This might sound really weird, but I can't remember why I wrote this story. I know it was written for a reason, a story contest seems to ring vague bells, but I can't seem to verify this. It was over a year ago (March 1999 actually) so if anyone can remember seeing this, please let me know - I should really update pages more often.


By Wolphin.

"Brian, Brian, wake up dude!"

Its not the sort of greeting a dragon wants to hear in the 
morning.  Groggily I opened one eyes and peered at the 
interruption.  A fluffy cute masked face peered back.  I closed 
the eye and turned over, sighing.  Us Komodo's like our sleep, its 
hard to get enough of it.

"Go away," I murmured.  "Its too early, leave me alone."

"Brian, you've got to see this," the racoon was insistent, but 
then again she normally was.

I heard a click and felt warming lamps come on overhead.  I rolled 
back to face her.

"Oi, not fair," I protested, groaning reluctantly as my body 
temperature rose, forcing me more awake.  

In a few moments, the last soporific effects of the night wore off 
as my body heated up.  Begrudgingly I sat up, lowering my feet 
over the edge of the bed, savouring the warmth on my back.

Rachel grabbed a clawed hand in hers and virtually pulled me 
protesting from the room.  As she scampered excitedly down the 
hall between our rooms I stumbled, painfully aware that mere 
minutes ago I was lying in bed savouring my holidays.  Her barred 
busy tail leading me into her abode.

As usual it was a mess.  Rachel was not the neatest of people and 
like all racoons she had this insane curiosity.  She seemed to 
always have her paws buried in something, the more complicated the 
better.  That may explain why she was currently studying for her 
doctorate in a mixture of physics and engineering.  However, today 
was slightly different.  Yes, there was still the mixture of junk 
strewn around the place, but in the centre stood a weird 

It looked like something you expected the see on a cheesy 
television show from years back.  Lots of strange bits handing off 
it, the usual dish antenna on the back and an array of glowing 
LEDs surrounding an LCD and keyboard.  Hanging off part of the 
framework was a very proud racoon, smiling at me.

"Ummm, what is it Rach?" I mumbled slowly, still a little upset 
about being dragged out of bed, but my curiosity was growing.  She 
seldom showed me something unless there was a reason for me to be 
interested in it.

"Its my time machine," she announced proudly.

"What!" I almost screamed at her.  "A time machine?"

She nodded happily.

"But they banned them about thirty years ago," I pointed out.  
"Remember all those problems with causality and affecting the 
past?  Almost everything associated with them is now classified - 
how did you manage to make this thing?"

"Yeah," she smiled.  "I know.  I found the plans for this one in 
the archives of the physics building.  I guess they forgot to 
destroy them.  And.. well, it seemed like such a waste to leave 
them their gathering dust..."

"So you built it?" I blurted out.

She nodded.  "Yeap, nothing beats theory like experience."

I rolled my eyes.

"Ok, you've built it, so you're going to dismantle it right?" I 
asked, trying to edge away from what I knew was coming.

She looked horrified, "What, and not take it out for a spin, 
you've got to be kidding!"

I shook my head.

"You could do something," I explained.  "Change the course of 
history.  Make it so Drake wasn't the one to discover America or 
those Americans were the first to harness nuclear energy."

"Or," she said with a mischievous grin.  "I could help the Cubs 
win last year's season."

I shook my head, "No, nothing could help them."

She sat down and began strapping herself into the front seat.

"Coming?" she asked, looking up at me with her curious eyes.

I gave a groan and found myself clambering into the seat behind 
her.  I had to go, if I stayed here she would probably do 
something stupid and change the course of history.  I was about to 
buckle on my belt when she handed me a jacket.

"It gets cold out," she said with a grin.

I looked at the jacket and smiled.  It was a warmer jacket, 
designed to keep my torso at that 'just right' temperature.  I 
smiled back, trying to not to show too many teeth and pulled it 
around my shoulders before continuing to strap myself in.  By the 
time I was back she had already tapped something into the keypad 
and was checking the screen.  The lights around the outside began 
flashing in synch.

A humming noise began to grow and I leaned forward, tapping her on 
the back.

"Ummm, what are the lights for?" I asked.

She flashed me another cheeky grin.

"Pretty," she replied.

A countdown appeared on the screen as I let out a groan and leant 
back.  Only Rach would bother to decorate a machine which could 
end history as we knew it.  Vaguely I was aware of a large "0" 
filling the screen and suddenly everything stopped.

It is probably the strangest experience I have ever had, I'm not 
sure how to describe it.  An electric blue sphere suddenly formed 
around us, the room fading out, replaced by swirling patterns and 
bright flashes.  However the most noticeable thing was the absence 
of sound.  It was deathly silent.  I could hear my scales brushing 
against the jacket as I breathed, the blood pounding inside my 

Then the silence was shattered by a fuzzy racoon face being shoved 
into mine.

"Cool huh?" Rachel exploded.

I flattened myself against the chair in panic.  She peered behind 

"Ooop," she said.  "Here it comes..."

With no warning the swirling colours were replaced by blackness 
which slowly began to glimmer with pinpricks of light as my eyes 
adjusted.  I looked around hesitantly.

"Ummm Rach," I ventured.  "We're in space."

She grinning back at me.

"Yeap, I know."

"How are we suppose to get around?" I asked.  "And what happened 
to Earth?"

Now it was her turn to roll her eyes.  

"The Earth has moved out of orbit doofuss," she chided.  "We only 
moved through time, not through space.  Well, ok, a little through 
space, I wrote the code to allow for the Sun's drift, but not for 
the Earth's spin.  That is a little more complicated.  As for 
moving, that's easy enough, I've got two plasma thrusters on the 
back courtesy of the propulsion lab."

My mind became dimly aware of the fact we were floating somewhere 
in space, yet I was still able to breath.  She must have seen the 
look on my face.

"Don't worry," she explained.  "There is a sub-atomic bubble 
surrounding us.  It won't allow any physical matter through it 
each way, but energy is all right.  That's why I can get away with 
the plasma cannons."

I did not like the way the plasma things went from being thrusters 
to canons. 

I was about to ask another question when she pulled out a pair of 
binoculars and squealed excitedly.

"Oh look," she explained, pointing off into space.  

I strained my eyes in that direction, but could not see much, 
besides a slightly larger normal than usual blob.  She handed the 
glasses to me and I fiddled with the knobs.  Suddenly everything 
came into focus.  It was a planet.  

A large planet.  

Currently half of it was in shadow and even from this distance you 
would make out the glittering lights of giant cities.

"Earth?" I ventured.

"No silly," she bwaped me.  "That's Earth over there."

I craned my head around, staring at the blue-green planet looming 
up behind us.

"That," she continued.  "Is Mars.  Those lights must be the old 

"Errr," I hesitated again.  "But those are just ruins, the 
archaeologists said they were hundreds of thousands of years old."

I fixed her with a reptilian eye.

"Just how far back did you take us?" I asked.

She shuffled down in her seat.

"Oh, not far back," she meeped quietly.  "...relatively."

"How long?" I demanded.

"Oh," she almost whispered.  "About quarter of a million years or 

"What!" I almost exploded.

I was about to get started a little more seriously when she sat 
back in her seat, strapping herself back in.

"Better buckle up," she ordered.  "Here comes the atmosphere."

I let out an eep and pulled the strap tight across my chest.  Yes, 
I had done a few Earth landings before, but that was in a proper 
machine, not something cobbled together by my best friend.  While 
I had a lot of faith in her as a designer, I was not sure about 
her piloting abilities.  It was about then we began to encounter 

A long, long time later we finally touched down, scorching an area 
of grass.  It was with considerable relief Rachel powered down the 
sphere and I stumbled out onto the grass.  My legs almost 
collapsing under me as I waited for the world to stop spinning.  
After what seemed like an eternity I began to feel better and 
thought about succumbing to the impatient racoon who tugged on my 

She had spotted something as we whipped over what would become the 
Middle East.  Something large, shiny and possibly even walled.  
There was some kind of beacon attached to it as her computer 
picked up some sort of signal, but was unable to decode it 
properly.  We had landed a short distance away and she eager to 
have a look at it.  Reluctantly I gave in and trudged, she 
bounced, our way towards the structure.

By the time we got there I think we had both reached the same 
conclusion.  It was a biosphere of some description.

It was also huge.  At least two miles across.  

We wandered up to a wall and poked it gently, some kind of 
plastic.  Shrugging to each other we began walking around the 
perimeter.  We noticed some panels missing high up on the sides, 
so whatever was in there was not really sealed from the 
environment, more like cut off from the world.  After a while we 
stumbled across a door, complete with a little sign in a strange 

I would have been quite happy to leave at this point, I was 
convinced it contained Martians, but Rachel ignored the sigh 
completely, convinced it said something along the lines of "Come 
on in" and heaved on the door.

It opened easily and we both slowly entered.

Inside it was like a jungle.  High trees reaching up to the roof.  
Lush undergrowth thriving in the humid air.  There was a path 
leading towards the centre which we both slowly walked along, 
trying to figure out what it was.  We entered a clearing and 
looked about.

Bang in the centre was an apple tree.  Rachel's eyes lit up.

"Mmmm," she murmured.  "Apples!"

Before I could even protest she had bounded up and was gnawing 
away at one of them.  I looked to the heavens for inspiration.  
She could not help herself.  She tossed one over to me.

"Here," she called.  "Want one?"

I caught it neatly.

"No," I said back.  "I'm a carnivore, remember."  

She gave me that cheeky grin again and continued to munch on her 
apple.  I flipped the fruit between my claws and sighed, turning 
to lie back on the grass.  Then I froze.

Two humans were looking back at me.  I was not sure what to do.  
They looked just like the couple I knew back in the future, well, 
except these two were naked.  I very slowly gave them a toothless 
smile, holding the apple out in front of me, wondering what First 
Contact Procedures were for past encounters.

For a moment they looked as scared as I did.  The woman nudged at 
the man, muttering something to him in a strange language.  He 
shuffled forward, reaching out slowly for the apple, he grabbed it 
and scampered back to the female.  Together they bit and pulled at 
the apple, devouring every bit before looking back at me.  I 
mumbled something about food and pointed to the tree, complete 
with a interested Rachel peering out behind it.

The nodded in understanding and smiled, walking towards it.  As 
they passed, the woman reached out tentatively and stroked by 
jacket, whispering something to her mate.  He looked at it and 
nodded, gesturing at each other.  I was about to follow them to 
the tree when I heard a mechanical roar.  A shadow passed over the 
top of the dome as a ship banked in for landing.

"Rach!" I yelled, noticing the two humans running into the bushes.  
"Time to go."

For once she did not argue, obviously agreeing with me that 
anything which frightened the humans probably would have 
frightened us.  She flew past me in a blaze of orange, white and 
black.  I turned my jacket up a notch and took off after her.

We reached the door in a matter of minutes, opened it and sprinted 
across the grassland towards Rachel's ungamely machine.  Our 
efforts were encouraged by a booming voice over a speaker system 
echoing behind us in the dome.  I have no idea what they were 
saying, but there was no way I was going to hang around to find 

Rachel pulled ahead of me on the grass, already tapping at the 
keyboard by the time I arrived.  I flung myself into the back seat 
and turned in time to see several black clad humanoids chasing 
after us.  Then the familiar hum of the machine increased and the 
world faded into a silvery swirl.  

I fumbled with my belt as I glared at Rachel.

"This damn machine almost got us killed," I muttered angrily at 
her.  "God knows what we've just done to history."

She pivoted in her seat to face me.

"Oh, don't worry," she scolded.  "I think that was an experimental 
Martian colonisation attempt.  We didn't get taken over by 
Martians did we?  See I think we're safe."

I groaned some more.

"Anyway, how do we get back now," I demanded.

"No problem," she said with her cheerful grin.  "The computer 
knows the exact time and location we left.  It will take us 
straight back a few nanoseconds after we disappeared."

I was about to protest again when there was a crackle and there we 
were, back in Rachel's bedroom, the smell of ozone still fresh in 
the air.  I looked around suspiciously.  Everything looked normal 
enough.  Still a mess.  The same things on the walls.

Tentatively I stood up and stumbled to the door, sticking my head 
out slowly.  Yeap, the same old passageway, even the smell was the 
same.  I looked back at Rachel who beamed at me.

"I'm going back to bed," I announced.  "If anyone asks, two 
things, I was asleep and I didn't see anything.  If they do ask, 
it was a dream.  Okay?"

She giggled and nodded, watching me leave.

I shuffled to my room, not even bothering with the lights, instead 
just collapsing down on my still warm bed as my eyes closed.

"Brian!" screamed a voice in my ear.  "Wake up!"

My eyes flicked open and I looked up at a panic stricken racoon.

"What is it now?" I demanded.  "You've taken me through time, 
almost disrupted the time flow and you won't even let me get some 

"I did," she whispered quietly.

I tilted my head on an angle.

"Did what?"

"Alter time," she replied.  "I, well, actually you stuffed up."

"Me?" I protested.  "What did I do?"

"Gave Adam an apple," she replied. 

"I what???  Whose Adam.  I don't know any Adam."

She shoved an old bible in my hands.

"Read it," she demanded, turning away.

My eyes adjusted to the light and looked down and the highlighted 

'She took some and ate it.  She also gave some to her husband, who 
was with her, and he ate it...'; 'so they sewed fig leaves 
together and made coverings for themselves.' Followed by 'The 
woman said, "The serpent deceived me and I ate.'

My eyes skipped down the rest of the page in horror about God's 
punishment.  I looked back up at Rachel.

"But that's not what it should say," I protested.  "What about the 
stuff where God says 'And all are created equal, I give the power 
for the lion to speak to the lamb, for the birds to be with the 
fishes and peace to all fur who dwell in this place."

Rach sighed.  

"Face it," she said.  "You stuffed up."

I began to protest my innocence and about me being a lizard, not a 
snake when she cut me off.

"The question is," she continued.  "What are we going to do about 

She stopped abruptly.

"What?" I demanded, looking at her strangely.

"That poster," she said.  "The one behind you.  What is it of?"

"Well," I blushed.  "A scantily clad young vixen, why?"

She pointed to it.

I turned and let out a yelp of surprise.  Behind me was a young 
model, in the same position, in the same pose, but without a trace 
of fur.  Instead she was definitely human, not the sort of thing I 
liked at all.  I spun back to look at Rachel.

"The timeline," she explained.  "Its reorganising itself.  
Creating ripples across the universe as it pulls everything into 
line depending on past events.  Come on!"

She had already made it to the door, running for her room before I 
had even got off the bed.  

"We need to get to the machine, go back and stop you from handing 
over that apple," she explained sprinting up the passage.

She hit the keyboard and waited for the screen to light up.  
Nothing happened.  Snarling she pulled back a panel.  There were 
six portable fusion generators linked up there, as we watched, 
they literally faded away.  That stopped Rachel in her tracks.

"They mustn't have fusion power," she murmured softly.  "That 
means I can't power the machine..."

She reached for a book on the bookshelf, wincing as the historical 
figures on the cover morphed into pictures of humans.  I caught 
the title, "Great Moments In History" it was called.  Her eyes 
skimmed over pages as I felt my jacket dissolving off me.  

"Napoleon," she asked.  "Ever heard of him.  Shakespeare? 
Einstein? Catherine the Great?"

I shook my head, she continued to throw names, places and events 
at me in desperation.  I looked at her and let out a meep.

"Your ears," I murmured.

A furry paw lifted itself to her ears and I watched in silent 
horror as her fur retracted into her arm.  Her ears shrinking, 
almost sliding down her head.  I wanted to do something, but found 
myself scratching at my arm, scales lifted off, exposing smooth 
skin.  Her long striped tail retracted slowly and she squirmed 
uncomfortably.  A moment later I felt a strange sensation and knew 
the same thing was happening to me.  Teeth began retreating into 
gums as our mouths shrunk.

"Wha...?" I stammered through an unresponsive single pronged 
tongue which filled my mouth awkwardly.

"It's the time line," moaned Rachel as her spine cracked 
ominously, her bones rearranging themselves.  "This is a human 
world now..."

Her dark eyes clouded over as the tip of her velvety nose 
separated from her jaw as she collapsed into unconsciousness.

"Rach!" I groaned, leaning forward, caught off balance without my 
tail.  I felt my claws retracting as my innards churned, the 
unconsciousness welcomed me.

Sometime later I awoke, wrapping an arm around my girlfriend, our 
naked bodies entwined on the floor.  Leaning over to nuzzle her 
neck I giggled.

"So, did the earth move for you too?" I whispered playfully in her 
ear before nuzzling her neck lovingly...

    -------------- Or maybe it was like this... --------------

"Your ears," I murmured.

A furry paw lifted itself to feel her ears and I watched in silent 
horror as her fur retracted into her arm.  Her ears shrinking, 
almost sliding down her head.  I wanted to do something, but found 
myself scratching at my arm, it was itching insanely.  I became 
aware of that Rachel seemed to be growing larger.

I tried to say something, but could not get my tongue around the 
words, my lips seemed more rigid than before.  Instead my tongue 
flicked out before me.  I heard myself groan as my spine 
contorted, forcing me forward on my chest, onto all fours.  
Shoulder and hips reshaping themselves as I became aware I was 
shrinking.  I was already less than half my usual length, if not 

In front of me Rachel was shivering as her fur retracted into her 
skin, except for a patch on her head.  That pushed out into a red 
mane which flooded down her back.  Four of her now exposed nipples 
literally melted into her flesh, while the other two bulged out on 
ballooning mounds..  Her striped tail retracting behind her.  As I 
watched her snout split into two, forming lips and a small nose.  
The remains of her racoon mask fading into human eyebrows as her 
small claws retracted into nails.  

Her eyes seemed to glaze over as I suddenly became aware that I 
was not sure how I got here.

Rachel blinked several times, awaking from her daydream and looked 
down, picked up her pet lizard.

"Brian the Brave," she scolded playfully.  "Trying to escape again 
are we?"

She help him tightly as he twisted in her grip, lowering him into 
his large aquarium before checking on his water and mice.  Noting 
one running around the glass she nodded happily to herself, 
picking up her towel from where she dropped it, moving on to get 
dressed.  Tonight was going an interesting night.  There was a 
visiting lecturer talking about the theories and dangers of time 

She did not want to miss that...