This story can be blamed on a little roleplay with a Ryzentyl on Taps (*wavies*). A very nice reptilian creature with strange kinks... I like him :)

By Wolphin

The two Ryzentyls entered the room warily, even though the place had 
been abandoned for years, strange alien machinery still hummed, hidden 
throughout the planet.  It was one such place the pair were 
investigating now.

Their probe had discovered an energy signature way above normal, so the 
two of them had come down for a closer look.  Although the dominant 
life form no longer inhabited the planet, that was no guarantee that 
there was no threat.  Experience had taught the two salvagers there was 
no point in taking risks.

"What is this place?" hissed Dyne to Kyro as the full scale of the 
massive chamber became apparent.

"Not sure," shot back the second one.  "I'd guess an abandoned factory 
of some kind.  Looks like its been stripped though."

He pointed with a clawed hand at a large doorway off to one side.

"Scanner says the signature is greatest through there."

The two lizard folk padded over, their talons tapping against the hard 
floor, echoing eerily in the empty chamber.  The room they entered was 
much smaller, but still huge.  Strange robotic arms hung from the 
ceiling, all directed towards a raised dais in the centre.

"What's that?" asked Dyne, looking over at the other who was tapping at 
his scanner.

"Bah, this thing is useless," grunted Kyro in disgust, tossing the 
device off to one side.  "Lets see what we can discover the old 
fashioned way."

The two of them split up, each stalking through the machinery looking 
for clues or anything of salvageable value.  It did not take long for 
their hopes to be dashed.  The machinery all seemed to be in working 
order, but all to large or too well attached to be easily taken with 

Kyro was standing on the dais, trying to figure out if there was 
anything within it when it happened.  One of the arms at the ceiling 
lowered a little, as if lining up on him and fired a faint green beam.

"Lookout!" shouted Dyne, noticing the movement.

Kyro dived forward instinctively, the beam grazing his tail.  He rolled 
once and ducked behind a panel of some sort.  Dyne had also taken cover 
and the two of them peered out.  The arm in the ceiling moved around, 
as if searching for them, but never leaving the area of the dais.

"Lets get out of here," cursed Kyro, his tail throbbing a little.

"Already ahead of you on that one," shouted back Dyne, scurrying for 
the exit.

The pair met back up in the massive chamber.

"I'm not hanging around down here," said Kyro.

"Me neither," agreed Dyne and the pair made for the entrance to the 
underground complex.

They emerged into the fading light, looking around at the stunted 
scrubland and checking for any signs of pursuit.  Aside from the 
constant howl of the wind, the place was silent.  They kept moving and 
headed back to their shuttle, they had parked it in a sheltered spot a 
safe distance from the entrance.

"It hurts," moaned Kyro, rubbing at his tail. 

"Don't be a baby," admonished Dyne.  "There's no blood, it can't be 
that bad."

Kyro wasn't appeased by the argument and continued to groan all the way 
back to their ship.  When they reached the shuttle, the decided to put 
off an immediate departure when the weather scan showed extreme winds 
just beyond the hills they were sheltering behind.  They decided to set 
up camp instead, Dyne breaking out the two tends while Kyro tended to 
his tail.

"Look!" he exclaimed.  "It did something, you can see the markings."

Dyne padded over and peered down, nodding in agreement as he  could 
just make out some faint markings over Kyro's normally bland splotches.  
Kyro continue to complain about it feeling numb all through dinner and 
Dyne was quite happy to put the lizard to bed in one tent before 
crawling into the other.

He was woken in the morning by a loud scream.

"Dyne!" screamed Kyro.  "Something's wrong... help me!"

There was an edge of panic in Kyro's voice and Dyne shot out of the 
tent and gave a gasp of surprise.

Kyro was still in his tent.  Well, in a manner of speaking.  The tent 
was around Kyro, but the lizard was poking out of it.

Kyro was huge.

Not just huge, massive, way larger than normal, three possibly four 
times normal size and still growing.  As Dyne watched, the tent 
material started to rip, falling off of Dyne's mottled hide.  That was 
when Dyne received his second shock.

Not only was Kyro huge, he had changed.  He was leaning way forward on 
his feet, his tail bulked up and held rigidly behind him.  His head 
seemed flatter, more angular somehow, in fact, his entire body was 
strangely angular.

"What's happening to me?" asked Kyro, his voice trembling a little as 
he looked at Dyne, cocking his head curiously.  "Why are you so small?"

"Ummm, I'm not small," ventured Dyne.  "And I have no idea.  How do you 

"Strange," said Kyro, his body continuing to grow even as Dyne watched.  
"I can't feel things and things don't seem to be working."

Dyne nodded, walking around the reptile.  He reached the end of Kyro's 
tail and looked at it.  It seemed flat, then a small lump started to 
grow on the top side, emerging up over six inches tall in a matter of 
seconds.  He reached out and prodded it.  It was warm and hard with a 
small amount of give.  He pushed harder and all of Kyro's tail moved to 
one side.

"Weird..." he muttered, working his way back to Kyro's front, taking 
note of large yellow symbols that had developed towards the base of the 
lizard's tail.  

He decided not to mention them, he did not know their meaning, but they 
looked decidedly alien.

"How bad?" asked Kyro, his voice seemingly distant as his head began to 
stretch into his torso.

"Bad," admitted Dyne.  "Still feel strange?"

"Very," muttered the mutating lizard.  "Hard to talk... jaw stiff...  
Feel like back breaking..."

Dyne looked up, the lizard's back now a good ten foot off the ground 
and it seemed to be developing a lump.  It started pulsing, a scream 
bursting from Kyro's mouth as something black ripped out along his 
spine.  Dyne blinked, the sensations too much, his mind not able to 
handle any more and everything seemed to fade to black. 

He was not sure how long he was out for, possibly minutes, possibly 
hours.  His eyes flicking open, thoughts immediately turning to his 
friend.  He looked up and gave a yelp of surprise, crawling backwards 
through the sand.

There was some sort of craft before him.  Big, sleek, a camouflaged 
green with yellow markings.  It looked very military.  It did not move 
as he stood up slowly.

"Kyro?" he asked, peering at it.

There was no response.

It certainly did not look like Kyro, but the last time he had seen his 
friend something had been bursting from his back and this craft had two 
helicopter like blades overhead, not to mention what I thought were 
thrust boosters on either side.  There was something vaguely familiar 
about it, the colouring perhaps.

It was standing on a strange arrangement of two legs. He reached out 
tentatively and pushed it, the craft rocking a little, but steadying 
itself with a hydraulic sounding hiss.  The legs were connected to two 
large four toed feed, both armour covered, but bearing an uncanny 
resemblance to his own.

It had no arms as such, but there were two wings with a range of 
brackets and clamps for attaching things.  The tail was long and 
streamlined, a large fin reaching into the sky.  When he had worked 
completely back around to the front he tried to peer inside.

It appeared to have a cockpit.  Angular sheets of a translucent 
material positioned in such a way that you could almost make it into a 
face.  Off to one side was a small recess, he inserted his fingers and 
pulled.  There was a click, a hiss and the side panel slid out slowly.

He peered into the interior and gave a gasp of surprised.  

It was defiantly a cockpit, but there were no distinct controls.  There 
was a place to sit, bumps and dips that looked as if they could be 
switches or levers, but nothing solid.  It looked as if it had all been 
sprayed with some strange sort of goo, obscuring detail.  He ran a hand 
over the substance which was warm to the touch and would have sworn the 
craft seemed to vibrate slightly.

He knew it was wrong, but he found himself climbing up and easing 
himself into the dimple that formed the chair.  It was a little 
uncomfortable, but was not too bad.  He looked around, hands reaching 
out to caress the pseudo controls, his head lifting as he wriggled into 
a more comfortable position.

He felt a slight sting as his neck hit the back of the chair.  He gave 
a short yelp and tried to jump out, but the chair had seemed to have 
closed in around him.  He could feel something pushing into the back of 
his head, tendrils starting to worm over his brain, unfamiliar 
sensations starting to rush into his system.

He screamed, fighting them as the cockpit began to meld itself around 
him.  Strange feelings of pleasure started to creep in amongst his 
fear, increasing as his hands gripped at the controls.  Despite his 
predicament his shaft began to slip from his sheath, the chair eagerly 
adjusting itself so a thick tendril curled up to cradle it, massaging 
it for him.

Images of pilots and their craft began to flip through his mind, 
growing increasingly erotic as he found himself stroking the control 
column.  The cockpit loosing its vagueness, becoming clear and 
functional to him.  A helmet began to form around his head, moulding 
itself to his features, the data jack to his brain beginning to relay 
information about his partner, the craft.

Dyne gave a little whimper as the craft entered his head, call sign 
designation KYRO1, a living, thinking biomachine.  It had decided on 
Dyne as its pilot and was currently bonding, the procedure almost 
complete.  Dyne's conscious mind watch in helpless fascination as 
KYRO1's programming pushed Dyne to one side, Pilot taking its place.  
It was with relief that Dyne surrendered, the lizard's former body 
spasming as he climaxed, the craft eagerly sucking away his seed with 
its tendril, Pilot being rewarded with waves of pleasure from his 
beloved craft.

Pilot sent a mental command, listening as KYRO1's engines began to 
turn, carefully easing them to full speed before lifting off.  Expertly 
he spun the craft in the strong winds and together they took off on 
their maiden flight.  As Pilot put the craft through its paces, KYRO1 
rewarded him with snippets of pleasure and controlling commands.  
Although he was Pilot, KYRO1 was the dominant partner.  Pilot would 
obey and serve his craft continuously, he would be rewarded for being 
near with powerful urges and was unable to function on his own for any 
length of time.

As they settled back to earth, Pilot reluctantly shut the engines down, 
KYRO1 releasing him for the first time.  Pilot climbed out of the chair 
when he was released, stepping outside.  He fetched some rags from 
their old shuttle and began to wipe his craft down.  The small device 
at the back of his neck, relaying the craft's feelings of muted 
pleasure to him.

He worked slowly at cleaning KYRO1, paying particular attention to the 
identifier and the insignia of a long forgotten army on the tail.  
Gradually he worked his way under the craft, ending up lying on his 
back as he tapped at a panel which slid back.  The fuel docking station 
lay above him and he stroked at it gently, receiving the soft feedback 
pleasure direct to his brain.  With the armoured plates removed, 
KYRO1's biobody could be seen and was beginning to react, his fuel dock 
slowly slipping out as Pilot caressed it.

Gradually the tube emerged, the inner biological length shivering as 
Pilot's claws stroked slowly along it, its tip beginning to ooze a dark 
liquid.  Something told Pilot it was safe and he brought his head up, 
lapping at it with his tongue.  This caused KYRO1 to shiver on his 
stands, a spurt of the liquid dribbling into Pilot's mouth.  He 
savoured it, the taste strange at first, then becoming more familiar 
and finally delicious the longer it was in his mouth.  Pilot wrapped 
his mouth around the phallic tip, stroking his body against the craft 
as he stroked it.  Above him KYRO1 shook, his hydraulics vibrating as 
he suddenly vented his surplus biofuel into the willing Pilot.

Pilot chuured softly, swallowing all his craft had to offer until he 
could take no more, the surplus oozing over his prostate body as waves 
of pleasure pumped into his mind, bonding him to the craft.

Pilot recovered by licking KYRO1's docking station, ensuring it was 
completely clean as it slipped back inside.  He then slid himself out 
from under his craft and climbed back inside.  Giving a little moan of 
pleasure as he was reconnected with KYRO1, the seat curling around him 
in a seductive embrace, caressing his most intimate areas as the 
harness locked into place.  His helmet reforming around his head and 
his brain plugging in.

KYRO1 had already mapped out the surrounding terrain.  A flight path 
was already entered, it took them via the armoury for weapons and then 
into the beyond.  The future not mattering as long as they were