By Wolphin.

This story came about after I met a fur on Tapestries called Toumal. He's an orca and he runs the Yiffstar story archive. I had a look at the site which has quite a nice collection of yiffy furry stories and decided I needed to provide an addition, so this was it.

Reading back through this and I realise its crying out for some more background and possible even a follow on. Maybe one day when I'm feeling suitable inspired.

Akei looked at himself in the mirror.  The large black and white orca 
morph looked back.  It had been three weeks since the change and he 
was still coming to terms with it. 

He had accepted his fate, as had everyone else, but that did not mean 
he was comfortable with it.  There were still many adjustments to 
make and things to learn.  The mind of the orca was still blending 
with his human self, that was one thing that continued to send 
shivers down his spine.

He closed his eyes, thinking back to earlier that day.  He was at the 
beach, in the water when he became aware of two dolphins swimming 
nearby.  His sonar pings informing him they were doing more than just 
swimming.  The thought of two males would have repulsed him a short 
while ago, but now something stirred inside him.  The bodies of the 
males entwined, his curious clicks returning more information than 
his human senses could receive.  The could even tell when they...

There was a knock at the door, jolting Akei back into the present and 
his eyes snapped open.

Automatically he made his way to the door, opening it a crack he 
looked out.

"Ummm, hi," said a slightly smaller Orca from outside.  "I'm looking 
for an Akei?"

"That's me," responded Akei, cocking his head to one side.  "What can 
I do for you?"

"I believe this is yours?" ventured the other Orca.  "I found it on 
the beach."

Akei looked down to the other's hand, noticing for the first time his 
backpack.  He slapped himself on the melon, throwing the door open.

"Thanks," he said.  "I must have left it there... again.  I take it 
through force of habit, then forget about it when I walk back."

The other Orca grinned, handing it over.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," he said.  "Ummm, did I interrupt 

Akei cocked his head again, then followed the other's gaze down his 
pale underside.  It was flushed a light pink, his foreslit bulged 

They both fell silent, looking at the other's toes before Akei 
gestured the other Orca inside.

Akei gave a meep, his eye patches blushing.

"Ummm, no... sorry, was just thinking of something else before you 
came in."  

He laughed nervously.

"Come on in," he said.  "Let me get you a reward.  Say twenty 

The Orca stepped inside, then shook his head.

"No need," he protested.  "I live just around the corner, so your 
place was on the way home.  Its no trouble to drop it off."

"That's mighty decent of you," said Akei with a nod.  "Can I get you 
a drink then?"

"Now that is an offer I'll take you up on," said the other with a 
smile.  "I don't mind what as long as it's cold."

Akei went to the fridge, pulling out a can and returning.

He held out his hand as he handed over the can.

"The name's Akei," he said.

The second Orca shook it.

"Dundas," he said.  "Pleased to meet you."

"That's my line," joked Akei.  "After all, you returned my bag."

With a crack, the pair opened their drinks, taking a swig of the 
contents, then suffering another awkward pause in the conversation.

"You know," started Dundas.  "You're the first Orca I've actually 
spoken to since... well... you know."

"There doesn't seem to be many of us around does there?" agreed Akei 
with a nod.

"Still, you seem to be enjoying yourself," Dundas said with a grin.

Akei's eye patches blushed pink again.

"Ummm, sorry about that," he said, squirming.  "It hasn't happened 
before.  You know, I was just thinking of these two dolphin's today 
and well... it was... interesting."

Dundas nodded slowly.

"I think I know what you mean," he said.  "Can I ask a personal 

"Sure," nodded Akei, a little warily.

"Do you find yourself thinking of things?  Things you wouldn't have 
thought of while you were human?"

Akei paused for a moment, looking quizzically at Dundas.

"What kind of things are you talking about?" he asked slowly.

"Sexual things," whispered Dundas, his eye patches now being the ones 
to turn pink.

For a moment Akei stared, he was not sure what to say, then he nodded 
slowly.  Somehow it felt better to admit it to one of his own kind.

"Thoughts about others... not just Orcas... and not of the opposite 
sex?" ventured Akei, watching as Dundas nodded in agreement.

Akei drew in a breath, hearing the distinctive sounds as air whistled 
into his blowhole.  At least it was not just him then.

"Do you mind if I, ummm, have a look at you?" he asked nervously.  
"You know, behind you and everything.  It's hard trying to look at 
myself and I am curious."

Dundas's eyes widened for a moment, then he nodded, putting down his 
now empty can of drink.  Akei smiled slightly in thanks and began to 
inspect the Orca.

Dundas was possibly an inch or so shorter than he was, but had the 
same familiar rounded Orca melon and head.  Like him, he was also 
muscular, but covered with a layer of blubber, giving him a smoothed 
appearance.  Akei found himself thinking about how sexy the other 
Orca somehow seemed to be.  His back was an almost uniform glossy 
black with his large dorsal fin arching proudly behind him. 

Tentatively Akei reached out, running a black paw over it, causing 
Dundas to shiver, but remain still.  Below the dorsal fin, his spine 
continued into his tail, the strong flukes flowing out effortlessly 
from his slightly rounded buttocks.  Akei's paw continued to stroke 
down them, tracing around the flat bladed tail as it lifted, Dundas 
giving a soft chuur in the process.

He moved back slowly around to Dundas's front.  Dundas grinned at him 
as he emerged.  

"My turn," he announced, slipping behind Akei quietly.

Akei held his breath, then gave a little jump as he felt a warm paw 
rub just below his blowhole, the caress travelling down his back 
slowly, causing his dorsal fin to tingle in anticipation before the 
soft fingertips rubbed over it.  He gave the same blissful sigh as 
the caress continued lower, his tail arching up into Dundas's paws 
before the touch slipped from each side of his tail.

"I can see you enjoyed that," said Dundas as he reappeared.

Akei tilted his head questioningly and Dundas pointed at his 
underbelly.  Akei shifted his gaze, looking down at his normally pale 
underside which had shifted to a light pink.  The area around his 
foreslit a deeper shade and the lips themselves swollen and bulging 
slightly.  Akei looked back at Dundas.

"As do you," he counted, looking at the other Orca's pink underside.

Dundas looked down and gave a chirp of surprise, blushing which did 
not help the situation.  Akei giggled and reached out, then stopped, 
his hand hanging between them.

"Do you mind?" he asked softly.

"Not at all," replied Dundas after a moments hesitation.

Akei's large black paw resumed moving, touching Dundas's smooth 
chest, then meandering across it.  Dundas gave a mhrrr, half closing 
his eyes and relaxing into the massage.  Akei's second hand joined 
the first, running in slow figure eights as they inched down the 
reddening underside.

By the time they reached Dundas's foreslit it was swollen so much it 
was beginning to part, its colour was a rich ruby red.  Scarcely 
daring breath, Akei traced over the warm slit with a finger.  Above 
him, Dundas moaned, his slit parting as the tip of his shaft started 
to emerge.  It was deep red in colour, almost purple, the tip itself 
was narrow, but the shaft continued to thicken as it emerged, growing 
longer as Akei gently rubbed the surrounded skin.

Akei stared at it transfixed, by now it was at least a foot long, the 
base an uneven oval shape, about three inches wide and four inches 
long.  There was a groove that ran along the underside of it.  It was 
this groove that Akei found himself tracing along with a finger.  
Dundas groaned, thrusting his hips forward, clear drops of pre 
forming at the tip and beginning to run down the shaft.

Without thinking, Akei leaned forward, opening his mouth and taking 
the huge length inside his maw.  His tongue curled around it and he 
started to bob back and forth, feeling the massive length slip 
further down it throat.  Dundas moaned again, reaching down to grip 
Akei's shoulders, his hips beginning to thrust, Akei's smooth lips 
pressing against the pink belly before Dundas gave a subsonic groan, 
his shaft spasming inside Akei's mouth, before his warm seed started 
to flood into his gullet.

Akei swallowed it eagerly, sucking on the other's length, then 
licking it clean as Dundas continued to spasm and thrust above him.  
Eventually Akei reluctantly pulled his lips free, allowing Dundas's 
shaft to drool the dregs of his orgasm down his tail.

The realisation of what had just happened dawned on both of them 
slowly, Akei standing up as Dundas blinked.  They were both silent, 
then Dundas stepped forward, hugging Akei tightly.

"Dundas... I..." started Akei, his brain not sure what to say.

"Shhhh," responded Dundas.  "My turn..."

Akei gave a meep of surprise as he felt Dundas's large paws stroke 
down his shoulders.  This was not what he expected.  He was not into 
males, he could not believe he had just taken the other's cock in his 
mouth even as his broad tongue licked his lips, catching the strong 
taste of the other's seed.  But Dundas's hands felt so good, by this 
stage they had reached past his naval, he could feel his lips 
swelling in anticipation, his tip poking out as the black paws curled 
around it, coaxing it out slowly.  

He heard himself groan, his hips thrusting forward as Dundas's beak 
probed around his slit, his shaft responding, being swallowed, the 
tongue that curled around it.  Slow sonar pulses caressing his 
organs, his body unable to hold back and with a squeal he thrust 
forward, his shaft loosing its reserves of seed, the other eagerly 
swallowing, the tongue licking him clean, then meandering up his 

Dundas's mouth presses against his and he kissed back, tasting his 
own seed on the tongue of the other Orca, any restraint or reluctance 
evaporating as his hand circled his mate.

Together they edged towards the bed, hands caressing each other, the 
sound of squeaks, clicks and chuurs echoing around the bedroom.  
Their bodies slick against each other, Akei felt Dundas's shaft 
pressing against his aft slit.  He groaned as the slick length slid 
in, his body relaxing to accommodate it, the feeling painful at 
first, but then fading to comfortable before progressing to arousing, 
the warm flood of seed indicating it was Akei's turn.

The day turned into night and the two Orcas's writhed on the bed, 
their movement's slowing as exhaustion approached, eventually the 
pair succumbing and drifting into a pleasure filled sleep.

Akei woke first, his brain taking a minute to catch up.  His body was 
curled around the back of another Orca.  That Orca's dorsal resting 
on his side, their legs and tails entwined.  

Akei remembered the night, or at least pieces of it and kissed Dundas 
gently below the blowhole.  Dundas stirred slowly, squirming 
delightfully against Akei before rolling over slowly.

"Morning," he said softly, looking up into the other's eyes.  

Akei nodded, leaning forward to kiss the other's cheeks.  Their 
bodies were a sticky mess, the bed sheets probably fit more for the 
garbage bin than the wash.

"Shower?" ventured Akei and Dundas nodded.

Each of them moving to the edge of the bed and hoisting themselves to 
their feet.  Akei led the way and was not surprised when Dundas 
squeezed into the cubicle with him.  The chilled water waking them as 
they scrubbed each other clean.  More than once Akei found himself 
rubbing against Dundas's foreslit, but Dundas responded in kind, 
pressing back and sneaking in his own accidental gropes.

The shower finished, the two stepped onto the tiles and shook 
themselves, their skin shaking free any of the excess water it could 
not absorb.

"Do you have plans for today?" asked Akei as they progressed to the 
kitchen, this tails occasionally rubbing against each other.

"Not really," said Dundas shaking his head.  "Why?"

"Oh, I was just wondering if you'd like to move in, that's all," 
replied Akei with a slight smirk.

Dundas grinned and leaned forward to kiss the other.

"Oh, I think I can make a window for that in my schedule..." he said.

"Good," smiled Akei.  "But after breakfast, you up for a swim?  Those 
dolphins should be back there and I wouldn't mind a word with 

His voice trailed off and Dundas looked down at the faint pink flush 
of his underside, shaking his head with a grin before he realised his 
own belly was flushing slightly at the thought.

Akei smiled to himself.  Life as an Orca was not too bad... once you 
got use to it...