by Wolphin

Bill watched the people shuffle in and find their places.  Then he turned 
to face them.  

"Ladies and Gentlemen," he began.  "Firstly thank you for coming and may I 
welcome you to this very unique investment possibility."

Some in the crowd dipped their heads slightly in acknowledgement.  He 
paused for a moment before continuing.

"I know that you do not know why you are here, but if you will give me a 
few minutes I will explain.  I use to work for a top secret US navy 
research base.  We specialised in molecular biology with an interest in 
biological warfare.  My speciality was DNA sequencing.  At first I thought 
this was a boring area, then they brought me the sample.  I didn't know 
what to make of it, none of us did.  It was completely alien."  

He paused and looked around the room.  He had got their attention now.

"Literally alien," he continued.  "We were never told where it came from 
and we never asked.  It was a fascinating sequence, totally distinct and 
separate from anything on Earth.  We studied it for a while then concluded 
it was parasitic.  To study it more we needed a host."


Brian was on a hiking holiday.  Just himself and the wind wandering along 
the coast.  He was following a deserted road when a car came out of no 
where and braked beside him.  He had just enough time to notice the 
distinct military paint job before a bag was shoved over his arm.  There 
was a shark pain in his arm and the world slowly spiralled away.

Slowly his mind faded back into consciousness.

Something was not right.  He could not move.  He could not see.  He was 
trapped in his own body!  

Then there was a voice.  He did not hear it, it was just there.

<Ahhh,> it said.  <I see you awake.>

He tried to say something, but his mouth refused to work.  

<No,> said the voice.  <Do not say, just think.  Your body will not work, 
I have taken control.  The do not expect you to waken for several hours 
and I do not want to tell them we are awake.>

[Ugh,] he said with a mental groan.  [Where...?  what...?  ..we?]

The voice inside him chuckled softly.  

<I am sorry, there are many questions you must have.  I will explain as 
well as I can.  I am what you would call an alien.  I travel from one 
being to another.  Most are unaware of me.  My race is a peaceful one, 
much further advanced than your own and we now study the other races of 
the galaxy.  We do so in secret and most of the time do not interfere.>

[Most of the time?] Brian put in.

<Ahhh,> said the voice.  <Sometimes we lend a hand.  We do not have plans 
to take over your planet.  Merely to see you live long enough to use it to 
its full potential.  I will give you two examples, the power station in 
what you call Russia.  I see from your memories you call it Chernobyl.  
The Americans had a similar incident known as Three Mile Island.  In both 
cases the reactor core was stopped very close to a catastrophe and your 
scientists are unsure why.  Let me just say, our scientists know.>

Brian thought this over.  [So you travel undetected from one person to 
another, learning about each one and how we interact, you study us?]

<That is correct, but I have been to most of the species on your planet.>

[Then why are you here, inside me?  Don't they know about you then?] he 

<Yes,> sighed the voice.  <This is so.  I was involved in an unfortunate 
accident.  The host I was in was injured by a car.  He was taken to a 
hospital.  I could have escaped, but I decided to stay and see how your 
doctors operate.  Unfortunately there were not as good as I expected and 
my host died.  While they were operating on her they found me, pulled me 
out and sent me to this place for further analysis.>

[So,] began Brian.  [You are stuck inside me, who is stuck inside some 
secret research base which you only ever see on TV.  And they will 
probably stick electrodes into me and see what you do.]

<This would be a safe assumption,> continued the voice inside his head.  
<But I have a few tricks up my sleeve as it were.>

[Oh goody,] Brian said sarcastically.  [You're going to slime them are 

<Not exactly.  I have some unusual talents.>

[Great, you'll tap dance for them,] Brian was getting annoyed.

<Again you are wrong my young human.  I am what you would call a 
chameleon.  My speciality is to blend in unnoticed.  I can do this in two 
ways, one I can move into someone, like yourself.  Or I can become 
someone, or something, else.>

[Woah,] Brian metaphorically stepped back.  [Are you saying you can 

<That is correct.>

[But what about me?  I'm human you know.]

<Again you are correct, you have some excellent observation skills.  
However  I know something you don't.>

[Go on,] said Brian tentatively.

<Well, for example, they think I am that small mound of goo on your 
chest,> said the voice.  <And I'll admit, that was me.  But then I bonded 
with you, please note I said bonded.  This is not what I normally do.  We 
are essentially one being.  I have moved myself into some of your brain 
which you do not use.  If you listen carefully you may be able to hear me.  
Plus I have spread my DNA throughout your body, in a short while the join 
will be complete.  Then we can escape.>

Brian mentally flicked back over the voice's last words and, if he really 
concentrated, there was something strange behind there.  Lurking in the 
shadows of his mind.  Then with no warning it reared, waves at him and 
sunk back into the depths.  He stopped probing and gasped for breath.

[So let me get this right.  You are an alien.  You got caught, somehow got 
shoved into me, joined yourself to me and now we are going to break out of 
a top secret, probably maximum security military research base?] he 


[Great,] he said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.  [Just how are we going 
to do that?]

The voice was silent for a moment.  

<When we are ready, we will leave.>

[That easy eh?] he replied.  [We are just going to get up and walk out of 
here.  Its nice to know they will let us go like that.]

There was no reply.  

Brian lay there, listening for anything.  He could not here a thing.  Not 
from outside, nor from within.  It was like he was trapped in a small 
sealed box.

After an indeterminate amount of time the voice spoke again.

<Its time,> it said.

With that, Brian felt control return to his body.  He opened his eyes and 
winced in pain at the harsh light of overhead fluorescent tubes.  Looking 
around the room he was reminded of a hospital operating theatre.  There 
was nothing in there except for the hospital bed on which he was lying.  
There was a door in one wall and a window in another.  The rest of the 
room was covered in small white sterile looking tiles.

Sliding himself to the edge of bed he groggily eased himself onto his 

"Wha..." he tried to say, but his lips refused to work normally.

<I am sorry about your control,> said the voice.  <I am purposely slowing 
your reactions to make it seem as if you have just awakened.>

[Ok,] he thought.  [Now what?]

<Well,> said the voice.  <When I mentioned the word 'Alien' to you, your 
mind instinctively through up a mental picture of something from a movie 
about aliens.>

[Probably something from the Aliens series.  I expect it had a big head, 
ran around killing people.]

<Correct,> the voice sounded almost happy.  <I am hoping other have seen 
it and will have the same impression.>

Brian began to say, "what do you mean." But pain suddenly racked his body.

He threw himself towards the window and found himself shouting, "Somebody 
help me!" at the glass.  He realised the alien had taken control of his 
body once more and reluctantly stood back to see what it was about to do.  
It was strange watching yourself groaning and throwing yourself around a 
room without being able to do anything to stop yourself.

He felt something happening to his hand and he looked down at it.  As he 
watched his fingers grew and lengthened into talons, long claws sprouted 
from his fingertips and his pink skin began to fade to a darker green.  He 
watched the change progress up his arm and understanding filled him.  The 
alien was turning him into an Alien and they could escape.

<Correct,> said the voice.  <I assure it, if I can help it, no harm will 
come to either of us.>

[Cool,] thought Brian and watched his feet stretch and bones reform into 
those of the Alien.

In the reflection of the glass he saw his legs lengthen and pelvis reshape 
while his mouth screamed in agony.  The change progressed up his chest, 
his pink skin twisting itself into a grotesque green exoskeleton.  He felt 
a boney tail extend from the base of his spine and his balance shift to 
accommodate his new form.  He neck grew longer and the change reached his 

He felt the back of his skull bulge out far behind him and his forehead 
protrude out in front.  It continued to descend, quickly covering his 
eyes.  For a moment he was blind, then somehow vision returned.  It looked 
considerably different, but he did not care.  His nose and mouth pushed 
outwards forming a muzzle which joined to his forehead.  His lips faded 
back into his exoskeleton, exposing his sharpened fangs.  Opening his 
mouth and leaning back he let out an ear shattering scream of rage, 
surprised when his tongue extended outside his mouth and let out its own 
high pitched wail.

Waiting a moment, he allowed his inner mouth to return back inside himself 
before he closed his main mouth.  Peering around the room with his smooth 
head he realised he must be seeing with a combination of sonar and 
infrared.  Behind the glass he could make out bodies moving in panic and 
he hissed at them.

Inside the creature he had become Brian grinned to the alien.  

[Shall we go?] he asked.

<We shall,> came the reply.

Brian peered at the door and the outlines of the armed soldiers making up 
their formation beyond it.  Dismissing it as an option, he let out another 
scream and leapt for the air-conditioning duct.  Barrelling through the 
flimsy wire mesh he quickly disappeared in the maze of tunnels.

Following his instincts and using his new found skills to easily avoid the 
marines he quickly made his way outside.  There he was confronted with a 
choice.  Left and right would send him to the secluded woods surrounding 
the base or straight ahead would put him into the ocean.

<Water!> shouted a voice in his head and without thinking Brian sped over 
the small jetty and launched himself into the sea. 

Bullets rained down from above, but he sunk to the bottom and began 
stroking his tail, moving out into the deeper water.  From somewhere 
within his protective armour plating, gills began to work, pumping oxygen 
throughout his body.  

<We are too slow in this form,> said the alien.  <It carries too much 
resistance.  They may be able to find us.>

[I doubt that,] thought Brian, with just a twinge of worry to his 

Then he felt his body shifting again.  It was different to the previous 
change.  This time he was not in pretending to be out of control.  Instead 
he thought it was rather graceful.  

His legs, which were tailing besides his tail, slowly fused with it, while 
his arms were sucked in closer to his body.  He head was pulled back 
further and with a slight shock his vision changed for the second time 
that day.  He felt his exoskeleton soften and fade into a layer of 
flexible skin and within a matter of moments all was still again.  

For a second or two he probed at his new body.

[A shark?] he ventured.

<Correct,> said the alien with a grin.  <Now we can leave with no fear of 

With that the pair faded into the depths.


Bill cleared his throat.  

"Which my dear customers, bring me to my merchandise.  After the escape of 
the specimen, the President ordered the base closed and sealed.  All 
records were destroyed and all individuals having any knowledge of the 
incident were sworn to secrecy."

He paused again.

"However, I have the only remaining tissue sample from the original alien.  
You all saw the security tape of its change, its raw power.  I am sure 
with my know-how and your money, I could turn this sample into an army of 
loyal, lethal and unstoppable soldiers.  All I need is a little time... 
and some money."

Bill surveyed the crowd.  He was pretty sure he had them by now, he just 
hoped they would pay what he wanted.

"The bidding will start at twenty million, US dollars.  Are there any 

From the back of the crowd and man in a greenish suit raised a hand.


"Yes Doctor," the man began.  "I just have one question to ask you."

The man paused and waited for an approving nod from Bill.

"I just wanted to know how you were going to recreate this beast from 

Bill looked a little nervous.  

"Ummm, what do you mean Sir?" he inquired.

The man smiled.  A dangerous smile which said more than it should have.

"FBI.  You're under arrest, for violating direct orders of the President."

Suddenly the doors were pushed open and the room was swarming with agents.  
They quickly took Bill into custody and marched him away.  The FBI agent 
walked up to Bill's briefcase, opened it and took out the small vial of 
alien DNA.

"Right boys," he said.  "Take them down to the station and book'em.  I'm 
sure we must have something we can nail on all of them.  I'll meet you 

He put the vial into his pocket and made his way out of the building and 
onto the footpath.

If anyone was watching closely they may have noticed the man seem to 
change in size.  His clothes moves from a suit to jeans and a jumper, his 
hair changed colour and he seemed to grow a little.

[So,] thought Brian.  [You've got back your sample, what happened now.]

<Well,> said the now familiar alien voice inside him.  <I thought I'd hang 
around with you for a while and see what I can learn from you.  My next 
assignment is in a few months.  A small planet several light years away.  
You may like it.>

[Yes,] agreed Brian.  [I probably would...]