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The Next Overnight Stop

	Some folks were curious what happened after the first overnight stop,
so this is here for those who wanted to know what happens afterwards.

The Next Overnight Stop
By Wolphin

The stallion looked around the bar as he waited for his drink.  
It was not too crowded; the soft murmur of voices was far from 
overpowering.  He stretched, still a little stiff from the 
flight, the airlines did not cater for horses as well as some 
of the other species.  Over on one table a wolf caught his 
eye, sitting alone, he gave a nod as the stallion looked over, 
the stallion nodded back politely.

His drink arrived and he took it, walking over.  The wolf 
looked vaguely familiar for some reason.

"Have we met?" asked the stallion.

"Maybe," rumbled the wolf, his voice was soft but powerful and 
send a shiver down the stallion's neck.  "I drop by here 
often, you?"

"Only when I'm in town on business," replied the horse, 
sliding in to the seat opposite.  "But that's done for the 
day, but I've got a few days off.  Arranged with the company 
to take a while finding me a return flight."

"Is that so?" chuckled the wolf to himself, he seemed to find 
it amusing.  "So no plans then?  Just sit back and relax?  
Recharge the batteries with lots of sleep."

"I think so," replied the horse, feeling suddenly tired.

"Of course," replied the wolf with a nod and that knowing 
smile.  "Travelling I am sure makes horses so tired and 
sleepy... so tired they just want to close there eyes and let it 
all just drift away..."

The stallion cocked his head at the wolf's words, not quite 
understanding although his head was beginning to droop.  It 
had been a long day, it would feel so good just to close his 
eyes.  Wait, did he just think that or did he hear it?  Not 
that it matters, good horses like to sleep and just listen...

The wolf watched as the stallion's eyes closed, his head 
sinking down as his body slumped.

"Good boy," he whispered softly.  "So good you remember your 
Master's voice."

"Yes Master," slurred the stallion, quite oblivious to 
everything else.

"In a moment," smiled the wolf.  "You are going to wake, not 
remembering this, accepting whatever I tell you as it is 
perfectly natural for you to do so."

"Yes sir," the stallion slurred again.

"Good boy," smiled the wolf.  "Now wake."

The stallion blinked as he lifted his head.

"Sorry, long flight earlier today," he apologised.

"Don't mention it," replied the wolf.  "I find it good myself 
to have little powernaps from time to time."

The stallion grinned as he nodded before finishing the last of 
his drink.  The wolf watched, his own glass already empty.

"I'm going to go downstairs," he murmured in that soft voice.  
"Won't you join me."

The stallion looked almost surprised at the offer and 
surprised still when he found himself nodding.  The wolf 
grinned, showing just a hint of fang and stood, leading the 
two of them to the elevators.

There was a short delay for the car to arrive.  The two 
stepped in and the wolf pressed a button.

"Ahh, here we go," he murmured, looking at the floor readout 
on the side, drawing the stallion's attention to it.

The little arrow changed to move down in jiggered steps, the 
glowing 27 flashed and began to step down.

"And going down," whispered the wolf in his soft voice.  
"Down... down... down... deeper and deeper down..."

The ride only lasted a few seconds, the car stopping at the 
ninth floor before the doors opened.

"Follow," commanded the wolf without even looking up.

The stallion's eyes were still staring at the little glowing, 
they swung around to look at the wolf before his body 
followed, a dazed look in his eyes as they walked down the 
corridor.  The wolf stopped at a door, inserted his room key, 
then walked inside, the stallion followed, the door shut and 
the corridor was empty once again.

The stallion blinked as he looked around, his head felt kind 
of fuzzy and he shook it.  He could remember the drink, there 
was a hallway, but now.  Something was not right.  He looked 
down at himself, his body bound in a leather harness.  He 
could feel the collar around his neck, cuffs around wrists and 
ankles as well as the straps that bound his chest.  It felt 
odd, but also natural.  He was surprised, but not concerned to 
find the leather was the only thing that touched his fur.  His 
shaft was distended from his sheath, but not aroused, his 
balls hanging freely between his thighs.  He moved his head, 
the room looked like a standard hotel room although seated on 
a chair to one side was a wolf.

The wolf did not seem surprised or concerned and was just as 
naked as he was.  He did not wear a collar, but black leather 
straps cut into his thick fur in a similar harness.

"What am I doing here?" he asked puzzled, looking down at 
himself, then back at the wolf.

The wolf smiled.

"A few weeks ago," he began.  "You seemed to think you could 
not be hypnotised, I decided to see if you were and I think 
its safe to say I won the challenge boy."

His voice finished with a slight sting.

"Yes sir," replied the stallion automatically, then blinked 
and shook his head.

"Oh, don't mind that," grinned the wolf.  "You just started 
saying that by yourself.  Actually, you were far more 
submissive and obedient than I could have ever have hoped 

He stretched a little.

"In fact," he continued.  "About the only reason you're not 
falling under at the moment is I ordered you not to, but don't 
worry you can go back under just as easily."

"So you hypnotised me and turned you into your sex slave?" 
growled the stallion.

"Not quite boy," he replied with a smirk as the defiance faded 
from the horse's pose.  "I merely provided your mind with an 
outlet... it was your desire for cuffs and collars as well as 
the harness... you were also the one who wanted to show your 
body to me and well, who was I to refuse such a delightful 

The wolf paused and took in the stallion's form.

"Of course, it was rather flattering to hear your stories of 
your fantasies of serving one such as myself, which brings me 
to why you are conscious."

The stallion cocked his head, he was not sure what to do, 
while the wolf could be telling the truth, he might not be, if 
he had been inside his head, who could tell what was real and 
what was not.

"You are now able to choose," said the wolf, pausing until he 
knew he had the stallion's full attention.  "You can stand and 
walk out the door, you have my word that I will not do 
anything to stop you and nor will I pursue you, anything that 
I have done will cease to have an effect.  Or, you can 
surrender to me and be mine in both body and mind, with what 
happens next to be decided by me.  The choice is yours."

The stallion blinked, taking in the words.  He looked at the 
door, standing up and even managing a step towards it before 
he slowed and looked at the wolf.  His mind was racing, this 
was not what he wanted, was it?  He was not sure.  He felt 
himself moving, kneeling before the wolf, his eyes travelling 
down his form, their eyes meeting for the briefest of instants 
before the stallion's gaze travelled further down.

The wolf's sheath looked soft and inviting.  He leant in, his 
soft nose caressing the warm fur and he licked once and 
paused.  It was good.  He licked again, this time his tongue 
brushed over the emerging sliver of pink, his lips eagerly 
engulfing it and he began to suck.

He could feel his thoughts being pushed away as the shaft 
inside his muzzle grew, his own body calming, relaxing as the 
wolf leant back, never saying anything, remaining silent.  It 
was not long before the wolf's shaft was fully exposed, the 
stallion's tongue lapping insistently, his lips teasing the 
thickening knot.  The wolf started to squirm and the stallion 
could feel the shaft hardening.

Abruptly the wolf came, hot ropey strings of seed spurting 
down the stallion's throat, his body eagerly accepting them, 
feeling the last of his thoughts disappear, replaced instead 
by his master's seed.

The wolf moved, recovering and stroking his paw over the 
stallion's large head.  His eyes were open, but glazed.

"Good boy," whispered the wolf as he patted.  "Now, give me 
your offering."

The stallion barely moved, lifting his head back, his shaft 
was already fully erect, the almost frightening length 
drooling pre onto the carpet.  At the wolf's words the 
stallion gave a blissful groan, his shaft erupting, shooting 
globules of cum into the air, splattering in an arc before 

"Good boy," repeated the wolf, waiting for the spurts to slow 
to a dribble.

He grinned softly, the training had been worth it, of course 
now he needed some tasks for his boy to complete... but he was 
sure something would come to mind, it often did...

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