Its nice to see a different sort of lycanthrope from the standard werewolf

By Wolphin

"All set?" I asked, sticking my head in the door.

Kai looked up from his screen.  

"Just about," he said.  "Let me just respond to these emails, then we 
can go."

"Cool," I announced and plonked myself down on the couch, fumbling 
for the remote.  

I heard him type away for a while, then there was a sound of 
rummaging followed by footsteps.  Two hands slid over my shoulders 
and kneaded the base of my neck.

"I'm all done," he said as he gave me the impromptu massage.  

"Mmmm…" I murmured, half closing my eyes.  "Well, there is no need to 
rush, it doesn't officially start until 12."

We were going to a con.  It wasn't that far away and it wasn't a huge 
con as far as conventions went, but it was local and we knew we'd 
meet up with some friends, so it was worth the effort.  Luckily for 
me, I had the week off work, so could actually stay for the full 
thing this time, instead of rushing off partway through. 

He continued to massage my scalp gently.  We weren't partners or 
anything like that, but we had an understanding and shared similar 
interests.  Like most geeks in our fandom, we had acted out a few 
roll plays together, so I was rather enjoying the massage.

"I've got something I wouldn't mind trying," he said softly.  
"Assuming you're up to it."

I squirmed a little uncomfortably in the seat.  I was definitely up 
for it.  His hands left my head before I heard his footsteps leave 
the room.  A few moments later he was back, this time moving around 
to before me carrying a large book.  I raised an eyebrow at the book, 
recognising it almost immediately.

Kai liked to practise magic and I, being someone in the science field 
was the permeant sceptic, but he enjoyed it, so I was happy to oblige 
him in his quirks.  It defiantly wasn't the worst thing someone could 
do, but I will admit, it wasn't what I had in mind.

He looked rather excited as he opened the book at a marked page.  I 
tried to read it, but from upside down and with the flowing script, I 
didn't stand a chance.

"What is it?" I asked curiously.  

"A surprise," he grinned back rather mysteriously.  "If it works, I 
think you'll like it."

He read over the page carefully, then looked back at me.

"Ok, sit back in the chair.  Close your eyes and just try to relax," 
he instructed.  "This may feel a little strange."

I gave him another quizzical look, but settled back into the chair, 
got myself comfortable and closed my eyes.  He started to recite from 
the book, it sounded vaguely like Latin or perhaps ancient Greek.  I 
couldn't understand it in any case.

My mind started to wander as he continued to chant.  It had seemed to 
be going on for a while now and there was a con to get to.  I hope he 
was going to end soon.  I thought about telling him to stop, but 
found myself too content and relaxed to really protest.

That was when I noticed a faint tingling in my limbs.  Nothing 
painful, just a strange kind of numbness.  The feeling began to 
spread slowly up my body and distant alarm bells started to chime.  
Their warning was muffled, but I did force myself to open my eyes, 
even though it seemed to take a Herculean effort.

I looked around the room, not moving my body.  Kai was continuing to 
chant before me, not even looking up.  Everything else looked normal.  
Actually, no, it didn't.  Everything else seemed slightly too big.  I 
was sure my feet were touching the floor before this started, now my 
legs were just hanging over the edge of the chair.

I moved my eyeballs down to look at my legs and gave a squeak of 
surprise.  I was wearing shorts and where I could see my flesh, it 
was a pale blue in colour.  Not only blue, it had a shiny look to it.  
It reminded me of something synthetic, almost like latex or rubber.  
Even as I looked, the colour deepened, turning a darker blue.

I wanted to say something, but my mouth no longer seemed to work, I 
looked down at my nose, watching as it started to push out before me.  
I could feel my mouth stretch with it, forming a muzzle and my tongue 
lengthened as well, but the feeling, faded into the general numbness 
that was spreading over my body.  My eyes moved to my hands, watching 
them change in colour to match my legs and in the process I began to 
fall slowly to one side, as if something was pushing from behind.

I tried to push my hands out in front of me, but my arms refused to 
move.  Instead, as if in slow motion, I found myself rolling out of 
the chair.  As I tipped forward, there was a flash in front of my 
eyes and I found them lock into place.  I watched helplessly as my 
gaze shifted from the edge of the chair, spreading out over the 
carpet which seemed to rush up to meet me.  There was a soft pressure 
on what seemed to be a snout, then a feeling of spinning and I ended 
up on my side, looking across the room, paralysed and frozen in 

The chanting stopped, there was a soft thump as the book was placed 
on the floor, then Kai appeared in my vision.  He was standing at a 
strange angle, then I realised that was more to do with how I was 
lying than how he was standing.  He looked very concerned and reached 
down.  I felt his hands on my shoulders, lifting me upright easily 
before he placed me on my feet.  I rocked slightly and was then 

I tried to say something, but no words could form in my mouth.  In 
fact, I discovered I couldn't move any part of me at all.  It was 
like I was a frozen statue.  

Kai looked at me.

"You're probably wondering what happened to you," he said.  "Firstly, 
don't panic, its not permeant, you'll be back to normal in a few 

He then reached in and I felt him pulling at my shorts and 
underpants.  I could feel them slipping down my legs, but the 
sensations were all wrong.  It was the same when he pulled my t-shirt 
over my head.  The feelings were not right.

"Just stay there," he announced after he dropped my clothes to the 
floor, then he seemed to look a little sheepish when he realised what 
he had said.  "I'll grab a mirror."

He disappeared from view and then returned a minute or so later 
carrying a large mirror.  He placed it in front of me, then stood 
back as I looked at myself.  What I saw did not register as me.

"That's you," he said, almost as if reading my thoughts.  "A bit of a 
change I know, but I think you may like it."

I started back at the mirror.  What can only be described as a toy 
stared back.  I was smaller, I would guess about four foot high and I 
was predominately blue in colour.  I was supported by my two legs, 
bent at a slight angle where my knees should have been.  My feet were 
wider and foot shaped, but the toes were just indentations into the 
foot.  Each toe was tipped with what looked like a sliver of soft 
foam in what appeared to be an approximation of a nail.  My underside 
was lighter in colour, almost a faint grey and my belly progressed 
down past my groin and into a tail which I could catch a glimpse of 
behind me.

Like my legs, my arms seemed to be fixed at a set angle, slightly out 
and down in front of me.  Behind them, on my shoulders were a pair of 
wings, the supports a darker blue with the membrane a soft pale, 
almost silvery colour which shimmered in the faint breeze.  My hands 
were more like paws, rounded and tipped with foam like my toes.  When 
I saw my head, it all came together. 

Definitely draconic, slightly regal, but in a cute and cuddly way.  
My nose and mouth had extended into a muzzle which had a few ridges 
as it shifted up to my eyes.  My eyes were striking, clearly 
synthetic, but with a frighteningly lifelike quality to them.  There 
were no eyelids, instead my head seemed to fade backwards with two 
horns curving behind me, obviously made out of the same substance my 
nails were.

Kai picked me up easily, turning me in front of the mirror and 
allowing me to inspect the rest of myself.  I had little pads on my 
hands and feet which felt ticklish when he caressed over them.  His 
hand explored gently between my legs and it was with a little 
disappointment I realised there was nothing there.  My back was 
coloured in bands of grey, blue and aquamarine, matching with the 
rest of my colouring.  I could see, from when he held me up my limbs 
appeared to be a rubber like material, perhaps vinyl, as was my back, 
but my underside was a softer plush material.

That's when I realised I was a plushie.  A very large, dragon 

Kai finished holding me up and gave me a hug, my arms and legs 
slipping around his body naturally.  A wave of contentment passed 
through me and I felt happy.

It's a strange feeling being literally helpless.  While he gathered 
his bags he put my on the couch and I started to lean to one side and 
by the time he returned I was on the floor again.  Tumbling to the 
ground didn't hurt.  I was aware of the falling sensation, but it was 
a cushioned stop at the bottom.  In the same way, as he carried me 
out to the car I could feel the sun on the back of my wings, the wind 
brushing against my hide and my body rubbing gently against his.

He placed me in the front seat of his car, pulling the seatbelt 
around me.  My tail curled around and hung off the front of the seat 
while my wings were spread out across the back.  The driving was a 
very strange sensation.  I could feel the car accelerate and slow 
down, but couldn't adjust my body to compensate.  More than once, Kai 
found himself reaching out to stop me falling sideways again.

Luckily it was a short drive and when we arrived he leapt out and 
grabbed his bags from the back.  For most of the drive he had talked 
about how it should be fun, he was sorry if I didn't like it, but not 
to worry because it would wear off soon.  He sat me on the roof as he 
pondered how to get me inside.  Eventually he put me around his 
shoulders, an almost perfect position.  My legs clung at his chest 
and my arms curled around his head naturally while my tail draped 
down his back.

This had the side effect of my smooth groin was rubbing against the 
back of his neck.  At first I didn't notice it that much, but as he 
walked, I found myself growing increasingly aroused by the 
sensations.  Perched on his shoulders, I was a good two foot above 
everyone else, which was a good thing as the hotel lobby was fairly 

As soon as we entered the hotel we were the centre of attention.  Kai 
gave a few polite nods, waved to a few familiar faces and joined the 
registration line.  I found it strange, my view suddenly changing as 
Kai's attention was focused in a different direction.  What I found 
even more peculiar were the total strangers who would sneak up behind 
me and suddenly grab my tail or tickle one of my feet.  Being unable 
to protest was taking while to get use to, but Kai was a good 
guardian, carefully screening some people out and making sure no one 
got too carried away.

Eventually we got ourselves registered and booked into the room.  I 
had noticed Kai had picked up my badge as well and seemed to look 
uncertain as to what to do with it.  After what seemed like an 
eternity he was walking down the hallway looking for our room.  When 
he found it, I started to get a bad feeling, all I could see was the 
wall above the door.

I heard the card slip into the lock, the door started to open, then 
the wall rushed up to my snout.  There was a slight pressure on my 
nose then I was somersaulting backwards onto the carpet.  

Kai had me in his arms in a moment, apologising profusely.  He 
carried me into the room, placing me carefully on the bed before 
sitting down beside me and kissing my snout gently.  Even though the 
fall hadn't hurt, the kiss made it feel better.  He adjusted himself 
and my arms were curling around his body again, that nice warm 
feeling spreading over my body as I attempted to hug him back.

I'm not sure how long we were like that for, but eventually he 
slipped out of my paws and straightened his clothing.

"Lets go face the music," he said with a grin and lifted me up again.  

I thought he was going to put my on his shoulders, but instead he 
placed me on the chair, then rummaged in his bag, pulling out what 
looked like a small bangle.

"Can't have you getting lost," he said holding it up in front of my 
face so I could see it.

It was a little tag, about two inches long, embossed into one side 
were the words "Property Kaijima Frostfang."  The tag spun around and 
in smaller writing was "Warm hand wash, drip dry.  Do not dry clean."  
The tag was attached to a small bracelet which he slipped over my 
right wrist.  He seemed to thing for a moment, then rummaged in his 
bag again, pulling out a loop of sting onto which he threaded my con 
badge before looping it over my neck.

He then lifted me back into my usual spot on his shoulders and 
carried me out of the room.  I was beginning to enjoy my perch and 
the attention I was getting.  Every now and again my ownership tag 
would brush against my wrist, giving me a sense of reassurance.  Just 
like the first time, my groin was nestled against the back of his 
neck once more as my hands seemed to cling onto his head.  With each 
step I felt a growing feeling of pleasure warming my body.

Like most conventions the place was packed.  I was an absolute hit.  
Everyone wanted to cuddle me at every chance they got.  Kai did an 
excellent job keeping an eye on me.  I found myself enjoying the warm 
feelings I got each time someone hugged me.  It was a feeling of 
contentment which seemed to wash over me in waves.  Of course, more 
than one person was curious to see if I was equipped or not.  I felt 
more than one hand slip between my legs over the smooth material that 
was there.  Each time that happened I felt a thrill of pleasure, each 
one taking me a notch higher than before until I felt I would 
explode.  Then the feelings would seem to seep into the overall 
feelings of warmth and wellbeing before someone would do it again.

I'm not sure where we went that night.  I have vague memories of 
sitting at a table at some restaurant, watching a group of friends 
down their meal.  There were a few panels and more than once I found 
myself being incorporated into a group hug in one way or another.

It must have been early morning by the time Kai returned to the room.  
By now he had got good at remembering to duck when he entered a room.  
He carefully placed me on the bed, then stripped off and headed for 
the shower.  I stared at the empty room until he returned and climbed 
into bed.  He pulled me under the covers with him, but body curling 
around his as he smiled up at me.

I could feel his warmth mixing with mine as he slowly drifted off to 
sleep, his grip relaxing as he sunk deeper into oblivion.  I found 
myself studying him as he slept, not even a hint of sleep passing 
over my body.  It gave me a chance to study how I felt which was just 
as alien as I was.  It is hard to put a human quality to it, but it 
could sort of be described as a relaxed bliss.  Being close to people 
was reassuring and every time someone hugged me I felt a small flush 
of contentment, not to mention the pleasure when they explored a 
sensitive area.

I also discovered how time was skewed for me.  Some things seemed to 
pass in an instant, others seemed to take an age, and so I had no 
idea how long it had been when I felt Kai beginning to stir under me.  
My mind shifted back into gear and I looked down at his face.  His 
eyes moved behind the closed eyelids and I felt a warmth starting to 
spread against my groin.

It took me a moment to realise what it was, but when it finally 
dawned on me a feeling of delight spread over me.  Slowly Kai began 
to move against me.  His embrace tightening as he slid his legs over 
my tail, his arms holding my firmly against his chest.  It seemed to 
take forever, his body making tiny movement against mine, but then he 
gave a little whimper, his eyes flicking open, making contact with 
mine as I felt his warm seed spread over my underside.

He blinked a few times, obviously reliving the last moments of his 
dream, then smiled up at me, pulling me against his chest.  I thought 
I was going to burst with the arousal that had built up within me, 
but instead I had to make do with my paws rubbing gently against his 

Slowly, almost reluctantly he lifted me off of himself and lay be on 
my back while he fumbled in the bathroom with a towel.  When he 
returned he looked over my underside and began cleaning me gently.  I 
had thought the arousal was too much to bare before, now he was 
exciting me even further.

When he had ensured I was clean, he climbed back into bed, pulling me 
down atop of him again before drifting off to sleep again.  That 
night seemed to last a long time, but not once did a feeling of 
boredom even enter my mind, I spent my time basking in the soft 
snuggles of my protector.

The next morning Kai woke, stretched, and gave me a tight hug and 
kiss on the snout before getting dressed.  Then it was back onto his 
shoulders and down to the con again.

The following days passed in much the same way.  I would ride around 
the con on Kai's shoulders, enjoying my alternating feelings of 
contentment and exhilaration.  It was strange meeting old friends, 
they all looked at my name badge and would give me warm cuddles which 
lifted my feelings even higher.  At night, Kai would snuggle up to me 
in bed, fall into a deep restful sleep and I'd study his sleeping 

Three days later, I found myself strapped into the front seat of the 
car again as we drove home.  Kai took great care in carrying my back 
into the house and placing me on the couch before getting the rest of 
his stuff.  

He sat down beside me and pulled me in closer, one of my wings 
curling around his body.

"I'm not sure what has happened," he said.  "It wasn't suppose to 
last this long."

My leg had slipped over his, rubbing my groin against his thigh, 
almost instantly returning the feelings of arousal.  I now had four 
days of pent up pleasure almost screaming for release.  Every time 
someone touched a sensitive spot, which I had discovered were my 
ears, groin and wing bases I felt like I was going to pass out from 
the sensations.

As he cradled me in his lap, he rocked me back and forth and I felt a 
familiar tingling beginning in my limbs.  My arms curled around him 
slightly as I felt myself growing, my tail and wings retracting into 
my back.  As I spread out my separating toes, I felt my sex form once 
more from my groin.  For the first time in four days I took a breath 
of air and let out a cry of pleasure, my seed shooting over Kai's lap 
as the last of my plush form retreated into my human body and I 
collapsed against him.

It took me a long time to recover.  Standing up was a strange feeling 
and I kept thinking I was going to topple forward when I took a step, 
but it all came back to me in time.  I seem to have returned back to 
my normal self with one exception.  On the inside of my wrist, where 
Kai had placed his ownership tag, was a small patch of skin that 
looked like it was almost plastic.  It was a different colour to the 
rest of my skin and if you looked really close, you could almost make 
out the words "Property Kaijima Frostfang."

We discussed what it meant and did not really reach any conclusions 
until a month later.  I was over at Kai's place once more watching a 
movie when I happened to look out the window.

"Cool," I said.  "Full moon tonight."

Kai nodded and stood up to open the blinds wide, sending the silvery 
light into the room.  When they touched my skin, I felt a familiar 
tingle and managed to give a yelp of surprise as my body started to 

I now know that I'm a wereplushie.  Each full moon, I change into my 
plush dragon form.  I'm not sure if I'll ever get use to it, but I 
don't mind in the least.  For at least one night, I find myself 
content just to be close to someone else.  I am getting better 
though, we have discovered I'm not completely inert and I can now 
give the gentlest of hugs back when someone snuggles with me.

I know a wereplushie doesn't have the same ring as a werewolf, but 
I'm cuter.