By Wolphin.

George was on his way home from uni.  It was late and he was 
in a hurry, he'd finally finished his last assignment for the 
semester, printed it out and emailed the results to the 
lecturer.  It was now just coming up to three in the morning 
and he was tired.  Instead of taking the long way around the 
park, he decided to take a short cut through the middle.  

"It was late," he reasoned.  "No one would be around or even 

Besides, he had a trail bike - he may as well use it.

Smiling to himself he turned onto the pedestrian pathway and 
disappeared into the park.  Thinking he would cut out a loop 
in the path, he turned off the path and onto  the grass, came 
up to a drop in the ground and coasted over it.  Too late he 
noticed the sudden drop on the other side and with a scream 
muffled by the helmet was catapulted off the bike and into the 
darkness beyond.

He awoke a while later, it was still dark, but there was an 
orange glow to the east.  Slowly he stumbled to his feet, 
gingerly removing his helmet, and mental checking his body.  
Everything seemed fine, albeit a little stiff and sore, but no 
gaping holes or mountains of blood.  In fact, the worse he 
could see was his palms were a little scratched.

Saying a silent prayer, he began looking around for his bike.  
That was when he noticed something strange.  The trees didn't 
look right, this park had old oaks in it, but these looked 
like young saplings, still, he had never fully explored the 
park and so thought he was just in a far corner of it.

Moving carefully in the predawn darkness he began to search 
for his bike.  It took him a while to find it, but eventually 
he caught a glimpse of chrome under a nearby tree.  Pushing 
through the branches he stopped suddenly.  There was a pair of 
feet sticking out from under the front wheel.  

His first thought was "Oh no, I've killed someone."

But then he looked a little closer, they didn't see right for 
a pair of feet.  Too long and dark looking.  Moving closer he 
tentatively looked over the bike.  The unconscious face 
staring back at him was not human.  There was a lot of blood, 
but the face just didn't look right.  There was something 

He decided to grab the bike and get out of there as fast as he 
could.  Reaching down he grabbed the handle bars and lifted 
the front of the bike off the ...thing and was preparing to 
take off when something cold and smooth wrapped itself around 
his leg.  

George froze.  

He slowly tilted his head down and looked at his leg.  There 
was something black wrapped around it.  He almost screamed, 
but a whispered voice from the body below him silenced any 
noise he was about to make.

"To each its own," it said.  "And now from me to you..."

With that the grip lessened and George wasted no time kick 
starting his bike and powering away.  Almost as an after 
thought, he looked in the mirror and noticed that the space 
under the tree was empty, however, this did not full register 
until he was pulling into his driveway some twenty minutes 

He couldn't remember much of what happened next, but he awoke 
early the following afternoon, naked on his bed.  Sighing to 
himself, he thought of the dream which he had about hitting 
someone in the park and that person not being a person and 
they grabbed his foot.

Suddenly remembering that, he grabbed his foot and looked at 
it.  No, it looked fine, perfectly normal in fact.  

"Must of been a dream," he thought and relaxed back onto the 
bed, looking at his feet.

That was when he noticed the difference.  His left foot, the 
one which had been grabbed had four bars running across it, 
very faint, but definite bars, almost like someone had pushed 
their hand down hard and the blood had not returned yet.  

Reaching out gingerly, George touched the affected area.  That 
seemed to start a chain reaction.

A line of red spread from between the bars and began to slowly 
make its way up his leg.  Not quickly, but very definitely.  
George watched in mute horror as this line continued in a wave 
up his leg until it joined his stomach and began working its 
way down the other leg and up towards his neck.  Looking 
across to the mirror he watched the band continue up his neck 
and slowly over his face.  Then as his gazed focused once 
again on his foot, the red started to turn darker, from red 
through to purple, then fading gradually to a dull black.  
That too started at his foot and slowly progressed up and 
across his body.

It didn't hurt, but it just continued to progress and makes 
its way up and across his body.  Rising to his feet, George 
looked in the mirror, and noticed his hair falling out.  So he 
was standing naked, hairless and black in the middle of his 
room.  For a moment he though he was dreaming, then the pain 

Like the colouring, it began in his foot.  Moaning he looked 
down and watched his toes extend, the nails growing out into 
long talons and each toe lengthening into a claw.  Slowly the 
change extended up his leg, his bones changing, making him 
wobble unsteadily on his new feet.  

As the change passed, he felt his skin change.  Looking down 
he saw his old flesh transforming itself into scales.  These 
quickly covered his feet and worked their way up his leg.  
Reaching down with curiosity he gently touched them with his 
still human hand.  They felt smooth, slightly warm but somehow 
soft and hard at the same time.

Just then a wrenching in his stomach caused him to buckle and 
bend over.  With a silent scream of agony his spine extended 
behind him as the change reached his lower back.  He felt the 
bones being covered in the same scales that now covered his 
legs and some where deep inside him realised it was his tail.  

The change progressed up his stomach and he noticed the scales 
there were different, starting small, but fusing together into 
a single solid mass. 

"Scutes," he thought absently.

As the change reached his neck, an itching in his shoulder 
blades became worse.  Then in a sudden flurry a pair of black 
leathery wings burst forth.  Suddenly George found himself 
leaning forward slightly to balance himself.  Then the change 
reached his head.

Never before had he experienced such pain.  His skull twisted 
itself into a new shape, pressing his brain into a new shape.  
His mouth and nose pushed out as one, forming a muzzle.  His 
eyes swivelled slightly towards the sides, his ears moving up 
his skull.  Behind him he felt two horns spiral from the back 
of his head.  A long forked tongue ran itself around the 
inside of his mouth, tasting blood as new sharpened teeth 
emerged from his gums.

He closed his eyes and for a moment there was complete 
blackness, when he opened them, the world was different.  New 
colours invaded his senses as his new eyes returned more 
information than his old human ones.

Lifting his hands before him, he watched in silence as the 
changed progressed down his arms, the black scales racing 
towards his finger tips, which twisted and formed into claws.  
The nails growing into long talons.  

For a moment, all was still, then slowly the scutes on his 
stomach progressed further down his chest, over his groin and 
one towards his tail.  Suddenly panicking he reached down 
between his legs, all his new hands found were smooth scales.  
Then he felt something invade his brain.

It was a separate entity.  For a moment, his human side 
resisted, then caved in allowing the alien mind into his.  In 
that instant, many of his questions were answered.  The 
creature which his bike had landed on was a Black Dragoness, 
one of the last of her kind.  With the last of her strength, 
she willed herself into George, turning him into her, a dragon 
named Kyreeth.

As the dragon surveyed the remains of the human dwelling, she 
became aware that her mate would be getting worried and it was 
time to return...