Keywords: Hypnosis, Latex, Scifi
Species: Wolf, Skunk, Rabbit
Slave Maker 3000
By Wolphin

The doorbell rang and the wolf looked up at the rather substantial skunk who 
answered the door.  He didn't give her a chance to react before he launched 
into his spiel, placing his foot against the edge of the door to prevent it 
being slammed in his face.

"Good morning M'lady, wonderful morning it is too, beautiful weather," he began 
without taking a breath.  "I represent the AMCC, that's the Advanced Mental 
Control Company and we've got a promotion on in your area at the moment and I'm 
here to offer you the deal of a lifetime."

For the first time he made eye contact.  She had not kicked him out of the way 
yet, that was a good indication.

"We have marked down our amazing Slave Maker 3000 and its going out for a song.  
This is your chance to purchase, in cheap weekly instalments, your very own 
Slave Maker 3000.  Its been voted the best of the portable conversion units in 
Popular Slaver Magazine.  Guaranteed to convert even the most strong willed 
victim, it uses a mixture of physical and mental conditioning to ensure your 
slave is exactly what you are after."

"Really?" purred the skunk, stretching slowly.  "I hope you have a test model 
there, bring it in, lets have a look at it."

The wolf gave a nod of his head.

"Of course Madam," he said sounding pleased.  "I have one right here, as you 
can see from its size, its completely portable and small enough to be stored in 
any standard cupboard.  I do have this second case, this contains the optional 

The wolf wheeled in one case.  It was large, but no larger than what you might 
see at an airport.  He disappeared again and then wheeled in a second 
marginally smaller case in matching trim.

"Mmmm..." murmured the skunk, leaning over the back of a chair to watch as the 
wolf began to unpack the first case.  "I like attachments."

The wolf swallowed nervously, trying to keep his eyes from the low cut top of 
the skunk's jump suit.  She was what he would have called gifted and her assets 
seemed to be eager to free themselves.  He was a trained professional, he saw 
seductive types all the time, but it did not make his job any easier.

"You just unfold..." he said, quite aware of the sensual blue eyes studying his 
every move.  "...then slot in here.  Pull this into the locking position, then 
plug it in."

He slid the plug into the socket and switched it on.

"And there we have it," he announced, taking a step back.  

The Slave Maker 3000 looked vaguely like a wheelless motorbike.  There were 
handles and foot pegs and a visor that curled up.  The seat was a silvery 
material, cushioned with numerous seams.

"Curious," purred the skunk, moving around and tracing a gloved paw over the 
sleek plastic.  "So, how does it work?"

"Well, the slave to be sits here," indicated the wolf to the seat.  "It is 
currently configured for males, so we have a probe and a suction cup, although 
it does come with suitable female attachments and an optional attachment for 
hermaphrodites.  That isn't too popular, so we do not include it in the normal 

"Understandable," nodded the skunk.

"Feet and hands go here and here," continued the wolf pointing to the relevant 
areas.  "Cuffs bind them in place, there are also knee straps to hold the knees 
and hence the groin still.  This is important since the probes and cups form a 
key part of the reprogramming."

"The probes and cups?" questioned the skunk, leaning forward to look.  The way 
her tail curled back behind her could not be accidental.

"Umm here," stammered the wolf, tapping a button on the control panel.

A chromed ridged probe slipped out from a seam in the seat.  It was curved with 
a rounded tip, defiantly phallic, but not modelled on any species at all.  At 
the same time a clear tube on a length of umbilical cable slipped out from a 
seam further forward.  It curved up to position itself a few inches from the 
probe, the walls of the tube undulating and a soft sucking sound coming from 
the opening.

"The hand cuffs move forward like so," recovered the wolf, tapping another 
button and the hand points pulled down.  "This forces the future slave's head 
in against the visor.  Depending on the slave and the programming in question, 
drugs can be applied to assist in the alterations.  The visor itself provides a 
constant source of projections directly onto the subject's brain while 
omnidirectional speakers provide auditory stimulation."

The wolf pointed all the parts out to the skunk.

"Depending on the programming, results can be seen in a matter of minutes to 
hours," he concluded.  "AMCC does recommend regular training for the initial 
period, then occasional reassertions at regular intervals, the exact number and 
length of sessions will depend on the slave and what they are being turned 
into.  Any questions?"

"Its all quite fascinating," purred the skunk with a happy gleam in her eyes.  
"What styles of programming are available?"

"Well madam, that depends on what you desire," said the wolf, moving to the 
second case and beginning to pull out data modules.  "We can cater to every 
taste and every degree.  If we do have a desire we do not have available, we 
can make it up."

"What is popular then?" asked the skunk, running a paw over the phallic probe, 
then studying the control panel and pushing buttons to make it slide away.

"We find total helpless enslavement is a popular initial decision," began the 
wolf once again.  "But once it is ingrained into the slave, the owner discovers 
the slaves can not usually think on their own.  Some owners enjoy that level of 
control, but most appreciate a level of intelligence, so the slave can be told 
to take off their pants and know they need to remove their shoes first."

"Ahh, I see what you mean," nodded the skunk, turning her attention back to the 
wolf.  "Go on."

"We recommend devotion as a programming option, making the slave devoted to the 
owner, then they can be enhanced with fetishes, leather and latex are popular 
choices.  Actually some clients have used the machine to inject a fetish into 
the mind of their submissive, the Slave Maker 3000 is for more than making 

"Oh I'm sure it is," murmured the skunk seductive.  "Can I give it a test run?"

"Umm... I should point out the all AMCC hardware is hard coded not to work on 
employees," stammered the wolf beginning to look nervous as the skunk 

The skunk gave a chuckle.

"Oh, not on you," she purred.  "I was thinking of someone more of a challenge."

"Oh," said the wolf, unable to decide if he should be relieved or insulted.  
"It should be ok for a light run."

The skunk chuckled and looked at the door of the room leading to the rest of 
the room.

"Bunny," she called.  "Bunny, where are you?  Come down here and give this new 
VR game a try."

There was the sound of soft footfalls and a few moments later a rabbit 
appeared.  He had gleaming white fur with occasional black patches and a blue 
robe tied loosely around his waist.  He looked over the skunk warily, then at 
the bike.  To her credit she had carefully positioned herself between him and 
the logo.

"What is it?" the rabbit asked.

"A new motorbike simulator," replied the skunk before the wolf could say 
anything.  "Its suppose to simulate any circuit in the world.  You just sit 
here, lean forward and look into the screen while we load a track."

The rabbit continued to look suspicious, but slid into position over the seat, 
bringing his foot-paws up to the pedals and leaning forward to grip the handle 

"Right," murmured the skunk, looking over the display.  "So now I click go..."

Cuffs slid around the wrists and ankles of the rabbit, causing him to jerk in 
surprise, similar straps curled out around his knees and he gave a cry of 

"Oi, what? ... let me go," protested the rabbit.

"And so now we choose program?" guessed the skunk, ignoring the protests and 
the nervous looking wolf who peered over her shoulder.

The machine gave a soft hum as it began to power up.  The rabbit tugged at the 
restraints as he was pulled down into the curve of the visor, protesting 

"You get this thing off me... ack.. its spraying something... ow, it stings... 
numbs, I can't feel my nose... oooh, I feel strange... mmm... lights..."

The rabbit's protesting changed abruptly as the machine delivered a jet of its 
potent chemicals against his face.  A few seconds later his struggling slowing 
as he fought the loosing battle, his head slumping down on the cushioned rest 
and he found himself staring into the pulsing patterns.

"How long does this take?" asked the skunk conversationally, dragging her tail 
across the muzzle of the wolf as she tapped at the keypad.

"Well, it depends on the individual, their will and what you're trying to do," 
answered the wolf, squirming a little from the attention and what was happening 
before him.

The rabbit moaned as the machine beeped, telling the controller the probe was 
being inserted.  A few moments later there was a second hiss as the suction 
tube moved up into position, the rabbit's body arching as he breathed deeply, 
glazed eyes staring at the screen, long ears twitching occasionally at the 
sounds only he could hear.

"Oh, I think just something simple," murmured the skunk.  "I don't think he 
appreciates latex as much as he should and I'm not sure he's been showing me 
the right degree of respect."

She called up some menus and slid some sliders into position, smiling as the 
machine beeped as the commands were accepted.

"So, what sort of extras can you throw in to sweeten the deal?" she asked, 
turning herself around to face the wolf.

"Errr, right..." stammered the wolf.  "Lets see... I suppose I could do you an 
entire catalogue of programming for an extra five credits?  Did I mention it 
comes with a promotional suit?"

He pulled out a sleek metallic grey bundle of folded latex with the AMCC logo 
on it.

"Oooh, perfect," purred the skunk, taking it and flicking out the suit, looking 
it over before draping it over one arm.

"And a free set of steak knives," he continues.  "Excellent steel, cut through 
anything.  So that would be one Slave Maker 3000 which comes with the male and 
female attachments, a full set of programming, service contract is provided, 
the promotional suit, manuals, access to the twenty four hour help line, 
exclusive access to our AMCC website, the steak knives in twelve easy payments 
over two years.  And of course, everything comes with the AMCC money back 
guarantee, if you're not completely happy, just let us know and we'll give you 
your cash back."

The machine beeped again and the cuffs pulled back.  The rabbit looked around, 
blinking a few times before sliding himself from the device.  He stood unsteady 
at first, shaking his head, then spying the suit that hung over the skunk's 

Without saying a word, he stepped forward, the robe falling from his shoulders, 
the fur around his sheath slightly matted and damp.  He took the grey suit and 
began to work himself into it, slowly doing the zip up until he was sealed 
inside, just the white fur of his head, hands and paws fluffing out around the 
openings of the suit.  Once he was dressed he purred softly, shivering in 

"If you excuse me M'lady," he said nodding his head slightly and disappeared 
from the room before the other two could react.

"Well, that is impressive," started the skunk, then stopped again as the rabbit 

He had added some sort of leather harness across his chest made from what 
looked like belts.

"Oops," giggled the skunk.  "I think I may have chosen leather as well..."

She reached out to stroke the rabbit's ears as he bowed again.

"Nothing some more sessions couldn't fix..."

The wolf gave a polite cough, holding out a data-pad with the contract on it.

The skunk leant forward and pressed her thumbprint to the screen.

"A pleasure doing business with you madam," smiled the wolf, beginning to 
collect his things.  "I am guessing you would prefer it if I left this model 

"Yes," purred the skunk, teasing her paws up the rabbit's ears, smiling as he 
quivered.  "And perhaps tomorrow you could send someone around to my office... 
I can see potential for a second unit there...  It is a pity it is only good 
for slaves."

The wolf pulled out his diary and made a note.

"I will make sure someone is there first thing tomorrow morning," nodded the 
wolf.  "Perhaps the Slave Maker 5000?  Up to five slaves at once.  I'll bring a 
catalogue, you may be interested in the Master-kator 01, still experimental, 
but I am told the results are more than spectacular."

"Oooh, I love catalogues," murmured the skunk, dismissing the wolf with a nod, 
her eyes lighting up as her tail teased the sleek covering of the rabbit.

The wolf closed the door behind him silencing the sound of giggling and the 
thump of chasing bodies.  He squirmed a little, smoothing down his fur and 
returning to his car.  Skunks, he had to get more skunks on the books...

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