Keywords: Hypnosis, Adult
Species: Skunk, Panthress
The Art of Pet Sculpting

	This is a follow-up to Precious Stones so anyone who hasn't read that should probably
go and read that first, it may make more sense then.

The Art of Pet Sculpting
By Wolphin.

Emerald looked at the time and put away what she was doing.

"Sapphire," she called.  "Are you ready to go?"

Her sister walked into the room.  As usual, she was dressed in the latest 
clubbing gear, her body encased in a range of shiny plates that contrasted 
with strips of her white and black fur.  Behind her, her tail twitched, 
sparkling faintly with the glitter she had combed into it.

"Of course sister," she replied, giving a little curtsy before pirouetting 

As usual she looked stunning.  Not quite in Emerald's taste, but she all 
eyes would be on her tonight.  She looked like some sort of futuristic 
cyborg, smooth lines of sculpted acrylic merging into organic flesh.  The 
outfit was perfectly fitted and covered her, but left very little to the 
imagination.  Emerald knew that once her sister was under the lights of the 
dance floor, the suit would come alive with the pulsing blacklight revealing 
patterns that were normally hidden to the naked eye, which was precisely the 
reason she had helped design the suit in the first place.

"You look beautiful," said Emerald, leaning forward to give her sister a 
deep kiss.

The slightly smaller skunk breathed in as their lips pressed together and 
Emerald held her as she breathed out, her eyes closing and her body going 

"Good girl," she murmured softly to her, helping to re-enforce the 
suggestion.  "Tonight we'll be hunting felines, but I want you to just be 
yourself.  There is no need to pay too much attention to anything I say 
unless I address you directly.  Just have a good time sister."

She kissed her sister's forehead gently and gathered her own things smiling 
to herself.  She knew Sapphire would take a few moments to awaken and she 
did not want her to be accidentally entranced later tonight.  Besides, 
Sapphire already had her own instructions for the evening, even if she did 
not know it.

They arrived in the club just as it was beginning to fill up.  The dance 
floor already had a collection of bodies on it, the DJ was just finishing 
her first set and small parties of bodies were starting to accumulate on the 
lounges and chairs.

Emerald looked around and noticed the panthress seated in what had to be her 
usual chair, off to one side out of the main stream of patrons, but 
positioned so she could still see what was going on.  Already Sapphire was 
beginning to move her body to the strong beat of the music and Emerald knew 
not to hold her back.

"Have fun sister," she said as if giving permission.

Sapphire beamed, giving Emerald a peck on the cheek and she disappeared into 
the crowd, her tail waving above eye level of most of the patrons making her 
easy to keep an eye on.

Emerald picked her way through the crowd and ended up at the relatively 
quiet end of the bar.  She ducked under one of the large wings of the 
panthress and puller herself onto a stool beside her.  Almost immediately 
the panthress gave a growl which softened as she turned her head and saw who 
it was.

"Hello again," the panthress said, a strange look of confusion passing over 
her face as her mind obviously tried to remember.

"Hello," smiled the skunk.  "Emerald," she offered as if sensing some of the 
confusion.  "My sister and I were talking to you a few days ago."

"Ahhh," nodded the panthress as if remembering.

"It was Rayne wasn't it?" asked Emerald, already knowing the answer.

There was a nod from Rayne.

"You'll have to forgive me," she said.  "I speak to many patrons, it takes 
me a few moments to put a name to a face."

Emerald smiled.

"Oh, don't mention it," she said, waving a paw dismissively.  "I know 
exactly what its like.  You meet so many people and after a while they all 
look the same."

She let her paw move in a larger arc than necessary, inwardly smiling as 
Rayne's eyes caught it, following it down until she placed it on the bar 
besides the panthress's ebony paw.

"Oh yes," replied Rayne.  "Different clubs, different folks, everyone vying 
for your attention."

"Sometimes it's nice just to be able to get away from it all, turn yourself 
off and relax?" finished Emerald, moving her fingers so they lightly stroked 
over the back of the feline's hand.

Rayne tilted her head, seeming to look thoughtfully at the skunk.

"Yes," she said after a few seconds, not even acknowledging the touch to her 

"You don't dance?" asked Emerald, keeping the conversation moving.

"No," answered Rayne, shaking her head.

"I don't either," nodded Emerald.  "But my sister does, do you remember her.  
That's her down there.  She likes her clubbing, which is good.  I think she 
looks rather stunning on the dance floor."

Rayne turned her head.  From this vantage point the dance floor was spread 
out before them.  Sapphire was clearly visible, her clubbing gear glowing 
under the black lights, her body moving in perfect synch with the throbbing 
beat of the music.

"Yes," agreed Rayne after watching her for more than a few seconds.

Emerald smiled to herself, already she could see Rayne's wings beginning to 
droop as her body relaxed from the simple stroking to her paw, her mind 
remembering her previous submission.

"I like the way she moves," continued Emerald.  "So smooth, but also fluid, 
as if she is winding, writhing and look at her face, she's so happy just to 
let her body flow with the music, not thinking about it at all, just 
relaxing and reacting."

She moved her stroking a little higher up Rayne's arm.

"Nice," agreed Rayne, her voice slurring a little.

"Shhh," murmured Emerald, her voice a whisper above the pumping music.  
"Don't talk... just watch, feel yourself letting go, drifting away and 

She changed the tone of her voice from soothing to commanding as she let the 
word "sleep" slip from her lips.  The effect on the panthress was exactly 
what she hoped.  With barely murmur Rayne's eyes slipper shut and her head 
slumped down towards her chest.

"Good girl," murmured Emerald to the panthress in the same pleasing tone she 
used on her sister.  "Just listen to my voice, everything else will just 
fade away as you relax.  You're at the bar, so you're not asleep, so you're 
going to open your eyes for me, but remain in this nice relaxed state for me 
aren't you?"

Rayne took a few deep breaths and her eyes opened, her body straightening as 
she turned her head to look back at the skunk.  Her eyes were open, but 
glazed.  Emerald smiled to herself and continued to stroke the back of her 

"Good girl," she repeated.  "And how does a good girl feel?" she asked.

"Good," murmured Rayne softly, her voice still slurred.  "Relaxed..."

"Very good girl," smiled Emerald.  "Do you remember what happened when you 
last felt like this?"

Rayne's body stiffened and she gasped as if reliving the memory.

"I climaxed," she whispered in a soft voice.

"And did you enjoy it?" was the next question.

"Yes!" Rayne responded with a needy moan.

"That's nice to know," smiled Emerald.  "Unfortunately it a little 
unsuitable to let you feel that again right now..."

Rayne interjected with a soft sigh.

"But..." continued Emerald.  "If you want to feel it again, you will find an 
address in your pocket.  Visit tomorrow, but if you do, the moment you step 
inside, you will surrender, everything you know will cease to be.  The 
choice is yours, but you will remain unaware, you will either be there, 
ready to surrender or not at all."

"Yes," slurred Rayne softly, giving a nod of her head.

"Good girl," repeated Emerald and leaned in to give the panthress a kiss on 
the cheek.  "When I wave to you, you will waken, feeling perfectly normal, 
your mind remember what it needs to remember and forgetting what it needs to 

"Yes," murmured Rayne again.

Emerald smiled to herself and finished off her drink.  She fished a card 
from her pocket and slipped it Rayne's jacket before slipping off the stool 
and ducking under the wing.  She made her way through the now packed club 
and snaked her paws around her sister's waist.  Joining her for a rather 
intimate Lambada for a few moments as she nuzzled along her neck.

"Time to go sis," she murmured in her ear.

"Aww," protested Sapphire, but began to make her way off the floor of the 

Emerald turned and gave a wave back to the still frozen panthress, smiling 
as a wing twitched.  She grinned to herself, giving a few flaunting waves of 
her tail as she made her way outside.

"Have a good time sis?" she asked as she slipped into the cab with her 

"Wonderful," purred Sapphire happily.  "Everyone loved my outfit and it felt 
so good, dancing away, my body moving on its own, I just... mmm..."

Emerald watched as her sister began to undulate on the back seat of the cab, 
her paws moving over her body as she slowly slipped back into her dance 
trance.  She debated for a few moments if it had been a bad idea to make 
dancing an erotic sport for Sapphire, but as usual, her conscience decided 
it was acceptable.  When she got home she would make sure her sister was 
suitable rewarded...

The following afternoon there was a knock at the door.  There was only one 
guest expected that day and Emerald smiled to herself.  She opened the door 
and nodded her head to the panthress who stood in the ball.

"Are you sure you want to come in?" she asked, making room for her if she 
chose to enter.

A strange look passed across Rayne's face, as if puzzled why she was here, 
but also one of eagerness.  She nodded and stepped inside, looking around.

Emerald slipped past her and closed the door.

"Sleep," she murmured softly in her ear, somewhat curious to see what effect 
the command would have on her at this point.

She was not too surprised as the panthress's head slumped forward, her wings 
drooping behind her.  She reached up and gently stroked her ears.

"Good girl," she purred to her softly.  "Now walk forward and as you do I 
want you to remove your clothing, letting everything that was you sink away, 
stepping into the room naked and free."

Rayne began to walk forward slowly, her fingers fumbling over the buttons of 
her blouse, letting it slip from her shoulders before undoing her jeans, 
they too fell to the floor and a few steps later were joined by her 
underwear.  She stepped into the living area dressed only in her sleek black 
fur.  It was the first time Emerald had seen her naked in the light and she 
was a magnificent sight, her body gleaming, sculpted muscle rippling under 
her pelt.

"Sapphire," she called out in a soft voice.

Sapphire poked her head out from under the pillows of the bed, clearly just 
woken from her sleep.  Her eyes began to open wider as she spied the naked 

"Sleep sister," Emerald said in barely a whisper.

Sapphire's head slumped down and Emerald smiled to herself.

"Sister," she murmured softly.  "Come here and meet our new guest."

Sapphire crawled from the bed and made her way over, her body also 
completely naked, her tail still adorned with hints of glitter from the 
night before.

"Rayne," she said.  "This is Sapphire.  Sapphire, this is Rayne."

The two females did not say anything, they just turned to face each other.

"That's it," smiled Emerald.  "You two should get to know each other.  You 
have met before.  Do you remember it Rayne, Sapphire's tongue explored every 
inch of your sex.  You like exploring don't you Sapphire.  Why don't you 
tell Rayne how it makes you feel Sapphire, so relaxed and aroused... both of 
you staring into each others eyes and listening to Sapphire's words.  Good 

Sapphire began to talk softly, her voice almost monotonic.

"I like exploring," began Sapphire.  "I start with my tongue, letting it 
travel where it will and every time it licks I leave a little of myself 
behind, thoughts, feelings, it is all left behind... Exploring makes me 
relaxed, sister likes it when I explore, my cute pink tongue roaming over 
who ever I am exploring.  I like to seek out pleasure, giving pleasure 
provides pleasure and it feels so good..."

Emerald smiled to herself, watching as Sapphire's thought patterns began to 
imprint onto Rayne.  She quietly stretched and fetched herself a drink, 
leaving them to their devices for quite a while.  When she returned, both 
had slumped, Sapphire still mumbling, but only every second or third word 
was intelligible.  She stroked one of Emerald's ears gently silencing her.

"How do you feel Rayne?" she asked quietly.

"Relaxed," murmured the panthress.  "Empty..."

"Good girl," smiled Emerald.  "Now just lean back and relax..."

She moved some pillows behind the panthress who seemed to almost melt into 

"Now Sapphire," she instructed.  "While I talk to Rayne, I want you to 
explore her.  Show her the pleasure she wants to receive."

"Yes sister," murmured Sapphire slowly and immediately knelt forward, gently 
placing her head between Rayne's legs and beginning to lick.

Rayne gave a distant moan, her body shuddering.

"That's a good girl," began Emerald, letting her paws begin to stroke slowly 
over the panthress's soft fur.  "Just relax and enjoy the sensations...  You 
came here to relax and forget, let everything just drift away and surrender 
to the pleasure..."

Rayne gave a purr and managed to nod her head once before it slumped down.

"Nothing matters," continued Emerald.  "Just let your mind empty, any stray 
thoughts being licked away by... licking that is feeling so good, you don't 
want to hold anything back from it, surrendering totally to that insistent 
tongue as it strokes back and forth... your arousal growing... your mind 
emptying as you build towards your surrender... your body not holding back 
as you peak, releasing everything that was in your mind as you orgasm..."

Emerald kept up the soft stroking as Rayne's body twitched and spasmed.  She 
smiled as her sister gave a happy murr, imagining what the tongue would feel 
like.  She trailed a nail around one of the stiff nipples and began to talk 

"Good girl... surrendering everything, but it never stops, the pleasure 
continues to grow... slowly overtaking you... pressing into your mind as it 
consumes you... you want more don't you kitty... you always need more..."

Rayne gave a distant groan as Emerald continued to tease her mind.  It was 
going to take a long time, rewiring the brain with pleasure always did, but 
she was patient and the panthress was such a willing offering.

Rayne woke first, stretching her wings slowly and looked around.  Her 
Mistress was asleep beside her, partially covered protectively with her 
wing, on her other side was Mistress's sister, nestled in against her 
breast.  She brought her paw up to her collar, tracing over the simple 
collar with the cut emerald that hung from it.

"Happy pet?" asked Emerald, gently stroking down the panthress's back.

"Yes Mistress," she purred quietly, arching into the touch, her body 
trembling at her voice as she turned to face her.

"That's good," murmured Emerald, gently stroking down the panthress's nose.  
"Because I want you to explore... you know how exploring makes you feel...

"Yes Mistress," purred the former Rayne, lowering her head and beginning to 
lick, her body shivering as she felt the magical sensations begin to wash 
over her.

Emerald gave a blissful sigh and stroked over her new pet's ears.  Oh yes, 
she was going to be an excellent pet...

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