Werewolves Within

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I took my girlfriend, Cathy, to see American Werewolf in Paris the 
other day.  I was actually a little surprised she agreed to see 
it.  It wasn't exactly what I'd define as a 'chick flick' but I 
had been with her to see some of those period dramas and I figured 
she owed me one.

As it turned out, she really enjoyed it.  Well, bits of it.  As I 
was driving back in the car she was complaining how werewolves 
always got the raw deal.

"They are always the baddies," she began.  "Why can't they be the 
goodies for once?  I mean, why do they have to go around eating 
humans?  What is wrong with a nice hunk of venison from the 
forest?  Thats what normal wolves do, why can't werewolves do 
that?  Oh, and they never get a wolf looking right on screen.  A 
werewolf wouldn't look like that."

But this stage we had reached the house and as I fumbled with the 
keys for the door I asked her what exactly would a werewolf look 

"Well, not that," she said.  "Its hard to explain, but they would 
sort of have three forms - human, wolf and a cross between the 

"Oh," I replied.  "A bit of a closet werewolf freak are we?"

She looked at me with her large brown eyes and grinned 

"I have done some research," she admitted.

That was the end of that conversation and I quickly forgot it.  
Then, the memory of it cropped up a month or two later while we 
were camping. 

We had hiked down to an isolated spot I know on a river.  Its 
about 10km from the nearest farm, with a great little fishing 
spot.  We set up a small camp in a clearing and I proceeded to 
catch a nice size trout for tea.  That evening we cuddled around 
the campfire, softly talking to each other as night descended.  
Slowly a full moon rose above the clearing, bathing all in a 
silverly blue light.

"Full moon," I said to no one in particular.  "Better watch out, 
the wolves will be out tonight..."

Cathy giggled and playfully thwapped me with a cushion. 

"Silly, we live in Australia..."

I squirmed out of her reach and stumbled towards the tent.

"I'm going to bed," I said.  "I'll be up early in the morning, 
trying for that lunker fish which got away from me today."

Cathy gave me a little wave, "Ok, I'm going to stay out here a 
while longer and look at the stars.  I'll see you later tonight."

I unzipped the tent, found my sleeping bag and quickly crawled 
inside, drifting off to sleep within moments.

I awoke late the next morning, with the sun already streaming into 
the tent's small window.  There was no sign of Cathy, but I did 
not pay that much heed, she often got up before me.  I unzipped 
the bag and let out a soft groan as the morning chill caressed my 
skin.  Quickly I grabbed my clothes and climbed into them, pulling 
on my boots as I left the tent.

As I exited I noticed Cathy's sleeping bag looked as if it had not 
been touched, but also dismissed it - she was incredibly neat.  I 
grabbed my rod, a box of lures and headed for the river.  It was 
only a short walk and I stumbled through the underbrush onto the 
river bank and found myself staring at a very naked Cathy.

She was lying on a patch of sandy bank, in a sliver of sunlight.  
As I saw her I let out a gasp.  Her eyes flicked open and her head 
turned towards me.

"Cath..." I began.  

"Morning," she interrupted.  "Just stopped by for an early bath."

"Oh," I murmured.

She flashed her cheeky grin at me and stood up.

"I love being out in the middle of no where... Its so... 

Yes, I could see that.

"Well, I'll find some breakfast."

And with that, she disappeared into the greenery, looking all the 
world like a forest dryad.

This left me alone with my thoughts, so I did what any sane man 
would - I went fishing, pondering over recent events.

It was around that time which I began to recollect our previous 
conversation about werewolves.  It was a stupid thought, but 
somehow it kept coming back haunt me and I couldn't shake it.

I suppose what really cemented the idea in my head was finding the 
dead kangaroo.  I have found dead roos before, but never one this 
fresh.  It must have been killed only a few hours before and 
whatever had done it had made short work of the body.  The carcass 
had been stripped pretty well clean.  

"Foxes," was my first thought, but there was something wrong.  
There was a muddy patch of ground nearby and the tracks of one 
animal could be clearly seen in it.  Big, very big.  Too big to be 
a fox.

"More like a dog," I thought. "...Or a wolf..."

Lost in my own thoughts I wandered back to the camp, passing the 
patch of sand where I found Cathy.  By chance I noticed the same 
set of foot prints leading onto the sand.  Interested, I looked 
around.  They led right up to the patch of sand where she lay 
down, you could see where the ground had been disturbed around the 
impression of her body.  Then there was one set of human tracks 
leading away.

The only other set of tracks on the bar were my own.  The rest was 
smooth white sand.  A cunning canine which back-tracked?  Or one 
of use just happened to walk over its tracks?

No, this was something different.

In silent contemplation I made my way back, thinking of Sherlock 
and his "when all else is eliminated..." approach.  Upon reaching 
the tent, Cathy looked up from beside the fire.

"Whats up?" she asked in response to the perplexed look on my 

"Oh, nothing much," I lied.  "I just found a dead roo by the 
river.  It wasn't there yesterday.  I was just wonder how it got 
there and what killed it."

"Probably a fox," she replied.

"No, I don't think so.  The footprints around it were too big.  
And the roo was pretty big - whatever brought it down would have 
need to be large.  Thats not all, I followed the tracks back up 
the sand bank where I found you this morning and they lead on to 
it, but not off of it."

"Strange," she said.

"Yes," I nodded.  "But now that I think about, there were no 
tracks of you going onto the sandbank, or into the water."

I looked up at her.  "What is going on?"

She looked back.  "What do you mean?"

"Last night you didn't sleep in you bed.  I find you beside the 
river naked this morning?  Care to explain?"

Cathy looked directly at me.

"Ok," she began.  "I'll tell you, but hear me out and don't laugh.  
After that you can make your own opinions."

I nodded.

"Well, Brian... you see, I'm a werewolf."

I think I handled it rather well.  I lifted one eyebrow (something 
I am proud to be able to do) and said "really?"

"Yes," she replied.  "I am a werewolf and have been since around 
about sixteen."

"Sixteen?  Ummm, some sort of family curse?"

"No, but that is about when the hormones kick in.  And don't 
worry, I don't turn into the raging beast you see on the movies.  
I still know who and what I am.  I just sort of grow fur and 
occasionally howl at the moon."

I giggled.  I couldn't help it.

"Oh come on Cath," I said.  "You expect me to believe that you are 
a werewolf and that every full moon you go romping around the 

"No," she said getting defensive.  "I don't usually romp around 
the countryside and I don't change with a full moon.  I can change 
whenever I like."

"Oh really?" I relied doing my eyebrow thing again.  "Ok then, 
show me."

This sort of enraged her somehow.  

"You don't believe me?" she almost shouted.  "Ok, I'll change for 

With that she began pulling off her clothes.  I leant back against 
a convenient tree and watched her, enjoying the show.  Soon she 
was naked again and, with a last glance at me, she closed her 

By this stage I was grinning away like an idiot, wondering what 
someone watching would think.  I had just accused my girlfriend of 
18 months of being a werewolf.  She had admitted she was and was 
now naked on front of me with her eyes closed.  

"Almost like some kinky game," I thought to myself.

Then Cath let out a low moan.  Sweat began to form on her forehead 
and her arms began to shake.  I sat up and looked closer, from my 
position it almost looked as if her skin was getting darker.

"Trick of the light," I thought.

But it continued to get darker, I felt myself twitch as a cold 
sweat ran across my body.  By now it was quite clear Cathy was 
definitely shades darker and I could see that this was caused by 
fine hair sprouting from her arms.  As I watched, it grew longer 
and thicker, quickly transforming her from her usual human pink to 
dark grey / brown colour.  I also began to notice muscles rippling 
under her skin, her biceps bulged and her neck thickened.  The 
change rippled down her body, I watched her human breasts shrink 
into her body and noticed the small mounds of four other nipples 
form below them.  

Her legs grew muscles which would have put Iron Men to shame and 
behind her I could see what must be a tail, twitch.  Her foot 
reshaped itself somehow, I'm not sure exactly, but I do remember 
watching her painted red toe nails being pushed out, replaced by 
claws of polished ebony.  

I moved my gaze back up her body, watching her hands being 
replaced with sharpened talons, similar to her feet.  A sharp 
intake of breathe drew my gaze to her head which she threw back.  
Then with barely a pause she let out a howl which would have woken 
the dead.  At the same time, her mouth flowed outwards into a 
muzzle.  I watched in silence as her teeth grew into sharp ivory 

Her ears slid up towards the top of her head and her eyes faded 
from their usual light brown to a pale grey.  She turned to look 
at me and in an inhuman grown announced "One..."

Then she knelt down onto all fours and her hands and feet began 
changing some more.  It was about then I decided that perhaps this 
would not be the best place to be.  I staggered to my feet and 
with out looking backwards fled into the bush.  Behind me I heard 
a warning growl, but there was no way I was going to stop.

It did not take long before I could hear twigs snapping underfoot 
as what had been my girlfriend gave chase.  I ran on blindly, not 
caring where I was going as long as it was away from what was 
behind me.  

I never saw the tree branch.  Not until it was too late.  It got 
be directly across the temple, lifted me off my feet and threw me 
flat on my back.  I saw stars, heard bells and let out a loud 

I sensed rather than heard something near me.  Then I felt its 
warm breath on my cheek.  Tentatively I opened my eyes.  They 
focused on grey fur, black nose and a mouth with a red tongue 
grinning at me.  I closed my eyes again and waited for something 
to happen.  

I was surprised when I felt the wolf straddling my chest and a 
rough tongue being licked up the side of my face.  I open my eyes 
and looked at a very large wolf licking at the wound at my head, I 
tried to get up and it let out a low warning growl and nosed at my 
head, its heavy frame sinking lower onto my chest.  I closed my 
eyes and gave up.

Then I felt the weight change.  The hairs which had been pricking 
at my neck vanished and the weight spread down my body.  I opened 
my eyes again and was looking at Cathy.

"Silly Brian," she scolded from my chest where she was lying.  "I 
told you I know who I am - why did you have to run?  Now I'll have 
to carry you back to the camp."

She said something else, but I have no idea what it was, since at 
that point I lost consciousness and everything faded to black.  I 
do remember being carried by something, it was big and warm and 
soft, but somehow not right.

I awoke sometime later, lying on top of an open sleeping bed, with 
something warm and soft pressed against me.  I tentatively open my 
eyes and looked at the furry bundle beside me.  A silvery eye 
looked back.

"Cath..?" I ventured.

The huge head nodded slowly.

I closed my eyes, lay back and took a deep breath.  This was going 
to take a lot of getting use to, but I could go through the 
ramifications in the morning.  Right now my head hurt too much and 
I wanted to sleep.  I rolled over and placed an arm over Cathy's 
fur and pressed myself close to her warmth, my breathing slowly 
relaxing.  As I drifted into unconsciousness I can remember 
feeling the werewolf wrap a protective arm around me, to protect 
me in my sleep.

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