This story was written for a fur I know on Taps. Thats all I'm going to say in case I embarass him, however he is a really sweet tiger.


By Wolphin.

The stallion staggered into the small cubicle he called home 
and dropped his bag on the floor.  The tiger who had been 
sitting at the desk turned around and stood up.

"Tough day?" he asked, looking at the horse.

Shoten nodded.

"I think I have had it with the energy exchange units," he 
sighed.  "Rebuild after rebuild.  I think we finally finished 
the stockpile today.  I don't really care.  The supervisor has 
given me the next week off at least."

The tiger nodded, moving closer to rub at the horse's 

"How was your day?" Shoten asked.

"Fine," replied Barque.  "Holidays started yesterday, 
remember?  I spent the day catching up on stuff and it is all 
done now."

He purred a little and rubbed his whiskers against the 
stallion's muzzle.  

"Perhaps a soothing massage will help ease away the day?" 
ventured Barque.

Shoten grinned and had already began shrugging out of his 
working suit.

"You read my mind," he rumbled, stripping down and walking to 
the shower.

Barque admired the now naked stallion, watching as he stepped 
into the small transparent cubicle, hearing the water begin 
running.  He thought to himself, wondering if the time was 
right.  The two had been together now for many months and 
their relationship had been moving forward steadily.  He knew 
the stallion was compatible, but he still was not sure how the 
stallion would take the news.

Shoten stepped out, his short fur already dried by the machine 
and he shook his mane.

"That feels better," he announced before looking at the tiger.

"What?" he added, eyeing the feline.

Barque stepped forward, wrapping his paws around the equine, 
resting his pink nose on the equine's muzzle.

"I... I'm not sure how to say this," he began hesitantly.  "I 
want to ask you something."

"Yes?" said Shoten, looking concerned.

The tiger's paws began rubbing almost automatically at the 
stallion's shoulders and Shoten gave a soft whinny as he felt 
the tiger's expert paws start to knead at his fur.

"I'm not all I appear to be," said Barque slowly.  "I'm not 
really a tiger."

He had expected Shoten to look stunned, or at least surprised.  
Instead the equine giggled and lapped at the feline's 

"I know that," he said.  "I don't know what you are, but I 
know you're not a tiger...  Or at least not all tiger."

"" stammered the surprised tiger.  

"How did I know?" completed the stallion.  "I don't know, but 
after living with you for a while there are just little 
things.  I think the biggest thing is your eyes, I don't know 
what, but they just don't say feline to me.  I know they look 
feline, but... well... somehow they're not."

The stallion ran his hands around the tiger's soft pelt.

"I didn't want to say anything," he said.  "I thought you'd 
tell me when you were ready, but since you brought it up... 
what are you?"

Barque was still looking surprised.

"I'm an Isati," he purred softly.  "I don't know if you've 
heard of us?  We're pretty rare."

Shoten shook his head, hands rubbing at the tiger's spine 

"We try to keep a low profile," Barque continued.  "Just a few 
of us here and there."

The stallion nodded, stepping backwards slowly so he could sit 
down on the bed.  He smiled as the tiger kept approaching, 
pushing him backwards until he was laying on his back.  The 
tiger advancing slowly over him.

"So what happens with Isatis?" asked the stallion as the tiger 
straddled his waist.

"I could show you if you liked," purred Barque.  "But some 
find it strange... its intimate... I mean really intimate... 
its usually only shown between two lovers."

Shoten smiled, his eyes full of trust as he looked up at the 

"I already love you Barque," he murmured softly.  "You should 
know that... I want to be with you."

"I know," responded the feline, laying himself down against 
the equine.  "But I want you to be sure you knew what you were 
getting yourself into.  It will change the way you look at 
things and how people look at you."

The stallion leaned up to kiss the tiger.

"As long as we're together I don't mind," he rumbled after 
their lips parted.

"We'll be together..." murmured Barque softly.  "Of that I can 
be sure."

Shoten felts the tiger's legs seem to wrap around his and he 
looked down, giving a soft cry of surprise.  From the waist 
down, Barque's body had seemed to literally dissolve.  There 
were two large thick tendrils of green goo which had begun to 
wrap themselves around the horse's legs.  A third, smaller 
tendril was hanging in the air and as he watched it slipped 
down and disappeared between his legs.  He felt it caressing 
up over his tail before slowly sliding up his spine.

His eyes moved back up to the tiger's watching as the orange 
and black fur seemed to melt, the hairs running together and 
growing paler.  Slowly the rest of his body oozed together, 
eventually a vaguely tiger shaped head sitting on top of a 
half humanoid lump of translucent green slime.

"We are shape shifters," announced Barque, what had been his 
mouth moving even though the mouth did not seem to extend back 
into anything.

"I sort of gathered that," said a nervous Shoten, watching as 
the green goo slid slowly over his legs.

He could feel it coating his fur, sinking right down through 
it and tingling against his skin.  It was not how he would 
have expected it to feel, warm and almost dry.  It felt a 
little like a tightly fitting pair of pants.  He gave a soft 
whinny as he felt it encase his scrotum slowly, then ooze up 
and over his sheath, at the same time the tendril between his 
legs thickening and rubbing at his tail hole.

"When we find someone... take someone as a partner..." 
continued Barque, his head sinking lower as his body slowly 
covered the stallion.  "We bond ourselves to them... 

His voice faded as the pale green lips pressed against the 
equine velvety ones.  The stallion's eyes opened wider as he 
felt the tiger's face seem to push against him, his muzzle 
sinking into the soft body.  He opened his eyes, watching as 
the tiger's continued closer, eventually contacting him, 
wrapping over them and everything going green.  He realised 
the goo had begun to push into his mouth and nose.

Instinctively he held his breath, tossing his head and 
fighting at it.  He felt a soft tickle at the back of his 
throat and gasped, feeling fresh oxygen rush into his lungs.  
He breathed out through his nose, watching a trail of bubbles 
travel through the opaque Isati.

He found himself relaxing, Barque's body slowly enveloping the 
stallion, his translucent body sinking into the stallion's 
fur, tingling as microscopic tendrils began to brush at the 
equine's fur and skin, pulling off the dirt, grime and sweat, 
cleaning him at a molecular level.

Shoten was not aware of what was happening to him.  He could 
feel warm tendrils beginning to invade his body.  The first 
slipped into his sheath, circling his shaft and slowly but 
firmly pulling it out.  The strange tingling spreading over it 
as unseen rings started to massage it, first one, then two and 
finally three.  Moving slowly from base to tip, ensuring the 
stallion quickly became hard, his penis arched above him.

The next tendril began to ooze slowly up under his tail, his 
body resisting at first, but the warm length was insistent.  
The stallion felt his muscles relax under its gentle pressure 
and it slipped in.  Almost immediately he began to feel the 
strange sensation as his bowels were slowly cleaned.  One part 
of the tendril continuing upwards, occasionally splitting to 
devote attention to one part or another.  

Shoten gave a muffled groan as he felt his prostate enveloped, 
massaged slowly, his hips wanting to thrust upwards, but held 
gently in place.  He tried to move his arms to stroke his 
length, but they were locked firmly at his sides.  Strangely 
he felt himself relaxing further, feeling the tendrils that 
slipped into his mouth and nose joining at the back of his 
throat, oozing down into his body.

Barque spread his body slowly, covering and completely 
enveloping the stallion.  His last tendrils probing gently 
into the stallion's ears.  He could feel the horse completely 
relaxed, bordering on unconscious, unaware of the drugs and 
chemicals the Isati's body was manufacturing and pumping 
directly into his bloodstream.

Not for the first time, the Isati contemplated if he was doing 
the right thing.  Joining with one of his kind was not a minor 
thing, but the stallion seemed willing and all the 
modifications could be undone given time.  At least the both 
had a week and he would not have to rush the transformation.

He caressed a tendril slowly over the stallion's brain, 
spreading it out slowly, absorbing the stallion's memories and 
providing some of his own, the line between the two creatures 
would be blurred for a while.

The stallion did not know what was happening to him.  On some 
level he was aware he was changing.  Questions being asked and 
answered provided directly without communication.  He learnt 
the Isati bonded with a single partner, the Isati becoming 
dependent on that sole being for their essential nutrition.  
He knew that he was being changed to provide that nutrition 
although he was unaware what that meant.

After four days the former tiger had invaded every cell in the 
horse's body.  Microscopic tendrils snaked completely through 
the stallion's frame.  His body swollen with the extra being 
that had bonded to him and he looked almost like some bizarre 
bloated caricature of a horse.  Slowly now, Barque began to 
withdraw, leaving tiny traces of DNA which would affect both 
of them on a cellular level.

Over the course of two days the stallion was virtually 
reassembled, his body changing.  His muzzle had shrunk, 
omnivore teeth now lined his mouth, decidedly feline ears 
perked at the back of his head.  He began to grow aware of his 
surroundings, feeling his nails replaced with claws which 
retracted into large padded paws.  His hooves disappearing 
into large clawed feet.  His course chestnut hair replaced by 
something softer, a pale brown on his back fading around to 
almost cream on his chest.  Dark brown, almost black stripes 
forming, spreading out from his spine as his tail seemed to 

Shoten opened his eyes, stretching against the soft cacoon of 
Barque.  This time he was able to move, he felt the former 
tiger slide back from his face, exposing him to the air and he 
took a breath, watching as the tiger's face formed above him.

They smiled, Shoten's tongue running across unfamiliar teeth 
as he became aware of the slowly moving rings which had 
pleasured him for many days.  He groaned softly, looking down 
at his erect shaft.  That was still equine in both size and 
shape.  Perhaps a little more rounded at the tip than it had 
been, but definitely functioning.

Barque grinned quietly.

"This is the fun part" he rumbled softly, peeling himself 
back, the tiger reforming to one side.  

It took all of the horse's will not to grab himself and start 
pumping, but he gritted his teeth and groaned as he felt the 
tiger grip the base of his sheath.  There was a tingling 
sensation and Shoten knew the tiger was bonding with him 
again.  The strange sensation spread slowly across the base of 
his shaft and the stallion became aware of strange new muscles 
which he never seemed to have before.

He felt the sensations in his penis begin to diminish and he 
looked down, watching as it started to sink, shrivelling up 
and retreating back into his sheath.  He gave a little snort 
of disappointment then a whinny of surprise as his sheath 
began to retract slowly into his body.

Barque looked up, green eyes gleaming as a paw reached down to 
gently lift the stallion's balls.  Shoten's eyes widened as he 
looked at them they were huge compared to what they had been 
before, at least double in size if not more.  The tiger seemed 
to fold them up, pressing them down on top of the disappeared 

Shoten gave a soft moan as he felt the opening seemed to 
spread, then accept them swallowing them up, strange muscles 
holding them tight and starting to massage them.  The 
sensation started to return to his penis and he felt it 
stiffen, but now trapped inside him.  He looked down, watching 
a mound start to slip up his belly and Barque face it a gentle 
tap, causing the stallion to writhe in pleasure.

"There we go," murmured the tiger.  "All nice and safe now.  
Why don't you have a look at yourself."

Shoten's hands were roaming over his new body and he needed no 
second invitation.  He leapt to his feet and danced over to in 
front of the mirror.  What greeted him was something truly 
unique.  He looked like a strange cross between a horse and a 
tiger.  Outwardly he looked feline, but his build was equine, 
large draft-horse muscle rippled under a soft tiger pelt.  His 
head was feline, but also equine at the same time.  He looked 
down to his groin which was almost completely smooth.

He ran a paw over it experimentally and heard himself groan, 
fingering at the slight cleft that his oversized scrotum had 
slipped into.

"Here... let me help you with that..." purred Barque softly, 
standing up and coming to stand behind Shoten.

In the mirror, Shoten watched as two tiger paws slipped around 
his waist.  The rubbed at his groin, a finger lengthening into 
a tendril which snaked slowly inside.  He groaned, feeling the 
green length ooze and then tug.  The tiger's other paw, 
pushing gently at a spot between his legs and with a soft 
slurp, the stallion's length slipped free, his two large 
balls, suddenly dropping and hanging freely.

Barque licked softly at the back of Shoten's neck and the 
horse gasped, feeling the tiger's paw slowly spread, 
enveloping his length, this insistent rings starting up once 
more.  He groaned, reaching around to stroke at the tiger's 
side which seemed to part, trapping him as the tiger slowly 
pleasured the stallion.

After so long and with such sensations Shoten could not stand 
it any longer.  He thrust his hips ineffectively into the air.

"Please..." he groaned, feeling Barque quicken the pace, 
adding another ring to the mix.  

It was all the stimulation the stallion needed.  He gave a 
strange growl, arching his spine back and pushing himself 
forward.  His shaft hardening as the green goo massaged and 
rubbed at the sensitive glans.  With a stallion's belly he 
peaked, feeling his huge balls lift and start to pump their 
thick seed into his body.

He looked down, watching the green tendril seal over the tip, 
his seed shooting into the green mass, clouding it.  Behind 
him he felt Barque stiffen, the tiger's body rippling as he 
fed.  Both beings gave a long satisfied purr as they collapsed 
slowly on the bed together.

Shoten groaned as his shaft slowly stopped its spurting, only 
to have the insistent green tendril start to suck, ensuring 
that absolutely all he had to offer was absorbed.  Eventually 
the tendril slipped away, leaving his shaft to slowly retract 
once more.

He purred at the strange sensation, feeling himself slip back 
inside and he rolled over, snuggling against the tiger, his 
smooth groin feeling strange by very pleasant nestled against 
the feline fur.

"Mmm..." he purred softly.  "So that's you feeding is it?"

Barque nodded gently.  

"How often do you need to eat?" he rumbled.

"Oh... often enough," teased Barque.  "I'm sure you'll find 

Shoten grinning and licked the other's nose, feeling the 
tiger's tongue reach out to lick him back, longer than it 
should be.

"I'm sure I will," he purred, closing his eyes and sinking 
against the feline.  "I'm sure I will.