Keywords: Transformation, Hypnosis, Magic
Species: Elf, Dragon
The Good Slave

	This story was originally written for Zsisron's 
story contest.  Except I think it violates FA's species criteria because it features
an elf.  So instead, I'm putting it up here because re-writing it without an elf
or generic humanoid would be hard.


"Hello!" called what could only be described as a pretty voice.  "Anybody 

The large blue dragon swung his head towards the sound of the noise, causing 
a small avalanche of treasure in the process.

"Oooh," came the voice again.  "What a lot of treasure."

The blue dragon could see the source of the voice now.  It was a small elfin 
woman.  He was tempted to say girl, but this one had clearly blossomed into 
womanhood.  She was not dressed in the usual attire of one seeking an 
audience with him.  A simple light green shirt appeared to be all she wore.  
He was much more accustomed to shiny plate and mail.  It piqued his 
interested.  He decided not to flamb‚ her just yet.

"Is it all yours?" continued the elf, stepping into his lair properly.  She 
held her hands open, indicating she was not carrying anything, even giving a 
pirouette to show she had no weapons strapped to her back.

The dragon gave a single nod of his head, not taking his eyes off her.

"It must have taken you a long time to gather it all," she said, stepping 
closer.  "But I expect you've been around for a long time."

There was another nod.

"I'm Elly," announced the elf abruptly.  "What's your name?"

This was a bit of a surprise for the dragon.  Most of the time people 
started by firing arrows at him, civilised conversation was not something he 
experienced often. 

"Ragnos," replied the dragon.  

Hearing a dragon speak is not something that actually happens.  Dragons have 
no vocal cords and instead inject their thoughts directly into the mind of 
who they are conversing with.  To Elly, the dragon had the deep mellow voice 
of one who has seen a lot of things over a long, long time.

"Ragnos," repeated Elly slowly.  "Sounds like a good name for a dragon, not 
that I know of many others to compare it to."

There was a snort which may have been of mirth, but otherwise the dragon did 
not object.

"Why are you here?" asked the dragon, his eyes had never left the elf.

"I came to see you," replied Elly cheerfully.

By now she had reached the edge of the pile of gold and poked at it 
curiously with a toe, as if checking it really existed.  Ragnos kept a close 
eye on her, this is usually when the two legged would grab at something and 
make a run for the door.  The elf though did not appear to be interested in 

"Why?" asked the dragon.  He did not just get visitors dropping in on social 

"Because they talk about you in the surrounding villages," she said in a 
matter of fact.  "Everyone knows about you, but when you actually start to 
talk to them, no one has actually seen you."

The dragon smirked, the action raising his lip to reveal the sharpened teeth 

"Those that see me tend not to walk out of here," he replied.  "What makes 
you think you will?"

"Because I'm no threat," replied Elly simply.  "You're a dragon, you kill in 
self defence or to protect.  I'm not going to attack you and I'm not going 
to take anything from your horde, so you have no reason to attack me."

"Aside from the fact you're standing a few feet away from my snout and is 
has been a long time since I had a substantial meal?" he said, an almost 
challenging tone to his voice.

"Oh please," replied Elly with a wave of her hand.  "You and I both know 
there are way more tasty things than me you could be eating.  Ohh, is that 
the Star?"

Her conversation switched tracks so abruptly Ragnos was confused for a 
moment.  That was all the time Elly needed to dip between his front paws and 
pick up a large pendent from the mountain of treasure, although, calling it 
a pendent was doing it an injustice.

It was a diamond almost as big as Elly's fist, set in a loop of platinum and 
hanging from a matching platinum chain.  It was literally worth kingdoms.  

"The Star of Calath," replied Ragnos with a hint of pride.  "Given freely 
too I might add."

"I heard the story," said Elly.  "You saved the city, they gave you this in 
return.  Is it true?  Is that what happened?"

"More or less," Ragnos stated noncommittally.  "I never saw them again."

"Died out in a plague about two hundred years ago," Elly informed him.

"Oh," he said simply.  "That's a shame."

"That's why there is the story about the ghosts," continued the elf.

"What ghost story?" asked the dragon.

"The ghosts in the Star," explained Elly.  "They say that if you look 
closely you can see them in the diamond, weeping for their lost city."

She made a show of peering into the huge gem.

"Nonsense," scoffed Ragnos.  "Even if it were possible, the gem predates the 
death of the city.  The timeline's all wrong."

"Look!" exclaimed Elly abruptly.  "I can see them."

"Oh stop joking," protested the dragon.

"I'm not," Elly said in earnest.  "You look."

She held the large gem up in front of the dragon's large head.  He wanted to 
ignore her, but during his long life he had learnt of many strange things, 
so he focused his sapphire eyes on it and peered into its depths.

"I can't see anything," he said almost straight away.

"They're ghosts silly," she replied.  "You're not looking right.  You can't 
see them directly, they won't let you.  You need to sneak up on them.  Look 
through the diamond, let your eyes relax and they'll start to appear."

The dragon made a sighing sound and resumed his attention of the diamond.

"That's it," murmured Elly, watching him.  "Don't focus on the diamond, look 
through it, ignoring everything about it, the way the light sparkles on each 
of the facets, trying to draw your gaze back to it, but you're not falling 
for that are you?  You're looking through the diamond, concentrating on what 
is beyond it."

The dragon pivoted an ear towards the elf, about to say something, but then 
its attention was drawn back to the diamond.  It was a very large diamond, 
plenty of room for a city of ghosts to inhabit.  If he just unfocused his 
eyes a little more he knew he would be able to see them, Elly was telling 
him so.

The dragon's large head sunk on top of his pile of gold, his attention 
focused on the gem swinging before him.

"There you go," whispered Elly in a soft soothing voice.  "You can feel 
yourself relaxing as you watch the diamond, sinking down deeper and deeper 
with every passing moment, it does not matter if you can't see the ghosts, 
your attention is all about the diamond isn't it?"

The dragon mumbled something that could have been a yes.

"That's what diamonds do don't they?" she continued.  "They draw things into 
them.  Deep, deep into them.  Right now its drawing in your mind, all those 
stray thoughts, your questions are sinking deep into the Star, locking 
themselves away and leaving your mind nice and empty and blank."

The dragon sighed again, this time visibly sinking and relaxing.

"Good boy," encouraged Elly, watching to see if it had any effect on him.  
"Everything flowing into the diamond... your thoughts... your mind... your 
will...  feel yourself surrendering to the stone, unable... unwilling to 
resist... becoming a good obedient slave..."

All through her words, she watched the drake, his body relaxing, his eyes 
closing, unable to resist her words.

"Good slave," she murmured, reaching out to pet his large snout gently.

He breathed in her scent, then licked her fingers with his forked tongue.  

She smiled to herself.  He was delightfully easy to capture, but now to seal 
his fate.

"You like this feeling of emptiness," she murmured, admiring his scales.  
"Not thinking, obedience, you can feel it flowing through you, pushing away 
any other thoughts, replacing them with ones of pleasure.  Tingling, deep 
down inside you, the pleasure taking hold, beginning to push through."

As she spoke, she ran her fingers down his large body.  As she hoped, he 
rolled into them unconsciously, sliding from his crouched position to his 
side, exposing his lightly and softer scaled underside.  Her gaze travelled 

Like all reptilians, he had no external genitalia, just two separate breaks 
in his scales.  The forwards slit was already swelling and the blue changing 
to purple with the inrush of blood.

"Good slave," she purred, letting her fingers run over that large slit.  
"Sinking, dropping, obeying... pleasure... arousal... need..."

Her simple words were all it took for his shaft to begin to slip free.  Her 
eyes widening as she saw his member for the first time.  Its tip was 
tapered, swelling out a few inches before dropping down to his shaft 
properly.  Ridges ran down the emerging length, all angled she realised to 
aid in the shaft entering, but hinder its removal and it was huge.  She 
expected it to be large, but already it was a foot long with no signs of its 

She continued to croon, tracing her fingers along it and over it gently, the 
dragon's arousal pushing the shaft slowly to full hardness.  At last the 
base became evident, the slit seeming to invert itself, swelling to produce 
a knot.  At around two foot in length, Elly had her hands full, giving it 
the attention it deserved.

A clear, rich smelling fluid began to ooze from its tip and experimentally 
she gave the clear substance a lick.  Salty, but sweet at the same time, it 
was unlike any other pre she had ever tasted.  She ran her tongue over the 
tapered glands and shimmied her way out of her dress.  Using his shaft 
almost like a tiller, she pressed it to one side. Ragnos gave a low distant 
groan and rolled himself onto his back, wings scraping across gold as his 
shaft pointed into the air.

Elly straddled his flanks, her white flesh pressed in against the warm 
scales and it allowed her to lean forward, hugging the shaft to her chest as 
she begin to move.  The dragon reciprocated, his hips thrusting into the 
air, causing her to bounce and rub her own sex so delicately against the 
base of his shaft.  She continued to lick over its tip, hands fumbling over 
the ridges, stroking along them as the pair slowly increased their speed.

Ragnos's eyes were glazed, lost in a sex of induced obedience and pleasure 
as his shaft began to harden.  Muscles spasmed and twitched, his shaft 
abruptly growing rock hard before his milky seed erupted from its tip.  
Elly's tongue was lapping at his tip when his climaxed, her eyes widening as 
she felt the dragon's orgasm, the sense of power and control, coupled with 
the rhythmic bucking causing her own body to shudder and buck in an orgasm 
of her own.  The dragon's thick seed flooding over her, the sensation of 
skin on slick scales prolonging the moment, her body shuddering 
uncontrollably as she closed her eyes.

It was a long time before she was able to think rationally.  Ragnos had 
moved, standing on all fours in front of her he was licking slowly at her 
skin, his forked tongue drawing off the last of his seed and probing into 
places where tongue's normally did not venture.  Her body tingled unlike any 
other post orgasmic glow she had ever felt.  Just then the long forked 
tongue ran down her belly, swirled over her thighs and licked slowly back up 
her sex, the twin tines running either side of her swollen clitoris.

She moaned, her body shuddering in a minor orgasm.

"You are amazing slave," she murmured, when she could speak again.

"Thank you My Queen," rumbled Ragnos into her mind.  "It is a pleasure to 
serve and obey you."

Elly shivered at his words.  He really was quite the prize.  Ever since she 
had heard of the dragon living in the cave she had thought about ways of 
capturing him.  She knew magic and brute force were destined to fail, but 
his mind...  There she stood a chance.  It took years of training and left 
her were a collection of thralls all over the countryside, but she had him 

His tongue lapped over her belly again and she arched herself against it.

"You are pleased Mistress?" asked Ragnos.

"Very," she replied.  "You're more than I could have hoped for."

"Thank you Mistress," he rumbled reverently.  "It was a most enjoyable 
experience for me too.  One I should have embraced sooner."

"Oh?" asked Elly.  "Feel like you should have surrendered to me earlier?"

"Not necessarily surrendered," murmured the dragon.  "But mated.  Oh yes."

He hissed out the sibilant sound with an almost dreamlike whisper.

"That was our first mating?" blinked Elly.

She found it hard to believe a dragon of his age had never taken a mate.

"With a female, yes Mistress," he replied, bowing his head.  "You are my 
mate, my Queen and we dragons mate for life."

Elly smirked to herself.

"Oh Ragnos," she said, reaching out to run her hand over his scales.  "That 
was not a mating, that was sex."

"For dragons, there is not a difference," he responded.  "Sex is the act of 
mating, the bond formed by shared climax of two souls.  Your enslaving of my 
mind just makes the bond stronger."

She blinked, listening to his words.  He certainly was a strange dragon.  
Clearly he knew what she had done, but was powerless and unable to stop her.  
The thought of him all powerless like that gave her another shiver.

"So, what does this bond bring?" she asked curiously, wondering if there was 
anything else she could use against him.

"The body and soul of a dragon," he replied, giving her another lick.  
"Usually the act is between two dragons, so the effects are not noticeable, 
but with you, I am not so sure."

"Effects?" she chuckled.  "What sort of effects?"

Ragnos drew his head back from between her legs.  

"See for yourself M'lady," he rumbled, motioning downwards.

Elly looked down, then gasped.  What had been perfect white flesh between 
her thighs was now tinged with blue.  It was subtle, but definitely blue.  
She reached down and ran her fingers over it.  The skin felt strange, sort 
of smooth, but almost bumpy at the same time.  Her fingers explored further, 
finding her sex which closed around them instinctively.  She gave a groan at 
the sensations.

"What's happening?" she managed to say as the shiver of pleasure passed 
through her.  

"You're becoming my Queen," replied Ragnos in a matter of fact tone.

"But I'm an elf!" she snapped back.

"Were," he corrected.  "And elves are naturally magical, like dragons.  It 
has happened before."

"But, but," she stammered.  "You're huge!"

It was a feeble excuse, but she found herself thinking more and more about 
his shaft.

"Size differences are not uncommon between the sexes," he stated.  
"Although, it tends to be the female who is the larger.  This could make 
further matings complicated."

"Further?" she growled.  "If you think I'm going to let you, you've got 

Her voice faded into a groan as Ragnos ignored her protests and ran his 
tongue once again over her underside.  It certainly did feel good.  She 
arched herself into it, closing her eyes in the process.

She knew this was not right, this was not suppose to be how things were.  
She was the one in charge, he was her slave.  A slave that was currently 
making her feel so good with that amazing tongue... just think about what 
that cock would feel like...  She needed that cock, his seed... her body 
spasmed just thinking about it.

The drake continued the ministrations of his Queen.  His tongue lapping 
slowly at her changing skin.  Azure scales pushing into definition as she 
writhed on his treasure.  Dragon magic mixing with elfin, his hybrid 
Mistress beginning to emerge.  She began to grow larger, dainty finger nails 
thickening and lengthening into more practical claws.  Her tail began to 
extend from her spine, at first a mere appendage, but with every lick and 
shudder it thickened, her hips spreading wider taking on a more reptilian 

Unlike him, she would remain bipedal, soon over taking him in size.  Small 
protrusions from her shoulders began to develop into wings, the emerging 
muscles wrapping over her chest, keeping her feminine figure while her 
mammalian nipples disappeared under the spreading scales.  Every now and 
again, her fading brain would surface, protesting the changes until Ragnos 
ran his tongue over one of her many sensitive spots, the pleasure clouding 
her mind and inducing a needy groan.

It was after one such lick, she rolled herself onto all fours and looked 
over her shoulder, her neck longer and more flexible than it had been.  Her 
tail lifted to one side, the deep blue, almost purple scales of her sex 
glistened alluringly.  The drake needed no further indication and in a 
smooth, single move, mounted his Queen.  His tapered length sliding in 

Elly, or Elanath as she was beginning to think of herself, groaned in 
pleasure.  It was all she hoped it would be.  The fit and size perfect, her 
changed walls gripping and squeezing rhythmically as her drake shuddered 
above her.  His very design limiting his thrusts, but every one he made sent 
waves of pleasure over them both.  His scales slipped silently over hers, 
the hardened ridge over her spine, digging in, preventing him from putting 
too much weight over her.

Their squirming and bucking grew faster, more frantic as each teased and 
pushed the other closer.  A simultaneous bellow erupting from their lips as 
they both came together.  This time Elanath's sex gripped his shaft, her 
changed body easily able to accommodate his load.  She felt it spread 
through her as a pleasing warmth, already aware of her soon to be laid first 
clutch of eggs.

It was not until many minutes later she pulled herself out from under him 
with a delightfully obscene slurping sound.  Slick cum dribbled from her sex 
and he eagerly lapped at it.  She purred, leaning herself back against what 
was now her horde pile and tenderly stroking her drake's cheek.

Memories of her old life drifting away as she took up her true position of 
Queen, soon her first clutch would be arriving.  There was much to do before 
it was laid.  She curled her tail around her mate's rumbling as he nuzzled 
in submissively against her.  He was such a good slave.

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