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Something clicked and the story just happened.

By Wolphin

"Dude," called Tony across the room.  "You going to be in tonight?"

Brian looked up from his book and thought for a moment before 
answering, "Yeah, probably. Why, you and Fiona planning a quiet night 

Tony shook his head with a grin, "Nah, just got something planned and 
may need a third person."

"Huh?" called back Brian, putting it book down.  "I know you're into 
weird stuff man, but that could be seriously weird.  What exactly?"

Tony just grinned, "You'll find out tonight.  Got to go and pick some 
stuff up.  Back in thirty."

With that he grabbed his keys and disappeared out the door, slamming it 
behind him.  Brian pondered for a while longer.  He knew Tony was a 
little strange and his girlfriend Fiona was downright weird, but he 
could think of anything that would involve the three of them other than 
perhaps a quiet game of Scrabble.  He sighed and went back to his book 
knowing he would find out shortly.

Sometime later the doorbell rang.  Climbing from his chair he managed 
to make it to the front door to open it.

"Oh, hi Fiona," he said as the door swung open.

"Hi Brian," she said with a smile, "Tony around?"

"He's still out," Brian replied.  "Said he had to get something, but 
come on it, make yourself comfortable."

Fiona nodded and walked over to the couch, settling herself down.

"Have any idea what he's up to?" asked Brian, unable to restrain 
himself any longer.

"I was hoping you did," she replied.  "He gave me a mysterious call 
earlier saying he had something he wanted to try out tonight, but 
wouldn't tell me what."

"Sounds like me," said Brian with a sigh. "He said he wanted me here as 
well for something, but refused to tell me more."

Both of them were silent as they tried to figure out what Tony had 
planned.  Just then the door was thrust open and Tony emerged into the 
room carrying a large box.  The other two were silent as he dropped it 
on the carpet with a soft thud.  Other than a "This way up" label the 
box was clean, offering no hint of what may lay inside.

"What's in the box?" asked Fiona first in her most seductive voice.

"Sorry," said Tony.  "Can't say, not yet anyway.  Firstly, I need to 
know if you're both in or not."

Brian had taken the more direct route and was starting to pull at the 
tape.  Tony slapped his hand.

"I'm being serious," he said.  "The guy in the shop was instistant on 
having three people. No more, no less and since I want it to be a 
surprise, I need to know now."

Fiona pouted for a few moments, then gave in to Tony.

"I'm in," she said, brightening up.

That left two pairs of eyes staring at Brian.

"Wha...?" he said, doing his best to look away, but he knew the 
curiosity would kill him.  "Oh, ok... but as long as its not drugs and 
isn't dangerous."

"Well, its not drugs," said Tony beginning to open the top of the box.  
"And well, its not suppose to be dangerous."

Brian raised a single eyebrow curiously and both him and Fiona moved in 
closer as the box was opened.  Tony reached inside and pulled out first 
a brown package, then a grey one and finally a tan coloured one.

"What are they?" Brian asked, trying to figure out what lay behind the 
shrink wrap.

Tony ignored him and seemed to be remembering something.  He thought 
for a second, then tossed the brown package to Brian and the tan 
coloured one to Fiona.  The other two looked at their packs with 

"One for you, you and one for me," grinned Tony, ripping his shrink-
wrap open and pulling out the contents.

Fiona and Brian followed suit, both giving a little squeal of surprise 
as the packages were opened.

"Devil suits," explained Tony, shaking his out.  

The others looked across at him as he worked the creases out of the 
material.  It appeared to be some sort of latex, mainly silvery grey in 
colour, but a darker shade on what had to be the back.  He turned it 
over and a very realistic, although flat, wolf head looked back, its 
mouth filled with large synthetic teeth, its lips stuck in a permanent 

Once he had it straightened out, that seemed to be the sign for Fiona 
to start on hers.  Her suit was mainly two tones, a light sandy yellow 
on the front and a darker tan across the legs and back.  Between the 
two were lines of a darker brown.  Everyone seemed a little confused 
until she found the head, two rubberised ridged horns curving above it.

"It's an antelope," said Brian, cocking his head to look at it.

"A gazelle," corrected Fiona, pressing its muzzle into shape and 
straightening out the ears.  "You can tell from the horns."

That was Brian's sign to begin and he started unfolding his.  His was a 
dark chestnut brown all over and he knew what it was before he had even 
reached the head.  Instead of gloves, each hand was tipped with a hoof, 
so it was no surprise to find the horse's head tucked away under it 

"A horse," he said, looking up a Tony.  "Mind telling us what these are 
all about?"

Tony grinned.

"They're called Devil suits," he said, turning his in his hands.  "The 
legend says that some cult use to use them to bring out their hidden 
side and hence exorcise the devil from themselves, but I now people use 
them for dressing up.  They're a lot better than modern suits, they 
give you a full range of movement, are comfortable and a lot better 

"Modern suits?" queried Brian.  "They look like latex to me.  That's 
pretty modern in my book.  Some sort of weird fetish thing I'm sure."

"Nah man," protested Tony.  "The guy at the store said they were 
ancient, the real thing and that they had to be kept together."

"That wouldn't be because he wanted a sale, would it?" asked Fiona, 
giving Tony one of her looks.

"Him?  No, never..." said Tony,  but they could both hear a twinge of 
doubt in his voice.

"How much?" asked Brian.

"Ummm... you don't want to know," replied Tony looking a little nervous 
inducting that they would probably wince if they did.

"Well," said Fiona.  "I'm going to try mine on."

She kicked off a shoe and started to slip it into the opening at the 

"Ummm, Fi... dear," said Tony, looking hesitant again.  "The guy said 
for best results you should be naked when you put it on  it doesn't 
slide well over skin and all that."

"Oh man..." growled Fiona.  "Typical male thing..."

However she did pick up her outfit and stormed into one of the 

"So, you up for it?" Tony asked Brian.

"Not sure," he responded.  "Perhaps.  Its pretty weird though."

"Yeah," grinned Tony.  "I know."

A few minutes later Fiona reappeared.

"Woah," muttered both of the guys, watching her saunter into the room.  

She was somehow standing on two cloven hooves, walking quite 
deliberately, but also looking quite delicate in the process.  She 
reached the middle of the room and gave a little pirouette, showing off 
the form fitting outfit which clung to her and left very little to the 
imagination.  Behind her a small brown tail drooped over the pale tan 
of her backside and inner thighs.  Her chest was dominated by her ample 
breasts and she had managed to get the suit up to her neck, but the 
gazelle's head lolled behind her.

"Someone want to help me?" she asked, holding up her arms and showing 
off the cloven hooves that covered her hands.

"I will," said Tony and stepped forward, pulling the head up over hers.

It stretched and slid over easily, pulling down under her chin to tuck 
back into the suit at the base of her neck.  The seam was almost 
completely invisiable.  Inside the suit, Fiona moved her face about, 
feeling the mask adjust itself to her until holes seemed to line up and 
she was breathing and seeing normally.  Atop her head two large ears 
poked to either side and the long ridged horns curved up almost a foot 
above her.

"Next?" questioned Tony.

"Better be me," said Brian, holding up one of the hooves.  "I guess I'm 
in after all."

With that, Brian left for the bedroom, tossing off his shoes in the 
process.  When he emerged sometime later, he was covered in a 
glistening chestnut brown horse costume, each hand covered by a single 
hoof and he was even walking on them without too much difficulty.

"Do you mind?" he said walking up to Tony and lowering his head.  The 
horse's head was scrunched up behind him, but as with Fiona, Tony was 
able to lift it over his and lower it into position.  Brian pressed at 
it with his hooves as best he could, then began smoothing out the 
creases as Tony entered the bedroom.  

He was probably the quickest of the lot.  A short time later returning 
dressed as a grey wolf.  His head already in place and although his 
suit was smooth and slick like the others, the way the light glistened 
off it, it made it look as if it was covered by a pelt of fur.  He was 
still adjusting his ears with his claws as he walked back in, standing 
easily on digigrade feet.

"Well, what happens now?" asked Fiona, looking at the other two.

"I'm not sure," said Brian, his voice a little muffled.  "I feel as if 
we should do something."

"Grrrr?" ventured Tony, his muzzle causing his growl to echo, making 
the other two jump.

At that instant, something happened.  When asked later, none of them 
was able to describe it actuately.  The best description was given by 
Fiona who said "Her skin melted."

"Woah," said Brian, shaking his head as if to clear it, the strange 
tingling sensation lingering across his body before it faded slowly.

"What was that?" said Tony, then was instantly silent as his voice 
sounded much deeper, gravellier and seemed to echo somehow.

Fiona turned around and gave a little gasp, pointing first at Tony, 
then at Brian, then looking at herself and giving a little yelp.  The 
two men both turned to look in the mirror and gave each gave a grunt of 
surprise themselves.

Something had changed.

Where before the suits had been tight fitting, now the contoured the 
skin exactly.  Even as they watched, the suits continued to shift, the 
nipples becoming apparent on the men as Fiona's breasts were traced out 
as if the suit was not there at all.  Each of them started to squirm as 
they felt muscles being shifted, Fiona becoming more lithe and 
feminine, Tony's body filling out as his muscles grew, developing into 
the size you would expect of a hunter.  Brian's changed the most, 
filling out until he resembled a very well developed worker.

The next thing they noticed was the changes taking place around their 
heads.  Their ears no longer were covered, instead, they discovered 
they were able to hear from the ears in the suit, each of them growing 
more sensitive as they twitched above their heads.  Next their mouths 
and nose seemed to extend, moulding themselves to their muzzles, until 
each of them could lick their smooth coverings with elongated tongues.  
Finally their eyes melded to the ones in the suit.  Brian's and Fiona's 
turning a deep blue, almost black while Tony's changed to a deep 
yellow, none of them with visible pupils.

"What is happening...?" said Brian slowly, his voice deep and rumbling 
as the changes progressed.

"I don't know..." managed Tony in reply.  "I think it's the devil 

He sounded as if he was going to continue, but his voice was cut off as 
all three of them gave a moan.  

Previously the suits were all sexless, the crotch smoothing over the 
human attributes, but that began to change.  Each person feeling a 
tingling which grew in pleasure as the suit started to tighten over the 

Fiona gave a gasp as she felt her outfit form around her virginal lips, 
pressing inside her, making her groan with pleasure.  Brian and Tony 
both gave their own moan as their suits tightened around their shaft 
and balls, drawing them up until both men were equipped with sheaths 
and large balls.  One definitely equine in appearance, the other 
canine.  All three shivered as something began to push into their 
minds, rational human thought being replaced by something on a more 
primitive level.

Tony felt his claws extend from his fingertips, matching the sharp 
teeth that were slipping from his gums.  Fiona felt her horns grafting 
to her head and licked her lips in anticipation, however it was Brian 
who changed the most.  Long sharp talons began to extend from each of 
his hooves as a single horn emerged from his forehead, reaching proudly 
into the sky like an evil unicorn.  This was matched with his own fangs 
that slipped into his maw, a little drool escaping his lips as he spied 
the gazelle before him.

The wolf had stepped towards the gazelle, reaching his large hands 
around her waist as he began nuzzling along her neck.  In turn, she 
stepped towards the stallion, bringing one hoof up to caress his chest, 
the other reaching down to rub over his sheath provocatively.  The 
stallion responded by stepping closer, drooling a little as he licked 
over her cheek, his long tongue playing with hers as he kissed her, his 
taloned hooves stroking up her thigh and over her sex.

She gave a moan, pushing him back against the wall as the wolf pusher 
her closer, his shaft already slipping from his sheath to probe under 
her tail.  She felt the stallion's sheath thicken, then his length 
begin to emerge.  Excited, she ground against him while trying to push 
back against the wolf.  The wolf nipped at her neck, gently at first, 
but then with increasing fervour, his hands running around her chest to 
massage at her breasts.  The stallion, slid his hooves down her sides 
and grasped her firmly, hefting her up, then lowering her down against 
him, feeling the wolf stepping closer.

The gazelle gave a whimper as she felt the two shafts begin to push 
against her, her sex was already moist, a stream of liquid oozing down 
her thigh.  She felt the blunt tip of the stallion's shaft start to 
spread her and she moaned, wriggling her hips.  A second later, the 
wolf's stiff length began to probe under her tail, striking her opening 
there.  The stallion let his grip relaxed and all three of them groaned 
as the gazelle slipped lower, sliding over the two shafts as the males 
pushed themselves upwards.

As the gazelle was impaled, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around 
the horse's waist, pulling her closer as she tried to push back against 
the wolf.  The two males began moving slowly, feeling each other slip 
within her as they began to develop a rhythm.  The stallion's arms 
reaching around the wolf to pull all three of them together, the wolf's 
nuzzling of her neck spreading down over her shoulder.  The stallion 
continued to lick and kiss her other side, occasionally nipping with 
his large fangs.

The wolf gave a whimper as he felt his knot begin to form and then 
start to slip under the gazelle's tail.  This made her spasm, her eyes 
opening wide as she was spread from behind.  The stallion, felt his own 
shaft start to harden and pushed in as deep as he could, his sac 
clenching as he came, thick waves of seed flooding into the gazelle's 
spasming walls.  Behind her, the wolf howled as he felt his own balls 
empty, the female shaking with her own orgasm.

For an indeterminable length of time, the trio was still.  Each basking 
in their own silent bliss, then whimpering as one of the other moves, 
sending waves of pleasure over each of them.  

Eventually the stallion moved first, lowering the gazelle to the ground 
as he slightly softened length slid free.  The wolf, still trapped by 
his knot howled slowly and bit at her neck, causing her to meep and 
half close her eyes from the sensations.

The stallion looked at the pair, running his hoof gently over his own 
shaft, watching it begin to grow again before moving around behind the 
wolf, this time tracing down the wolf's back with one of his talons.  
The wolf gave a yelp and turned, trying to nip the stallion as his hoof 
probed under his tail.  This made the stallion snicker and bite the 
wolf on the back of his neck before he moved in closer...

Sometime late the following morning, Fiona woke.  Blinking her eyes as 
she looked around at the mess that had been the living room.  She 
cracked her neck and looked down, a little startled to find herself 
naked on the couch.  At the other end of the couch, Tony was snoring, 
also naked and draped over the coffee table, Brian looked as if he was 
just beginning to stir.

She looked over her body, noticing what appeared to be faint scars 
across her shoulders and some on her sides, almost as if she had be 
scratched or bitten.  Her nipples were swollen and almost painful to 
the touch, but caressing them made a wave a pleasure wash over her.  
From the feeling, she thought she may had had sex, but could find no 
outward signs, but enjoyed the inspection very much.

By now, Brian was blinking and looking around curiously.  He kicked 
Tony, causing him to stir.  He too could feel the after effects of sex, 
but was also aware of a strange almost empty feeling in his rear.  Tony 
woke faster, looking around at the mess of the lounge and giving a yelp 
as he stood up, his body aching and protesting at his actions.

"Umm... what happened?" asked Fiona, stretching.

"I'm not sure," replied Brian.  "What happened to your face?"

"My face?" said Fiona, looking towards the mirror on the wall before 
giving a gasp.  

Below each eye, almost like a tear, was a small brown patch of skin.  
She poked at it, it was strangely smooth to the touch and made her 
tremble with what seemed to be instinctive memories.

"What about you two?" she then said, pointing.

Both men looked down at themselves and gave a grunt of surprise.  Both 
their penises had changed, half slipped into what appeared to be 
sheaths.  Brian's a dark brown, Tony's a silvery grey in colour.

"Weird," they all said in unison.  Strangely none of them too disturbed 
by the changes.

"Maybe we could meet later to discuss it?" offered Fiona hopefully.  

"Tonight," repeated Brian and Tony.  

A small smile creeping into their faces as Tony's eyes appeared to 
flash amber for a second, the remains of the cardboard box apparently 
forgotten in the corner...

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