
life signs, but an impressive amount of machinery.  A freighter of 
some kind.  Drya's eyes began to light up with the prospect of 
discovering a malfunctioning transport.  Under the rules of space any 
ships not responding to standard protocols were deemed abandoned and 
were available for salvage.

She pressed some more buttons, initiating the standard salvaging 
protocols, tingling in anticipation as the computer displayed the 
results one by one.

Life signs - negative; Response  negative; Standard galactic beacon 
 Negative; Registration within the shipping database  negative.  
The list began to scroll off the screen, then flashed up the message 
she had been waiting for "Viable Target."

She allowed herself a little "yippie" and told the computer to 
initiate docking procedures.  Her computer identified an area that 
appeared to be some sort of docking port and manoeuvred itself into 
position.  As she hoped, once her ship moved within range the other 
ship fixed onto hers with a tractor beam, the large doors sliding 
back and pulling her ship inside.

Her computer extended the landing gear and was locked into position 
by the docking clamps before matching artificial gravity.  The dock 
had a breathable atmosphere so with the carefree attitude that 
embodied her species she stepped into the airlock and cycled the 

The ship watched the approaching craft.  It was unusual for others to 
approach it, but it did not worry.  It was not in its programming to 
worry.  It tried to initiate communications, but the other craft 
seemed oblivious.  It did detect transmissions, but they made no 
sense to it.  It set some processing power to deciphering the unknown 
language and set about making the new arrival comfortable.

It did not recognise the species as it stepped from its craft.  It 
lit up a path to the welcome hall.  The creature seemed to recognise 
this and started to walk over the floor lights and through the door.  
As it entered the passageway the ship gave a full scan, determining 
everything down to a molecular level, then beginning to process the 
information it had gleamed.

Drya stopped as she felt a tingle pass through her body.  It only 
lasted a few moments, but was enough to raise the fur on the back of 
her neck.  She froze, feeling dizzy for a moment, wondering if she 
had done something she should not have.  The ship had seemed friendly 
enough.  The lights came on as she stepped into the hanger, the door 
had opened as she approached.  She waited a few more seconds then 
continued to walk slowly down the hall.

She came to another door that slid aside revealing a large room.  
There were a range of chairs, different sizes and shapes for 
different species as well as some other things which she guessed 
served the same purpose, even though she could not quite grasp what 
would use them.

She looked around.  The walls had writing on them, but the language 
was unknown, large colourful shapes.  It vaguely reminder her of a 
kindergarten.  There did not appear to be any doors other than the 
one she had entered.

She shrugged and sat herself down on a surprisingly comfortable seat, 
arranging her tail behind her.

"Hello?" she tried.

There was a flash in the centre of the room and a white robot 
appeared.  As she looked at it, she could see its outline flicker. It 
was not really a robot, merely a hologramatic projection of one.  It 
turned to face her.

"H... He...le..lo..." it seemed to stutter.

The image snapped into focus and the robot gave a mechanical sounding 

Drya blinked.

"Hi ya self," she drawled at it, swinging her feet.

"Hello," it repeated, then cocked its head on one side.  "Do you want 
a toy?"

Drya blinked again and swung herself off the seat and walked over to 
the robot, walking around the projection, watched as it moved to 
follow her without actually moving.

"I don't want a toy," she replied.  "I want this ship."

"Ship is not on acceptable gift list," said the robot.  "Your species 
unknown.  Suitable gift requires analysis."

"I'm a mouse," she said, rolling her eyes at the robot, then swinging 
her tail through the middle of the hologram.

"I'm not here for a gift," she sighed, computers were always stupid.  
"I want the ship.  I'm claiming you for salvage."

"Negative," announced the robot.  "Ship is unavailable.  Standby for 
further analysis."

"I don't want further analysis and I don't want a toy," she said 
shaking her head.  "Just give me what I want."

"Affirmative," replied the robot.

There was a bolt of light from the roof of the room and Drya fell to 
the floor unconscious.

The ship replayed the mouse's words.  It was still deciphering her 
messages.  It did not make sense to the ship.  The mouse did not want 
a gift.  She kept saying she wanted the ship.  The computers within 
her own ship were not providing any useful information.  They did 
allow the ship to recreate the several thousand years it had been 
away, but they could not help with the mouse's words.  In desperation 
it began to simulate the model it had recreated from the scan.

The results were surprising, even for the ship.

All these tests took only a few minutes, but the ship could sense the 
mouse becoming more agitated.  It wanted more time to confirm what it 
had determined, but then the mouse demanded.  According to the 
simulations the mouse would be happy, that was its primary mission, 
at least the mouse would be unconscious.  It fired the bolt from the 

Ship droids appeared from hidden panels in the walls, rolling out and 
scooping the unconscious mouse onto their trays and disappearing 
deeper into the ship.  It would take some time to prepare the 
equipment, but the ship was patient.

Drya never knew what happened to her.  She was floating... 
suspended... everything around her was black.  There was no sound.  
She could not even feel the beat of her own heart.

Inside the tank it had constructed, the ship placed the mouse, the 
fluids dissolving away her clothes and fur.  The tank was drained, 
the void replaced by artificial gravity to keep the comatose mouse 
floating.  Specially constructed robots began to crawl over her skin, 
probing at her exposed flesh while sensors that had been implanted in 
her brain measured the response.

When the ship was satisfied, the robots began to spin a fine web over 
the top of the mouse.  The artificial silk connecting the tiny nerve 
stimulators that had been attached to her nerve endings.  Her entire 
body enveloped, the ship determining what was required and what was 
not.  Most was not, only the thick umbilical cord that connected to 
her spinal column and laced across her brain penetrated the inner 

The ship paused in its work and ran some diagnostic tests.  The mouse 
responded exactly as the model had predicted, arching herself up.  
Sensors detected an elevated heart rate, increased adrenin and 
endorphins.  Parts of the brain that had been had been mapped to 
pleasure centres activated.

If the ship could have been pleased it would have been.  Instead it 
ceased the tests and continued with the installation.

Phase two consisted of more robots tracing their webbing over the 
undercoats.  This was thicker and hardened into a virtually 
indestructible substance, but remained soft and pliable, allowing 
movement.  It was a deep blue in colour with a high gloss finish and 
small receptors just below the surface that glittered in the light.

The mouse's body finished, the ship began to work on its brain.  
Organic programming modification it knew was more random than 
beginning from scratch so without hesitation it wiped the mouse's 
mind, the majority of the space was unused so beginning from scratch 
was the simpler solution.

There was no need for language.  The mouse now had no mouth besides 
direct computer interaction was more effective.  The mouse knew its 
purpose.  It was a happy mouse.  It was to spread happiness.  That 
was its reason for being.

Finally the robots began to withdraw, the trailing umbilical cord 
plugging into a purpose build hole in the back of the mouse, giving 
her the appearance of a silvery pony tail.  She was still blind, so a 
robot added a thin micro-strip of photon detectors over where her 
eyes once were, the black strip wrapping around her head, contrasting 
to her otherwise pristine colouring.

The ship added wrist cuffs and a thick collar to augment the antenna 
that emerged from the base of a covered ear.  The collar held her 
head high, accentuating the artificial look provided by the narrower 
than expected waist and extended heels that the simulation insisted 
the mouse would enjoy.  Similarly, multiple cuffs were added down the 
mouse's tail, glittering lights indicating their status.

If the mouse had any objections she could not show it.  The ship 
acted on the inputs of the simulation.  If it was able to, it may 
have recognised the perverse pleasure the simulation was showing, but 
it was unable to detect such nuances.  It was only a simulation and 
it knew it, logically it would only provide information that 
benefited the original organic being.

Drya woke instantly.  She tried to open her eyes, but found them to 
be already open.  Her mind conflicted with her body.  She knew her 
eyes were closed, but she could still see.  The suit and the ship 
projecting her surrounds directly into the visual centres of her 

She sat up.  Her movements were too smooth, but they felt so natural.  
Effortlessly she rose on her feet, balancing easily on the high heels 
that had sculpted themselves to her feet.  Her head turned 
automatically to a mirror that she did not know even existed.

She wanted to give a scream when she saw herself.  Her blue sculpted 
body staring back at herself.  It was like some bizarre nightmare.  
Instead she felt a rush of pleasure begin to well up inside her.  She 
tried to look away, but found herself unable to.  The pleasure 
building as she admired herself, watching as her paw traced over the 
smooth sculpted curves; the impossibly small waist; the proudly pert 
breasts; her elevated neck; her smooth crotch.  Her body froze as she 
orgasmed, shuddering insider her prison as the ship captured the 
moment and fed it back to her, trapping her within her own mind.

The being was happy.  The ship's work was done, however the 
simulation seemed to think others would be needed.  Something the 
simulation called playmates...

The panthress and dragoness were strolling through the streets when 
they heard the noise.  At first they thought it was just some locals 
having a good time, but as they moved closer, the cries became more 

"A sexy thing like you shouldn't be out here all alone," said a male 

"Yeah, let me keep you company," growled another.

There was the sound of various sniggering and the pair moved a little 
faster.  Rounding a corner they found five taunting males standing in 
a circle around something that was a good foot shorter than they 
were.  They blinked in surprise, taking in the situation before the 
dragoness stepped forward.

"Hey boys," she crooned.  "Isn't that a bit small for you.  Care to 
pick on someone your own size?"

She spread her wings menacingly and the panthress extended her claws.  
Both grinned, showing their fangs and began to approach.  For a 
moment the three wolves and two mustlids looked they were going to 
fight, but then the panthress spread her own wings, her eyes glowing 
ominously as she growled.  

The five males gave a nervous swallow and scattered, disappearing 
around a corner, the sound of their feet fading into the distance.

"Are you ok?" asked the panthress, looking over the creature. 

It appeared to be a mouse, or at least it had been at some point.  It 
was completely covered in a glossy blue covering, looking almost like 
sculpted latex.  At various points collars and cuffs housed an array 
of flashing lights that flickered in seemingly random patterns.

"Bleeeple," nodded the mouse, looking over herself with unnerving 

"I'm sorry?" asked the panthress.

"Bleeeple," repeated the mouse, looking up at her.

The light sensitive strip studying the panthress before turning its 
attention to the dragoness who was standing behind her with a bemused 
look on her face.

"I think she likes you," chuckled the dragoness.

"Dweep!" nodded the mouse enthusiastically, pulling herself 
gracefully to her feet.

The panthress blinked, then waved her paw slowly in front of the 

"Is there anyone in there?" she asked.

"Dweep," nodded the mouse.

The panthress shook her head.

"Oh, that's just not right," she purred.  "Lets get you out of 

She reached for the mouse's nearest arm and the mouse snatched it 
back, shaking her head and beeping in a somehow scolding tone.

"Don't fight it," rumbled the panthress.  "We'll have you out in a 

The panthress leapt forward, grabbing at the mouse's collar with both 
hands.  The mouse gave a mechanical squeal and there was a sudden 
flash.  The panthress froze, then fell backwards in slow motion, 
hitting the ground with a thump.

The dragoness snapped into action, lunging forward in an effort to 
catch her friend, but failing.  She knelt beside her, touching her 
neck and searching for a pulse.  She sensed the mouse behind her.

"What did you do?" she snarled, spinning around to face the mouse.

The mouse was ready for her, having a strange ball of putty in her 
paw.  She gave a noncommittal beep and shrugged, then pushed the ball 
against the forehead of the dragon.

"Wha?" blinked the dragon, pulling her head back and reaching up 
towards it, but it was already too late.  The white goo had already 
spread over her eyes, tiny electric pulses spreading down her optic 
nerve and directly into her brain.  She did manage a moan, then 
crumpled sideways as she collapsed unconscious.

Beside her, the panthress was not doing much better.  Rendered 
paralysed by the flash she tried to will her limbs to work.  Only her 
eyes could move, she watched her friend fall into the trap and wanted 
to cry out, but her body refused to obey.  The white lump seemed to 
spread out across the dragoness's face and her body crumpled to the 

The mouse approached the panthress, its expression never changing.  
She reached out, running a smooth latex like paw over the panthress's 
head, then down over her chest.  The mouse's covering seemed to 
ripple and the feline could feel something spreading out over her 
chest.  It oozed up her body, then encircled her neck, pushing her 
head higher as it tightened.  There was a sting as something punched 
into the back of her neck and her body twitched.

The mouse looked at the pair then reached into her bag again.  
Pulling out two small cuffs she clipped them around the horns of the 
dragoness.  The lights flickering and matching her own even as the 
lights on the forming collar on the panthress began to illuminate.

With that done, the mouse stood back gave a "Bleeeple" to herself and 
began to walk away.  Both the dragoness and the panthress began to 
move, jerking themselves to their feet they began to walk after the 
mouse, not showing the same grace as she did, it was more a lumbering 
move, as if they were learning to walk again.

The mouse never even looked behind her as she lead her latest 
companions through the maze of streets and back to where she had left 
her ship.

Once they had left orbit, the mouse turned her attention to the pair 
once again.  They were where she had left them, kneeling in one of 
the rooms, their heads bowed.  The panthress had managed to regain 
some control over herself and her head lifted slowly as the mouse 

"Whaaaa..." was squeezed from her lips in a groan.

The mouse ignored it and went about her business with clinical 
precision.  Stripping the panthress of her clothing and leaving her 
kneeling and naked before repeating the process to the dragoness.

The mouse moved to a locker and pulled out a flask of goo the ship 
had prepared for her.  It was similar to her suit.  Nanobots in a 
suspended fluid that could be controlled remotely.  It was what had 
formed itself into a collar around the feline's neck, the nannites 
puncturing her spinal column and taking over her body.  Instead of 
pouring it over the panthress, she opened the flask, positioning it 
between the feline's knees and moving her head down to look at it.

The shimmering contents began to move, oozing slowly up the sides of 
the canister, then spreading out.  Coating her thighs first and 
slowly moving over her fur.  The mouse watched for a few moments, 
then retrieved a second canister.  Similarly, she placed this one 
between the dragoness's legs.

The dragoness did not show any signs of responding, the mask over her 
face had fully taken control of her mind.  The cuffs around her horns 
flickered and she leant down, paws grasping the cylinder as the 
glossy substance flowed out, coating her scales.

The mouse gave a happy "Beep!" to herself and stood back, she could 
feel herself being rewarded and fed those feelings back to the other 
two, both of them giving soft moans as the shiny goo began to bond 
with their skin.

The panthress tried to fight it, she could feel the cool tendrils of 
the latex pressing against her sex lips as she willed herself to keep 
them closed only to suddenly start feeling something else within her 
mind.  It was as if she could see herself, the gleaming fluid 
enveloping her fur.  She tried to shake her head, but it felt so 
good.  She could not stop it.  She did not want to stop it, the 
sensations building within her...

The mouse traced a shiny glove over her smooth crotch, watching the 
pair being transformed, her suit relaying the feelings and her inner 
walls pressing against the phantom intruder.  The pair could feel the 
same thing, the pleasure breaking down their minds, their bodies 
surrendering as they were wiped clean.

The dragoness and the panthress were almost unaware of themselves as 
the last of their bodies were covered, their minds calling out for 
more as they succumbed to the cravings.  The pleasure continuing to 
build until they surrendered, their eyes blanking as their orgasms 
washed over them, the new programming taking root deep within their 

The mouse watched the two newest recruits surrender, basking in her 
own warm glow before moving to the cupboard once again.  The 
panthress was already wearing a collar, but one was needed for the 
dragoness as well as cuffs for wrists and tails.  They were snapped 
into position, the little lights flashing away as the smaller ship 
docked with the larger one.

Somewhere deep inside the processing units of the ship, the 
simulation of the mouse smiled.  Three dolls to play with now, this 
was becoming a proper toy ship.  She fed instructions back to the 
ship, re-enforcing that is was doing the right thing before she 
giggled, perhaps four dolls would be more accurate.

She tapped into the ship's sensors, watching as the now gold tinged 
dragoness and the deep black and blue panthress rose obediently and 
made their way to the greeting hall, taking up suitable positions as 
they knelt awaiting customers.  The covering of latex thinner on them 
allowing potential visitors to see the trapped flesh beneath the 

The original her followed them into the hall, blindly carrying out 
her orders.  The mouse tapped into her circuits, borrowing her body 
as she began to tease the other two.

Yes, a few more recruits and then this place could open once again 
and live to its true potential... a place filled with happiness and 

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