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And for those who have read it before, I've corrected the continuity gaps referred to by the antlers, but that probably doesn't make any sense to those who don't know what I'm talking about... :}

Deer Me

by Wolphin
"He's coming around Doctor."

They were the first words I heard.  They are not the sort of words 
which you want to here when you are the one lying on the bed 
connected to the machines.  Groggily I tried to open my eyes, but 
found they were stuck shut.

"Wwwwhh...?" I attempted to moan, but my mouth felt strange.  
Really strange.

I felt a reassuring hand on my arm.

"Don't struggle," said a female nurse.  "You've had a pretty rough 
time and I'm sure there will be side effects."

I felt like yelling "Side effects?  What side effects?" but instead 
I just moaned.  I heard a door opening and sensed someone move 

"Good afternoon Mr Mactee," said a male voice.  "I'm Dr Stanton.  
I've been looking after your case."

There was a pause and a shuffling of paper.  "I feel I should warn 
you, you have been in a coma for approximately a week.  During this 
time, there have been some significant changes to your metabolism 
which may take considerable time for you to adjust to, but we do 
expect a full recovery."

This was great.  More questions and no answers.  Changes?  Is that 
why my mouth felt all funny.  Come to think of it, I felt funny all 
over.  My hands and feel seemed constricted somehow and my head 
felt truly bizarre.  I tried to gesture to my head and make noises 
which sounded like "eyes."  Luckily the doctor cottoned on to what 
I was talking about.

"Ahhh yes," he said.  "Your eyes have been taped shut because 
during your comatose state we feared your eyeball would dry out.  
I'll have the nurse remove them at once.  Again, I should warn you 
your vision will probably seem a little strange at first, but 
remain calm.  You will get use to it in time.  For the moment, you 
should lie still and try to remain calm."

More of that don't panic talk.  I tried to nod my head and started 
at the feeling of something strange behind me.  I head the door 
open again and I assumed the doctor had left.  Collapsing back onto 
the pillows, I tried to remember what happened.

I was working at the lab, in the containment room.  I turned, asked 
Doug for a sample.  He nodded and was walking towards me.  I 
noticed the air line before he did.  He tripped and in slow motion 
fell forward.  I can remember watching his hand spin out from his 
body and cartwheel into my thigh.  There was a sharp pain and I 
cried out.  As Doug fell to the floor, his hand slid down my leg 
leaving the depressed syringe embedded in my thigh, its needle 
clearly punctured my protective suit.  I hit the panic button and 
began moving towards the airlock.  I stumbled, slipped, began 
falling and everything faded to black before I hit the floor.  I 
guess they grabbed me and brought me here to the hospital.

The door opened and I lifted my head.  

"Good afternoon Mr Mactee," said the same cheerful female voice.  
"I'm here to open your eyes."

There was the sound of blinds being rustled and I sensed her 
leaning over me.  She smelled very nice.  

"Ok," she said.  "Now, I'm going to take the tape off first, then 
the cotton wool.  Then you can open them when I say so and not 
before.  Please remember you haven't used these for a week, so they 
are likely to be very sensitive.  Also, they may not work straight 
away so don't stress if you can't see perfectly."

I nodded my head and felt that strange sensation again.  She began 
fussing about my face and I felt my hairs being pulled.  My beard 
must have grown longer.  She then sponged my eyelids with what I 
assumed was water and repeated the procedure on the other eye.  
Obediently I sat there, not moving a muscle.

She moved back.

"I'm not sure what the doctor told you," she said.  "But you should 
know, you now look considerable different to what you did."

Another warning!  Just what was in that syringe?

"Ok," she said softly.  "Try to open your eyes now, don't strain 

Slowly I prised my eye open.  At first the room was brilliantly 
lit, but then faded to a more subdued tone as my eyes adjusted.  
Something was wrong, but I could not figure out what.  Everything 
looked normal enough.  It was a standard sort of hospital room, 
very sterile looking with a light pastel decor.  One wall had a 
window in it with drawn blinds with blinding brilliant shards of 
sunlight dancing along the edges.  The opposite window had a door 
in it, which I assume lead outside.  I was lying on a bed with an 
attractive woman in a nurses uniform standing along side.

That is when I noticed what was wrong.  I could see too much.  I 
was seeing both sides of the bed.  I began to sit up when my eye 
glanced across my right arm, it was laying on the outside of the 

The arms itself looked quite normal, but my hand was grotesquely 
misshapen.  Lifting it up nearer my face, I peered at it.  The 
index finger and one next to it had somehow fused together, as had 
my third and forth fingers.  My thumb had grown larger and all 
three digits where tipped by some form of thick dark triangular 
nail.  I let out a moan and pulled my left hand from under the 
covers.  It too was shaped like the right.

Looking at the nurse I attempted to say mirror, but all that came 
out was "Mmmhirra."

She understood and opened the cupboard, pulling out a small mirror, 
which she held up silently.

Tentatively, I looked at my reflection and let out a moan.

That was not me!  I did not look like that.

I looked away and almost immediately found my eyes gravitating 
back.  I was curious.  The nurse set the mirror on a stand and 
backed out, mumbling something about ringing if I needed it.

I am not sure how long I stared at myself.  It could have been 
minutes or maybe hours.  No matter how long I stared, it did not 
change my appearance.

I was definitely not human anymore.  My eyes had moved to the sides 
which explained why I could see so much of the room.  My ears had 
moved towards the top of my head and were now much larger and 
furry.  You would have though they would have stolen the attention, 
but no, that was taken by the a set of antlers protruding 
from the top of my head.  My nose and mouth had both extended, 
forming a muzzle tipped by a black nose.  My entire face was also 
covered by fur.  It was mainly a light brown, but had lighter 
patches and was definitely darker between my eyes.

To cut it short, my head now belonged on a deer.  The only problem 
was it was on my body.  Obviously whatever had been in that syringe 
was related to a deer.  

After a long while I began to wonder what else had changed.  There 
was my hands, my feet felt strange too.  Almost fearing what I 
would find I lifted up the covers and peered down towards the end.  
As my eyes travelled down my body I let out a short gasp.  My 
manhood had changed.  Where my penis use to be, there was now a 
furry sheath which almost reached my navel.  Below that, my ball 
sac had also changed, becoming what I would swear was larger, but 
also covered in a short brown fuzz.  

By the time my eyes reached my feet, I was quite unconcerned with 
what they would see.  My foot itself had extended, compensating for 
marginally shortened thigh and shin.  My toes had reformed 
themselves into what could only be described as hooves.  I flexed 
my foot and watched the alien foot move in return.  

This was weird.

I had also noticed my eyesight was growing stronger as was my 
hearing.  I could hear people talking somewhere outside my room.  
As well, my sense of smell was improving, I could tell at least six 
different people had been in the room recently.  I heard footsteps 
coming towards the door and hushed voices talking about "how he 
looks different."

I knew they were talking about me.

The door opened and in walked Dr Stanton.  I could tell it was him 
from his scent.  

"Mr Mactee," he said.  "I have someone here to see you."

I looked at the door and in walked Mary.  

Mary and I were going to get married.  It was going to be in about 
four months in a little chapel we had found in the countryside.  
She was a kind, considerate woman and I was unsure if I deserved 

She stepped into the doorway and smiled.  It was like a ray of 
sunshine, like a glimmer of hope that all of this would go away and 
everything would get back to normal.  

Then she saw me.

She took it rather well at first.

"B B Bbrian?" she stammered.

I nodded, antlers scraping against the bed head.

She stood there, staring.  First at me, then at the doctor, then 
back to me.

Then she screamed.

I threw back the covers, jumped out of bed and ran towards her.  
She saw me coming and fled screaming hysterically in the opposite 
direction.  I got as far as the door when my legs decided to tell 
me they did not know how to work.  Luckily, this was not a problem 
because at that exact time the tips of my antlers hit the top of 
the door.  My feet kept going, my head stopped and next I was lying 
on the floor seeing stars and tweeting birdies.

I heard Mary run through a door and out of my life.  I never saw 
her again.

The doctor yelled for someone to help me and two burly orderlies 
hoisted me back to my bed.  He waited for me to recover before 
giving me the low down on what had happened.

The hospital guessed had been injected with some retro virus 
thingie which reprogrammed my genetic code.  The code which it had 
inserted was turning me into a deer.  They had not managed to 
reverse it as such, but they had injected me with another virus 
which stopped the first.  That meant I would remain like this, 
probably for the rest of my life.  Stanton let me mull it over for 
a while, before presenting the arguments and advantages about this 

I was incredibly healthy apparently.  As well as amazingly fit, 
strong and he continued sounding like an ad for a health studio.  I 
had gained a fair bit of weight, most of which was extra muscle, 
apparently they had to force feed me with a tube while my body 
gained its mass.  He continued talking about the specifics of my 
case, but I lost interest and lay back on the pillow.

So began my life as a deer.

For the first week, I was at the hospital.  They had thought I 
would spend several months in rehabilitation, learning to walk 
again, but for some reason I found myself walking easily in a 
matter of days.  Regaining control of my hands was easy too, but 
fine motor skills were difficult and it would probably be a few 
months before I could handle a pen again.

Speech was a problem.  I still had my voice box and most of the 
muscles needed for speech, but it was a struggle to get the words 
to sounds right.  Then one morning I woke up and bang, was able to 
talk.  It was not easy, but they were my words in a deep rich 
voice.  I considered auditioning for Darth Vader in the new release 
of Star Wars.

Oh, that was the other thing.  My boss came to visit.  He strode 
in, full of confidence and beaming like an idiot.  It turned out 
they had isolated the compound in the syringe.  It was from a batch 
of stuff designed to produce bigger, better bucks for stud animals.  
Natural they were very pleased I was all right and would I please 
sign this piece of paper, please, grovel, beg, pled.

I was about to when I realised I could not hold a pen.  He left it 
on the table for when I could.  After a while I became curious and 
picked it up.  It was written in tiny type in legal jargon which I 
could barely understand.  Borrowing one of the lawyers from the 
hospital for an hour I had him interpret it for me.  

It turned out it was an exemption form.  If I signed it, the 
company could not be held liable for my accident.  Curious I asked 
the lawyer what would happen if I pressed charges.  He thought I 
would probably get money.  A lot of money.

After I left the hospital, I pressed those charges and he was 
right.  I got a huge amount of money.  Admittedly, they lawyers 
probably retired as well, but I got enough to keep myself very 
comfortable for the rest of my life.

The downside was I became a media circus for the eighteen months 
while the trial dragged out.  Everybody wanted me to appear on 
their television shows, endorse their products, represent their 
cause or just show up for a kid's party.  You would not believe the 
amount Disney offered me.  About the only thing I did attend 
deliberately was one of the Furry Conventions. 

I was a pretty bit hit, but was ruled ineligible to enter the 
costume competition since I could not take it off.  It was a pity.  
I was sure I was going to win.

Some of the money I spent on a small cabin up in the mountains.  It 
was secluded, I owned all of the surrounding land and could get 
away from it all.  When I first bought it, I planned on spending 
only a few weeks there, however, as spring came around I found 
myself spending longer and longer there.

It did not occur to me why until one day when I was out wandering 
through the woods.  I was walking along a secluded track when I 
found myself detouring through the bush.  I was not sure why at 
first, but then I stumbled upon a clearing and the reason became 

In the centre of the clearing stood a doe.  Behind her stood a 
magnificent stag.  He was covered in mud and I could smell both 
their scenes from where I stood downwind.  His was masculine and 
threatening, her's was seductive and inviting.  The stag lifted his 
head and let out a roar.  For an instant I contemplated entering 
the clearing and challenging him for the doe, but luckily my 
humanity caught me.  Then he mounted her savagely.

I watched for a few moments, then suddenly became embarrassed by my 
voyeurism.  I faded from the clearing and headed home.  Jumping 
slightly when I found myself rubbing my antlers against passing 

My antlers were very impressive at the moment.  Fully grown with 
twelve points.  One collector had offered me a considerable sum for 
them and if the truth be told, I would have been glad to be rid of 
them.  They were surprisingly heavy and routinely caught in tree 
branches, but at the moment I was extremely proud of them.

Opening the cabin door I paused.  There was a human inside.  I 
could smell her scent, it was similar to the doe's but also 
familiar.  I matched the smell with the face and realised Anne must 
have come back.

Anne was the nurse who I originally met in hospital.  I had not 
seen her for a year, then I bumped into her while I was undergoing 
a check up.  We got to talking.  Talking lead to dinner, which lead 
to meetings and we were now very fond of each other.  As I thought 
about it, I realised it was strange, but our six months of 
relationship had never turned sexual.

I stepped inside and she pounced on me, throwing her arms around 
me, kissing my velvety nose.  I smiled and licked at her lips, my 
mouth not really designed for kissing.  She climbed off me and lead 
me inside.  We talked idly for a while, sitting opposite each 
other.  Then she got up to get some drinks and when she came back 
she sat beside me.  There was more chit-chat and we found ourselves 
pressing against each other.

Every time I breathed in through my nose, her scent filled my mind 
with images of the rutting deer.  I found myself breathing in and 
out of my mouth, but slowly turning my head to get a stronger whiff 
of her smell.  At some point, she must have had similar thoughts 
for she laid a hand on my thigh and gently began rubbing towards my 

I shifted uncomfortable and found myself nuzzling at her neck.  I 
do not think each of us knew what we had began, it just seemed to 
happen.  She eased my custom made jeans over my short tail and 
pulled them off, I unbuttoned her blouse and explored below.  She 
moved to undoing my shirt and I teased off her pants.  I began to 
nuzzle her naked body and by the time I reached her dripping sex, 
my own was throbbing in her hands.

She lifted my head and straddled my hips, slowly easing herself 
onto my hot shaft.  I bucked my hips towards her and she moaned in 
ecstasy.  As I nuzzled her neck, she caressed my furry head and 
shoulders, the pleasure in both of us gradually increasing.  

After what seemed like an eternity we both climaxed.  I thrust 
savagely into her while she pushed down onto me, my fuzzy balls 
surrendering their load in a most exquisite and pleasurable way, 
before we both collapsed in each others arms.

We made love several times that night.  Then again the next day and 
once or twice the following day.  On the third day I awoke to find 
myself entwined in her arms.  Most of the previous days were much 
of a blur to me, but I did know they were very enjoyable.  I leaned 
over to attempt a kiss on the top of Anne's head and my mouth 
nudged against something hard.

Blinking my eyes in an attempt to clear them, I peered at her head.  
It was unmistakable.  On the top of her head were the beginnings on 
two antlers.  With all my peering and probing she awoke and wanted 
to know what was going on.  I told her of my discovery and she 
immediately ran her hands over the new buds.

Throwing back the covers we both peered at her body.  There was a 
light fuzz beginning to show around her groin and she complained 
that both her hands and feet were stiff.  Immediately I felt guilty 
over what I had done.

The stuff I had been injected with was specifically designed for 
breeding stags.  Obviously that part of me was still concerned with 
breeding bigger and better deer.  I began to cry and between sobs 
explained what I had done to her.

She pulled my head up and placed it on her chest, stroking at the 
fur on my cheek.  She said she understood the risks after what 
tests they had run at the hospital and she was happy with what had 
happened and that it was not my fault.

Eventually I stopped sobbing and just lay there on her chest.

She then pointed out it may be a good time to get her to the 

Her transformation was not as quick as mine, but she looks similar, 
except her antlers are just tiny buds.  We returned to the cabin 
about a month later.  We were going to stay in the city, but she 
was in heat again and we decided that discretion was the better 
part of valour.

We now spend most of the time at the cabin.  Don't get be wrong.  
We have not abandoned out human lives.  We have just found that its 
pace is not suited to us.  Instead we take long walked in the 
forest, exploring and meeting distant relatives.

Its strange, there are a lot of people out there who feel sorry for 
us.  Loosing our humanity and living like animals, but I feel sorry 
for them...

A bit of a deep ending there...