Keywords: Adult, Transformation
Species: Human, Dolphin
By Divigon

The water was warm as I sank beneath the surface.  A few strokes 
later I had pushed off far enough from the beach so I couldn't 
reach the bottom.  For a while I snorkelled around, watching small 
silvery fish dart across the bottom, sticking my head into the 
nooks and crannies of the coral atolls.  For a while I chased a 
crab around the small bay before swimming back to the beach.

Lazing under a convenient coconut palm I looked out over the sea.  
This was the life, here I was, abandoned in the middle of the 
tropics.  Okay, once a day I had to check on some of the 
monitoring equipment and top up the generator, but the rest of the 
time I was on my own.  

I had been here for a little over a week and was only just growing 
use to the idea of being alone.  For the first few days I worried 
about the solitude, but now I was use to it.  Well, I think I was 
use to it.  Anyway, every day I had been for a swim, several in 
fact.  The little bay was nice and sheltered with an impressive 
amount of reefs and things to keep you interested.

The island use to be an air base, but now it had been abandoned 
and left to rot.  The company I worked for obtained a lease fairly 
easily, decked out one of the old bunkers, put in their stuff, 
then dropped me off.  To tell the truth I have no idea what they 
are doing, there is a pile of wires and patch panels scattered all 
over the place.  Every now and again I come across a stainless 
steel box mounted in concrete.  There are a few satellite dishes 
on the roof.  Inside are racks of computers, I know how to fix 
them, but not what they are looking for.  Some of them are 
biological monitors, I recognise that from one of the other places 
I worked at, but besides that I draw a blank.

It doesn't really matter.  For the amount they pay me, I'm happy 
to be here.  Its only for three months, then everything goes on 
automatic and hopefully it works fine between the fortnightly 
checks.  I'm only here while everything settles itself in so to 

All this went through my mind as I watched the sun sinking towards 
the horizon.  Stretching, I decided on a second dip before the sun 
disappeared completely.  Standing I wriggled uncomfortably, some 
sand had made it down the inside of my bathers, scratching against 
my more tender areas.  Shrugging I pulled down my trunks and 
stepped out, there was no-one here to notice anyway.  Walking 
slowly, I moved my naked self down to the tiny shore break.

The water was still as warm as always and I smiled as it caressed 
my skin like silk.  As I swam slowly across the surface it began 
to grow more erotic, the thought of me, here alone.  Naked.  On an 
island.  In the middle of the tropics...

Slowly an idea began to form...

Lazily I made my way back to the shore.  The sun had almost set 
below the horizon and a warm tropical breeze wafted through the 
air.  I positioned myself so my head lay higher up, almost on the 
beach, but still in the water and my legs faced out to sea.  
Spreading them slightly, I let out a murmur of pleasure as the 
warm ocean lapped against my skin.  Its gentle embrace brushing my 
skin.  Lifting my hips slightly was just enough so my ball sac was 
gently massaged by the gently ebb and flow surging between my 

Gradually my hands made their way to my chest, slowly meandering 
down towards their target, then breaking off, encircling it from 
below.  As the left hand brushed over my testicles, my right 
continued, stroking along its length.  To its credit, my member 
had already begun to anticipate and was slowly engorging itself.  
I opened my eyes to look down at it, watching as it filled, lazily 
lengthening, as it angled itself skywards.  My left hand gently 
grasped my large balls, massaging them, my right barely touching 
my penis.  Occasionally adding a slight hint of encouragement and 
that was all.  As I filled, I lay back in the water content to 
take my time and savour the moment.

My right hand moved to trace random patterns across my chest, my 
left released its gentle grip, preferring instead to explore my 
inner thigh and the sensitive pleasure areas below my sack.  Dimly 
I was aware of how smooth my skin felt, normally there is more 
hair poking at my hands, but I guess with the water it had 
smoothed itself down.

By now, my manhood was erect and beginning to demand attention, 
reaching down I took it in a familiar grasp and just cradled it 
for a moment, the water rippling against me.  Embracing me in a 
writhing cocoon which almost overwhelmed my senses.  Tenderly I 
squeezed, silently savouring the pleasure, but the need began to 
grow and my hand began to move.

My left moved back up to its familiar position around my sac, 
massaging them, inciting them further.  My toes writhed in 
delightful ecstasy, but felt a little strange half in and out of 
the water.  My left hand send a probing finger down lower, 
reaching to places I rarely visit, but know they exist.  To my 
surprise, they passed over my rear opened before I expected, but 
the pleasure was almost greater than I remembered.  I probed 
around my lips, by right hand beginning a slow stroking.  The 
water running over my legs as I felt my stomach muscles beginning 
to pull myself up.

For a moment, by hand seemed to fumble on my shaft, then recover, 
enveloping it somehow more completely, but also more seductively 
than before.  Somewhere, behind the pleasure I grew curious.  
Slowly I opened my eyes and looked down.  In the dull glow of the 
sunset my skin looked dark against the white sand of the beach.  

Pulling myself into an upright position I let out a confused 
warble of surprise.  My left hand still probed my increasingly 
sensitive opening, but it had not move as I sat up.  Confused, I 
looked down.  My right hand was still rhythmically stroking my 
shaft, but below it, its partner was cradling something which 
should not have been there.  It looked deceptive like a tail.  It 
seemed to be extending from the base of my spine.  As I watched, I 
could see my finger probing around my anus.  Somehow it was moving 
in front of me and I couldn't stop it.  

For a moment I tried, but my erect member immediately cried out 
for attention and I found my hands returning to their positions as 
the pleasure continued to grow.  The sight of an emerging tail 
somehow turning me on even further.  I could feel my spine 
beginning to lengthen into the new appendage, the water lapping at 
its skin as it filled out and my warm hand rubbing at its sleek 
surface.  Silently, it flattened at the tip, widening into a broad 
pair of flukes.  My anus shrinking slightly, disappearing into an 
almost invisible slit a few inches below my throbbing member.  

I felt a tingling in my testicles and let out a noise, somewhere 
between shock and pleasure.  As I brought my left hand up to them, 
they seemed to sink below the skin of my new tail, for a moment 
there were some smooth lumps, then they too melted away to match 
the sleek lines of my new appendage.  My tail thickened at the 
base, broadening from a thin emergence to a large, substantial 
one, which writhed as new muscles formed beneath its surface.

All of this was extremely erotic and I felt myself approaching my 
peak faster than I would have liked, despite my predicament.  I 
felt my hands changing and I lifted my left for a closer 
inspection.  It was still vaguely humanoid, but as I watched, 
thick webbing formed between my fingers, the bones thinning 
slightly as they suddenly looked more like a cross between fins 
than hands.

I became aware of a strange pushing sensation in my head and 
reached up with my smooth hand to feel my jaw.  As I rested my 
hand against it, it seemed to be forced out, not hurting in 
anyway, just.. changing.  My jaw grew, rounding itself out, my 
eyes pivoting slightly to the sides of my head as my nose extended 
a moment after my jaw.  I was aware of teeth descending into my 
new mouth, then panicked for a moment as my nostrils covered 
themselves over.  Suddenly I was aware of air passages opening, 
they still worked... but again were.. different.  It was with a 
little shock I determined it felt as if I was breathing through my 
neck, a little above something which was growing from my back.

Then, a wave of pleasure passed over me, drawing my attention back 
down to my shaft.  My head cocking itself to one side to inspect 
the changes my hand was reporting.  The first thing I noticed was 
my right hand now matched my left, fingers joined with webbing, 
stroking still...

But below that... what a change...

I had never been overly large for a human, I would have called 
myself average, but between my legs was something I could only 
describe as magnificent.  

My penis had changed.  It had moved from being something just sort 
of stuck on the outside, instead in now extended from its own 
streamlined slit, the sides of which were deep red in colour, the 
blushing slowly fading up my belly.  However the shaft itself was 
definitely longer.  Broad at the base, a little larger in depth 
than in width.  It curved up at a slight angle, tapering towards 
the tip.

My hand stroked upwards, marvelling at its new shape, feeling the 
blood pulse beneath its skin as it begged for release.  My fingers 
explored the glands on its head.  The waves of pleasure as they 
extended, growing more streamlined too much for me.  With a squeal 
of pleasure I barely heard I surrendered myself to the desire 
which had been creeping up on me.

My penis spasmed within my grasp, the strange tip flaring slightly 
as it pushed further from it slit.  Waves of thin white semen 
jetting up in a graceful arc before landing forcefully on my 
heaving chest.  For a moment, my hand continued to stroke, 
gradually easing as the warm afterglow of the even basked into my 

Alas it was over, although I remained, savouring the pleasure and 
ecstasy as my shaft descended.  Not noticing as it did, my skin 
fading to a deep grey, paler on my underside.

Reluctantly I rolled onto my belly, shivering as my still 
sensitive slit brushed lightly against the firm white sand.  
Dipping my head beneath the surface I leisurely disappeared into 
my new environment...

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