These links are places I visit on a regular basis. They are all either furry or transformation related, sometimes both. And I know it is not a comprhensive list, but everyone has different tastes, so hopefully this will just point you in the direction of something you like yourself :) Some of these sites contain adult material, if you are offended by such things consider this a warning

Anthrosaurian Imagery
The worlds of Kaa Starhunter. A very talented Raptor.

Bahamut's Lair
Good artist :)

Chris Sawyer
Chris is another artist I like
Home page of Kaijama Frostfang

This is a collection of artist's web pages. Very good and highly recommended.
Great artist and all round nice birdy.
Hedonism's Ophidian Haunt
A nice little Imp I know

Helvetica 'Footers' Bold
A site for Saur eyes.
Jace's Black Library
Jace's site. A skunk who is very skilled with his pencil.
Kangarooboy. A very talented artist I met on IRC recently

Kemono Inukai

Kemono Inukai's site
A very skilled Dragon I know
Does some very nice dragons :)

Lancer Advanced

Transform page
Artwork of Ian Williams. Some of his pics have inspired stories.

A very nice werewolf artist. Can do the transformation picture and sequences brilliantly

Good artist, excellent fursuiter and a very nice and friendly husky-were :)
Quark Master
A CG artist who does some very nice transformation scenes.

Rim's Den
A Japanese site, but with some very nice images on it.

Stonegate runs probably one of the most comprehensive transfomation sites out there
Great site for transformation based artwork
I like his style of yummy suits
Werekatt's site is probably the second best transformation based archive out there
(Formally at transfur.com, which is currently offline)
Wolphin's Archive
My transformation archive site. Good in its time, but desperately in need of an update (isn't everything)

This is THE place to go for furry artwork. It varies from G to XXX and in quality from kindergarten to the Louve. There will be something here you will like

Yerf is the place to go for "clean" artwork, formally known as the SCFA Squeeky Clean Furry Archive
Yiffstar is a story archive site. Adult orientated with some very good stories on it. Its also run by a sexy orca I know :)

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