There is a little story about this one, but since this is a story in itself I'm not going to tell you about it. However, I will say it came around because I was explaining how my character seems to has a persona all of his own and occasionally shows up in strange places and with strange things when I log on. This got me thinking...

(The beginning and ending are suppose to be what a player sees)

After Hours
By Wolphin.

Kynca purrs sultry, "I'm sorry, but I must be going, RL calls."

Samton hugs you gently, before you leave.

Kynca smiles and nuzzles back lovingly.  Bye!

Samton chuurs and nestles himself against your chest, purring as 
he drifts off to sleep

Kynca has disconnected.  



For a moment the room is still, then the vixen opens her eyes and 
looks around.  

"Oi, you," she pokes the stag morph lying on her chest.  "Come on, 
shows over."

The stag's eye opens and looks around, notices the vixen under him 
and leaps to his feet, stammering in embarrassment.

"I am s..sorrr..sorry," he manages to get out after a 

The vixen picks herself up from the couch and reaches for her 
gown, pulling it towards herself.  As she wraps it around her 
shoulders she inspects the stag.  

"You're new here aren't you?" she asks.

The stag nods again.

"How can you tell?"

She giggles and stands heading for the bedroom.  

"Well," she smiles.  "You look like you've never seen a vixen 
naked before."

The stag looks sheepish and shows acute interest in the potted 
plant in the corner.

Kynca steps closer, "You haven't seen a vixen naked before have 

Samton shakes his head slowly.  

"I'm... err.. well, `new'," he mumbles softly.

The vixen's gaze softens and she wraps an arm around his shoulder.

"Ahhh, that explains it," she says.  "Look, come with me and I'll 
show you the ropes."

Taking him firmly by the arm she guides him towards the door.

"Well," Kynca begins.  "This will take you some getting use to, 
but it isn't too bad.  When they are playing with you, they have 
control.   Its a little unnerving, doing things without thinking 
about it, but it becomes second nature after a while."

They walk through into the bedroom and Samton's jaw almost drops 
to the floor.  Over to one side is a very large bed, complete with 
fluffy pillows and ruffled bedsheets.  Along the other wall is an 
array of leather straps, collars and strange devices and equipment,
most of which defy names.

Kynca notices the speechless Samton and follows his gaze to the 
various objects.

"Oh, yeah," she says.  "Sorry about that, my player likes her 
toys.  Personally, they don't do much for me, but if I was in 
another form they might..."

The stag looks across at the vixen.

"In another form?" he asks hesitantly.

The vixen nods.

"Yeap," she says.  "Like a sex toy or something.  Oh, I forgot, 
you're new here aren't you."

Samton's look showed he had no idea what she was talking about.  
Guiding him to a convenient chair she made him sit and turned to 
face him.

"Ok," she began.  "I'll give you a quick run down.  We are not 
real.  We are only a figment of someone's imagination.  We do not 

The stag looked really confused.

Kynca sighed before continuing, "This entire place we are in is 
fictional.  It doesn't exist."

"Ummm, are you feeling all right," asked Samton hesitantly.  "I 
mean, if we don't exist, how can I talk to you?"

Kynca nodded.

"Excellent question.  I'll give you the overall picture and you 
can ask questions later, ok?"

Samton nodded slowly.

"Right," Kynca began again.  "This universe is called Furry.  We 
are what are known as characters, controlled at various times by 
things called players.  When a player calls us we sort of act on
remote control and have no cotrol over ourselves."

Samton went to say something, but Kynca continued.

"As far as the player is concerned, when they are not playing, we 
do not exist, but something somewhere along the line when wrong 
and somehow we do exist.  Its very metaphysical.  Its easier to 
say yes, then try and figure out the logic behind it, because the 
logic is flawed, but no one has ever noticed.  Anyway, when your 
player is on, you do what they say and when they're off, you do as 
you wish.  However, you can't interact with a player, when your
player isn't on.  Its against the rules."

Samton just nodded.  She sounded like a nutcase, but somehow what 
she was saying made sense.  

Finally she stopped, going on about things called `saves' `lag 
beasts' and `routers'  It all went miles over the deer's head. 
Maybe it would make sense later on.  

"You understand?" she asked.

"Ummm, sort of," came the reply.  "But I still don't know why your 
room looks like a torture chamber."

Kynca blushed slightly. 

"Oh," she explained.  "Thats got something to do with my player.  
I've got a morph who enjoys things like that."

Samton nodded, he recognised the word morph from somewhere earlier 
during her rant.

"Ummm, so where is this morph?" he enquired looking around.

Kynca smiled, "Ok, I'll show you, but only this once."

Before him Kynca suddenly changed.  Her body growing slightly 
taller, more menacing, as her gown faded to leather straps and she 
regarded him calmly.

The stag jumped slightly at the sudden change. Kynca had gone from 
a cute looking vixen to, well, something he expected to see only 
in really cheap movies in dark theatres.  She remained basically 
the same height, but now had longer legs with full length leather 
boots.  Her sex glistened moistly from between two straps which 
ran up her stomach.  Her chest had undergone a major change.  
Where before she had a small but ample bust, this one was 
positively huge, with two more pairs of breasts below it.  She 
noticed him looking at her and licked her lips.

Then she cursed.

"Damn it," she said in a sultry voice.  "I think my player is 
perverted or something.  Have you ever seen someone with breast 
like this?  And these boots?  What is with these boots?  And why 
am I naked around my waist?  I mean, who goes around dressed like 

Samton did not know what to say.  His eyes remained fixed on her 
figure as he felt a stirring within him.

Kynca took a step closer.

"Oh," she said leaning down to look at him from behind her 
breasts.  "I should have also warned you, I'm a lot more 
dominating and yiffy like this?"

"Y.. y.. yiffy?" Samton stammered.

She just nodded and walked over to the wall, returning with an 
array of straps, buckles and things.

"Yiffy," she smiled.  "Do you want me to explain it to you?"

Samton nervously nodded and looked up at her.

She smiled back and licked her lips seductively in a way which 
somehow unnerved the stag.  

"Right," she said slowly.  "I think we'll start like this..."

Pulling out a collar she fastened it firmly around his neck before 
gesturing for him to move out of the chair and over towards a 
frame contraption in the corner.  The stag watched her move slowly 
across his body, the sight of her body causing his loins to stir.

He suddenly became aware that she had moved away from him and he 
went to step forward, only to find his foot would not move.  
Pulling his other hoof he also found that was fixed.  Trying to 
move his head resulted in a restrictive tug on his antlers, while 
his hands were similarly restrained.

He glared at the vixen.

"What have you done?" he demanded.

"Oh, don't worry luv," she winked.  "You'll enjoy it."

Kynca moved closer, her lips swaying provocatively and Samton felt 
that familiar stirring again.  Once she was close enough, she 
knelt, disappearing from his view and he suddenly felt a paw 
tickle over his sheath.  Despite his predicament, he let out a 
groan, partially in surprise, partially in pleasure.  The hands 
gently explored as his sheath swelled and he could feel his tip 
beginning to emerge.  They then caressed down lower to lightly 
massage his fuzzy sac.  They were replaced a few seconds later by 
something moist and hot which curved delightedly around his member 
and drew it out further.  

With a shock he realised it was her tongue.

He closed his eyes and became aware of the scent of the vixen in 
heat before him.  This excited him further as his nostrils flared 
and he struggled against his bonds, longing to feel himself inside 

Then all of a sudden, her caressing stopped.

He opened his eyes and let out a moan, uselessly thrusting his 
hips into the open air. Kynca came into view again and leant 
forward to lick his nose.  He scent driving him wild.  He made 
little panting noises and she just smiled, slowly moving her body 
out of his line of sight.

Then he felt something hot and moist press against his member.  
His hips attempted to thrust against it, but it just moved out 
with him.  Slowly, very slowly it descended over his shaft and 
before him he could see Kynca's head arched back in pleasure.  
Eventually she had all of his length inside her and she remained 
there for a second before slowly beginning to draw herself off his 
length.  She paused for a moment with just his head inside her 
before repeating the process.

Samton's eyes glazed over in pleasure.  He had long since 
surrendered to his bonds and was only concerned about the pleasure 
building in his loins. Kynca slowly build up speed, careful not to 
over exert the virile stag, but it was becoming too much even for 

She reached over the back of the stag and released a strap, 
allowing his hips to swing free.  Almost immediately the stag 
began thrusting in earnest.  Eagerly kissing his panting muzzle 
she pressed her six breasts against him furry chest and grasped at 
his length with her inner lips.

He paused, then plunged deeply into her.  She felt his member 
spasm, then release its load in a sudden almost painful, but 
extremely erotic explosion.  This triggered her own orgasm and her 
sides clenched down onto his length, milking his seed from him as 
their juices mixed.

They remained coupled for an incalculable amount of time.  It may 
have been seconds, minutes or even hours.  

Slowly Kynca slid herself off the diminished stag, giving him a 
playful tweak, giggling as he groaned in pleasure.  Undoing the 
bonds from his limbs she gently lead him to the bed, changing into 
her normal self in the process.

Curling up to the exhausted stag she idly hoped their players 
would like each other.  She already knew of several things she 
would like to experiment with.  She hoped her player would think 
of them too.


Samton pages, "I'm sorry to bother you, but it would seem I have a 
collar of yours and I can't seem to get rid of it"

From afar, Kynca giggles and can help you with that.

From afar, Samton smiles, "You can, thanks :)"

Kynca pages, "I'll summon you in a sec, I just need to reconnect."

Samton pages, "Ok"

[Come back later!]

Kynca smiled and rubbed her fur in anticipation... looks like the 
players liked each other...