This story is based loosely on an image of Gryf's. I would provide a link, but its not online at the moment. Do a Google image search for kymirror.JPG to see it in Google's cache

Besides that, what more can I say? Ummm, I wished I used that kind of soap? :)

The Shower

By Wolphin.

The human stripped from his clothes, letting them fall on a pool 
on the floor behind him.  His naked body moved towards the shower 
stall, opening the glass door and stepping over the raised lip.  
His hands fumbled with the fixtures, flinching instinctively as 
the jet of cold water launched itself at his skin.  He forced 
himself to remain in the stream, the water gradually warming and 
changing from a harsh assault to a gentle caress.

It had been a long trip, longer than he had expected, but worth 
it.  He had learnt many things, made numerous contacts which 
should hold true until he could return.  He waited a moment, 
savouring the feeling of water on skin before reaching for the 

It was a large cake, unused and ivory white, smelling faintly of 
flowers with the hint of something extra, almost secretive within 
it.  Slowly, taking his time he began to lather himself up.  First 
his left arm, holding it out of the spray before rubbing slowly 
across his chest and down the other arm.  

Stepping back slightly in the shower he allowed the water to 
trickle over his shoulders, watching as the rivulets of water cut 
through the soapy lather, exposing the darkening skin.  Leaning 
down he repeated the process on his legs, feeling his flesh 
soften, allowing the layer below to push out slightly, the 
textured surface hinting at what was lurking below.

He adjusted the taps slightly, feeling the temperature rise as 
steam bellowed up from the cubical.  Moving to his head he 
massaged the soap into his scalp, feeling his hair begin to fall 
out, sliding down his back before disappearing down the hole in 
the centre of the floor.  Some of the soap ran down over his face, 
making his eyes water and his jaws ache slightly.

The whiskers that had covered his face for so long disappeared in 
small clumps and he felt the ache of his canines as they pushed 
further into his growing mouth.  With his eyes closed, his hands 
were left to explore his body.  His extending nails probed at his 
flesh, scratching at stubborn bits of skin which clung to the soft 
scales below.  Large sections of his chest fusing together, 
forming the scutes, the size decreasing as the scales wrapped 
around his body.

Something moved at his shoulder blades and he lent forward 
instinctively as two wing tips burst from his back, growing slowly 
in size as the webbing formed between the bones.  A gentle click 
on the floor announced the lengthening of his toes into talons as 
he feet began to lengthen.

A familiar growing sensation was next as the bone structure of his 
legs readjusted, sinews and muscles pulling him off his feet and 
onto his toes.  The growing wings began to tingle as the blood 
started to flow.  He teetered slightly unsteady on his toes before 
a reassuring ache at the base of his spine signalled the growth of 
his tail.  It pushed out slowly, countering his balance as it 
lengthened down his body, the black tip curling reassuringly 
around his legs.

With an almost audible rip the remaining skin on his head split, 
releasing the pressure of his reshaping head.  He let out a hiss 
of relief while his mouth lengthened, drawing his nose along with 
it, into a delicately pointed snout.  The new nostrils, 
immediately able to detect a plethora of scents in the confines of 
the increasingly small shower.

His neck lengthened, lifting the larger head higher, while his 
ears extended, growing up the side of his head, breaking free of 
the pummelling of the water.  The pain in his eyes decreased as he 
felt them glow, tentatively he opened them, their large golden 
orbs looking around the enclosure.  It took a moment for him to 
readjust, the larger pupils detecting a wider range of colours.  

He lent forwards slightly, a shiver passing through his body as 
the soft fur behind his cheeks emerged, almost immediately spiking 
into clumps from the deluge from above.  He stretched his fingers, 
testing long unused muscles, patiently waiting for the numerous 
twitches and spasms to finish working their magic across his body.  

Almost as an afterthought he looked down, noticing the last 
indication of his human existence almost hiding between his legs.  
Slowly and with some sensual sensations the scales around his 
groin engulfed the offending remnant, his body absorbing it back 
into its mass as scales spread across the area.

Turning a little awkwardly in the now much reduced space the being 
turned the taps to the off position and opened the door.  A billow 
of steam floated into the room before a black talon reached out, 
gesturing for a towel.  It enclosed around the soft material and 
drew it in slowly, drying the small patch of fur before stepping 
out into the room.

The sand under their talon felt wonderful after so many years 
confined the human form.  The dragoness stretched her wings, 
flapping them to rid herself of the last of the water.  Walking 
slowly from the small alcove she made her way back to the main 
lair thinking of her experiences.

It was different this time to be a male, she contemplated.  Many 
new experiences... and sensations. A fleeting smile spread across 
her muzzle, but it did have its drawbacks.  The human world was a 
nice place to visit, she thought.  But I wouldn't want to live