This is another story that popped into my head after looking at various web pages. The web page in question was aka, The Gallery of the Unusual. Definately somewhere that lives up to its name. Interesting place though.

By Wolphin

"Wassup?" asked Tylfor, sitting himself down besides Drake.  

"Jeanna and me broke up," admitted Drake with a bit of a sniff, the 
wolf looking quite pathetic as he tried to come to terms with it.

"Ouch," winced Tylfor, stroking his lupine friend on the back. 

There was a moments silence before the fox asked, "Good break-up, bad 

"Bad," said Drake softly.  "She said I was always thinking about one 

"Sex?" ventured Tylfor.

"Yeap," nodded Drake with a sigh.  "She said I should at least act like 
a stallion if I was going to pretend to be one, that I was infatuated 
with size and was always thinking of my cock.  Then she cursed me.  I'm 
not that bad in bed am I?"

"Woah dude, I don't want to go there, you know I was happy with you" 
said Tylfor back-pedalling.  "What do you mean she cursed you?"

"Muttered something in some funny language, then stormed out," 
explained Drake.  "You know what she was like, always going on about 
the magic in her family."

"You worried?" asked Tylfor.

Drake shook his head, "Nah, she was all bark and no bite.  She was good 
in bed though."

Tylfor punched the larger wolf in the arm.

"You're doing it again," he warned.

"Yeah, but I'm not with her any more am I?" Drake replied.  "Anyway, 
she was."

The fox rolled his eyes.

"Well, I'm outta of here dude," he said, standing up.  "You take it 
easy.  Don't worry about it too much and I'll see you tonight?"

"Yeah," nodded Drake.  "I think I'll head back and crash early.  Don't 
feel like going out."

Tylfor nodded and gave a wave, disappearing over the slight rise off 
towards the campus.

Drake sighed to himself and with a monumental effort, pulled himself to 
his feet and headed back to their room.  The two of them shared a room, 
they had never really been an item as such, but for two young males, 
the mating season was a hard time to resist the call of the wild.  Most 
of the time they chased after their own species and girlfriends, but 
every so often, when neither were lucky, the found comfort in each 

Drake dumped his bag and flopped out on the bed.  His jeans cut at his 
tail, so he pulled himself back into an upright position and ripped 
them off, the rest of his clothes following suit before he collapsed 
back down, sprawled out on the covered.

His mind wandered as his body relaxed, eventually falling into a 
restless sleep, filled with images of Jeanna, himself, stallions and 
all manner of erotic situations.

"Dude!" Tylfor literally shouted as he opened the door, rousting Drake 
from his slumber.

Drake blinked, the images of him behind Jeanna fading slowly from his 
mind as he looked up at Tylfor.  Tylfor stared back, the fox's eyes 
open wide in a strange awe.

"Wha?" asked Drake, his mind slowly clearing.

Tylfor just pointed at Drake's crotch and Drake look down, then gave a 
start and jumped back as if it were contagious.  

"What the fuck?" he exclaimed, looking down at his groin.

Normally, Drake would have expected to see a modest size furred sheath, 
covered in soft grey hairs, after a dream like that, perhaps a sliver 
of pink poking from the opening.  Below that would be two normal sized 
testicles in a tight bag covered in black fuzz.  Instead a very large 
sheath stared back at him, its opening crinkling as its contents 
retreated further inside.  Below that, two orbs the size of oranges 
strained in his sac.

Tylfor approached slowly.

"Thought you said you weren't worried?" he said slowly.

"I wasn't," admitted Drake, poking gently at the opening to his sheath.  
There was no doubt about it, it belonged to him.

"But I think I am now," he said after a moment's thought.

Tylfor looked at it, then reached out slowly, pressing at it with his 

"It's a stallion's," he said, looking at it with a critical eye.

"I can see that," growled Drake, looking back at him.

"What about inside?" asked the fox.

"What, you mean my cock?" said Drake, seeming to contemplate for a 
moment.  "It feels normal, but different."

"You going to have a look?" asked Tylfor.

"What?" replied Drake.  "Just whip it out like that?  I can't do that."

"Well, I'll help," said Tylfor with a glint in his eye.

Drake gave a groan, "you would."

"Only trying to help," said Tylfor, running his paws lower to caress 
the large balls.  "Feel ok?"

Drake gave a slight groan, nodding.  

"Feels great," he admitted, the sheath seeming to swell a little, the 
creases spreading at the opening.

Tylfor took that as a sign of acceptance and moved his other paw up to 
stroke the sheath slowly, feeling it bulge, the opening swelling as a 
large blunt tip started to emerge.

"It's a stallion cock," they both said together, Drake's large paws 
reaching down to stroke the exposed glands curiously.

That made him groan, the shaft slipping out faster before starting to 
lift over his chest.  Tylfor did not say a thing, the fox's paws 
rubbing gently in the lower regions as the wolf's paws stroked over the 
emerging length.  By the time it had reached its full size it was over 
eighteen inches long and was at least two inches at the tip, widening 
towards the base.  A clear drop of pre was forming on the blunt tip and 
Drake curled himself around, lapping it off with his broad tongue.  The 
taste was not the same as usual, but vaguely familiar.

"Nice?" queried Tylfor with a grin.

"Very," responded Drake, grinning back.

Just then the door opened.

"Drake," said a voice, "Look, I'm sorry for what I did, I just wanted 
to apologise, it was like a puppy."

The wolf and the fox looked up as Jeanna entered the room, the female 
wolf freezing as she looked at the two males on the bed.  For a second, 
all three of them were silent, before Jeanna gave a yell.

"I don't believe you," she screamed.  "Broken up for less than a day 
and you're already shagging with your roomie.  What the hell are you 
thinking?  You obviously like your stallion cock, so you won't mind a 
lot more."

She looked at the fox as he cowered back against the wall.

"And you," she hissed.  "You obviously can't get enough of wolf cock, 
so you should have some yourself.  Good day gentlemen."

With that she gave a huff and stormed out of the room, slamming the 
door behind her.

"Woah," whispered Tylfor, standing up slowly and moving over to 
carefully lock the door this time.  "Someone is a little pissed.  What 
do you think she meant?"

Drake shrugged, then looked down as he felt a tingling in his groin.

"Oh no..." he murmured, looking down as he balls began to swell.

A second later, the sheath began to grow, matched by the stallion 
length which started to extend up his chest, growing thicker and 
longer.  His paws rubbed against it, making him groan as it passed his 
head, the extending slowing as it reached at least double its previous 
length.  It did not stop there though, his balls continued to swell, 
his shaft thickening until it was a good ten inches at the base, 
tapering up slightly to six inches at the tip.  His balls the size of 
basketballs, straining at his taught skin as his clear pre dripped down 
between his ears.

"Wow," said Tylfor softly.

"You seem happy about it," muttered Drake, pointing to the bulge in 
Tylfor's jeans.

"Yeah, well..." blushed the fox.  "I've always had a thing for horses."

The fox squirmed a little.

"Ummm, you mind if I take these off?" he asked, pointing to his jeans.  
"It's a little uncomfortable."

Drake removed a paw from his length to wave it in the air theatrically, 
"Why not, be my guest..."

Tylfor pretended not to notice and slipped out of his pants, tossing 
them on top of 
Drake's as he pulled off his shirt.

The wolf stifled a giggle as he watched the fox undress.

"Looks like I'm not the only one she got to," he said pointing.

Tylfor cocked his head, then looked down.  Jeanna's words echoing in 
his mind as he looked at the large wolf cock that had replaced his 
usual length.  His sheath was about double its normal size, the large 
purple length standing proudly against his chest, matching the large 
wolf balls which hung below it.

"I... ummm..." he stumbled, one paw automatically stroking it as if 
checking to see if it was real.

The sensations confirmed it and he gave a little yelp at the unfamiliar 
feelings it brought.

"Do you mind?" asked Drake, not waiting for an answer as he reached out 
to stroke the fox's length.  

It was eerily familiar for the wolf who almost immediately rubbed along 
the edge of the sheath, causing Tylfor's previously hidden knot to pop 
free.  The fox moaned and thrust forward automatically, making Drake 
smile, an idea popping into his head.  He squirmed to the edge of the 
bed, spreading his legs and hanging them over the side, using a large 
paw to guide the fox around between them.

The fox was barely conscious of his actions.  He felt the wolf tug and 
his body followed.  When the lupine length pressed against something 
tight and warm, the fox pressed forward on instinct.  Both of them 
groaned as the fox's large length slid into the wolf.  In a single 
action, the fox had most of his shaft buried in Drake's body.  His 
hands reaching around for something to grip and coming to rest on the 
huge stallion cock.  This caused the wolf to whimper and clench down on 
the fox who was beginning to pull out.

The fox thrust forward again and the two of them began fighting against 
each other.  Rational thought no longer entering their minds as they 
moved, the fox pistoned in and out of the wolf while they both lavished 
attention on the massive length above.

Tylfor moved with increasing speed as he felt his shaft beginning to 
harden, pushing in powerfully as his knot suddenly slipped inside 
Drake.  This was too much for the fox who whimpered, the large wolf 
balls lifting as they pumped their hot seed inside Drake's begging 
body.  In turn, this was too much for the wolf who gave a howl of 
triumph, his huge stallion balls lifting as his cock spasmed, gallons 
of thick horse cum, shooting out over the room.

The fox collapsed on top of the wolf, hugging his still pumping shaft, 
his own trapped by his knot and both of they lay still until they 
drifted into a lust filled slumber.

They woke sometime later, Tylfor finding himself still within Drake and 
he pulled himself out slowly, causing the wolf to groan in a strange 
mix of protest and pleasure.  Crawling up to snuggle beside the wolf, 
the fox studied him.  Drake's shaft had retreated into a massive 
sheath, a good six inches in diameter and taking up most of the wolf's 
groin and lower belly.  What was not covered by that was occupied by 
the huge balls below.  

Working slowly, Tylfor leant down and began to lick at the wrinkled 
opening, cleaning it as the purple tip began to slip out slowly.  Drake 
stirred and found himself staring a wolf's sheath and balls that looked 
very out of place on a small fox, deciding to reciprocate, he began to 
lick over them with his own tongue.

"Mmmm..." murmered Tylfor, squirming as his lupine length began to slip 
out.  "We'll have to have this curse lifted you know."

The wolf did not say anything at first, nibbling gently at the large 
balls before him instead.

"I know," he said eventually between licks.  "But not right now...  I'm 
sure I can last the weekend..."

"Oh, me too..." agreed Tylfor, probing along the edge of the massive 
sheath with his tongue.  "Besides, I've always had thing for horses..."

"I know..." grinned Drake, his shaft slipping out slowly. "And you know I 
like wolves..."

"So I gathered," purred Tylfor, nuzzling against the length.  "So I