Some of the sites I visit:

Wolphin's Story page
My alter-ego's page, with all of his works of fiction and quite a few more link on it than this on. Imagine this as my graphics page, and that one as my "other" page. Well, I've got to plug something :)
Rapidly becoming The place to go for transformation and furry related artwork and litature. Go there, you'll like it :)
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of Gaia
A game with a demo due out any time now. You get to play a werewolf, complete with changing and all that - looks good. Update - Game looks as if it has been placed on perment ice at the moment :( Get the movie demo though - looks like fun if its ever released.
The Transformation Graphics Archive
THE site to go to for graphics, now working and updated :)
Keanon Woods
Personal Image Archive
Keanon has some really nice werewolves and felines. No dolphins yet, but I'm working on it... ;)
Spidaur (Dave's) Images
Personal Image Archive
Spidaur has a few excellent images and a lovely "weird" sense of the imagination. I especially like his shark morph.
Kemono Inukai
Beast site
Female Kemono site
Personal Image Archive
This guy can do a really nice werewolf, albeit a little on the gory side, not for the fainthearted. I also really like the dragonsuit series. These links jump straight to the English pages, but there are Japanese pages as well.
Third Impact
Personal Image Archive
Third Impact, alias Ian Williams, has a style which I love, plus its here locally on Transfur. To make things even better he's drawn some dolphin/mermaid morphs which is always a way of getting into my good books.
Personal Image Archive
PoP - An fellow Aussie - great work, local tallent, what else can I say?

Stonegate Shadowlord
A huge collection of pictures, growing by the day it seems. I'll have to get off my rear and make more regular updates if I'm to keep up with him :)
Another site I visit regulary. Werekatt has a huge collection of pictures from a variety of sources, plus he tends to show the sequence, not just a single frame or two.

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