Definately not my greatest work. Done as a request and I shouldn't have written it when I did. Probably one of the few stories I don't like telling people about, but hey, you've found it. You've just entered in on one of my minor secrets. I hope it was worth it.

Forest Fly

By Wolphin.

It seemed like an innocent enough wish.  Fiona never really 
expected for it to become true anyway.  It was just an old 
wishing well in the middle of the forest.  Yes, she knew it 
was in a strange place, but she knew there use to be an old 
town around there somewhere.  

There she was walking through the forest when she stumbled 
across the old well.  It had a very crude sign hand painted 
leaning against it saying : "Ye Olde Wishing Well.  Throw a 
coin and make a wish."

She was not sure who would benefit from the coin, but 
thought she'd donate one anyway.  Rummaging in her pocket 
she pulled out a quarter and flipped it in a graceful arc 
into the well.  As it descended she wished her wish, 
sighing as the coin hit the water with a hollow plop sound.

She thought it was a simple wish.  She had hiked all the 
way in here and now had to hike back.  It would be so much 
easier if she had wings, so her wish had been "I wish I 
could fly."

After taking the few required snaps with the camera she 
went to hoist her pack and head out, but as she swung her 
pack onto her shoulders it was met with a jab of pain.  
Dropping the pack in a hurry, Fiona spun round to inspect 
it.  It looked normal enough, nothing sharp poking out of 
it anyway.  Then she noticed her T-shirt getting tighter 
around her chest.

Letting out a shriek of surprise she looked back over her 
shoulder.  Behind her, her the fabric of her T-shirt was 
being stretched taught by something.  More curious than 
frightened she pulled her top off and looked back, letting 
out a gasp.  Behind her, a pair of wings glittered in the 
dappled sunlight.  They were translucent, with fine vanes 
winning through them.  Looking closer, she watched as they 
seeming hardened in the air and flapped lazily in the 

Unsure what to do next, Fiona imagined herself flying.  
Behind her, the wings burst into life.  Unknown muscles 
driving them back and forth and she lifted off the ground 
with a gentle hum.  After getting use to the feeling of 
hovering a few feet above the ground she wondered about 
moving.  Thinking about travelling to the left, she 
suddenly found herself careering erratically across the 
small clearing.  Forcing herself to stop, she tried going 
back.  That too was a fairly ungamely flight.

Touching down, she smiled at her newly found appendages.  
The one constricting thing was her bra.  It ached where it 
cut across her now muscular back, lifting a hand to undo 
it, she let out another shriek of surprise.  

Her fingers were gone!

In its place was... well.. something.  It could probably be 
described as a claw, or maybe a pincer.  It was an evil 
dark brown colour, with thick hairs protruding from it.  As 
she watched the colouring travelled up her arm.  
Tentatively she reached out with her other hand and poked 
it.  Her familiar pink skin was slowly fading to a grey 
colour before it hardened to form like a brown shell.  For 
some reason, most of her hairs were absorbed into her 
changing skin, however some remained, growing longer and 
sticking out like ugly black protrusions.

Then she noticed the fingers of her probing hand beginning 
to change too.  At first they stiffened, then her fingers 
seemed to melt together, her thumb lengthened, matching her 
now pointed digits, providing a twin claw for her first 

Strangely she did not panic.  Yes, she was scared, but 
somehow remained calm.  So it was with little surprise she 
felt her jeans beginning to press against her belly.  
Automatically she reached down to try and free them and her 
claws neatly cut through her belt and waistband.  Shrugging 
her hips, she stepped free of the tatters of her clothes 
and twisted to look behind herself.

Letting out a groan, she watched as her buttocks grew, 
pushing out behind her.  At the same time, her neck 
suddenly began to shrink, pulling her head towards her 
torso.  Fiona then tried to call out, but found her mouth 
refused to work properly.  Her tongue seemed strangely 
long, and her lips acted as if they were connected to her 

Then her eyes began to change.  At first everything 
wavered, then she was seeing double.  Everything went 
blurry again and there was four of everything.  A few 
seconds later it was eight.  This repeated itself, her 
vision blurring for a moment, then suddenly she was able to 
see more scenes at one time.  It was not until she suddenly 
realised she was looking over her wings it dawned on her 
what happened.

She made a wish that she could fly, however, for some 
reason, it had been interpreted as she was a fly.  As the 
outer skin on her thorax and newly formed abdomen hardened, 
the last of her human consciousness faded...

Somewhere deep in the forest, a huge four-legged fly clung 
to a tree and surveyed its domain.  Rubbing a foreleg over 
its compound eyes it simple mind contemplated possible 
courses of action.  Decision made, it let go of the tree, 
spread its wings and disappeared on an erratic course into 
the green depths of the forest...