Beware the Power of the Mind.
By Wolphin.

"I have no idea if this will work," warned Toby.  "I've never tried it 
before, just read about it and stuff."

"I don't care," replied Keith.  "If it doesn't work, there isn't anything 
lost is there?"

"Shouldn't be," said Toby as he plugged the laptop in and booted it up.

"Strange though," grinned Keith, sitting in front of it.

"Tell me about it," shot back Toby. "Its not everyday someone asks you to 
hypnotise them just so they can see what its like."

"Well, I'm curious," defended Keith.  "Besides, you said you'd give it a 

"I never thought you'd take me up on it," said Toby, loading the program and 
stepping out of the way.

"This is it then?" asked Keith looking at the spiral pattern that had begun 
to rotate on the screen.  "What do I do?"

Toby moved around the hotel room, closing the curtains and turning down the 
lights before settling down behind Keith, out of sight.

"Just look at the screen," he began.  "Watch the spirals spin round and 
round... concentrate on them... spinning... slowly spinning... seeming to 
draw you down..."

Keith's eyes were locked on the small LCD panel, but the spirals had seemed 
to have expanded, filling his vision, Toby's voice strangely soothing 
somewhere behind him, telling him to watch the spirals, just watch them...  
focus on them, pull him deeper and deeper...

Toby began to change the suggestions slightly, instructing Keith to relax, 
as the spirals pulled him in he would relax, first his feet, then legs, 
working up his body until he was fully relaxed.  He was so relaxed he was 
beginning to feel sleepy, the more he looked at the spiral, the more relaxed 
he was and the more he was slipping into a deep sleep.

Keith's body had slumped forward in the chair, his head hanging down, but 
his eyes still locked on the swirling pattern before him.  Slowly, Toby 
guided Keith deeper still, watching as his eyes flickered before finally 
closing.  Keith was now almost draped over the chair and Toby was amazed it 
had worked so well.  Careful not to rush things, Toby continued to guide 
Keith deeper, continuing his talking in a smooth, soft monosyllabic voice.

The first test Keith faced was when Toby told him there were balloons 
attached to his left wrist.  Helium balloon, pulling his hand into the air.  
On cue, Keith's left arm began to lift slowly from the armrest, rising 
slowly until it was high above him.  Toby watched in amazement, then 
verbally cut the string, Keith's arm flopping back down to the chair.

That was a promising sign, so Toby decided to move on and see what would 

"Keith?" he asked.  "Can you hear me?"

"Yes," came a distant and mumbled reply.

"Keith," explained Toby.  "You've been hypnotised.  You're under deep 
hypnosis and you want to answer my questions."

"Answer questions," mumbled Keith.

"Yes," smiled Toby.  "We'll start with an easy one.  What are you?"

"I am hypnotised," was the answer.

"Good answer," said Toby with a hint of praise in his voice.  "Deeply 
hypnotised too...  Why did you want to be hypnotised."

There was a slight pause before Keith responded.  "Wanted people to play 
with me."

"Play with you?" Toby arched an eyebrow questioningly.  "In what way."

"To change me, make me something I am not."

"Ahhh..." nodded Toby.  "And what would the hypnotised Keith like to be."

There was another pause.

"Something else..." was the first answer.  "Something free... a bird...  A 
big bird... magic...  Free..."

Toby nodded, this was a little strange, but not completely unexpected.

"Ok Keith..." said Toby.  "I'm willing to offer you some magic, if you're 
willing to receive it."

"Yes..." whispered Keith.

Toby nodded and thought things through.

"Ok," he began.  "Listen closely.  When you awake, you shall remember 
nothing of this.  However, when I say the words "Sleep Keith" you will find 
yourself slipping back into this nice relaxed state you are in at the 

Keith mumbled the words under his breath.

"I have here a salve, which I'm beginning to apply to you," said Toby, 
running his hands lightly over Keith's arms and shoulders.  "It's a magic 
salve, about half and hour after you wake, it will start to slowly turn you 
into a bird.  A big, magical eagle.  The change may seem strange, but you'll 
accept it, enjoy it even, and perhaps even find it a little arousing.  
You'll stay an eagle until I put you back under hypnosis and wake you up.  
Do you understand?"

"Understand..." murmured Keith.

"Right, now waking up on the count of one to ten... one..." Toby started 

Keith heard the word ten and opened his eyes, blinking them a few times.  
His body felt a little stiff, but at the same time marvellously relaxed and 

"Did it work?" he asked Toby who had begun to put the laptop away.

"Ummm... sort of," replied Toby a little mysteriously.  "I think you went 
into a light trance, but we'll see how things work out."

Keith cocked his head curiously, then shrugged and stood up, stretching.

"I'm going to have a shower," he announced.  "Then maybe think about bed."

Toby nodded, "Ok then."

Keith took his time in the bathroom and Toby paced around impatiently 
waiting to see what would happen.  Every few minutes he'd glance at his 
watch and mutter at himself for not being more precise.

Just when he was beginning to worry, there was a gasp from the bathroom.  
The door opened and a naked Keith stepped out.

"Toby," he announced, his eyes wide open in shock.  "I'm changing."

"Really," replied Toby, trying to hide his grin.  "Into what?"

"Some kind of bird I think," said Keith.

Keith stepped into the room and walked towards Toby.  His actions were quite 
strange, his arms folded back against his body which was leaning forward.  
His steps were strangely disjointed and his head seemed to dart from one 
point to another across the room.

Toby was impressed, he didn't expect a reaction like this.

"What's happening to you?" he asked, feigning innocence.

"I can feel my body beginning to reshape itself," explained Keith.  "See, my 
arms are starting to turn into wings, my feet into claws."

He stopped and looked behind himself.

"And there are the first of my tail feathers," he said almost in awe.

"Really...?" purred Toby with a smirk.  "Come on then, give us a twirl, show 
us what you've got."

Keith turned himself around and for the first time Toby got a look at his 
backside.  Not entirely unpleasant, but Toby jumped out of his chair in 
surprise.  He had been expecting a fairly normal human backside, but instead 
Keith's looked as if it had been pushed out.  Correction, was being pushed 
out.  There were small brown spikes that were lengthening as he watched, 
telltale wisps of feathers beginning to spread from them.

Toby's eyes bulged as Keith turned himself back around.  Now it was clearly 
evident that his leaning forward was not completely voluntary.  His arms had 
started to length, as had his head.  Underneath him, the skin below his 
knees had begun to crack, darkening and beginning to look suspiciously like 
scales.  The rest of his body had started to break out in small dots, each 
one peaking the skin, then falling back a little as another brown spike 
began to push through.  The number of spikes increased, then seemed to 
spread, wispy feathers spreading out over the pink skin.

Toby's unthinking eyes absently noticed Keith penis, it was already swollen, 
but seemed to suddenly swell almost obscenely, then start to be retracted 
back into Keith's changing body.  By now Keith's body had stretched, a blunt 
fleshy tail reaching behind him.  That was quickly covered by the thickening 
feathers and Toby's attention was drawn back to Keith's face.  His teeth had 
started to push outwards, the skin on his face pulling back, his teeth 
lengthening and fusing together.  The solid mass they had become continued 
to stretch outwards, curving down into what was definitely a beak.

The reshaping of his face had caused his eyes to shift to the side.  The 
eyelids flicked and suddenly the eyes were not human any more.  Cold, 
calculating but incredibly intelligent eyes of an eagle stared back at him.  
He didn't noticed the tawny brown feathers cover the rest of Keith's body.  
Sharpened ebony talons shredded the carpet and the eagle spread, then 
flapped its wings.  Each wingtip brushed the sides of the room, the back-
draft from the single flap sending the contents of the room into a 

The gust of wind broke Toby's gaze and he stepped back, still trying to 
comprehend the six foot tall eagle that not stood regally in the hotel room.  
His mind raced on overdrive.

"Sleep Keith," he ordered.

The eagle cocked its head and looked at him.  He realised the creature had 
heard him, but not understood him.    He decided to try the laptop to see if 
the spinning spiral would have the same effect, but the gust had sent it 
flying from the table and it now lay in two pieces on the floor.

"Are you ok?" he decided was the next thing to ask.

The bird just looked at him, those eyes studying him intently.

Deciding he had nothing to loose, he stepped closer, then slowly reached out 
and brushed his fingers across the breast of the beast.  The feathers were 
warm and surprisingly soft.  The eagle let out a very soft chirp and seemed 
to relax a little.

He tried again, this time sinking his fingertips deeper into the feathers.  
Keith obviously liked this, he fluffed his feathers up and leant into Toby's 
exploring fingertips.  Heartened, Toby continued, gently massaging over the 
eagle's chest.  As his fingers approached the bird's wings, they were 
extended, so he started to explore over them as well.

Keith definitely seemed to like it.  At first he chirped encouragingly, then 
make almost purring sounds and finally leant down and began nibbling gently 
at Toby's hair.  Toby jumped slightly as he felt the large beak slip through 
his hair, but he quickly relaxed, it did feel quite nice after all.  His 
hands continued to scritch over the feathers and before long he became aware 
he had started preening the other bird, running his beak through the eagle's 
feathers, straightening each one and slipping it gently into place.

Toby froze.  He should not have a beak.  He looked down at himself, his 
clothes were lying in rags around his body, feet already extended into 
talons.  He realised he had stopped using his arms as soon as they had 
folded back against his body, but now the growing feather made them next to 
useless as a preening tool anyway.  His beak was still growing, but was 
almost complete, human thought and concepts were beginning to fade.  He felt 
his penis swell, then suck back inside him, somehow he knew it the change 
was different for Keith, but that did not seem to matter now.

He nuzzled the larger bird and turned his back to him.  He took a step 
forward and raised his tail.  Something clicked in the fading recesses of 
his mind, giving him one fleeting moment of clarity, then it was gone.  

The female looked over at her mate who stepped up to meet her.  Strong 
talons grabbed her back and something warm and fleshy began to press against 
her vent.  She tried to push back as best she could, the longing washing 
over her body.  On top of her, the male thrust, countering his balance with 
his wings.  The act itself, not lasting long at all.  The female feet a 
delicious warming spread through her body and she cooed softly at her mate.  
He unmounted and nuzzled up to her gently, casting a protective wing over 
her smaller frame.

The romantic moment was broken by a knock at the door.

"Sirs?" came a voice at the door, followed by hushed whispering and some 
more frantic knocking.

The male nudged his mate towards a wall, his feathers glowed a soft blue for 
a moment and the wall seemed to dissolve, a flat expanse of forest 
stretching away to the horizon.  The female chirped and launched herself 
into the air, followed a few moments later by the male.  Behind them, the 
wall silently began to close.

By the time the irate hotel staff managed to open the door all they found 
was an empty room.  It had been messed up quite badly by the hastily 
departed occupants and naturally the police were called.  Their 
investigation followed many leads, but no sign of Toby or Keith was ever 
confirmed.  The only evidence of that night remains in the hotel, proudly on 
display for all to see over the registration desk.  Two five foot long 
flight feathers, each dappled brown in colour with darker bands across each.

The species of bird has never been conclusively identified.