This is the first story I had written after about several months off. I like to think its not too bad, but unfortunately nothing too spectacular either.

Phin Seduction
By Wolphin

I took a holiday a few months ago and had something very unusual happen 
to me.  At least I think it is unusual, I haven't heard of it happening 
to others, but I assume it must.

For my holidays, I enjoy getting away from it all, the further the 
better I like to think.  For this trip I had made a pretty good effort.  
I headed up the coast, into one of the national parks as far as you 
could drive, then got out and hiked.  After a full day trek, I ended up 
at a nice sheltered bay.

The beach was pristine, not marked by even a single footprint.  It was 
precisely what I had been looking for.  I dumped my pack and searched 
around, finding a perfect spot for a campsite before erecting my tent.  
I was going to be there for only a week and I was determined to do as 
little as possible if I could.  I knew I was too far away to get 
bothered by the usual tourists and after an earlier talk with the 
ranger, I knew that I would probably get through the week without 
seeing another soul.  

And so began my holiday.

It was on the second day I saw the dolphin.  I was walking along the 
beach gathering driftwood when I spied the dorsal fin cut through the 
surface.  At first I thought it may have been a shark, but then the 
unmistakable sound of a dolphin exhaling met my ears and I knew it was 
definitely cetacean.

It seemed to hang around my bay for most of the day.  If I looked out 
to sea, I was sure to see it after a few moments.  Later, when I went 
swimming, I could hear it underwater, the high-pitched squeals slicing 
through the water, but I failed to see it.

The next day was when it happened.

Sometime after the sun rose, I stumbled out into the early morning 
light and wandered down to the beach for a quick dip.  I didn't wear 
anything since there was no one around.  I waded out about knee deep 
where there was a sudden drop into waist deep water.  Taking the 
plunge, I held my breath and dipped below the surface, taking the 
involuntary gasp at the sudden chill.

Standing back up, I opened my eyes and gave another gasp.  The dolphin 
was back, about four feet away, lying slightly on one side, regarding 
me with a single eye.

I wasn't sure what to do.  I took a half step back, stumbling slightly 
on the rising bank and ended up falling onto my backside in the shallow 
water.  That seemed to spook the dolphin which dipped below the surface 
and disappeared, before popping up a few seconds later in the same 
place as before.

For what seemed liked ages we regarded each other.  To be honest I'm 
not sure how long it took, it may have been seconds, it may have been 
hours, but as I reached out a curious hand, it drifted closer.  

We made contact, my fingertips brushing across its smooth grey skin.  
We both flinched, and then repeated the action, this time contact 
lasting longer.  The third time involved no flinching and the contact 
was the longest yet.  We both relaxed, I was content to marvel in the 
gracefulness of the other creature and it seemed just as curious of me 
as I was of it.

After probably an hour of tentative stroking and nervous caresses, it 
suddenly turned, flipped under the water and disappeared.  For a moment 
I wondered what had happened, then I became aware that I was shivering 
in the chill of the morning air.  Reluctantly, I pulled myself upright 
and half walked, half stumbled back to the camp.

I looked like a wrinkled prune and it was probably a good thing the 
dolphin had departed when it had or else I would have still been in 
there, shivering away.

The next time I saw the dolphin was later that afternoon.  I had 
recovered from the morning's adventures and was doing some snorkelling 
near some rocks.  Without any warning, there was a flash of grey under 
me followed by a cool touch that felt like rubber.  I spun in the water 
and was met by the chattering face of the dolphin as it bombarded me 
with its sonar.

Recovering from my initial shock, I ducked under the surface and tried 
to chase it.  Of course, I had no hope of catching it, but it seemed to 
like the game, slowing just enough for my fingertips to brush its 
flukes before effortlessly drifting away again, just out of reach.  Our 
play had brought us back into reach of the shore and I sat back on the 
sand recovering my breath, still in a good two-foot of water.

The dolphin seemed content to wait, but started nibbling gently on one 
of my fins.  I giggled, twisting my foot and it slid its teeth upwards 
over my ankle.  I could feel the little teeth gripping my flesh.  Not 
enough to hurt, but more in a playful way.  It slid its beak further up 
my leg and in a few moments, had its smooth melon rubbing above my 

I had never expected anything like this to happen and was about to try 
to back away when it started to sonar into my flesh.  I had sensed the 
dolphin sonar me before, but nothing like this.  This was deep rhythmic 
pulse that seemed to vibrate deep within me.  The dolphin's melon 
brushed my abdomen, its beak nestled between my legs and I gave a moan, 
the pulses seemed to focus on my groin and the sensations were 

It was a completely alien feeling, one of strange exotic pleasure.  I 
lay back in the water, not wanting to resist any more.  The dolphin 
kept its head between my legs, pushing me gently in the water.  
Somehow, during all of this, my bathers slid off, I must have undone 
them myself, but for the life of me, I can't remember moving my arms.

When the dolphin slipped itself up my chest, I was already fully erect.  
Its bizarre deep internal massage arousing me until I thought I would 
burst.  When I felt its warm slit press against my shaft, I thrust 
upwards instinctively.  Giving a groan as I felt myself slip deep 
within what was obviously a female.

For her part, she gave a soft reassuring chuur, pressing her pectoral 
fins around me as I slipped my arms and legs around her body.  I held 
tight as she began a slow swim around the cove, our bodies dancing 
together.  Occasionally I would groan as she squeezed me in a 
particularly pleasurable way and she would trill when one of my thrusts 
rubbed over her sensitive spots.

My orgasm, when it came, was unlike none I had ever felt before.  It 
rose like a tidal wave, gathering momentum before finally peaking, the 
pleasure washing down over my body for what seemed like an eternity.  I 
remained still, not wanting the sensations to end, but it all coming 
too much as the world seemed to fade away.

I awoke sometime later, lying in a few inches of water on the shore.  I 
was naked, a faint glow to the west signalled the departing sunset and 
there was no sign of my aquatic lover.  I forced myself into an upright 
position, every muscle in my body protesting and I literally crawled 
over the sand to my camp and fell into a deep sleep.

I'm not sure what time I woke.  It was still dark and the sky was 
covered in stars.  I felt a little better, still a little strange, but 
not as exhausted as I was before.  I stood slowly and walked back down 
to the waters edge, sitting myself down on the cool sand.

As I watched, the silvery sliver of the moon began to peak over the 
horizon, it was full, but seemed to slide silently into the sky in mere 
seconds.  That was when I felt the first twinge.

It was a strange feeling, not painful, but disconcerting.  A sharp 
pulling in my legs, which was then echoed in my shoulders.  Then I felt 
my spine begin to lengthen, I knew immediately what it was, a dull 
popping sounds and bones formed, then crunched over each other.  
Muscles seemed to bulge and dance under my skin as I felt neck begin to 
stiffen.  I pulled myself to my knees, allowing my tail to extend 
behind me, the sensitive skin pushing across the coarse sand.

I looked down at my hands; watching in the silvery light, as they 
seemed to fade into a ghostly white, then darken, matching the alien 
skin that had appeared on my thighs.  My jaw ached as it pushed 
forward, pulling my nose with it and spreading my eyes to opposite 
sides of my face.  For a moment I found it hard to breath, then gasped 
as a hole appeared on the back of my neck, the unmistakable sound of 
"pfffft" the last thing my ears heard before they were absorbed into 
the sides of my head.

My teeth seemed to split, spreading out over my lengthened gums, 
pushing against my thick tongue as I felt something start to extrude 
from my back.  I fell forward onto all fours, feeling my tail slap 
against the sand, and then, just as it had started, it was all over.

I stood up slowly; almost afraid that something else would happen, but 
aside from an occasional twitch, everything else seemed still.  

I looked down at myself, my eyes seeing remarkably well in the 
moonlight.  I appeared to be smooth and grey.  I examined my underside, 
and then brought my hands up to my face in realization.  Smooth and 
grey, just like a dolphin.

I heard a soft splash and looked out to the sea, watching as my dolphin 
surfaced in the shallows.  Somehow I wasn't surprised to see her lift 
herself up and walk towards me.  Her body was slightly smaller and more 
feminine than mine, but very attractive.  I stepped forward, meeting 
her halfway and we kissed, wrapping our arms around each other as we 
reacquainted ourselves.

As I said, that was several months ago and I'm still coming to terms 
with being a werephin.  Most of the time I pass as human, there are 
only a few parts of me, which give my identity away.  The most obvious 
being the change in my pants.  I'm now all internal and have a sleek 
grey slit between my legs.  I still find it a little unusual, but what 
she does with it more than and what it holds more than makes up for it.

I'm in the process of getting my affairs in order then we're going to 
go on a trip of the Greek Islands.  She says she knows how to get to 
some beaches no other tourists visit and I believe here.  I think it's 
going to be a good lifestyle.