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Species: Lupine, Equine
The Overnight Stop

The Overnight Stop
By Wolphin

The wolf looked at the stallion with a knowing smirk in his eye.

"You think I can't?" he said finishing off his drink and letting the ice roll 
around the bottom of the glass.

"Not a chance," replied the horse with that smug sound that only those who know 
they are right can have.

"You may be right," agreed the lupine with a slight sigh.  "Of course, it is 
too late by now, you would be attuned to me trying anything.  The soft tone of 
my voice, that flick of an ear, was that some kind of signal? Or maybe it was 
nothing, of course I am talking now, so maybe I am trying something, you must 
be on a knife edge wondering what I am thinking."

"I'm not going to play your game," the stallion chuckled softly quite oblivious 
to the way his eyes had naturally gravitated to the ice that swirled in the 
bottom of the glass.

"Of course not," agreed the wolf.  "You don't need to, all you need to do is 
sit, watch and sink DOWN!"

His voice never raised above a whisper, but the last word was filled with 
power, emphasied by the sudden dropping of his hand with the glass, drawing the 
stallion's eyes down with it, instead of putting the glass on the edge of the 
table it disappeared out of view below it.

There was a puzzled look on the stallion's face as his muzzle sunk down and the 
wolf seized the opportunity.

"SLEEP," he whispered in the same commanding tone.  "Relaxing, blissful deep, 
deep sleep."

The stallion's eyes seemed to tremble for a moment then closed, his head 
slumping against his chest.  The wolf allowed himself a slight smile.

"Good stallion," he rumbled in that rich soothing tone.  "Always relaxing and 
sinking, allowing yourself to spiral down deeper and deeper, everything else 
fading away except for my voice... just my voice and a relaxed sleeping 

The stallion slumped in his chair, his body sagging.  As he had expected, the 
equine was a very good subject.

"So deep now you are not even thinking, just listening and obeying," murmured 
the lupine.  "Every breath taking you deeper, making you more relaxed and more 
obedient, unable to resist my commands, replying openly and honestly to my 
questions, isn't that right?"

"Yes sir," slurred the horse, his voice sounding soft and distant.

The wolf smiled as the horse added his new title.

"Now, why did you approach me if you knew I may hypnotise you?" he asked.

He was constantly amazed by folks approaching him, daring him to take them 
under, there were very few that could resist him.

"Wanted to be hypnotised," slurred the horse.  "Its my fetish, to be controlled 
and obey."

"Ahhh," nodded the wolf, that was a common theme with why he was approached.  
"Do you like being controlled and obedient?"

"Yes," sighed the horse, his voice almost blissful.

"How does it make you feel?" asked the wolf.

"Submissive," replied the horse.  "Helpless, obedient, aroused."

The wolf raised an eyebrow and titled his head slightly to look under the 
table.  The stallion was telling the truth.

"Good boy," grinned the wolf.  "Would you like to return to my room and be my 
obedient horsie for the night?"

"Yes sir," sighed the stallion eagerly, his head still slumped against his 

"Good boy, come," he said standing from the table.

The horse shuddered and gave a little whinny.  The wolf shook his head slowly.  
He was going to really need to watch his language with this one, although the 
twitching stallion did make the wolf's own pants stretch somewhat.

"Stand and follow me," rephrased the wolf, reaching down to take the stallion's 

The stallion stood slowly, a faint damp spot just beginning to show through his 
pants.  His eyes were open, but unfocused, although they latched onto the sight 
of the wolf and obediently followed him out of the room and into the hall.

The stallion blinked as the elevator doors opened, the lobby of the hotel 
before him.  He stepped out curiously.  He was pulling his overnight bag.  He 
could not remember packing it.  Actually he could not remember anything from 
last night.  He arrived at the hotel, went for a drink at the bar and now this.  
It did not quite make sense.  He paused and looked at the reflection of himself 
in the mirror, a hand coming up to stroke the collar around his neck.  It felt 
strangely reassuring.

As he left th ehotel, he could not help but to think about how eager he was to 
return to the city on his next business trip...

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