The first thing I need to say here is that I did not draw any of these pics. I would love to say I did, but I can't draw to save myself and there is no way I'm submitting anyone else to that form of artistic impression. I express myself through writing and interpretive dance, not drawing.

This is probably my favourite furry picture for two reasons. Firstly its of me, which is always a bonus and secondly because it is how I see a cetacean morph. It was done by Gryf, on the second day I was online and I've been drooling at his artwork ever since.
This is a pic of me in my dolphin form as seen by Kaijama. My form has changed a little since then, but its still a fairly good indication of what I look like
Kaijama likes plushies. A plushie is a soft toy. One day I was acting decidedly cute and ended up a dolphin/dragon toy for Kaijama to play with. Strange yes, but I liked it... and Kai is very cuddly too :)
David drew me after seeing me on the muck. Its me in my dolphin form in case you didn't notice :)
This is currently the one and only pic of Divigon, my alter ego in his lair. It was done by Quark Master. The original can be found here and is a larger copy of the one I've got on display.
For those that know me, recently I've been going around as an orca. KangarooBoy did a very yummmy pic of me in my orca form. And to make it a little more interesting, its adult rated as well. You have been warned.
One of the local furs, Fallimar drew this pic of me one night at the pub. She's very talented. Go look at her website. Go on, do it.
This is a pic of Divigon's orcan dragon form that I commissioned from Terminotaur and I love it. It's adult themed and that just makes it better. It's a very good likeness of how I've been seeing myself recently.
Another one of Divigon by Terminotaur. Its me doing what any self respecting orca should be doing. Lazing on the beach enjoying the view... of course, its the view that makes things interesting :)
Another one KangarooBoy did of me enjoying his company. Mmmm... Its marginally adulted themed too.
This was a commission from Toy Dragon in Blue. I was after something toyish, but not too toy like. It was my Mardi Gras costume made from an inflatable dolphin toy, but it didn't like being made into a cape so started to put itself back together.
This was a pic of me in my renamon form done by Moody Ferret. A lot of people have asked why I didn't have it coloured. A lot of the time I like the detail present in a grey-scale sketch, colouring I feel spoils it. You have to admit, I look cute don't I?
DMA was doing requests and I asked for a pic of my "gooey" renamon. I'm not quite latex, more synthetic, I have a tendency to ooze over things, but I'm friendly and safe. Well, relatively safe. The original is here.
Aggro Badger was also taking requests with a Christmas theme. I decided to go with something different. This is one of my chars which tends to remain in the background although she takes on a supporting role in a lot of my things. There are glimpses of her in some of the other pics I had done. I'm not even sure what her name is, but I think its time she was recognised. The original is here.
I was talking to KangarooBoy and mentioned that I thought bovines were cute. The next thing I knew, he had done a pic for me, so I just had to share it. And yes, its adult rated, you have been warned.

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September 25, 2011

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